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The Egghead Invasion Operation! One Piece Chapter 1,068 BREAKDOWN

This one is going to be weird for me personally. I’m writing this about and hour or so after I started the Black Clover review(like, almost exactly), and I’ve discovered that I can’t download and edit the fan translations that are available to me at the moment. As such, I’m going to be writing this one like I did WA~~Y back at the start of my life as a blogger- but with all the experience of a 4 year old blogger. Not gonna make it any less weird ’cause I usually put in the images while I write the post. But maybe this’ll make the writing process a bit quicker– not having to worry about what images to put where. Might make it easier to determine what images I need better, too. Maybe this won’t be such a bad thing!! One Piece Chapter 1,086: “A Genius’ Dream.” Let’s begin……….


Germa 66’s “Aah… An Emotionless Excursion” Vol 25

Judge and Caesar are in the midst of battle(gotta be honest, I kinda thought Judge woulda washed the Clown, but oh well), as they remember their time as part of the MADS Science Group. Vegapunk is currently 65 years old; Judge- 56; Caesar- 40; and Queen- the last confirmed member of that group- 56. Caesar was the youngest member of the MADS- probably just a Lab Assistant or something. Which is probably where his hatred for Vegapunk and Judge comes from. Honestly, he probably was trusted with anything important- Vegapunk didn’t want someone like that to gain access to his research out of fear of what it could do to the world; Judge probably didn’t hold him in too high regards; and Queen probably just made fun of him a lot. 

Though we also know that Caesar had some hand in artificial Devil Fruits, so he was probably more an assistant to Vegapunk than anything else. I think the next volume will definitely give us a bit of a flashback- though maybe not as in depth because this is just a cover story. But it’ll give us an idea of what went on……………..

Chapter 1,068 

Pythagoras gets on the intercom, telling CP0 to send “S-Bear(Seraphim Kuma)” back to the island alone and leave. Lucci takes this to mean that the Vegapunk’s know what’s about to happen, so he gets on the intercom as well and asks about the disappearances of various Cipher Pol ships that have come to Egghead. Pythagoras says that they were confirmed to have left the area safely, but Lilith takes this as an accusation, and tells them to come and conduct their investigation. God D@mmit Lilith, You Dumb B!tch. But Pythagoras says that this is unnecessary. So CP-0 decides to utilize S-Bear’s abilities- a copy of the Paw Paw Fruit- to warp over to the island. 

Back In The Kamabakka Queendom: The Real Kuma(or, what’s left of him) is breaking away from his containment unit and making his off the island- using the Paw Paw fruit to send himself somewhere…….. Egghead Scrap Heap: Luffy asks Vegapunk why he wants to leave Egghead. Vegapunk explains that he’s used up all of the resources available to him from the World Government, but he still has many more ideas coming into his head at every second! He dreams of one day creating a world of “Free, Endless Energy,” thus ending the need for senseless War. Luffy’s not even listening, but admits he likes the idea. 


Vegapunk continues on to say that, in looking into this energy source- he’s been looking into this Ancient Robot, and has been getting closer and closer to the energy he seeks. But he’s also getting a bit too close to the History Not To Be Named. He’s in big trouble with the World Government, so he needs to escape. And he speculates the CP Aigis 0 is already here, based on the recent explosion……………..

Low And BeholdAigis 0 has made landfall with S-Bear- while their ship is being devoured by the Sea Beast Weapons. seeing that the Assassination plot is happening here and now; Shaka takes command, wanting Atlas to evacuate all Researchers and workers to the Labophase, and give command over S-Shark, S-Snake, and S-Hawk over to Sentomaru. Junkyard: Vegapunk is awaiting Luffy’s answer. Jinbe warns him that his disappearance will be a major event. But Luffy thinks his head is funny, so the answer is yet. Happy, Vegapunk says that they need to head to the Labophase before this place becomes a Warzone, and that they’ll need to bring Bonney. He warps to the Labophase, leaving them to make it there on foot. @$$. 

