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Inherited Resolve!! Black Clover Chapter 362 BREAKDOWN

You guys are reading this……………. Some other day in the next week from when I’m editing this part, but from where I’m sitting beginning in this post(Thursday, June 15th, 2023, 5:53 pm)we are around 6 Hours Away  from the Global release of “Sword Of The Wizard King-“ one of the movies I’ve anticipated the most this year(and one of the only one’s I’m guaranteed to be able to watch). You have NO IDEA how excited I am to watch this movie; finally getting to see these characters in motion after, like– 3 years of the anime’s ending? Oh man. Not to mention my brother graduated today(from when I’m writing this), so- you know– All Good Thing. I should be more hyped about that part. Well, whatever; 12am over here in the West- the movie drops on Netflix. I got stuff to do Friday morning, but Friday Night– GREATNESS. Sh!t, I hope; my brother’s still haven’t seen all of the anime yet, so they might not want to. 

Also we have this chapter. Good, but short. Though Tabata’s Author comment for the week mentions that his wife needed to undergo sudden surgery, and his Mother-In-Law had to come help him take care of their daughter. So he’s been a little……..busy in his personal life. So………. Wish his family the best, and let’s enjoy the chapter. Black Clover Chapter 362: “Transmission.” Here we go…………


King Augustus Kira Clover XIII is shouting for everyone to protect him, but the Magic Knights have their handfuls dealing with the Guardian Angels and the Lucius Clone Army. Seeing Lucius face up close like this, the people of the Clover Kingdom begin to realize why it is that the Wizard King has been absent: He’s The Enemy Now. That, plus people dropping all around them dropping off like flies- makes them start to lose all hope. So Marx uses his magic to get in touch with everyone- remembering what Julius told him in the distant past: “Information is The Strongest Weapon of All; there might come a day when your Magic can help the people more than anything else…..” So he puts that theory to the test

The Wizard King- His Body Has Been Stolen By The Enemy. As you have all come to realize: His Power is Enormous. He is The Ultimate Foe!! But There Are Those Who- In Full Awareness Of That- Still Risk Their Lives Fighting For This Kingdom!! And One Of Them Has Already Defeated The Wizard King Once!! 

Mimosa Vermillion: I’m Sure Many of You Are Aware of Him. Like Me- The Royal Mimosa Vermillion- He is A Member of The Golden Dawn. One Who Has Distinguished Himself in Battle Many Times- The Bearer Of The Four Leaf Grimoire- Yuno. Ever Since He Joined, He’s Been Fighting And Getting Stronger With The Goal of Becoming The Wizard King. Together With The Magic Knight Captains; Those Magic Knights still fight for us…. They Protect Us……..

Many Members Of The Magic Knights Who Were Wounded In Battle Have Been Brought To Me, But Not A Single One Of The Citizens Has been Seriously Injured!! Yuno’s Magic Should Have Given You More Magic Power To Work With Than Usual, So Please- Use That Power To Escape- Please Live On!!! In Order To Help, You Also Must Have The Will To Save Yourselves!! The Power To protect- The Power To Live- A Power Stronger Than Anything Else-

Please……….. Don’t Give Up!!!!

Marx Francois And Mimosa Vermillion

As they please their hearts out to the people; Mimosa can’t help but remember Asta’s determination against the Devil King over year ago. LikewiseSekke Bronzazza stands tall against the Guardian Angels, vowing to keep them here while the people run- even though he’s getting his @$$ kicked.  But he’s not giving up– He Wants To Be Strong Like Asta. Though to Lucius, this is just a bunch of “Sophistry(the use of fallacious arguments, especially with the intention of deceiving);” nothing more than people refusing to accept fate for what it is. But Yuno believes there’s still Hope. 

Over in the Land Of The Sun; Asta asks Ryu if the Door Of Fate is ready for him. Ryu uses his Tengetsu to check out the situation, and finds that the Black Bulls have everything just about ready- When Paladin Damnatio and some Guardian Angels Come To Stop Them. Black Clover Chapter 362 END!!! So we’re finally getting this match up, huh? Wonder how this whole plot with the Door is gonna be handled……….


Okay, it’s Monday, June 19th, 2023, 5:24 pm when I’m getting to this part– a few hours away from when me and my brother’s will be watching “Sword Of The Wizard King,” and a few hours after an altercation with my Manager. I get the feeling I’ll be telling that story in the near future. But the topic at hand: I don’t really have much to say about this chapter. What can I say, honestly? It’s very…………. it “wears its message on its sleeve.” Mimosa and Sekke were there that day to see Asta Embody the “Never Say Die” mentality; there to see him- beaten and bloodied- grab his Demon Slayer Sword and Stand back up to defeat The Ultimate Devil- The Pinnacle of Magic Power the world had known until Lucius came along and displayed all that and more. They were at Ground Zero to see him walk into the Devil King’s Presence. 

