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Homura’s Happy Ending! Edens Zero Chapter 234 BREAKDOWN

I tried like h#ll to come up with a better, more “creative” title, but I couldn’t find out that didn’t sound too “wordy.” So I went with something a little “Plain.” I also don’t really  have a way to open this post. I’m writing it Monday, April 3rd, 2023, at 1:56 pm. I’m in the midst of making cookies, and I have to take my brother’s to go get hair cuts in like half an hour. All after waking up at 9:15 am, posting the “Black Clover” review, working on the new coloring that is the site’s current icon, and doing a bunch of other sh!t in my regular day. Other than that, though, I don’t really have anything to say. On with the chapter, I suppose. Edens Zero Chapter 234: “Kureani’s Tears.” Well now we know what Shiki has to do………


Picking up from last time: Homura- having finally regained her memories of the previous Universe after seeing her Teacher alive and well- slays multiple stones. This allows for the Punisher group- led by Kureani- to finally close the gate where they were let out from. They also burned their nest so there shouldn’t be anymore coming out for a minute. Which allows Homura the moment she needs to finally hug her Teacher again. Though Valkyrie doesn’t understand the term “Last World,” not that she needs to for this moment to make sense. 

Seeing her daughter before her like this, Kureani…….. is unable to face her. Even though she knew that this day would come from what Valkyrie had told her, seeing her here; she feels that she’s “unfit” as a Mother, and runs off. Valkyrie once again says that her circumstances are a little “complicated.” But for now; Valkyrie gets to meet the Crew of Edens. She’s able to recognize Shiki from when he was a baby, but can hardly believe she’s seeing him here all grown up. And meets Rebecca, Happy, Pino, and Weisz for the first time. 

With her memories back, she’s more than elated to see her Teacher again. Though she questions how she lived through her decapitation. Valkyrie reminds her that decapitation isn’t enough to kill an Android(though she says it “hurt like h#ll”); she was simply “off” after her head was cut off. But Lord Seiji(Creed) would get her working again after some weeks. But by the time that she was up and running again; Homura had already left Oedo in search of Kureani. She went to Mildian to ask Xiao Mei wehere she had gone, but she was simply told to “Wait On Sun Jewel” for her to arrive. For this is also where she would find Kureani. She went on to explain the situation to her, so the both of them stayed in wait of Homura. As for why they’re getting along this well; that comes down to Kureani’s circumstances……….

Kureani’s Universe 0 Story: 10 Years Ago; Kureani would leave Homura with a Nurse and come to Sun Jewel as a Migrant Worker. She had lost Homura’s father early in Homura’s life, leaving them rather poor. The plan was to return to Oedo once she had made enough money, but some Big Wig took a “liking” to her- the kind of guy who would do anything to have her. To this end, he would uses the Satellite Blaze to hold Oedo- and thus Homura– hostage. Left with no other options, she would end up becoming the jackh0le’s wife. One day, he desire to see her daughter overwhelmed her and led her to try and escape. And he didn’t like that one little bit. His anger had pushed him to use Sun Jewel’s Private Military(Kureani’s Droid Punisher’s from the previous world) to wage War with Oedo. Though unknowingly; he would instigate the war that brought Homura and Valkyrie together. 

But he was too much of a p*ssy to go through with it and the war didn’t last but a day or so. Though he had already achieved his goalKureani was now too afraid to defy him. Valkyrie would show up one day and tell her what Xiao Mei had told her, so she decided to wait through the pain. Unfortunately; the Satellite Blaze was still locked on Oedo- Valkyrie’s Hands Were Tied. Also Kureani didn’t owe Drakken money; some false intel made it to Drakken and Homura got wrapped up in debt that wasn’t there in the first place- as Valkyrie would tack on. After a while, the Vigilante group “Punishers” were formed to protect the people from that d!ckweed’s oppressive thumb. That way, by the day Homura arrives to Sun Jewel- She would be proud of her Mother. And that she is. 

But Kureani is still too afraid of what her f*ckface husband will do to Homura to get close. But the others already kicked the sh!t out of him; they bring him all beaten to h#ll before them. And they used the Edens Zero’s main cannon to destroy the Satellite Blaze. No more problems!! And- upon seeing the toy that she had given Homura before she left- she can’t help but embrace her daughter for the first time in years. Edens Zero Chapter 234 END!! To Be Continued In Chapter 235: “Over∨ (Nu) Etherion.” No clue what that means- the symbol or anything. 


Um……… What can I say? I guess I could talk a little bit about how the “Constants” in the Multiverse works. ‘Cause like; “Homura Meets Valkyrie” wouldn’t happen without a Oedo War. So the Universe made an Oedo War so that they would meet. And that War only happened because Kureani tried to go see Homura. But “Kureani Would Not Meet With Homura Until Sun Jewel” is a constant, so it created a scenario in which some “dominoes” had to be kicked over for the narrative to make sense. So that has to mean that none of the changes to these characters backstories happen without reason. Such as Irma Steiner recently; for her to live, Drakken would have had to not steal her life force. Drakken’s change is that he steals the life force of animals instead of people, thus allowing the people of Norma to live. So things have to play out a certain way for everything to line up. Will this idea be important at some pointNot sure. So far, we’re just getting happy endings for the Crew. Homura’s started out a little bleaker than the rest and the Rutherford’s had it rougher than everyone else, but for the most part- Golden. But WHY, though

Why is Mashima changing their backstories for them to be happy? Part of the reason that they became the people we know them to be is because of their backstories; the tragedy in their lives helped mold their views, and they had each other to guide them out of the dark places that those mindsets created. It’s like; he brought back who they were anyway- their the same characters we had been following up to chapter 220 when Etherion got up and running again. They just got to have a few “Happy Years” before they got back together. Mashima got to keep all the character development without having to torture them all over again. Except for Homura. Don’t know why he’s picking on Poor Homura. But it’s interesting what he’s managed to pull off. 

