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Spy Girl 3: Kitty Cat Rescue! Edens Zero Chapter 243 BREAKDOWN

That’s right, boys and girls: The Queen of Deception makes her Triumphant Return. And this time; me thinks that we’re actually gonna get to see her rumble with people. Though that all depends on where this next portion of the story leaves her. She teases that she working for a new group. And based on the way she…………. well, we’ll get to all that. Man, for a character Mashima came up with last minute(see here for that story); I have to say that Amira is always a delight. Not just because she’s a sexy spy………………. Okay, that’s like 60% of it. But I find her to be entertaining whenever she’s interacting with the crew. She’s not altogether an enemy, but she has a job to do- and she’s going to do it. She’s not a bad guy. That’s subject to change in Universe 0, but we’ll have to wait and see. For now, let’s watch all my praise for Rebecca last week go down the cr@pper a little bit. Edens Zero Chapter 243: “Where Did That Cat Come From?” When you have to ask that question- you should start running. Something is clearly wrong………..


Shiki and Shura are coming up Imperial HQ-Deep Snow. Shiki comments on how cool it looks, but Shura tells him that Nero was the one who had it built- as he did with the entire Empire. So Shiki tells him to take god care of it. Shura shows him to Muller’s lab. Elsewhere: Rebecca has arrived at the coordinates sent to her by “Shiki(Muller).” She comments that he’s talking a little funny, but shrugs it off as a “Ziggy Impression.” In any case, “Shiki” tells her to locate a nearby hatch, showed to her by Happy. She goes down, but finds herself and Happy bombarded by Knockout Gas. They’re out like lights…….

Deep Snow: Shiki, Shura, and Pino look around the ruined lab for Muller. Shura gets in contact with Imperial Soldiers, but the signal is spotty at best. And no one knows where that Quack went off to. But Pino picks up on his “Parting Gift:” A Bomb In His Lab Set to go off now. Which it does. And over to the Madman himself: He commends his “Ingenious” hiding spot for his new lab, as he plans to take Rebecca’s Time Ether. Problem is it’s all in her feet, which Muller finds to be “the most disgusting part of the Human Body. And then he gets the ideaCut Her F*ckin’ Legs Off!! The Time Ether will remain in her legs even after they’re severed, and it’ll make them more like “parts” instead of “Feet.” Much easier on him Emotionally. And the rest of the body will just be a punching bag for him. 

As he preps for “Surgery;” Rebecca wakes up, seeing that she’s been captured. But she’s more concerned with Happy than her own safety. Muller didn’t notice a cat, but finds a blue one in a box on his desk. And he has NO IDEA where this thing comes from, but ignores it and gets back to his current experiment. As he explains what’s about to happen to Rebecca, homegirl realizes that it’s the same combination of factors that led to Ziggy’s creation- according to what Shiki told her. But she also remembers what her mom said about their powers in Universe 0, and realizes that they won’t move through time- they’re just gonna blow up. She believes in Shiki’s ability to stop that, but realizes that this scenario might lead to the future she saw in chapter 149She was in a coma for years after getting her legs cut off. And now she’s starting to freak. 

Muller is beginning the process when– Happy dropkicks him in the face. It soon becomes clear that this is NOT her Happy; the imposter confirms the real Happy is safe and sound asleep in her Starfighter- a switch was made before she went down that hatch. Muller demands answers, but the imposter says “In My Line of Work, we prefer not to reveal our identities.” The Spy Queen Amira makes her return. Rebecca recalls her and her affiliation with the GIA in the previous world, shocking Amira that she’d know all that. Though she says the info on her and the GIA is a little “out of date,” for she’s currently working for someone else. But before she gets to reveal it- Shiki and Shura Bust In- Poised to kick Muller’s @$$! Edens Zero Chapter 243 END!! Huh……… Pretty Nice Chapter. Though I can already tell where this is going……………


………….. Wait, do I like Amira? I don’t think she’s in the story enough for me to say whether or not I like her. I’ll say that I like watching her; she’s………. she’s attractive, yes, but she’s got this “All Business” vibe to her, you know? She doesn’t feel any animosity towards the people she’s supposed to take down- but also not empathy towards the innocents that get caught up in the crossfire; she was willing to kill Homura to keep her secret. But she saved Labilia from Drakken- though only to take her place and infiltrate Drakken’s stronghold to find his Life Support Device. But that was not part of her mission there; she could have switched places with anyone. So………… She’s not a “Bad Guy,” but maybe a little “Goal oriented.” He says like she hasn’t only appeared twice in this 240+ chapter series. I’m trying to say that she’s an ally, but maybe not the most trustworthy. But Shiki befriended her so he probably trusts her with his life. It’s still Shiki, after all……

