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Mosco Mania! Edens Zero Chapter 225 BREAKDOWN

We’re going to find out what that f*cking button does SOON. Sh!t, I hope we do. Since he joined the crew in chapter 2-Fre@kin’- 8, that button has been a source of………. FURY with how it taunts me!! And Mean Ol’ Sister won’t let him press it! But if this is really the start of the Finale, then we need to see what this guy can do before going into the Final battle. ‘Cause everyone on this ship is going to have some sort of fight- be it assisting the Main Force or a Solo battle with some subordinate of Edens One. However many he has. But yeah; I think it’s safe to say that we’re going to see what this button is supposed to do soon. Why am I talking about this at the BEGINNING of the post. Because Mashima decided to torture me this week with………. well, you’ll see in a minute. Edens Zero Chapter 225: “Moscoy Heaven.” I mean, it sounds more like H#ll to me, but to each his own. 


We pick up this week’s chapter pretty much where the last left off: Homura is apparently in debt to Drakken in this world. Or rather, as we learn from MariahKureani is still in debt to Drakken. But she’s gone off the grid in this world, so they found her daughter and are forcing her to pay off her debts. And it looks like she’s starting to get desperate for the nightmare to end- pleasing Drakken greatly. All the while he’s torturing that guy we saw in chapter 43– the Artist guy who tried to skip out on paying. Same method of torture, too. But now that they’ve made an example of him for Homura, she knows that she’s either going to pay back every penny or Die. And to that end; Drakken decides to hook her up with a job as one of Illega’s toys………..

Back at the Rouge Out hideout, Sister’s memories aren’t coming back as quickly as everyone else’s; she thinks that they’re with Drakken. But when they tell her they’re not, she asks for proof. Without it, she’s still skeptical. And now annoyed that she’s wasting time with these Kids. So she summons Mosco……….. An Army of him. Oh the Horror. And they can’t even fight back because it’s still Mosco(though Happy says that makes it okay to fight back). They end up lifting Rebecca up, and sending her over to the every-h0rny Sister. And Shiki is having NONE of that. He sends all the Mosco’s flying with his Ether gear, revealing his power to Sister. That’s when it clicks in her head. 

Well; first, she remembers her “Bath Time Training” with Rebecca. That WOULD be the first thing to come back, wouldn’t itTHEN everything else. EXPLANATION TIME: None Of These Is The Real Mosco- their Bots she made in his image when he got annoying and sent him away. And then she explains the Differences in this world and the previous: There was no Fake Sister Here; she’s been on Guilst for 10 years doing Medical work. At some point, the Vigilante group “Rogue Out” was formed, standing in opposition to Drakken. This leads them to think about why things are ending up so different this time; whether that Fake Sister just wasn’t involved at this point or if she simply doesn’t exist. But then the topic of Drakken. Rebecca would rather avoid confronting him again, considering that they had to face that guy twice already. But they kind of have to because he’s got Jinn, Kleene, and Laguna working under him. And Shiki’s curious what Drakken’s like in this world anyway………………

Just then, Sister starts to get a Transmission- from Mosco. Apparently, he’s infiltrating Illega’s Tower by posing as a Woman. Edens Zero Chapter 225 END!! You know what, if he can keep that Frog F*cker away from Homura, then I’m all for it. 


Allow me to clarifyI do not hope that Mosco will be sexually assaulted by Illega- no one should EVER have to suffer that. But I’d rather it be someone who can fight back as opposed to Homura in the state that she’s in. ‘Cause as it stands, I don’t think she has the “will” to fight anymore. I wonder what happened in this World that made things like this? ‘Cause the Homura WE know is strong enough to not let Drakken push her around like this. But she’s only able to speak up like that because of Valkyrie’s influence- the words she gave her in chapter 47. But her being like this is making me think that Valkyrie never came into her life. 

We learn from Mariah that they can’t find Kureani, so the only way to get their money back is to force Homura to pay off her debts. She borrowed money and went to Sun Jewel to make more money, but she ended up in the Labor District. You know all about that part. So what’s the f*cking difference? If Homura never meets Valkyrie, then Valkyrie won’t go to Sun Jewel to find Kureani- meaning Kureani, should her story play out in a similar fashion, should still be in the Labor District. With the information network Drakken likely has, there’s no way that he wouldn’t know that she’s locked up on Sun Jewel. Something else is going on with that part. But there’s also something scr#wy about Homura and Valkyrie’s relationship. How is it that they haven’t met? Hm……….. maybe the Fake Sister is the answer. 