That being said; he has to have a narrative, overarching purpose for giving them their “Happy Lives” in Universe 0. Perhaps……… the story is going to be getting……. a WEE bit more Sadistic going forward. It might be that Mashima plans for the story to get darker going forward- something akin to the Belial Goer in terms of tone- and he wanted to make sure that the Crew has a taste of “Happiness” before………. he starts ripping it away. We’re going into the Final Portion of this story, boys and girls; this is the time when we start seeing some characters dropping off. He brought everyone back for Universe 0, but that doesn’t guarantee that ALL OF THEM are gonna make it to the finish line. “History Has A Way Of Repairing Itself;” Valkyrie could very well die again, fighting to protect people from some kind of horde. Witch could die protecting the ship. Weisz could lose his arm. This is all still possible. 

It may also serve the purpose of beginning new character arcs for the crew. Recently, I’ve had the chance to watch of Totally Not Mark’sThe Anatomy Of Anime” video essay/ analysis series. And in that series of videos, he would often bring up a book by KM Weiland- “Creating Character Arcs.” And one of the things that the book talked about is how a character’s arc progresses in 3 basic steps: 1)The End Of Their Old Life 2)The Beginning of a New Life and 3)A Question. Their Lives in Universe 3 ended; Their lives in Universe 0 had begun; and we were left on the question of when the crew would get back together. Considering we’re still missing Laguna, Couchpo, and Labilia; I guess you could say that we’re still in the midst of that 3rd part(though they don’t need Couchpo for f*ck all at this point, and Labilia is there for medical reasons). 

Going by the logic of the book, we can speculate that- after they get the other 3- we’re going to have the “End” of their Happy lives in Universe 0, the “Beginning” of their Quest to save Mother, and a Question. And this question could range from “How will they stop the Edens One?” to “How Will They Save Mother?.” All this being said; it’s not like EVERY story follows the trends KM Weiland’s talked about in the book. They also said that every protagonist is “Active” and the story “reacts” to them. Which isn’t the case with Shiki- at least not all the time. He didn’t set out on his journey into space; the Granbell bots pushed him away and Rebecca dragged him on their ship. He didn’t set out to fight Shura and Nero- he didn’t want Shura to deactivate the machine in Aoi and decided to take part in Aoi War. Shiki reacts to the Story, and sometimes the story reacts to him. HE did decide to set on a quest for Mother. 

Is there anything else to the chapter………Valkyrie coming aboard? With this d!ckweed out of the way, I suppose the Punisher’s no longer need to defend Sun Jewel from the Stones. And even if they DO I don’t think they specifically need Valkyrie their to help; Kureani’s a kind, competent leader, and the Punishers showed in the other Universes that they can handle the Stones- at least after doing it for a minute. Heck, they can even help take out the Black Rock before they leave. They don’t need her to defend them. So what is there left for her to do? I talked about last week how her joining might hurt the crew a little bit- character wise for Homura and possibly throw off their “rhythm” in a fight. But HECK, what would be the reasoning beyond “You’ve got a handle on things- You don’t NEED me.”? Like……… I guess she’s coming on board. Then again, Mashima could always just leave her on Sun Jewel to help the Punishers and she’ll come back once all that’s over and under control. Which would just wreak of Mashima trying to keep her off the ship until Homura needs help. And that would be a little bit lame. 

Though…….. someone on twitter pointed out the idea that- in the time that she’s been away from Homura- she ended up joining the Interstellar Union Army, based on the way she’s dressed in this Universe being somewhat similar to the outfits Justice and the other’s wore. And I’m like……….. that’s a better reason than anything else I could think of. I don’t know why or how- or even when, based on the timeline- but it’s not like it’s the WORST theory ever. Heck; who’s to say she even stayed on Sun Jewel the whole 5 years after her execution? She could have left for a minute and come back when she finished whatever business she needed to take care of. She is CERTAINLY Oracion Seis Interstelar level; of THAT I am certain. And those of Interstelar are pretty much allowed to act as they see fit. Protecting the people of Sun Jewel seems in line with their goal of “Protecting the Cosmoses.” So…….. eh, maybe. 


That came out better than I thought it would. The circumstance of how I completed this post is a little annoying, but I’m glad I was able to complete the post in a timely manner. And I even managed to get down something I was thinking without it coming off “forced.” Bonus!! But yeah; this was a pretty okay chapter. Not the best, and will like be better upon a binge, but okay all the same. I don’t have all that much to say, so I guess I’ll be seeing you guys around. Til then. 

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