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And So- Time Starts To Move. Boruto- Naruto Next Generations Chapter 78 BREAKDOWN

I was gonna use that title for the chapter last month, but “circumstances” came up that prevented me from doing a full post- for this or Dragon Ball Super. And I’m tired of shafting these series. Are they the “Best” series I talk aboutNot by a long shot- even at their BEST they can’t seem to hold a candle to One Piece or Black Clover or Four Knights- That’s just how I feel. But I do like these series. And I do want to talk about them. So, going forward; I’ve decided that I’m just not gonna do other posts when these 2 come out. Some months will be just “Boruto-” some just Super- some both- some neither. I’m trying not to talk about “EVERY SINGLE CHAPTER OF EVERY SINGLE SERIES WE DISCUSS;” I’m trying to avoid getting “burn out” again. So you’ll notice a few series that don’t have reviews week to week. Though if I CAN then I guarantee that I will.

Now for this post. Like I said; I had planned to use this review title for last month, yeah? Kind a glad I waited on this, because of Fan Speculation turns out to be true, then……… this series just got a little more interesting. He says like it wasn’t just an offhanded comment from the leaker for an untranslated chapter. But I want to address it here. I hope that this is the case, but the logical part of me is saying that it won’t happen. A Boy Can Dream. Boruto- Naruto Next Generations Chapter 78: “Big Idiot.” But didn’t Naruto just……


QUICK RECAP: It’s been a few months, but I’ll try to keep this brief. The Uzumaki Bros(Boruto and Kawaki) are made to cohabitate with Eida and Daemon. But several problems crop up- Eida can barely look Kawaki in the face without being overwhelmed; Daemon’s a brat with power to back it up; and Momoshiki just gave Boruto a glimpse at the future. Which Kawaki has picked up on. So he’s taking measures to make sure that he can kill Momoshiki(and thus Boruto) without interruption. To this end- he sends Naruto and Hinata to another dimension. And here we are. 

Chapter 78: Shikamaru has Jonin investigating the Investigation Unit(?) searching the Hokage’s house following the disappearance of his and his wife’s chakras. But they can’t seem to find any indication of what may have happened. But Himawari is left to see a broken photo of her family on the ground as strange men search her house. Shikamaru gets in contact with everyone else and fills them in on what happened- to everyone’s shock and awe. And upon hearing that Kawaki was involved the disappearance of Naruto and Hinata; Boruto takes off without hearing much else. 

Shikamaru asks Eida what happened. Using her Senrigan, she’s able to see what happened in the past, and finds that Kawaki sent Naruto and Hinata to another dimension- and is planning to kill Boruto all over again. Hearing this, Sarada fixates on that word “Again.” So Shikamaru tells her the Truth of what happened back in chapter 66, and speculates that he’s aiming to “finish what was started.” And she darts off to stop it, disobeying orders and warnings from Shikamaru and Sumire. 

Boruto comes to the Hokage monument, and is also dragged into another dimension himself before he absorbs the mist with his Karma. Kawaki reveals himself, and reveals what he’s done to Boruto: Using “Daikokuten,” he has sent Naruto and Hinata to another dimension where time is “frozen-” where they won’t need to eat and won’t age a day. But he tells Boruto that he will never see them again. he uses that same shinjutsu to pull out those giant blocks and drop them on Boruto, but he manages to dodge them in time. Kawaki elongates his arm and traps Boruto, to which the boy asks why his brother is doing this. Kawaki responds “Because You’re An Ohtsusuki, Why Else?!” He warns Kawaki that everyone will be coming in a second, which is all the more reason that Kawaki needs to get this over with. He tries to crush Boruto, but he goes full Karma mode and absorbs the attack. 

Realizing that words are pointless at this juncture, the 2 start to fight seriously. Elsewhere; Amado is left shocked that Kawaki is acting this way. Sai tells him that he’s still getting information as it happens, but it may come down to Drastic Measures if it comes down to it………. Back with the boys; their attempts at using Jutsu on each other is rendered inert, as both of them just counter with their Karma seals. It looks as though Kawaki has the physical advantage, however, until Sarada launches a Fire Style attack. Rather than answer any question she has, Kawaki gives her a Single Warning: Stay Out Of His Way Or Die.

