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Manga Chapter Review Dump Post #16: Working Vacation

…………… What can I say, folks? Even when I’m supposed to be on break- re-evaluating my current life and thinking about……….. THINGS– I just can’t help but want to come back and work on a post. Heck, this ain’t even the only post I’m working on this week! I also gotta do the full series review for The Owl House. No clue when that’s gonna come out. Hopefully I can do it before……… I have to make a move that……… won’t let me work my way anymore. Yeah, somethings might be happening at some point. The thing that I’m starting to learn is that adult life- for all the things that my parents and family tell me about adulthood and being able to “do what I want” as they emphasize- is that it’s all just a Great Big COMPROMISE. I can’t “do what I want to do” without doing sh!t I don’t want. But if I want to have the freedom to do this blog, then…….. ugh. “Bite The Bullet-” I understand what that means now more that I wish I did. 

But I won’t bore you with all that; I’m just learning at last what it means to be a “person.” Gotta sayI don’t like it. And this blog isn’t just me wanting to talk about things I find interesting. That’s about 85% of it. But I also find it a little “therapeutic” talking about this stuff with you guys. It helps me vent; helps me talk myself in circles til I figure out what’s going on; helps me realize things……… whether I want to or not. But enough with the doom and gloom; let’s just focus on the other 85% of why we’re here! Starting with………

Edens Zero Chapter 235: “Over N∨ Etherion” 

Bath chapter. This time featuring Valkyrie!! It’s been 15 years since all the Shining Star’s were together like this, so they’re making up for lost time. Along with the other girls. Kureani has decided to remain on Sun Jewel to help with exterminating the Stones. Congressmen Paul took care of her Husband, so she’s there by choice. Though this all reminds them of someone missing from their lives in this Universe: Elsie Crimson Né Le Lendard. Hermit’s use of Not-Google reveals that there was no Civil War in Kaede, so if she’s alive at all, she’s probably still the Princess Of Lendard. Not that Valkyrie understands the full deal; she’s here to protect the crew! She’s also the one Homura got her habit of “Bathtime Training” from. Hermit reveals that Ether is better stimulated when your Naked! And it begins to click in Rebecca’s mind why her powers are so strong when she’s nude……….. Not that they’ll save her from Sister this time around……….

The guys and Pino are eating in the Kitchen, talking about who else they have left to get: Laguna, Connor, Couchpo, and Labilia. That, plus that fact that Shiki is gungho in befriending Shura this time, means they’re headed to Aoi first. Though Weisz thinks Shura won’t comply with Shiki’s whim so easily. But then you have Pino, sitting there and reaching the conclusion: It’s time for her to spill the beans on Edens One. She was gonna wait, but something that’s about to happen in Aoi is too important to let this info sit. According To Her: She was created to destroy the Edens One. She was given it’s destruction code by Ziggy for the day she fulfills her purpose. Or as Shiki puts it- her “Dream.” 

Speaking of OneHe’s On The Move, along with the Dark Stars. He says the “Stars Are Weeping- be they for those who have no life(The Machines), or for the suffering of those that DO.” Either way, he’ll be the one to put the Universe at EaseEdens One-V: Ether Drive Eternal Navigation Ship Over NEtherion Void- The Strongest King of Machines In The Universe. 

So the Biggest Bad of all is on the move, huh? And it looks like he’s getting ready to make his way to Aoi. I can’t imagine why. But I know that One is going to be a BIG challenge for little Shiki. Probably Shura, too. Ether Gear? Gravity, most likely. But I won’t throw out the possibility of something else. I’m just sayin’: Mashima does a LOT of art of Evil Rebecca. And she’s around a lot of machines. No, but seriously; how would her mind end up as an AI………. Hm……. 

Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 101: “Creaking Hearts

Following Chion’s attack; Gawain and Lance are left to make sure that Io’s friends have their brainwashing undone. Though they were “Notorious Ruffians” in the Demon Realm- one’s that are overdue for a Scolding from the Demon King. But even so; Gawain and Lance still undid the brainwashing- and avoiding killing them. They call it a “Thank you” for the info Io has given them. They’ll go over that information tomorrow. For now, they’re tired and want to go to bed. But they return to find that Jade has died. And everyone is a mess over it. And they have one of the people responsible for his death to take out their rage on. Which Chion- using the glove that Macduff gave her to try and barter for her life- does precisely. 