Her absence from this part implies that characters that the crew have interacted with are either not going to be there when they’re supposed to, or just straight up don’t exist. I don’t care if she doesn’t exist, honestly, but Valkyrie has to. So she may not have met with Homura just yet, but she will at some point. Meanwhile, Homura retains her powers from the previous world- at least, she will when her memories come back. But what all of this means is that Valkyrie is potentially still alive out there. Maybe. “Valkyrie Yuna Dies” might be a constant, but this is the “Universe Of Possibilities.” She may just be out there doing what she was prior to meeting Homura; just solving problems where ever. But this time around, when she went to Oedo to stop that war; it might be that Drakken had already taken Homura and forced her to pay off Kureani’s debt. 

But that’s the MAIN talking point in this chapter. Other side notes are seeing what Sister did to Rebecca during her Bath time training with Witch(maybe we’ll find out what a “Chrono Witch” is in Universe 0), and Sister making more Mosco’s. If she found the FIRST one annoying, then…….. Why make more after sending him away? That doesn’t make a lot of sense. Though- based on the fact that he contacted Sister about infiltrating Illega’s tower- it might be that she sent him away on a mission because he was starting to get annoying, but started to miss having someone to torture. Or something. I don’t think Mosco has his memories back just yet; as my friend, RJ Writing Ink, pointed out in his post about the chapter, we only ever see people getting their memories back after Shiki shows off “Satan Gravity.” 

It’s possible that Mosco is doing this as a member of Rogue Out still, making “Mosco Is A Member of Rogue Out” one of the constants in this Universe. But the fact that Kris wasn’t here means that that’s not a constant. And no one cares about Ganoff. Like Weisz said; they’re going to have to confront Drakken to get Kris, Kleene, and Laguna back. Homura will be the thing that incites them to go. But getting them back is going to turn the tables on Drakken REAL quick. Not to mention the memories they’re bringing over. They’ve fought this guy twice already; they’re well-versed in what’s supposed to happen, yeah? And since Shiki’s carried over his “Wormhole” powers, he’s definitely gotta have Overdrive and that transformation from 214Honestly speaking, this part should go by pretty quick if they do things right. But we- as readers- know………. that things related to Time Travel and Time Alteration………. don’t EVER go smoothly. There would be no plot if things just worked out. 

If you’ve been following for a minute, you’ll know I’ve been really hyped to see the Edens One make a move to try and get the upper hand on the Edens Zero’s crew. It’d be easy for it to just “download” information on how to use Gravity Ether Gear, or even Noah’s “Eye Of God” so that it can look through time and see what’s supposed to happen- and then rig the Universe in its favor, yeah? If Weisz was able to buy a used Robot that could teach him “Machina Maker,” then there’s obviously some information on the internet on how Ether gear is supposed to work. And Edens One has that information. I don’t know if the Machine army that it will so have will have different sorts of Ether gear, or if it’s Main Humanoid body is going to use multiple different Ether Gear, but he’s certainly going to have an arsenal at his disposal in some manor………….

The last thing that I think I’ll say is that I’m curious how Belial Goer. This series hasn’t been that long and feels like it’s gone back in the blink of an eye, so we don’t get a lot of rematches; I always wanted to see the 18 year old Shiki face off against Justice again, but I guess time didn’t permit them to fight again on Lendard. Maybe in Universe 0. In any case; we don’t get a lot rematches. So them having to take on Drakken TWICE was something that always felt special. And now we’re going to take him on a 3rd time. Like I said: Things probably won’t go as they did last time- Edens One could get involve, or Universe 0 could just throw them a Major curveball that they didn’t see either time. Maybe we replaced Fie with Gowen or something. If Elsie wasn’t taking care of the Edens Zero, then who’s to say she’s even a pirate in this Universe? I don’t know, guys; something about this go at Drakken just feels like it’s about to be cause some problems for the Crew of Edens………….


You like the new editing software? My computer’s been updating, guys- which caused problems with my bluetooth and the likes. Things seem to be fine now, and now I can even write on the images like I could on my other computer and other site. Though I miss the options they had with the coloration’ the new ones don’t really look all that different from each other. I think that’s the same coloration that I used for the featured image for the “Chainsaw Man” review. It’ll take some adjusting for me to figure it all out, so bear with me, guys. Let me know what you guys think in the comments. Til next time, boys and girls! 

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