Boruto tells her to leave as well, but she won’t listen to reason; she vows to stay and protect Boruto as “A Shinobi Who Aims To Be Hokage!!” Thus confirming Kawaki’s theory: “All Shinobi Are Destined To Die Early.He’s about to move in for the kill when Boruto tackles her out of the way- getting his Right Eye cut in the process(the eye that was scarred at the beginning of the story). Shikamaru and the others arrive in time to prevent things from going any further; they restrain his movement with Shadow Paralysis and Mitsuki prevents him from moving his Karma hand to absorb it. Also Sasuke holds a blade to his neck, promising to kill him if he moves at all. This is the best possible situation to have a Talk with Kawaki, so Shikamaru decides to ask what happened to Naruto. He says “What Needed To Be Done- For The Sake of Lord Seventh and the Leaf Village,” and that he doesn’t expect anyone else to understand- so they should kill him while they can. 

Off to the side, we see Momoshiki has taken control again, and instead decides to Help Kawaki escape- absorbing the Shadow Paralysis and letting him shrink himself down to escape. Before he leaves, Kawaki asks Momoshiki why the h#ll he’s helping him right now. But he won’t answer, instead encouraging Kawaki to get away while he still can. So he does. And Boruto is given control back. Sarada apologizes for getting in the way, but Boruto says it’s “That Super Idiot’s” fault. Mitsuki agrees. But then…….. Momoshiki appears before Boruto, reminding him that he’s already lost one of his blue eyes. So from here on out- He’s Gonna Start Losing Everything He Holds Dear In Rapid Succession. And now there’s NOTHING that can stop it………….. Boruto- Naruto Next Generations Chapter 78 END!!!  People were freaking out about that translation………….


There are………… Several Several things that I want to talk about; so many that I could probably make a whole separate post on their own. And maybe I’ll be able to at some point. Heck; if the Time Skip is happening soon, then I might just be able to do a post talking about all the plot points we need to know going into the second half of the story. I just want to talk about this manga more often than I get to. Because- as I feel that I say every month- This series is NOT Terrible. Not “AMAZING” by any means- or even all that “hype” as “Naruto” got back in its time- but it’s really enjoyable. Especially when the anime puts its all into adapting Manga content. I could talk about all of this here, but that would probably take a while. So let me just get to the primary points

1. Himawari’s Hidden Potential 

This was something that I wanted to talk about LAST month. Daemon- The Strongest Character at the moment- got shook when he sensed Himawari walking by that Clothing store. What does that tell us? On the one hand; he’s a child- one that was only awakened from his hibernation chamber at MOST a few weeks ago. His senses might not be all that “great” at the moment. COUNTER POINT: Cyborg. That and he’s got enough fighting sense to handle Code, whose White Karma still let’s him fight with all of the experience of Isshiki. He might know what he’s talking about. Meaning that Himawari has the potential to surpass every character up to this point. 

But why is she so powerfulWell, that might be due to several factors. For one, we have to look at Boruto and the Jogan. The Jogan is a “Pure Eye” held by one with “strong Ohtsusuki genes.” Naruto’s direct connection to the Sage of Six Path’s as the reincarnation of Ashura; the Hyuga possessing Ohtsusuki genes in the form of the Byakugan- something she has already displayed having; and………. Well……….. I’m just spitballin’ at this point(I don’t even fully know about the Ashura stuff), but……… is it all ALL possible, you think………. that Himawari(and by proxy, Boruto)…….. Have some Nine Tails Chakra in them

It’s more than likely something akin to Ginkaku and Kinkaku; maybe having some of Kurama’s chakra inherited from Naruto, right? I don’t know if that’s how Jinjiruki work, but it’s something that I’ve been wondering about since the end of the original series when we met Boruto and Himawari. Like, think about it: Naruto……….. the way that I have always read it; when Naruto was learning proper Biju control, he had taken some of Kurama’s chakra. And the difference between the initial Nine Tails Chakra mode and the full oen we saw during the war was that that Chakra is now Naruto’s- a chakra that he keeps from mixing with his own, but his all the same. So when Kurama died, he still had a ridiculous reserve of chakra- but not anywhere near as much as before. 

