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And The Differences Begin To Show. Edens Zero Chapter 224 BREAKDOWN

I’m not gonna lie to you, guys- I’m writing this Wednesday, January 25th, 2023 at 4:11 pm. I have a bit of a headache. If I had a nickel for every post I wrote when I wasn’t feeling well, then I wouldn’t need my job. But I bring all this up becomes I’m not feeling my best. So if the post doesn’t come out all to well; you’ll know why. The other thing is just how I was feeling when I finished the recent Dump post; I was just……… tired and exhausted. It couldn’t have been work because- surprise surprise– the last week of work was actually pretty good. I guess I just wanted to do all those posts separately. Because they were ALL really good. Now here I am wondering how “Edens Zero” is gonna turn out going forward. Because on the one hand; I like what Mashima is doing. But on the other……… I want a little more time to explore some of the smaller differences in Universe 0. But this chapters reveals some BIG ones. 

I may be overreacting- just assuming that he’s gonna start “rushing” towards the finale- but……… I’m worried, ya know? This is one of my Favorite series currently. And I’m upset that it’s ending so soon. And a little upset that he just kind of “reset them” so soon after a time skip. Don’t get me wrong; I like this design for Shiki more then the older variant, but……… we didn’t get a lot of time post time skip before the whole thing was “reset.” Didn’t even know how Weisz became a Mechanical Engineer. But it’s whatever; what’s done is done. So I’ll instead focus on the positives. Thus; Edens Zero Chapter 224: “Planet Guilst(U0).” 


Following the events of last chapter; Pino and Weisz return to the Edens Zero, and meet with Witch again for the first time in a while- hugging her just as Shiki and the others did. After meeting agains, they explain that Pino was made as a successor to the Four Shining Stars, and that her memory was erased by Sibir. But not in this world; her memory was never erased by Sibir, thus letting her recall everything up til her Universe 3 memories return. This includes some IMPORTANT information on their enemy- The Edens One. But she won’t say anything until the whole crew is back together. 

Shiki and Weisz decide to dip in the spa, getting cleaned and all. As they’re getting cleaned, Shiki asks Weisz why he’s choosing to come with them; from what Weisz tells them, his relationship with Sibir is alright now, and his mom is still alive and well on Norma. “So why come on this dangerous quest?” Weisz modifies the Showerhead and douses Shiki. He then explains as he holds his Mother’s pendant: His mom was an Adventurer in her younger years, so she’s not wanting to argue with her son when he wants to “leave the nest.” And Sibir will be there to take care of her, so she’ll be alright. We see and flashback of Weisz leaving, and his mom gives him the pendant- a “lucky charm to make sure he never loses his way.” 

He reaches his hand out to Shiki to help him up, and reminds him that they’re Friends. But as they’re talking- Rebecca is hiding on the other side of the bath, having messed up the girls bath-time schedule. But hearing Weisz say this; she’s confident that their crew will come together again………. but she’s stuck in the bath with no safe way out.

Later, we see Happy and the others talking about the crew’s memory recovery. Everyone else is able to remember what happened leading up to the activation of Etherion, but Witch seems to not be regaining hers. Pino speculates that she can’t remember the previous world because she wasn’t there when Etherion was activated. Meaning that even Labilia and Couchpo will regain their memories at some point. For the moment, though; Labilia is back to dumping on Rebecca at every chance she gets. Yay. 

We arrive on Guilst; Shiki seeing a “trip down memory lane,” while Rebecca has nothing good that she remembers about this place. They are going to the ruined Church where the Mercenary group “Rogue Out” set up camp. Shiki recalls that Homura was with them the last time, but they haven’t gone to Blue Garden yet. But it’s possible she’s somewhere else, so they might end up asking Xiaomei if they’re unable to find her. They get to Rogue Out’s HQ, and recall that they could also end up getting Jinn and Mosco if they do this right. They enter the building, expecting the Fake Sister. But instead; they end up finding the Real Sister!! 

She asks if they are affiliated with Drakken Joe, reminding them that the Belial Goer resides on Guilst as well. But hearing his name at this point…….. We then cut over to the Belial Goer District, seeing Drakken Joe of the Oracion Seis Galactica for the first time in a LONG time. And he’s about to collect on what he’s owed. But the Debtor doesn’t have the money at the moment and asks that they wait a little longer. This debtor is none other than Homura Kogetsu of all people, and Drakken has a way for her to pay him his money back……… Edens Zero Chapter 224 END!! Ah……. that line in chapter 82 is getting some pay off, huhOuch. 


You know? I’m thinking…….. that maybe……. I’m still shellshocked. It’s like……. I wanted to actually find out how different Weisz’ life is in Universe 0- because whatever happened to THIS Weisz up to when Shiki and Rebecca came- happened to the Professor Weisz Rebecca knows. From what we can gather at the moment: He’s on better terms with Sibir. That case was probably the money they owed DJ Zombie back in the day, but it was Pino because of all the Chronophage stuff. And from her appearance and what’s she’s saying in this chapter; we can gather that- be it through Weisz’ influence or something random in the “Flow Of Time” or whatever- she was not tortured by Sibir. Good. Seems like them being on better terms meant Weisz was there to stop Sibir from doing something horrible. And because of that, we have some crucial Information about the Edens One to talk about. 