Back with CP-0; they’ve run into one of Vegapunk’s Holographic monsters. Kaku is super excited to fight a Space Monster, but he soon finds out that he’s unable to touch him. Stussy explains some of the tech present on the island- such as the defense system keeping unwanted guests out of the Labophase. Kaku once again learns about the technology the Hard Way, being blasted right back to the ground the moment he crosses a certain barrier. Atlas comes to confront them, but Lucci takes his Hybrid form and “Rokuogan’s” her right in the face. Part of her head is destroyed, but she’s not dead…….. yet. Lucci is about to rectify that problem, but then he sees Newly Crowned Yonko Straw Hat Luffy- Jewelry Bonney in toe. One Piece Chapter 1,068 END!! Looks like it’s Rematch Time. Red Hawk Gatling? Or does Lucci now have a counter for it? Please mention the end of their last fight. 


So part of what the World Government wants to hide is the fact that there was once a Scientifically advanced Kingdom- one in opposition to the 20 Kingdoms that originally founded the World Government. There are 4 lines of thought that I have I why they’re so desperate to keep things a secret: 

  1. The ones in charge of the Ancient Kingdom were developing similar technology to Vegapunk with a similar goal of improving the World. But the 20 Kingdoms- or possibly just the one potentially run by Im, who would convince 19 other Kingdoms to his side- wanted that technology to themselves, aiming to unite the World for “World Peace,” but in actuality just wanted total control of the World. Something like that. So they launched a full scale War that somehow ended in the Ancient Kingdom’s defeat- taking their tech with them to keep it out of Im’s hands. And Im decided that if he could not have this technology, then no one could. He then used his power and influence to suppress all information of that time period, creating the World we know today. 
  2. The Ancient Kingdom wasn’t always technologically advanced- it was once an Impoverished land probably akin to what Orochi made Wano into. But then someone like Vegapunk came along and tried to make the Nation better. Over the course of some years; it would become the most advanced nation of its time. And Im took that as a threat. We know next to nothing about the Secret King; he could have been the original, or he’s the descendant of that King. Either way; his bloodline has been the true ruler all along. Either way; “Im” took it as a threat and united other Kingdoms against them. Same Result As 1. 
  3. To tie this this back to the Kingdom that existed on the moon and the Alien Life that Eneru encountered in his cover story; perhaps they came down and aided a single Kingdom in advancing their technology. That was the Ancient Kingdom. And the goal was to advance the 1 Kingdom- one that truly needed their help, and one that would use their resources to aid the rest of the World- to prove something “See, Humans Are Capable of Great Good” or something akin to that. And the Jealous King “Im” united various nations against that Kingdom. End results the same.
    1. This one also ties back to the Lunar Civilization in that they came to Earth to aid the Humans in advancement of their civilization, but 20 of the World’s nations stood apposed to these strange creatures. But one Kingdom stood with them, and fought against the 20 with the Aliens. 
  4. “Im” was a member of the Ancient Kingdom- someone high in power but still craved more. When they gained access to High level technology; “Im” suggested that they use their superior firearms to take over the World- You know; “In The Name Of World Peace” or some Wannabe-Seen_As-Good-Guy sh!t like that. But when the Ruler of this Kingdom- Joy Boy- rejected the idea; “Im” turned to 20 other countries, uniting them to invade the the Ancient Kingdom with the aim of using the more Dangerous inventions to take over the rest of the world. End Results The Same. 

I came up with 3 and 4 on the spot and it kind of shows. But these are scenarios that Oda could go for. I mostly wanted to tie things back to the Lunar Kingdom because I want to know how it plays into things. Like; it seems like intelligent life in this story came from the moon- some choosing to stay in the skies like the Brikkans and Skypieans; some coming down to the Blue Sea and from there branching off into………. what we see by some means. “Evolution and Natural Selection” and all that scientific sh!t. Wow, I don’t think I ever came up with as detailed a theory as that before. Maybe I should wait to upload the images more often!! 

