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Oni, Sumo, Lightning Gyaru, And Fangirl Sasuke! Black Clover Chapter 341 BREAKDOWN

The Ryuuzen 7, everyone. The Land Of The Sun’s answer to the Magic Knight Captains- the one in charge of protecting this country. That is them. You know which one I like the most so far- I don’t even really need to say it. But what’s the most surprising part of this chapter is Yami’s backstory- at least from the point of view of Ichika. You should have seen the spoilers; they LITERALLY said he “Itachi’d His Whole Clan.” From that, you can probably gather what happened already. Which is what made it so perfect. Black Clover Chapter 341: “Hazy.” No clue what that has to do with that chapter, but maybe the official release will make more sense. Editing Jalen Here: It doesn’t.  


Jumping right on in, we meet more members of the Ryuuzen 7- the “Gyaru” Shinobi, Komari Imari; the Sumo type Daizaemon O’oka; and the guy in the Oni Mask, Jouzou Hanegatsuji. And they waste no time in showing Asta how they make use of “Zetten.” 

After……….. thoroughly dogging the sh!t out of Asta; they take a breather to get to know this foreigner- while Fumito heals him. Imari is asking about his hair color- if the people of the Clover Kingdom have the same hair color. She explains that her’s is died that color. Her goal is to is to “pump up” everyone in the Land Of The Sun, so she’s changed her “Style” to stand out in hopes that it catches on. Jouzou is hopeful that that NEVER happens, but Zaemon likes that it “doesn’t leave much to the imagination.” And she thinks that’s just gross. But it’s all for the sake of Ryuuya! So they get back to training with Asta. 

He gets beat down again. But he’s managed to learn a few things from getting his @$$ kicked

  1.  None of them were using Yojutsu/Magic. Thus reaffirming that this is something separate from Magic. 
  2.  Different people uses Zetten in different ways. Some opt for a few Super Strong Attacks, while some choose Rapid Fire strikes. Say someone using Zetten has a total power of “10.” Someone who goes for option 1 splits that power into 5 for 2 strong hits, while the second splits that into 5 consecutive hits with a power of 2 each. MATH. 

Now that he knows that, the only thing left for him to practice is exploiting the enemies openings. But those thoughts are interrupted as he begins to think about what everyone else in the Clover Kingdom is doing. 

Ichika comes by, saying that Ryuu tasked her with babysitting Asta. Asta doesn’t know what honorific would work best in this situation, so he tries to compare their ages. Asta- 18; Ichika- 24. But she says just “Ichika” will suffice. She says that Ryuuya’s right eye utilizes “Tengetsuu(Clairvoyance)” to “see every phenomenon taking place in the present,” and he uses it to help Government this turbulent land. Asta says that’s “incredible,” but Ichika scolds him- showing off her inner fangirl as she tries to make Asta understand how “truly wonderful” Ryuuya is. She regains her composure, and simply says that Ryuuya also saved her long ago…………

Asta compares this to his relationship with Yami; he was the first person who recognized his worth, and helped him make his path towards becoming the Wizard King. In much the same way the Ryuuzen see Ryuuya; the Black Bulls regard Yami as their “Pride and Joy.” Ichika tells him to knock it off, saying that her older brother is “Scum Of The Lowest Order.” Asta asks how she can say that about her own brother, to which she explains that Yami- back in the day– slaughtered their entire clan. A Flashback plays: Yami is about to go fishing, and tells Ichika to stay close. Black Clover Chapter 341 END!! Black Clover Will Be On Break Next Week. According to his author comments for this week; his daughter apparently got sick, and he’s worried about her. Good Father. Hope she gets well soon. 


……………………. So how about them new characters!! Is Imari new “Best Girl?” No, but she has made me like her immediately!- even if I’m not with the “Totes Adorbs” thing. And I must say, I’ve never really liked it when girls wear a lot of make up. I’m sorry, I just DON’T. She’s cute as f*ck, but, uh………. not into the “Trendy” types. Zaemon and Jouzou are interesting; Zaemon in particular reminds me of Himejima from Demon Slayer with those beads, and Jouzou more than likely has a reason for wearing that mask. I don’t know about their Yojutsu, but Imari- I can immediately call “Lighting User.” The hair antenna; the static coming from her eyes when she attacked Asta- we have found Luck’s soulmate, folks. 

Alright, let’s get serious here. It’s not a question of How- it’s YAMI SUKEHIRO. The question is: “Why?” Yami………… isn’t a murderer. He threatens it when his subordinates are being stupid, but he won’t…………. intentionally kill them. Though that’s not to say that he doesn’t have blood on his ledger; he’s the one who got the kill on Vetto. But he also has the “Respect For life” to not have reveling in what he’s done, and he’s not the type that would kill them to “test himself.” Much like Itachi– there was a larger reason behind it. And for whatever reason; Ichika managed to survive the Massacre. It might be 1-For-1 Itachi and he couldn’t “bring himself” to kill Ichika. Probably that. 

It actually now starts to paint an interesting picture: It may not have been a ‘Fishing Trip” that got him sent to the Clover Kingdom, but exile– banishment from the Land Of The Sun, and he ends up getting washed up on the Clover Kingdom’s shores. And THEN he gets his Protagonist backstory! That’s………. that’s Shot-For-Shot what happened, isn’t it? Unless Ichika is just being hyperbolic when she says this, and she simply means that there’s something more to it. Hm…………. Perhaps some customs in the Land Of The Sun are preventing her from getting married or something, and Yami leaving means that their bloodline can’t carry on. As such- the clan died out. 

And then of course you you have more build up with Ryuuya’s eye. When we first heard about it, I saw a theory that he made a Devil Bargain with Astaroth to get that eye. And I Fully Believe it. It may tie into why he’s helping Asta right now. He might be fulfilling his end of whatever “bargain” was made. Because as we saw with Zenon; these Bargain’s sometimes require more than just a limb or 2- the Devil wants something from you in return, especially a Supreme Rank of Astaroth’s status. Ryuuya probably didn’t need the full hundred; just enough power to tell him what he would need to help his homeland- thus the clairvoyance. But Astaroth- being the Devil that represents Time- would more than likely have the ability to see an event or 2 in the future. As such; the deal that was made might involve helping save him from Lucius. And the most logical way to do that would be to help Asta!! Something like that.


That simple, really. I don’t know what it is about this week, but this and the One Piece review were pretty quick and “to the point.”  As far as the chapter goes; it was pretty cool. Though I hope we get a little more time to flesh out these newbies. And I think we’re going to get that by the end of this training arc. But I also think that we’ll be cutting over to the Clover Kingdom for a little bit- maybe in 343 or 344, depending on how long this flashback is gonna be. 

That’s all I got for the lot of ya today, boys and girls. Let me know your own thoughts in the comments. And until the next post, boys and girls- Have a Fantastically Wonderful Day. By~~~~~e!!!! 

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