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Some Generic Title About The “True Villain.” Edens Zero Chapter 210 BREAKDOWN

Hey…………. So, as I’m sure you could tell; I haven’t posted in a little more than a week. Sorry about that. The internet in my place was down, so we had to get a whole new internet service provider- a much better provider that hasn’t gone down ONCE since we got it, even in the weather going on right now over here on the East coast. YEAH. As such; I was not able to work on a bunch of posts that I had planned- One Piece 1,061; My Hero 367 and 368; and more as I’m sure you can tell. I’ll try to make up for that. 

But I also have other chapters to review. So I’ll do the quick recap thing and then get into the main chapter, yeah? And BOY has “Edens Zero” been on great lately! I’ve made no secret that this arc has been feeling kinda “mid,” but that last like 5 or so chapters have been great! Kind of upset that I couldn’t review the one last week. But whatever; I’m here now! And I have NO CLUE what Mashima is getting ready to do! In a Good way. This week: The True Enemy Is Hinted At. Can you guess who it’ll be? Edens Zero Chapter 210: “The True Enemy.” 


Chapter 208: Kleene had recovered and continued to absorb Crow’s Ether Jamming waves, allowing Holy and Kris to fight to their fullest. Holy destroys Crow’s power core, so Cure makes himself the core. Holy and Kris escape, and Eraser opens a path for the Edens Zero’s main cannon to fire and destroy the monster head-on. Meanwhile; Shiki is beaten down by Ziggy, but Pino comes to his rescue………

Chapter 209: With Crow defeated, the Edens Zero and Union army join forces to deal with Acnoella’s never-ending horde of Dragons. Homura comes by with all the Mother’s she could carry, and the crew is left stunned and speechless. But what’s even more surprising is that Nox is the Wife Of Captain Connor. Meanign that HE is Rebecca’s Biological Father. No time to talk about that; they have some Dragon’s to deal with! Meanwhile, Weisz comforts Rebecca by saying the “Universe” is giving her the chance to meet her mother. Elsewhere; Pino activates Overdrive and uses her EMP set to “specific algorithm” that turns him back to normal. Now that the other Ziggy is back, he has request for Shiki: To Kill Him. 

Chapter 210: Ziggy asks Shiki to kill him with “Black Sky,” lowering his Ether to its lowest point. But Shiki has………. SEVERAL Several questions for his Grandfather. The first of which being if that’s really him- his “Grandpa.” Pino says that she used the key left by this Ziggy to lock the other one away. But that just raises MORE questions, like how the other guy came to be. THE BACKSTORY: Ziggy, after having been rebuilt by the Planet Edens, uses the Edens Zero to go to the origin point of the Multiverse- Universe 0. But his ship was attacked- by a Chronophage. 

He ended up on some random planet in Universe 1 without ever having made it to Universe 0. He had ended up losing all of his memories aside from the name “Ziggy;” all of this information was told to him at a later point. But at that moment, the Edens Zero had blown up, causing sound akin to a “Large Bell.” Thus, the planet was dubbed “Granbell.” He repaired the ship, and built the bots that would be the Workers in Granbell. But in all that time, he could never get his memories back. 

One day; a random guest came in talking about Mother. And so his quest began- his wish being for his memories back. You know the rest. And so does Shiki. So his next question is “Where did you find me?” Ziggy doesn’t answer; he says that Shiki will know when “the time comes.” But he explains that- at some point after his death- someone took over his body. They were the one’s who told him his full backstory. The only memories he has is of his time raising Shiki. As far as he’s concerned; he is no longer “Shiki-” he’s Shiki’s loving Grandpa. 

Pino asks who the “True Enemy” is then, and Ziggy replies that they’re on Lendard as we speak. And that person is none other THAN !@#$%^&*()_+!! Something is preventing him from saying it, and he feels his grip “slipping-” “Ziggy” is about to return. So he asks that Shiki “put him out of his misery.” While back on the ship; Hermit is sitting with Connor by the Medical bay, overhearing the conversation through Pino. She takes in all the information, and comes to a shocking Realization. 

We then cut over to Elsie for the final part of the chapter. She’s freed herself from Justice’s bondage, but she’s not helping him fight Acnoella. She walks into a room, and finds 5 things: Something broken; a gun; and the lifeless Corpses of Jesse, Hyoga, and Gowen. Something terrible has happened, and Elsie is none too happy about it. Her stunned silence bring Edens Zero Chapter 210 comes to a Chilling END!! Not bringing that back, I just needed it to emphasize this particular chapter. Coming up with those adjectives was DIFFICULT. 


