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Manga Chapter Review Dump Post #18: Things Happen

Didn’t expect to be doing one of these so soon. But things tend to pile up on you like that. I got sick the day I was supposed to make the Chainsaw Man review, and by the time I was feeling well enough to continue; Four Knights 104 came out. Then One Piece, Edens Zero, and My Hero all at once. Yeah, I wasn’t gonna be able to do any of that in a timely manor. So- here we are. Yeah. Shame, too; EVERYTHING was worth talking about this week!! “MHA less so than the others, but still!! Also, while I have you, I feel I should tell you: There will be no posts of any kind the week of the 25th and 26th. My Maternal Grandfather passed away recently, and that’s the week of his viewing and funeral. Not something you wanna hear after a cr@ppy night shift with a morning shift the very next day. Or at all. But yeah; I gotta say my goodbyes to him. So nothing will be coming out that week. My apologies. 

Chainsaw Man Chapter 129: “Save Me, Chainsaw Man

Before they can even ask why there’s a Second Chainsaw Man, Asa and Denji are pushed back to Earth by Falling’s Customer- trying to complete it’s plate, less it be killed by Falling. Denji’s worse for ware, giving Yoru the chance to make Chainsaw Man puke up Nuclear Weapons. And Asa the chance to get her Body Back. But Asa decides to give Chainsaw Man her blood; she already owes Chainsaw Man for saving her twice now, and- in her mind- “If a Piece Of Trash Like Him Is Allowed to Live, then maybe it’ll be okay for Her to keep living, too!!” And she utters the phrase Save Me, Chainsaw Man!!” And he does. But Falling’s Customer is unrelenting. So Asa has Chainsaw Man swipe a dude’s bike and turns it into…………


REALLY wanted to talk about this chapter in length- sheerly because of how………. INSANELY APPROPRIATE this is for a manga like this, and how series like this and One Piece are able to do just about ANYTHING at this point and you just kind of take it at face value; they’re at points in their life span where you don’t really question a lot of what happens. This is the perfect example of that; you don’t question why there’s a Chainsaw Motorcycle- You’re just waiting to see what this is gonna do. And I PROMISE YOU that this is gonna be a ton of fun. 

Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 104: “Intrusion Into Demonity

Thank you as always to @BielzinhoFull15 on Twitter for the scans. The kids are in awe at the landscape that is the Demon Realm- even the Beehive-like cave they find themselves in. A memory plays in Percival’s mind of someone named “Thell” telling him about this place; how it’s a 3,000 year old portal to other parts of Brittania. But they don’t get the time to take in the fact that Percival knows this because the cave’s system that keeps the various cave’s clean from debris and the like activates- blowing them out and sending them plummeting. Tristan manages to save Horsancor and Sylvan by giving them wings. Then A Demon Monster comes to take Percival and his friends, while Lance and the others are surrounded by Demons. 

At the Demon King’s Castle, Percival and the others find themselves confronted by The Demon King Zeldris. Or as Percival called him- Thell.” No one can really understand what’s going on. But from what I’m reading, it’s lookling like a Young Percival just fell through one of these caves as an infant, and Zeldris and Gelda took care of him until they could find which one he came through. Man, these are some lucky @$$ kids. Tristan and Percival having connections to Zeldris means they have a powerful ally backing them!! Maybe Percival knowing Demon Language is just a recovered memory, too. Huh. Maybe not a Demon Human but the boy still ain’t full Human, I know that for sure. 

One Piece Chapter 1,083: “The Truth Of That Day

Immediate follow up on Last chapter: Sabo explains to Ivankov and Dragon the truth of what happened at the Reverie. They were successful in declaring war against the Celestial Dragons by destroying their symbols, freeing Kuma and as many slaves as possible, and even destroying the Holy Land’s Food Reserves. And the Revolutionary Army’s plan is to bottleneck their food supply by cutting them off at the sources, giving them a taste of starvation for a change. Though Dragon’s worried about what will happen when the Holy Knights are mobilized. But on to the matter at handKobra. 

