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And The High School Dance Part. Dragon Ball Super Chapter 90 BREAKDOWN

And we’re doin’ a Movie Recap Arc. D@mmit. It’s too late in the game for Toyotaro to do what he did at the start- doin’ rushed recaps with clunky panel work and exposition just so we can get the Movie Retellings over with. No, that’s how this manga started. Back then, it was just “promotional material-” something to make sure Shueisha gets a cut of the money that Toei, Bandai Namco, and Toyotaro and Toriyama are getting. Wasn’t really supposed to have a “life of its own like this.” But the anime went on ahead, and either Toyotaro just started being different for the sake of it, or the story he wrote is closer to what Toriyama had original written for the arcs. ‘Cause he doesn’ give them much; their less like “Fully Written Arcs” and more like a “General Guideline” for them to follow- the End points are the same, but getting there is………. a lot of the time- Radically F*cking Different. 

But yeah; this is the end of the Prequel material. We’ll be redoing the movie going forward- probably a little closer to Toriyama’s original notes for the movie……… with whatever Toei added in to make sure they can sell them d@mn “Dragon Ball Heroes” cards and all that. Speaking of, how’s that promo anime doing? Are you guys even watchingMy brother’s and I stopped. I want to continue, though. Maybe with whatever days I have left in this “break” I’ll spend catching up………… All this and I haven’t even done a full introduction. 

I’m not……….. THAT upset. I mean, I’d rather not do an arc retelling, and I was kind of curious to see what else Trunks and Goten would be doing- if they would get……….. ANY F*CKING SORT of development. I had that whole theory and everything in the first chapter of the arc and now here we are; The end of the arc, and we know the same amount about that we did when the “Super” started!! But I do not hate this chapter. As you’ll soon see. Dragon Ball Super Chapter 90: “Vs. Dr. Hedo.” I SWEAR that’s one sentence- ignore all those periods or whatever they’re called for abbreviations. I write it like I see it, and have the grammar to put a period at the end of a sentence. I don’t know if that’s Grammar. I graduated High School and have Some Community College, by the way. 


Chapter 89: Bulma enrolls Mai in High school with Trunks because it would “look weird” for someone her(physical) age to not be in school. But she comes at an inopportune moment; Dr Hedo sends in Beta No 1 to find the Saiyamen and retrieve the disk they took from the Mt Butterfly lab. They find Goten. Fighting starts, and the Saiyamen win the day!!- But they are now MARKED by the Good Doctor. And here we are. 

Chapter 90: We open the chapter with Krillin walking around the Cricket District of West Capital, asking about Hedo’s Zombies. One of them tells him that they’re working at a corner store up ahead. He arrives and places all of them under arrest- seeing Mai in the store as well. Elsewhere, Mt Paozu around the Son family’s residence; Goten is making his morning commute to school(playing video games on the way). He gets off of the Nimbus cloud a little ways away from the bus stop, and gets on the bus. He doesn’t want people to know he lives far away. When asked why they never see him outside of school, he simply responds that he “doesn’t leave the house much.” 

One of his classmates- “Fyler-” asks why he’s so friendly with Trunks. He says they grew up together like cousins, so she begs him to get Trunks to ask her to the Upcoming School Dance. Knowing that Trunks is planning to ask out Mai, he tries to avoid giving her an answer. Fortunately or not; a distraction comes in the form of Beta No 7, coming after Goten to get the disk. This is like the untenth time this week he’s been tracked down by Hedo’s Androids, and he’s getting annoyed with it. Chok gives him an out through the back window of the bus, letting him vanish and turn into Saiyaman X2. Though his friends wonder why Saiyaman X2 shows up when Goten disappears………..