This was a Very Good Chapter. Very well done with the emotions on display- Mashima’s always been good at depicting these kinds of feelings. And I like that Mashima is leaving enough open in Ziggy’s backstory to where the story can fill in any perceivable problems that may come about; the fact that he had to be told all of this- that this “True Enemy” is the one that brought all of this back- means that not all of it is probably accurate. I mean, it HAS to be the “True Enemy” that told him all of this– who else would have this much information other than someone who’s been in his head? I don’t know if there ARE any holes in the story so far; it doesn’t seem like any of this is out of the realm of possibility. But there’s always that chance of a problem popping up the longer the story goes……………

Some things about the past 2 chapters that I enjoyed: Pino’s Overdrive. You already know what the title of that chapter would be. I knew it was coming the moment she decided to get involved in Shiki’s battle with Ziggy- there was no way around that one. But one thing about it that I was kind of disappointed by was the design. It’s more to do with me than what Mashima decided to do, but I was expecting it to look a little more like the Human character design than what we got. I don’t know if it’s an “Ether” thing- that she didn’t have enough Ether to facilitate such a growth spurt. Might have been that; it’s not like you gain “more ether” from Overdrive. I mean- you DO, but probably not that much more. The primary feature is that it’s supposed to “Change” more than anything. Just something that I was expecting. 

I also liked Dead End Crow more after the reveal than I did before. He’s a Generic, one note, “I Want Destruction For The Sake Of It” kind of Villain- by design. It’s what he was created to do; he doesn’t need the same tragic backstory as someone like Drakken or any Naruto Villain. But to focus on THIS chapter a little more; Who Is The True Enemy? I saw some stuff on twitter in regards to Ziggy as the Main Villain; some people were saying that he would he the “Main Villain,” some who said that he wouldn’t be the villain for much longer(which turned out to be correct), and some who didn’t like him. I think he was completely effective as he was as a Villain. He would have fallen in line with the trend of the other Central Antagonists of his manga- all of which had some sort of connection to the Protagonist: 

  • (MAJOR SPOILERS FOR Rave Master AHEAD)Lucia Raregroove was the son of Gale Raregroove- the descendant of the Raregroove Kingdom that was at war with the Symphonia Kigdom long ago. He’s also the descendant of the Woman who created that whole Universe, but that’s not important right now
  • (MAJOR SPOILERS FOR Fairy Tail AHEAD)Zeref is Natsu’s older brother, who turned him into an “Etherious” in an attempt to revive him, but was cursed for defying the rules of Magic. 

Clearly Mashima has other ideas for the Central Antagonist for this story, but I don’t think he’ll break this trend. He hasn’t broken it thus far; Shiki is still the “Protagonist With A Mysterious Origin and a Destiny That Involves Him In The Fate Of The World;” Rebecca is still “The Heroine With The Power Connected To That Destiny;” Kris is “The Antagonist Turned Good;” and more. So whoever this “True Enemy” turns out to be; expect them to have some Major Connection to Shiki. 

I have seen people point out evidence as to why it’s Sister; evidence such as her being the only Shining Star who’s human counterpart we haven’t seen, and the fact that she’s already been shown to have a form of Memory manipulation. And like I said; she has some sort of connection to the Main character. But when you look at Lucia and Zeref; the connection is a lot more….. “pronounced.” Zeref is literally Natsu’s biological brother, and Lucia’s family and Haru’s family have been fighting each other for a long time. As such, it would have to be someone highly involved with Shiki’s origin- someone present on Lendard that has a reason for being there. Someone who needed Ziggy to take suspicion off themselves, and has the ability to make a whole of “personality” for a Dead machine. Who would that be……..? 