From 1,065, we already knew that the Seraphim had Devil Fruit powers. Whether or not they have the same weakness to sea prism stone or the inability to swim is anyone’s guess, because now we know that Kuma’s Seraphim has the Paw Paw Fruit. So he can copy Devil fruit abilities, which 1)Might indicate that Senior Pink is yet alive, but 2)That he truly knows how Devil fruits work. Meaning that he could potential get rid of the common devil fruit weaknesses, but can’t do much of anything about the individual fruit’s drawbacks. It ALSO means that- should Vegapunk have uploaded Kuma’s consciousness to an external file- he can certainly place it in the Seraphim’s body, giving him a newer, stronger body and leaving him with his original Devil fruit and STILL be able to swim. Kuma would be a MONSTER. 

Speaking of KumaHE’S on his way to Egghead. Could be somewhere else he was programmed to go, but that doesn’t let me speculate. So for now; assume he’s coming to Egghead for whatever reason. Maybe he has the external drive with Kuma’s consciousness on him and he’s been programmed with a tracking device to find the Seraphim body, and instructions on what to do. What this could potentially mean is that Dragon is coming this way, too- be it by latching onto Kuma somehow, or by way of using his Devil fruit power that he so totally hasOh, but wait; wasn’t Luffy flying for like 3 days or something- from Sabaody to Amazon Lily? How long will it take between Kamabaka and Egghead? They might be GONE by the time he arrives!! Meh, maybe something with trajectories and wind currents- some Anime bullsh!t science. Look, this has GOTTA be where he’s headed!! 

So it looks like Vegapunk will be coming with them to Elbaf. And that’s probably where he’ll stay until it’s time for every character to be present in the Throne Wars. It’s not affiliated with the World Government, and it’s got some pretty darn good defense. Plus the notes from Ohara. It’s a safe place. 

LastlyThe Energy Source. That’s probably the thing that started the Void Century War in the first place. In one of the 4 scenarios; I’m willing to bet that they all started with the Ancient Kingdom gaining access to this Energy source, and keeping it to themselves “until the world is ready for it” or something. Or perhaps the Ancient Kingdom was Hoarding it with no intention of sharing it. Maybe the D Kingdom isn’t wholly the “Good Guys” in the story. Which actually ties back to what Rayleigh told Robin chan back on Sabaody about her “Answer being different;” Roger and co thought it was………. Absolutely F*cking HILARIOUS, but definitely knew the World Government was in the wrong. Robin and the others, however……….. Okay, they’ll be laughing right along with Luffy. But it’s the initial answer that we’re talking about!! 


Really Like This Post. I think this is actually one of my best “One Piece” posts…… EVER!! To kiss my own @$$ as much as possible. But no, no- I’m Really Happy With What I have Here. I think I’ll be using this method going forward, yeah? Get ready for a lot more text heavy posts, people!! Let me know your own thoughts in the comments, everyone. And until the next post, everyone- Have A Magically Wonderful Day. By~~~e!! 

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Comments (2) on “The Egghead Invasion Operation! One Piece Chapter 1,068 BREAKDOWN”

  1. The good news is Kuma’s probably headed to Egghead where Dr. Vegapunk can fix him at some point. The bad news is all hell is gonna break loose at some point.

    Escorting Vegapunk is gonna put the Straw Hats on the WG’s hit list even more if that’s possible. I’m very interested in how the Elder Stars and Im will react to all this.

    1. I don’t think it’ll be an increase of a Flat Billion- or even a 500m increase; there’s not much more they can tack on without the rest of the World getting suspicious. Maybe an increase of 100m. As for the Elder Stars- this is probably going to end very badly for them. With what Vegapunk knows and with Robin piecing everything together as she goes; their secret is about to be blown.

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