Glove works perfectly; someone with low Physical strength like Chion is able to bat around Teaninich like it’s nothing!! But it won’t bring Jade back. Tristan takes full blame for the outcome; he let Io keep her barrier up to prevent Arthur from hearing their conversation. But Nasiens says that info wasn’t worth their friends life. And Chion doesn’t like it one bit. Percival stops them from fighting, sayign that Jade wouldn’t want them to fight. But the Mini Percy’s remind them that his “soul” is already gone. Souls filled with regrets linger- but Jade didn’t have much he regretted at all. Hearing that, Chion is pushed over the edge and clocks Percival right in the face!!

He thinks that those Mini Percy’s are Percival’s “true colors,” but Anne says that Percival is the type to lie- her magic isn’t flaring. So for now, they tell the Mini Percy’s to keep quiet. They then return their attention towards Teaninich, giving her a choice: Open the gate and be killed by Arthur for betraying Camelot- or refuse and be killed by them. She reveals that the Mark to open the gate to Camelot is engraved on her back, and she opens the gate out of fear. Then animals come out her face, ripping her flesh apart and killing her dead. In her prophecy, Guinevere said that Lance would find out about Macduff and Teaninich and…….. do what he does. They likely would have died if not captured and killed by Arthur. So either way, their death was assured. But now Jade is gone. And the Knights were closer to getting into Camelot than he probably intended. 

Plus; they now know that Chaos Knights possess and emblem somewhere on their bodies that’ll let them in to Camelot. They’ve got more information now, not to mention what Io has given them. A “High Price” indeed……..

Chainsaw Man Chapter 126: “Food Fight

Denji moves to attack the Falling Devil. But she says she has no interest in fighting Chainsaw Man right now; no more humans are needed for this dish other than Asa Mitaka. But Denji doesn’t want his Ex-Potential Girlfriend to die. So they have to fight, much to Falling’s annoyance. As such; she makes Denji “fall” by making him remember Aki and Power. And Chainsaw Boy counters by cutting his brain-  a rule he uses when fighting against Devils that attack the mind. Sound logic. Then he starts talking about Corn dogs and starts chopping up Falling. 

Falling allows it- if for nothing more than to experience being eaten(as any True Chef would). But she has to deliver a meal to the residence of H#ll, so she must bid Chainsaw Man ado. She cuts him in half and leaves, leaving Denji to be saved by some unseen helper, who needs Chainsaw Man to keep fighting. But Asa has been found by Falling. How will she get out of this, I wonderDenji no long has “Main Character” armor, but Asa does. She’s the only one in this arc guaranteed to come out on the other side of a fight with a Primal Fear. Her and Chainsaw Man. Perhaps the guy who just gave Denji some blood will start moving soon………

Black Clover Chapter 357: “The Final Slash

After activating Never Neverland and cancelling Lucius’ Time Magic; Yuno uses “Spirit Of Zephyr” on Lucius- who stops it thanks to the physical amp he got from eating Lucifero’s heart(though he was able to slice off an antler). Gonna have to hit a little bit harder than that. Meanwhile; Yami holds Jack in his arms, preparing to face the revived Morgen. As he lies on the ground bleeding out, Jack calls back to one of his first interactions with Yami: A joint effort between the Green Mantis and the Azure Deer. Yami’s skilled enough to almost take his left eye, but Yami assures him that they’re on the same side. Morgen comes in scolding Yami, but he says Jack started it. 

The 2 of them are held as the “Light-And-Dark-Duo-” the strongest of this generation of Magic Knights, possessing “Insubstantial, uncatchable” magic of “Sublime” Light attribute and “Heretical” Darkness. Jack eagerly awaits the day that he can slash them Both to ribbons. But he’s getting the feeling that day won’t come to pass; his life is beginning to fade. So- once he breaks free of Yami holding him up- he uses the last bit of his magic to Sever And Cut EVERYTHING in front of him. End ResultA Giant Canyon is formed going far beyond Neverland’s borders. Even cuts up an angel. But that was the last of his power; his one regret being that he couldn’t use it on Yami directly. 