Blue Hal High: Skale is handing out flyers promoting the Dance- even telling people that the REAL Cleangod will be there. It’ll just be him in a Cleangod suit. But it works in getting people excited; Trunks still fixates on asking out Mai, but this is extra-incentive. Speaking of which, Mai comes up to see the poster. And then she asks Trunks to the Dance. He OBVIOUSLY says yes, and rushes off to buy so new clothes for the occasion. But Mai has an Alternative reason for asking out Trunks. You see; she did some research into Dr Hedo after Beta 1’s attack, and found that Hedo is a Huge Fan of the Cleangod character. And so she made sure to ask out Trunks- the one holding his precious disk- in front of the promotional poster for the event when his Spy Bug was watching them. 

She pulls Goten to the side to tell him all of this, and asks that he not tell Trunks about it. Goten asks why she’s so intent on capturing Hedo, to which she responds that she “Doesn’t want to be some ‘Damsel In Distress.'” SHE wants to be the one that takes in Hedo. But Goten kind of feels bad for Trunks since he’s looking forward to the event…….

Night Of The Dance: Chok and his band- “The Stationaries-” are providing the music at the event. Since Trunks was already “taken,” Fyler ends up having to go with Goten- if for nothing more than to see what Mai is all about. Speaking of; she shows up to the party……… In Battle Armor. She gives off this “intense” aura that makes Fyler think of her as a “worthy rival.” Mai doesn’t even care; she’s on the lookout for Hedo. Skale announced that Cleangod will be on in 10 minutes, so Trunks wants to go up for a closer look. Mai doesn’t care. He goes up to the stage, and ends up unknowingly standing next to Dr Hedo. They both admit to being Huge Fans, with Hedo even showing off an Exclusive shirt from some signing event. Though he’s recently found that his Autograph from said event has been stolen. 

When she lays eyes on Hedo, she tells Trunks to get back and pulls a gun on the Doctor. But Beta 1 is here to stop it- having come to the Dance as Rulah’s date. But fortunately, help arrives in the form of Krillin and the police- much to Mai’s chagrin. Never to be unprepared; Dr Hedo blasts his “Smoke Launcher” and makes his escape with his Zombies- having managed to grab the disk amidst the commotion. Mai reveals that she knows that Trunks is Saiyaman X1, having realized that she only has the one Trunks in this timeline. She tells Trunks to go after Hedo, but Trunks asks if they can go out on a proper date when this is over. She complies, and the boys are off. 

Krillin tales Hedo from the air, and Goten and Trunks catch up. Seeing as they’re not going to turn around and leave; he decides that it’s best that they know what they’re up against: Dr Hedo is Dr Gero’s Grandson, specializing in Androids just as he did. Though he doesn’t seem to be as malicious as his Gramps, and is more focused on research “for the sake of it.” But there’s a “Nastier” organization in the background that their eyes on Hedo. Krillin gets a call from his superiors in the Police force, who inform him that their intel was correct: Hedo is being watched by the Red Ribbon Army. If they end up getting Hedo, then it could end up as a “Real Problem.” But saying that gets the Saiyan part of their blood pumped. Krillin doesn’t care, so long as they NEVER tell their mother’s about this……….

Hedo arrives at his lab, but finds that he’s been tailed by the Police and the Saiyamen. So he uses his Last ResortDinodroid No. 1- a Dinosaur Android with………… limited brain power. Strong as F*ck, though; it’s able to take on all 3 of them by itself- smashing up the lab in the process. Trunks is forced to resort to ki blasts, but even that doesn’t really do anything. So Krillins starts looking for the mechanical parts, finding a chip on the back of its head. He launches an attack that breaks it, stunning it long enough to Goten and Trunks to become Super Saiyan’s and deliver the final blow. The day is saved, and Hedo is taken into custody. 