So my thinking is that………Boruto and Himawari inherited some of that chakra he took while training with Bee, and that they will awaken to that power at some point in the future. If that makes sense. Honestly, I’m not entirely sure what that scene was to convey. Because when I look it up, it says that Naruto has to “shelve” his own chakra to use that power- and that Kurama potentially taking that shelved power would kill Naruto. That’s obviously not the case any more. And it’s like; when Naruto gained full control of Nine Tails chakra- that cloaked mode- and Kurama had to relax for a minute during the whole “Chakra Cloak” event; Naruto still retained that initial Chakra mode we see in 499. So………. he should still have that, right? I really need to educate myself on how all of this works before I propose theories like this…………..

MY POINT IS: Boruto and Hima might have Nine Tails chakra through some means that will be speculated on when we get to the moment it happens. But even THAT doesn’t sound like it should freak Daemon out like it did. He was unafraid of Code who was stronger than Jigen who whooped up on Naruto AND Sasuke with just Karma at their peaks(Pre-Baryon Mode). So what the f*ck else could Hima have? Hm……….. Her own Jogan or something? I feel like something like that would make Boruto less “special-” just as him getting Nine Tails Chakra mode after Himawari would make her less special. But you would think that whatever Boruto or Himawari inherited from their parents would be present in the both of them, right? The Jogan is just an Evolved Byakugan, honestly speaking, so………. why are HIS genese so strong with the Ohtsusuki and not Hers

I’ve always kind of speculated that one of the reasons for Boruto having the Jogan has something to do with the Karma as well. Because I do NOT go by the anime’s logic. But…….. Sumire’s introduction into the manga means that those events happened, in which he HAD the Jogan PRE Karma mark; they bring up what happened!! So……… I don’t know, something’s going on here; that’s all I know. 

2. The Jogan’s Ability 

This I saw a lot of people talking about when the spoilers released. The idea that the Jogan’s ability is to “Halt The Flow Of Time,” and that the reason for the “Slice Of Life” stuff we’ve been getting as of late- and potentially the reason for all of the side bits in the anime- is because Boruto was unknowingly slowing time down. Which is an idea I kind of fell in love with. It’s more than likely not the case; it feels like it’s “too good an idea” to explain why characters in media don’t age. But the idea that the reason that the “Boruto” anime has so much time between when we get back to Manga content is because he’s been “slowing time down” preventing us from getting to those points- would be hilarious. 

Honestly, I’ve been wanting to check out some of the “In between” content in the anime; they often look good, and I get curious about what the other characters are capable of(especially that one chick that does that Cat Gimmick with her chakra; I’m curious what THAT’s all about). If it turns out that all of that is gonna be story relevant, then……… maybe a few episodes every now and then. I want to see what the rest of the “Next Generation” can do. 

But yeah; something that…….. “Fanmade” sounding makes me think they’re going with something else. I think it was more the way that the translation was interpreted. Both Viz’ translation and the leaks have Momoshiki say that “It can no longer be stopped.” But the leaks said that “You’ve Lost Your Blue Eye,” while the official says that “You’ve Lost One.” I think what he’s saying is that the Chain of Events leading to Boruto losing everything has begun, and he won’t be able to stop- rather than saying that he was stopping it. Because even though Kawaki has slashed that eye, he still has the Jogan- in this chapter and the flashforward in chapter 1. If he could “halt the flow of time,” then he would have used it to prepare for Kawaki’s assault on the Leaf, and it never would have come to that. 

But that still leaves us with the question of WHAT THE ACTUAL F*CK CAN THIS STUPID F*CKING EYE F*CKING DO??!!!! At this point, speculating on it would be grasping at straws- I’d rather just accept the head canon til said otherwise. I just wanted to bring that idea to your attention.