Over A Month Ago At the Holy Land Of MarijoaRevolutionaries attack, freeing people along the way as they also do battle with Greenbull and Fujitora. While they’re distracted over there, Sabo begins plans to free Kuma from Saints Charlos and Roswald. Bonney seems to be on the way to help with that. All the while, Lucci stands guard for Vivi, who doesn’t want the same “protection” Shirahoshi got. As for her father, he’s on the way to meet with the Gorosei- a meeting that…….. he doesn’t seem to have come back from. Oda’s probably going to take the chance next chapter to give us ALL the Gorosei’s names, and may even give us hints at what He can do. 

Then you have the Holy Knights- the main one looking like Shank’s silhouette, bringing up the Theory that Shanks’ has a twin brother who’s a Holy Knight, and was the one we saw in chapter 907Bonney getting involved with the Revolutionaries and all. Probably not gonna see everything, but we’ll see enough. Imagine this arc ends up as long as Dressrosa; I doubt anyone would complain if we got this kind of content! 

Edens Zero Chapter 238: “Encounter On The Sands” 

The Empire Is Coming To Sandra- Shura and The Oceans 6 are coming to meet up with Laguna. The crew doesn’t feel like they’re ready for this, but Shiki warps over immediately and gives Shura a taste of his own medicine- stopping their ship mid air. Things That Are RevealedShura and Ijuna are engaged; Shura has crushed Reverend Cyca; much friendlier relations overall. Then Shiki pulls up and stops there ship. So just as Shiki had before; Shura comes down to box with him. Shiki implies that they’ve met before, but the whole situation around how is…….. well, too complicated to put into words right now. For Now: GRAVITY REMATCH.

Everyone confirms that neither of them is really putting their all into this fight right now, as they break away and begin chatting again. Shura wants to team up with Shiki to kill Xenolith, who has been CONFIRMED to be on Sandra at the moment. And they’re here to put him down. I mean; GOOD LUCK with that. But this was a nice reunion; nice little “Role Reversal” of the situation they found themselves in all that long ago in Universe 2. Even the imagery is evocative of that(spelled “Evocative” right on my first try; I’ll be a son of a b!tch). But Shiki ain’t bout that life, so they’re gonna need to come up with an actual compromise………

My Hero Academia Chapter 388: “Toya

Kendo stops some All For Nothing Goons(about as useful and interesting as their master at this point); UA Refugees those tasked with their protection evacuating; Toya’s death ball on the Horizon. Like, that’s the First Thing you see come out of this tunnel. And in seeing it, Rei’s body decides “………… I Have To Go And Do Something About That.” She hops on one of the UA bots tasked with taking away Refugees and makes her way towards the Fireball. “Himura Blood Runs Thick,” so she doesn’t……… INCINERATE upon coming into this heat(though she looks worse here than she did last chapter). Enji’s telling her to run before she fries, but she’s sticking this out with her husband and first born. 

Then the other 2 come in and try to help their mom stop this mess. Collectively, this entire family is seeing a timeline in which things went Better; Toya’s full grown and happy; Natsuo sat up and listened to him and talked to him instead of ignoring him; Happy Timeline. But that’s not the reality they live in. Even if the others live, Toya’s gone(mentally and- in like 3 more minutes- PHYSICALLY), and the rest of the family is……….. FRIED. They’re not gonna be okay after this. Still nice to see a happy version, though!! 


These posts are getting easier to make. I don’t know f that’s a “Good Thing” or a “Bad Thing.” On the one hand; I’m glad that I’m able to get a big post like this out of the way in a timely manor and have it ready to go days in advance(This part was written Friday, May 12, 2023, at 6:16 pm EST). On the other, it means that I’ve become so accustomed to writing these at this point that I’m getting good at it. Meaning I haven’t gotten the chance to do proper posts for each series as much as I would have liked to. And that sucks. Because like I said: Every Series(Give or Take “My Hero”) was really good this week. I really DID want to talk about the “Edens Zero” chapter and “Chainsaw Man,” but I was sick when I started writing Tuesday and I found the “Edens Zero” chapter too late. Oh well; there’s always next week!! He says knowing what his work schedule looks like. 

Man, what am I gonna use for the featured image? I have MANY images that are just sitting on my computer waiting for me to use in posts, but I don’t know which one I should choose. You’ll probably see the one I chose, so let me know in the comments. Then again by the time you’ve seen this, I’ll have already put this post out there. No point to telling me what I picked, I guess. I’m rambling again, aren’t I? Eh, whatever; this is more or less what Dump Posts are for. Let me know your own thoughts in the comments, and until next time, all- Laters. 

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