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The Princess, Her Knight, And The Awakening of The Supreme Queen. Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 99 BREAKDOWN

knew there would be more to her Magic than that. Even considering what Isolde said in chapter 75 about Magical Powers being born from “will, thoughts, and experiences-” for her ability to be as lame as “deciphering the truth” is underwhelming for a main character. You’r telling me that- in all of her life- people have only ever told her Lies? That’s kind of dumb. And raises a lot of questions. Heck, we still don’t even know when she awakened her abilities. Then again, we don’t know that for the others, either. I’m just excited that she gets to show off more of what she can do. And in a Really cool way. It’s been a minute, hasn’t it? Welp, I’ve got something cool for you guys this week! Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 99: “The Words I Couldn’t Say.” 


Chapter 97: Lance and Gawain realize what’s going on, as Tristan continues to learn more from Io. Apparently, she was ordered to come her by Arthur and kill the Knights of the Apocalypse- only then will her friends be freed from his control. Fail- he will have her companions kill her themselves. Though she doesn’t mind that part as much; the only reason she’s fighting as hard as she is is because wants to see if the Knights of Prophecy were really strong enough to stop Arthur. She got her answer. And Percival comes back to life. Teaninich tries to fight them, but her animals are too scared of the Mini Percival’s to fight. 

Chapter 98: As Io tells Tristan how Arthur managed to capture residence of the Demon Realm; Jade commits to sucking the poison out of Isolde’s thigh. This reminds her of when they were kids and Isolde got hurt during their little incident in the forest; Jade had carried her back to Liones on his back. But he knows the truth of what happened, and decides to admit his feelings to Isolde. Macduff enters the scene and Totally Kicks his @$$. All without ever making a sound. Jade tries to blind him, but it turns out Macduff is blind. And he has his sights set on Isolde. All the while, the girl on thinks of her dream life with Tristan……………

Chapter 99: The chapters starts with a flashback- the event that made these 3 Tristan’s Fanboys is revealed! They were walking through the forest one day- Isolde going on and on about finding “Prince Charming;” Chion telling her that “Prince Charming” would “Never Love a Commoner like her;” and Jade muttering under his breathe that he doesn’t need to be some “Prince Charming” to protect her. As they play, they come into contact with the Moss Dragon- a monster capable of eating an Elk in a single bite! They run, eventually jumping off a cliff. But that does not stop the Beast. 

It all seems for naught, and then- in a flash- They are saved by Tristan. The truth of the situation is that Tristan is the one who carried her back to Liones; Jade never told her the truth. But realizes that she just met the “Prince Charming” she was looking for. He felt awful about the whole thing, and decided to make up for it today- by taking Macduff’s attack in her place.

The attack that Isolde had landed earlier finally detonates, taking Macduff’s whole arm and leaving him heavily injured. The sound returns, with Anne realizing that Macduff is also a Knight of Chaos. But they have a more URGENT Issue to deal withJade Is Bleeding out on the ground- she can’t even feel him BREATHING. Isolde begins to plead with Jade to get back up, promising to go on a date with him if he opens his eyes. This reminds Anne of her experience with her Mother’s death, and she tries to tell Isolde that it’s already to late. But she thinks that Tristan might be able to save him, and yells for Anne to go find him. But she already knows the truth of the matter, and simply complies to ease her friends pain. 

But as she walks away, Macduff stands back up, thinking that he can still kill the 3 of them without his magic. And Anne…….. asks him why he’s doing all of this. He refuses to answer, and that triggered something with Anne; she DEMANDED he answer the question- preferably with something that Jade would be “satisfied” with. And when she says that- he drops to the ground as if he were made of lead. And is only further crushed into the dirt by this strange power. And then, they realize that they can sense magic again. Percival and co come by, and Anne can do nothing but hold Percival close…….. and let everyone take it in. They won this fight- but at a cost…… Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 99 END!! It’s messed up, but…….. Is this going to stick? 


If I’m to be Completely Honest with you guys: This post was made for the purpose of making sure all the categories are in that banner up there on the main page. Considering I just added a new one on Wednesday, March 22nd, 2023– That’s not gonna happen. But I did want to talk about this series again in the new style. But I didn’t think that I would have that much to say- or at least not anything important. But then, in looking back at the last few chapters I didn’t talk about- as well as chapter 99 itself– I’m realizing that I have A LOT. Too much, in fact. So we’re kind of gonna do this like Boruto chapter 78: Listed. Let’s start with Anne. 