3. Kawaki: The Selfishness Of Love

And then you have Kawaki Uzumaki. There’s a video I watched recently about The Last Of Us, about how the main character Joel is the “Embodiment Of The Selfishness of Love.” That is what Kawaki is right now; “The Selfishness Of Love.” His love for Naruto- for the new family that he has and the village that took him in and treated him like an actual Living Being for a change- is making him act out and do irrational things that go in direct opposition to what THOSE SAME PEOPLE want. He doesn’t care if Naruto wants him to do it or not- if it means that Naruto, Hinata, Himawari, Ino, and more aren’t killed by Boruto; He’ll kill as many puppies and people as he needs to. And he’ll do it without a moment to hesitate. 

I think that- in his mind- he is doing this for Boruto’s sake, too. That he’s trying to prevent Boruto from having to witness his own body kill the people closest to him; some……… demented form of “Mercy,” yeah? “At least if your dead, you’ll know that that Ohtsusuki b@stard won’t kill your dad.” And as far as he’s concerned; everyone can curse to death him ’til their dying day- so long as they get to live a full, healthy life. This does not justify what he’s doing, and he knows that. Not even “deep down;” he simply DOES. 

In these regards; I suppose he’s a little like Naruto and Sasuke. I watched a bunch of “Naruto” analysis videos, and a common trend is that Nartuo and Sasuke’s conflict going into the “Shippuden” era- the theme set up in their initial battle at the Valley of The End- is that Naruto didn’t understand Sasuke. Sasuke had a mom, and a dad, a brother, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins to lose; Naruto only recently got that. So he could never understand what it’s like to lose someone close to you, and what confronting the person who took them from you could do to you. So Naruto’s quest throughout Part 2 saw him experiencing that kind of loss in the form of Jiriya, and confronting Pain at last. You saw what happened there. 

This all culminated in Naruto finally understanding Sasuke’s pain, and finally reaching his lost friend. Kawaki is like Naruto in this case; someone who only recently got the connections that he doesn’t want to lose. But the key difference in all of this is that he hasn’t “lost” anyone just yet. So he’s stuck where Naruto was during that Fight: “You’re Coming Back To The Leaf Village, Even if I have to break every bone in your body!!” In that fight; Naruto was never able to get through to Sasuke- never tried to understand Sasuke- and thus could only yell at him that he’s not going anywhere or has a choice in the matter. Sound familiar yet? The only difference is that Kawaki is powerful enough to actually follow through on that threat. That would make Boruto the “Sasuke” in the situation- which he very well may end up being by the end of the story. 

If Naruto’s story was “Rags To Riches-” how a boy who was shunned by his village became its Leader- then Boruto’s story is how a dumb brat who complained about his dad not paying him enough attention learns what it’s like to not have one at all. This story started with him having what Naruto didn’t: Everything- A Mom, A Dad, and a Sibling. And it will end with him losing all of that. I always imagine- at some point in the Final Battle- he looks back at how he was at the start of the story, and think “……….. What a Dumb Brat He Was.” But to continue: Boruto is going to start to lose his connections, and clearly it has something to do with what’s happening with Kawaki right now. He will kill whoever he needs to to get to Boruto. So……….. lot’s a bodies are gonna start piling up. 

But even though Kawaki seems to be losing the connections that he has now; it’s not as if he’s going to be alone from now. Eida’s still wants his heart; he’s the only chance she has for “True Love.” Boruto’s too young for her. And since she has no reason to think that she’s NOT in complete control of everything- between her ability, her Senrigan, and her brother; she’s pretty much holding all the cards. She can do what she wants. And that means that if she has to rebel against the Leaf for Kawaki to like her even a little- War. She also has to go to protect Kawaki from Code; I don’t know if she’ll be able to stop him from acting with her ability anymore, but she can at least stall. And, you knowDaemon. 


OH MY GOD I DID IT!!! Wait, wait, wait, let me check……… Good Battery left……… few images already put together…….. all that I’ve got to say…….. Yeah, I’m good. Woah MAN I didn’t think I was gonna be able to pull this off. Between the life stuff and the internet that JUST blinked out during the Kawaki part; I didn’t think I was gonna be able to do this again!! Oh man. Yeah, guys; let me know what you all think in the comments. Man, it feels good to talk about “Boruto” again. Until next time(when we’ll probably have to do it as part of another Dump Post); Have A Great Day. By~~e!!! 

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