I WANT Nox to be a Good Person, because I want Rebecca to meet her family and it be this happy moment. But it’s not out of the realm of possibility. It may not be a direct connection right now, but who knows- he could re-use the concept of Rave master and have Nox be the descendant of one Kingdom, and Shiki of another at war with Nox’. Could be. Or perhaps Acnoella wasn’t always a machine- like Ziggy- and is actually his biological Mother! I can’t say. All I know is that something very bad is about to happen- and it’ll start with Hermit. She’s figured it out, and whoever this enemy is- KNOWS that she knows. She’s gonna be in some serious trouble soon………… 

Something else I just want to mention briefly is the, uh……….. The 209 Reveal. Now; I am fine with this. It’s foreshadowed before the arc began- heck, since we first started getting hints of a “second Cat Leaper” back in chapter 100. In my mind; I always felt like Connor would end up being her Grandfather, since Rebecca is highly hinted at being from the Future. And when Nox was revealed, I felt that she looked a little young to have a kid- especially with someone as old as Connor. This is all to say that I felt like Nox would be Connor’s daughter. And because of Eraser’s reaction in chapter 199; it’s clear that he has some sort of connection to Nox- or at least the “Church Of Saintfire.” I thought that Eraser would be Rebecca’s father. These are just things that I thought. 

But with the reveal that Connor is indeed the father; we have to look back at the scenes from chapters 49 and 176. Chapter 49 saw Homura and Rebecca in the Spa Of Edens- and Connor hopped in, too. And 176 saw him checking out Rebecca’s “features” in specific. Do you see the problem here? Yeah. My idea doesn’t make those scenes any better; him being related to Rebecca makes scenes like those f*cked up– to the point where you wonder what was going through Mashima’s mind when he was drawing those chapters! Was this always his plan? I think so. In which case; Why Would He Do That? I can’t say. I don’t know how he plans to manage those scenes; I don’t know what Connor’s gonna think when he remembers those moments; I don’t know how Rebecca’s gonna handle those situations when she finds out- I just don’t. It’s just something I saw people talking about on twitter……….

What I CAN say is that I’m not a fan of the Shining Star’s knowing about this. Now; if they had done a standard medical check up on him the 2 times they saved him from space, and Sister noticed something “familiar” about his genes or whatever, and she looked through her files and found that he and Rebecca shared similar genes, and they did a full on paternity test and deduced that- then okay; I’m willing to take that. I’ll even kind of take the basic deductive reasoning once they found out that Connor and Nox were married- though I don’t know when they would have had the time to look that up on Not-Google ’cause it seems like all the information in the f*ckin’ UNIVERSE is up there, even about important criminals like the Oracion Seis GalacticaBut I digress. I just would have liked if they had hinted at this a little sooner and a little more. Fine Reveal- needed a little more time. 

And now we come to Elsie. The last we saw of her; she was trying to get free to go and Justice fight against Acnoella. We haven’t focused on that event, so I can’t say how Justice is fairing or why Elsie is here and not with Justice. I don’t think she has comms with her at the moment- unless she has a mechanical eye like Shiki does under that patch. WHATEVER THE CASE- Something bad happened to her crew. And it went down between Hyoga, Gowen, and Jesse. They’re dead; no doubt about that. But there is no way in H#ll that I believe that Jesse was able to just “shoot” Hyoga and Gowen and they would go down. They are the Natsu and Gray to Elsie’s Erza- quite literally when you consider there power sets. If Hyoga goes down- Gowen’s whoopin’ yo @$$ quick and going to get help, and Vice Versa. And Jesse ain’t no fighter- he’s not even in the right mind to be useful, let alone kill 2 High tier Oracion Seis Galactica companions. Something else is at play here………..

I’m looking that band-thing in that corner panel there, and I don’t know what exactly it is. It looks like the shackles we saw on Elsie in chapter 189, so it may just be that. Yeah, it’s probably that. Meaning she only got free recently. We need a flashback to tell us why she’s here. As for happened between these 3; they may have seen something they shouldn’t– figured something out that they weren’t supposed to. And were swiftly dealt with. Looking at them, you can tell that: Jesse has a hole in his torso; Gowen had his throat slit; and Hyoga got shot in the head. So the gun was used. Though Hyoga’s an Ice user- he can put up a wall before you’d know it the moment he sensed you coming. And Gowen can ignite his entire body to break out of any sort of choke hold. No way was this Jesse. Well, at least not Gowen. If- for the sake of argument- the “True Enemy” snuck up on Gowen, and Jesse took Hyoga’s shock as the opportunity to shoot him dead- MAYBE. But I’m not sure. 


And there you have it! It was a lot, but I still managed to make the whole post in 1 day! Then again, I also haven’t had to go into work a lot lately. I don’t know what next week will be like, so don’t expect me to be the most consistent going forward; I still got stuff to do! As for the chapter, again: Very Good Chapter- the mystery is being built up more and more and I love it. Let me know your own thoughts in the comments. And until the next post, all- Have a Magically Wonderful Day. By~~~~e!!!!!!! 

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