1. Anne’s True Magic Power

I picked one h#ll of a chapter to come back on. Like I said in the beginning: I did not care for Anne’s powers. Good for finding out who we can and can’t trust- as well as probably leading to her learning some things about Nasiens that she could help with- but overall useless in combat. Knowing how power levels work in this series(it’s made up by the amount of Magic power you have, your physical strength, and how strong your will is), I figured her total power would be carried mostly by her physical prowess and her “Sheer Determination.” This changes things. I titled this post the way I did because of the way she made Macduff bend like that. Her powers have further awakened. 

From just what I’m seeing: Her magic is forcing Macduff to the ground, pushing him further and further into the concrete each time he refuses to answer her question. I’m thinking that her ability can physically harm someone who refuses to tell the truth- be it a lie or just refusal to answer. I also included a Conqueror’s Haki joke because I have this head canon that it spawned from her desire to lead people the same way Meliodas did; something about “Do As I Say” since she’s also clearly the bossy type. Maybe it would have worked better if Macduff was unconscious. Ah, he may well be now…….

I’m not too sure what else she can do- if it’s just pressing people down or the effects differ from situation to situation, but it’s definitely tied to her ability to see through lies. I’ll be keeping my eyes on her going forward………

2. Arthur’s Invasion Of The Demon Realm

Io says that she and her friends were living safely in the Demon realm- WAY out of Arthur’s path of destruction. So how and why did he go to the Demon Realm just to get IoThe “How” is more important. Because there’s someone who’s supposed to be protecting and ruling over the Demon Realm: Meliodas’ Brother Zeldris. Now, at this juncture; it’s safe to say that Arthur could probably take Zeldris in a fight. And based on what we know of Arthur’s powers and how “Chaos” works, it’s also reasonable to say that he’s just able to travel to different realms. And take people out of them as he sees fit. But Io is implying that there’s some secret to it. Something that Tristan needs to know…….

My thinking right now is that Arthur came to the Demon Realm and took out Zeldris and Gelda(not kill them because they’re too important to get offscreened like that), and is effectively controlling the Demon Realm. He’s also taking more of its landscape to make up Camelot than he is in Britannia; they have no way of knowing what he’s doing in the Demon Realm without some way of getting there and back. Which might also be why Ironside was allowed to utilize the Coffin Of Eternal Darkness; Arthur was in control, anyway- it didn’t matter whether the Demons were in the Demon realm or not! 

We can gather why he chose Io over the others- her magic is rather useful in an environment like Wallnack. But her failure here…… is going to come with consequences…….

3. Jade’s Feelings And Death In The Series

I liked Jade. More than Chion(though that’s not saying much), and as much as Isolde or Tristan or…… really any of these characters; I wouldn’t say that I like any of them more than a lot of the others at this point. But Jade is fine. And his death here was appropriately sad. But Percival is here, and his magic- as I’ve said a number of times- can do whatever people “believe” it can. So if they just “Hope” that Percival will be able to save him here, then……….. perhaps he can do it. And I mean EVERYONE at present- CHION. He may not be able to do it at first, but Chion-having seen Percival revive earlier- will probably believe that he can do it. Which is what will let him do it. 

That said: We Need To Keep The Stakes. It just happened so there’s to be no discussion of “He’s Been Dead Too Long,” but that’s probably one way to do it. It might also take a certain level of “belief” in Percival to make it happen. He would have have the belief of Isolde, his friends, Chion, and likely Tristan and Io. Will that be enough? Or will this be the first death in this series, and Jade wasn’t able to make to the triple digits? That’s messed up; this actually was pretty tragic. 


That’s……. pretty much it. Man, I probably could have waited a bit longer if this is what I brought out. Meh, we’ll see when the leaks come out for the next chapter. You know me, so you know what I liked about this chapter. Anne looks like she’ll be more important to the story than I thought. Percival is the main character, but I get the feeling that this is gonna end up being more of the “Ensemble” series that its predecessor was. Though Percival will still probably be getting most of the spotlight. Let me know what you guys think in the comments. And until the next post, all- Catch ya Later!! 

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