Krillin attempts to take the disk, but finds that all that’s in the case was his autograph from the Cleangod signing event. Hedo reveals that he had long since memorized the data contained on the disk, so he destroyed it because it caused him a lot of trouble. He only kept the case because it was a nice fit for his autographed photo. Good thing, too, ’cause Goten ended up breaking it. Time Passes:  In exchange for the Zombies going home to their familes, Hedo was given a reduced sentence- 3 Months In Prison. But that is little of a concern for him; he says that he just needs to work remotely from a new lab. With that in mind, he activates his NEW Spy Drone: Hachimaru, and sends him off to find a New Laboratory……….. Dragon Ball Super Chapter 90 END!! Now comes the Hard Part of these posts…………


………….. I was kind of expecting a little more from this arc. Any further and there would have been problems that would conflict with the movie, but if they were gonna turn that into an arc anyway, then why not go a little further with the prequel. I didn’t get to talk about it last month(and I feel like if I’m not careful, I won’t be able to do this month, either), but I actually liked the concept of Beta 1- the kind of Villain in a Super Hero story that can antagonize the Heroes on 2 levels; as an actual Villain and Enemy, and just an every day “menace” for Goten and Trunks to deal with. I even liked the design of his suit. Honestly speaking, I wouldn’t mind seeing Beta 1 again in the future. Maybe that’s why they had the Zombies go home rather than be dismantled; he can now become the Hero he was created to be, rather than an enemy towards Goten and Trunks. Why do I like Beta 1 this much

On the other hand; can’t say that I care for the other Zombiedroid Hedo made. Dino 1 was pretty cool, though; perfect as a “Final Boss” in any Super Hero origin story. I don’t think we’ll be seeing him again as more than a reference. Plus there’s something cool about reanimating a Dinosaur corpse in this way that appeals to me. 

If I’m to be honest with you guys; I don’t really have much to say on this chapter or this arc. There wasn’t really a lot of time with it, you know? This was 3 chapters total. The anime- if and when it comes back- will more than likely pad this arc out a little bit. And I’ll probably end up regretting everything that I’ve said thus far. But it seems like the anime shines with “Slice Of Life” content- more so than the actual Story Arcs. And a Super Hero story- especially with a High School setting- kind of lends itself to that “Slice Of Life” storytelling. Now this is a Monthly Series; we’re probably not ever gonna get those “downtime” moments like we do in the anime. But………… maybe one more chapter to this arc just to see how Goten and Trunks “feel” as Super Heroes, and- because I seem to be a fan- a little more insight into Beta 1. 

Um………… Trunks Got Game?” A girl has a crush on him, and Mai………….. enough people have talked about that. But I will say that this chapter kind of made seem less like a “reciprocated feelings” thing and more like……….. You know when Trunks asked Mai out on an Official Date? Her face and behavior read less like “He Likes Me, Too?” and more like…….. “Oh Right, He’s A Kid!! Eh, if he gets him to stop Hedo.” Though………. maybe they’re developing…….. again? She said back at the end of the Goku Black arc(back in chapter 26 believe it or not) that she “like him the best” and that she’d only need to “wait” for him to look like his future counterpart, but………. that was like……… years ago now. So maybe she stopped thinking like that because she realizes that she’s a Grown @$$ Woman in a child’s body and “waiting for Trunks To Grow Up” is…………. Yeah. But then seeing Saiyaman X1 save her might have “reawakened” those feelings……….. maybe. 

It’s………… a whole situation. I feel like it’s not a symptom of the series being “old-” the franchise as a whole is almost 40 years of age at this point. So the comedy and comedic situations can sometimes feel……….. “past their time” at certain points. if this plot were done 40 years ago, then……… we’d be looking back at it differently, but I’m not sure how it would have hit with the audience. Huh, I guess it is. He says like he didn’t just debunk his own point and is trying to cover it up with a joke. Okay, I think we’re done here. 


Man, that part was quick. I ran out of things to talk about that quick? Oh well; I have some other stuff on my mind right now. And not related to ani-manga. I’m still gonna try to get Boruto out there, but I should probably do that other stuff while I can. I wonder how people will look back at this arc? With “Super,” it feel like the arcs get better and worse when you look back at them- I’ve heard everything from “binging makes it better” to “The Goku Black Arc Aged Like MILK.” This’ll be fun to see in a few months or so. Let me know what you guys think in the comments. ‘Til next time!! 

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