For Sekke; it was a wake up call for him to get off his @$$ and become stronger. And Mimosa……….. I think it just reinforced the “Never Give Up” Message that Asta had always shouted. And because of that, they now have the mentality to not back down against impossible odds- and not let anyone else give into despair when times are bleak. Stuff like THAT is what changes the future; Asta motivating people, who protect people that need a reason to keep on living. Everyone of these people was supposed to die to Lucius’ Holy Army, but Asta’s message to the world- the one that Mimosa and Sekke took from his Spade Saga moment- pushed them to choose a different course of action– one that allows them to live and alter the future just by being there. It’s something that I find interesting about plots like this; how adding one, seemingly small, unimportant element to plot already written can drastically alter the plot. Something poetic like that……….

I saw a theory that what Ryu was looking at wasn’t Paladin Damnatio trying to disrupt the Door of Fate, but whatever it is that Adrammelech is up to. There’s really nothing to support that idea, and I’ve lost the post as is. I just bring it up to say that a Volume 35 extra brings up that Adrammelech hasn’t been seen in a minute; as if we’re supposed to take note of the fact that he’s hiding out in the background. What’s the Devil of the Second gate of Qliphoth up toNo idea. He hasn’t been on screen enough for me to really say what he’s after or what he plans to get out of his relationship with Lucius. Though I did note the amount of panel space he got during the Lucifero fight. And- just like the 35 Extra– he’s in the background a lot. He’s doing something. Broku has a theory that Megicula is somewhat connected to everything going on, and that he will be the one to come in a swipe Lucius’ spot as “Big Bad” in the last few minutes of the story- just like Zagreb did to Patri in the Elf Saga. I disagree with his points and his thesis- though I think he’s right in that there’s another antagonist that’s gonna sweep the rug out from under Lucius. 

I’ve said many a times that the Elf Invasion Arc itself was a bit of a homage to the 4th Great Shinobi War- what with the army of Resurrected Soldiers; the leader being a trusted comrade(Obito and William); Former Leaders coming back to face a problem that was born in their day; and a creature from another dimension coming in as the “Final Boss” of the conflict. But Zagreb was a better executed Villain than Kaguya- because he was not meant to be the Final Villain. Had Boruto not been created, then Kaguya would have been the Final Enemy in the Naruto franchise, leaving a sour taste in everyone’s mouths because we just………… never get them explained. And what’s more: She had no proper foreshadowing. Devils were already foreshadowed through Asta’s Grimoire, and we get way more information about them just through visual cues come the Spade Invasion. Zagreb had the advantage of time and planning. Kaguya was something else. It’s only a rumor that she was made just to get rid of Madara, so I won’t say she was “Completely Last Minute.” But I DO believe that Kishimoto only came up with her in the last hundred or so chapters of the manga- deep into the Shinobi War. 

My point is that a “Final Boss” type of Final Enemy for a 300+(probably into the 400s, but not 500s) chapter story needs to be set up properly for it to work at all. Megicula- while being connected to a lot of characters in this story, just by virtue of being “The Father Of All Curses-” I doubt could be that well executed; their story kind of ended with the Silva plot and the revelation of “Humanity.” Vs Adrammelech whose giving Black Zetsu vibes right now- stealing the spotlight from Lucius when he least expects it. Could Adrammelech be working for MegiculaEh. Though the idea of Adrammelech being a Human turned into a Devil by him isn’t altogether a bad idea. Honestly, in that instance; I can see Adrammelech reviving him to do one more thing before killing them off again. Adrammelech having been someone who lost their Devil Binding Ritual to Megicula, and the punishment was being cursed to become a Devil and working under him in secret. Then reviving them- only to kill them off for Cathartic Ol’ Revenge. And, you know; Megicula’s power as a Supreme Rank and one of the Kings Of The Underworld cannot be denied. I wouldn’t be surprised if working with Lucius like this has given Adrammelech a method to steal magic, just like Lucius has done to the others. 

As for what Adrammelech has to say as a Villain………… eh; another time, perhaps. After we get a wee bit more information about him beyond he’s kind of lazy. But it has to be something counter to anyone of the themes that Tabata has set up in the story. And I mean the Main Themes of this particular story; not “Hard Work” and “Friendship-” at least not at the fore, anyway. I mean the themes of “Life’s Purpose,” “Classism,” and “Rising Out Of Your status-” stuff like that. Maybe something along the lines of: “You Made Your Own Choices in life, but that doesn’t mean that you have to continue to live the way you do- You can become Better,” or “Your Life took a turn beyond your control, but you don’t have to let it dictate how you choose to live.” Something to that effect for Adrammelech. Heh; that rhymed. 

And then the Black Bulls are finally going to get to fight Damnatio; the match that never was because of Fugoleon and Nozel. Don’t know how that’ll affect the door, but we’ll get to see what they learned in the last year and some change. That’s all.


That took longer than I had intended. Between getting ready for that “Sword Of The Wizard King” Review and finishing up that My Hero review, starting on Four Knights and Edens Zero and all that………….. Oh man I’m gonna be busy the next few days. Oh, right; Monthly Manga Week. Eh, it’s just “Super,” and it’s a movie retelling. I don’t think any of us care right now. Which is sad to say. Ah, well; at least I have some time off coming up!! But that’ll keep me busy for a different reason. Whatever the case; let me know what you guys think in the comments. Now if you’ll excuse me- I have a Movie to go see. Catch ya later. 

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