What would this information be, I wonder? Could it have something to do with her “Greater Purpose-” maybe she was the first attempt at creating a Dark Star, since we know form chapter 102 that they’re built as the “Next, More Advanced Generation” of the Shining Stars- which Pino is also stated to be. Maybe One’s logic behind Pino’s creation was having a Anti-Bot Android at its command to take care of Droids who don’t agree with it. Maybe. But SPEAKING of the Dark Stars: What Happened To Clown? 

We saw in chapter 217 that they were holding him captive for information on One. He was on the ship when they made the jump; I doubt that they’d just release him into the Universe like that, and I kind of doubt that Mashima would have just “offscreen” his escape like that(that would just be rushing the story in the worst way possible). He was there. Meaning that he will- through some means- awaken his memories from the previous world. Meaning that he knows what to avoid next time he faces off with Sister and Rebecca. He knows who’s on the crew, as well- information that I’m sure will be invaluable to One. He may even be able to help his fellow Dark Star’s avoid their defeats from the other world. We don’t know how long the Dark Stars were around before their debut, but considering One was being built on Granbell and gained sentience around that time- as long as Ziggy has been in this time. 

“Ziggy Will Build The Edens One” seems like it’ll be a constant, so the Dark Stars are definitely around. And since they had like a 15 year head start in terms of getting their memories back; they may have already gotten their hands into the lives of the crew. Shiki, Rebecca, Weisz, Pino, Witch, and Happy are all confirmed to be alright- the rest are up for grabs. Such as Dear Little Homura. Who’s to say her being in debt to Drakken- or the situation that put her in the position to even get the money from Drakken in the first place– wasn’t orchestrated by One using the knowledge Clown’s taken into Universe 0? I know what this sounds like: “It Was Edens One All Along-” “He has a role in every characters backstory and is the cause for the entire series.” That’s kind of the main thing that’s messing up My Hero right now. But look at it like this: “The Universe Of Possibilities.” 

These people are using their knowledge of future events to “rig the system” so that they can all get the “Happy Endings” they want for themselves and those that they’ve met on their journey up to this point. Homura can prevent Creed’s death; Shiki can keep Witch safe; Happy didn’t get into an accident; Valkyrie might not even be dead. They can mess with the “Flow of Events.” And so can Clown and One. They can put themselves in the crews backstories- they weren’t always there. They want to reach the “Ending” that Ziggy was born in- the world 20,000 years in the future ruled by Machines. That’s just as possible here as Shura’s survival. But I can see how making Homura in debt to Drakken Joe would be a little “Much.” 

And then you have the return of Drakken Joe. I don’t know if he’s a member of Galactica in this timeline- you would THINK he is considering he’s still a Loan Shark. Who knows, there might not even BE an “Oracion Seis Galactica.” Ignoring that, though; Homura is in debt to Drakken. Meaning she’s about to become a Prostitute to pay off her debt. Hopefully Shiki and co can stop Drakken before anything actually “happens.” Okay, maybe not, but I don’t want Homura to suffer. But it’s clear that this is going to lead into a “Homura Rescue Arc-” a 3rd take on Belial Goer. But as they keep saying: They’re Not Getting a “Do-Over” this time. They know what to do when they run into the Element 4 and Drakken’s Main Cronies, but……… who’s to say it’s even the same line up this time? Since Sister is the leader of Rogue Out, and Kris only went to Guilst to FIND her to help Kleene. 

She was never captured, so she’s free to help Kleene at her leisure. But………. she’s clearly the Boss Of Rogue Out now. All he would have to do is ask her to help Kleene, she will, and they’re basically set. Aside from the fact that they owe Drakken for saving them from Muller. But based on the dialogue, it seems that Rogue Out is working in opposition to Drakken. Conflicting Obligations. But Kleene matters more to him than anyone in the Universe, so……… He Picked Sister. But it’s not that easy to scr#w over the Dark Alchemist, so……….. I imagine he’s still working for Drakken. Though he may be working as a “Double Agent” for Sister- he and Kleene both- getting enough information to take him down. And the most important piece of information of Drakken’s weakness lies with the people who Just Walked In. 

I don’t know if Sister’s memories are gonna come back right away, or if we’re gonna do the whole “Vs Sister” thing, but it’s clear that they’re about to take the fight to Drakken. That’s SURE to be a fun Round 3!! 


I’m writing this part Thursday, January 26th, 2023, at 2:54 pm. And my hands are so cold they hurt. For that reason, I’ve been a little distracted trying to defrost my hands. So I may not have gotten to all the stuff that I wanted to. But that’s fine. I didn’t have much else to say about this chapter, really. Maybe “Why Sister Is Fighting Drakken,” but that just seems to have an obvious answer based on what we know about Sister. And whatever the reason will be somewhat “null and void” when she gets her memories back, anyway. Like, let’s be real: Any Fighting Going On Here Will Stop the Minute she gets her memories back. She’ll fill them in on Drakken’s activity in this time; they’ll meet up with Kris and Kleene, and they’ll get their memories back; they’ll find out about Homura; and it’s time to fight Drakken once again. 

Since Kleene will be jumping ship, Witch, Sister, and either Kris or Kleene will fight Laguna(in which he’ll get his memories back), Fie, and Daichi of the Element 4. That’s what will happen; I’m calling it. Let me know what you guys think in the comments. And until the next post, all- Have A Magically Wonderful Day. Laters!! 

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