As for her current role; she says that the bit about the GIA is “outdated-” not wrong. She was Working for the GIA, but not anymore. But she DOES say that she’s working for someone else. I’m just gonna put it out there: She’s One Of The Oracion Seis Interstelar. I have no evidence for this, and admittedly her abilities probably aren’t the best for Combat situations. Mostly, I said that because I’m trying to figure out what other “Good Guy” factions she’s working for. Interstelar is not itself Antagonistic towards Shiki’s crew; Justice just had his head so far up his own @$$ to see straight. That is until Shiki became a Galactica, in which he became an actual problem they needed to actively deal with. She could be a part of this Universe’s Interstelar, having abilities that are largely the same- but better than what we saw previously. 

We’re all under the impression that Lady Freya and Lightning Law are Elsie and Justice, right? But the Galactica of Universe 0 are all Machines. They’re skillsets are the same, but how their abilities behave are different. So Amira’s skillset might still focus on copying, but it’s not just your appearance and memories- it’s your abilities and fighting style. You would be fighting yourself the whole time. As for why she felt the need to sneak around even with what I’m saying; 1)She USED to work for the GIA- maybe she just likes the whole “Spy” motif and 2)She may be able to copy abilities, but I imagine the original is stronger than anything she can come up with. That, and she strikes me as the “Glass Cannon” type– she can throw a punch, but she cannot take a punch. And I don’t know if Mashima will treat them as a “Permanent” thing, or a conditional thing- not that I’m sure he’s even gonna go with that idea. I mean; I was wrong about Rebecca this week, wasn’t I? 

Man, that sucks; I thought she was smarter than that. I suppose it’s another aspect of her that she would trust her friends so wholeheartedly that she would fall for something like this, but even THEN– for her to buy that Shiki sent her coordinates like this without Hermit chiming in; that Shiki would say things like “My Dear” and “My Dude;” that Shiki would send her somewhere alone(she had Happy, but Happy doesn’t seem to be able to do anything that would be able to help her in a combat situation); that Shiki would come up with the “Pincer Attack” idea on his ownThis action does NOT do her justice. But then again; I can’t point to anything in the story that shows her being capable of seeing through a ruse like this. But then it wasn’t a GOOD one. I just feel stupid after all of that last week…………

We always knew that Rebecca’s powers were concentrated on her legs, so that’s nothing new. But something I am noticing is that Muller– for how crazy he was before- doesn’t he seem crazier right now? Like; he was just a demented psycho in the previous Universe- here, he’s………… irradic and……… “off;” he’s turning everything into a reference to something in science vs before when his he called his torture of others “experiments.” I’m also feeling that- from this– he’s not getting the same………….. oddly sexual gratification he did when he tortured Hermit back on Foresta, you know? Or even back during the Ether Accelerator Fiasco; he was all sweaty and “into it,” vs here where he seems to be doing it for “business.” Like; he wants the Time Ether, but he doesn’t want to touch human feet. So he’s gonna cut them off and make them “parts.” It’s not about……… whatever he was getting out of it in the previous world; it was something he had to do just to do his job. I don’t know if that’s worse, but it’s something that I’ve noticed. 

The Gravity Boys survived the blast(probably with that “Anti-Gravity” bit from Belial Goer); Rebecca found the……. wait, this is the Origin Point of the Multiverse. Rebecca moved through the multiverse and found that reality with her robot legs. We had thought that Lyra took them in that Lost Card Match, but………. wait, but she never met Muller in the previous world. OH WAIT I got it: That reality almost became the truth– “Rebecca Loses Her legs” almost became a Multiverse Constant, had Amira not acted when she did. It didn’t matter how it happened; the scary part was that it happened. Got’cha, Mashima. Rebecca should thanks Amira everyday for preventing that future. 


Huh…….. That was quick. I had to stop to talk to my District Manager, help my Grandmother clean the house, and work a little on the Four Knights review, but……………. I managed to finish this with time to spare in the day. Not bad; not bad at all. This was a pretty good chapter, all things considered; it’s not like I take back or regret anything I said in the previous post- I meant every word of it: Rebecca is a Beautifully Written Character. Not Mashima’s “Best,” but he’s certainly made worse. Let me know what you guys think in the comments. And let me know who you think is gonna scrap Muller. Til next time, everyone; Have yourself a cookie, and have a Great Day. See ya!! 

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