But it didn’t touch Morgen at all, though he admits that would have been the end of him if he hadn’t dodged it. Due to Lucius’ magic, he must kill everyone at present- even though he doesn’t want to. All for the sake of a Happy World. As such; Morris is beginning to conduct his experiment on Mereoleona. And she’s beginning to become dust at the touch of his tendrils. But it’s been a year and some change since she figured out what the problem was with “H#llfire Incarnate.” I doubt losing a limb is gonna stop her right now………

My Hero Academia Chapter 385: “The Impulses Of Youth

We get a lay out of the battle at Gunga Mountain; Tomura and Deku are fighting to the East- Shiketsu Students suppressing Togawice Clones to the west- and All For One getting Behemoth Bashed into the ground up ahead of the Clone Army. Mt Lady gets the last Detnerat Support item from Class 1B’s Yui Kodai/Rule, and Tokoyami continues to batter the Wannabe Demon Lord into the dirt with Dark Shadow’s Bare fists. But just when it looks like they have ol’ No-Face on his last legs- he opens up with a STRONGER variant of “Rivet Stab.” The younger he gets; the stronger his quirks. And- be it the influence Tomura is having on his Vestige or another effect from him getting younger- the harder it becomes to control his urge to DESTROY. My Lady- OUT; Machia- SHREDDED; Baldur- BLOWN TO BITS. 

After some offscreening of the nobodies that tried to step to an S+ List Character(in terms of importance to the story; he’s…….. lessened the longer he’s on screen), he begins to make moves towards taking “Dark Shadow.” Hawks tries to stop him, but being a B+ at MOST- No Dice. Even the blade he punctured him with just seems to slip out of him. Though it reveals another “kink” in the plot armor: The more damage he takes, the faster “Rewind” becomes to compensate for the damage. Damaging him makes him de-age quicker. Though that knowledge doesn’t help ANYONE right now. Out of options- Mineta steps up and offers his quirk instead. All For One doesn’t have time for a C- lister- he’s got to get where the other S+’s are!!

The media’s here to catch the aftermath of the Heroes Failure once again. But Hawks- recalling what the Shiketsu students said- thinks that there’s still a glimmer of hope. At the UA/ Shiketsu Evacuation route; one of All For One’s spies manages to keep it from turning it back on and letting the Refugees Escape. Thankyfully Gunhead is here to stop him, and the more important’s of Class 1B are here to stop the damage that comes from it. Also Death Arms learns from Deku and “his body moves on his own” to protect them from falling rubble. But the most IMPORTANT part comes from Kamino Ward- in the form of Hero Killer Stain. D@mn, I owe Mammoth Base Opera Castle 30 bucks!!!

This portion was a little more “bloated” than the rest. Although the only thing that I didn’t get to mention in specific was Mineta using one of his………… sticking a ball to All For One’s leg. Yeah, I guess that works. That’s one of them details that’ll be important later on. Don’t know how but if he ever finds out the role it played in All For One’s Final Defeat; he’ll never let the world forget about it. Nor will anyone who’s been trying to champion him up to this point. But we’re all a little more curious what Stain plans on doing. We knew he’d be somewhere in Final War, but not where he would appear or what he would do. Or when it would happen; it kind of feels like we’re already passed the point where those types would insert themselves into battle. But if a B lister like Stain can come in at this late hour, then maybe A+ Lister Koichi Haimawari can come in soon. He’s only A+ because he was the main character of a Prequel- there probably isn’t enough time for him to be Izuku/Tomura/ Bakugo/ Edgeshot/ All Might/ All For One level. You heard me. And you know why. 


You know I had this weird dream the other night? Well; the “other” night that from when you guys are reading this- I’m writing this part Friday, April 14th, 2023, at 12:42 pm, and I had the dream last night. I’m starting to forget a lot of that dream, but the main thing I remember from it was that…….. Shiki and Homura got married? And not for like an Arc gag or anything- like LEGITIMATELY married- some kind of Multi-arc thing! And Homura was into it, defending Shiki when they had to help this planet that had a bug problem. She was like “You’ll have to forgive my husband; he’s bad with bugs.” It was odd. And the only reason they went to that Bug planet was because someone asked for their help, and offered them a reward. They were like in the middle of something, but…….. Drakken was on the ship, and trying to convince Shiki to go an help………. and they were hauling some weird, gooey thing onto the shipYou hearin’ this

I mean; it’s not like I get a “Romantic” vibe from them. Obviously Shiki and Rebecca are the end goal- Mashima has had the lead and lead heroine get together in some capacity in the last 2 series; I doubt he’s gonna break tradition on series #3. I don’t even get a “Brother/ Sister” vibe from them; not really “Best Friends” either. More like……… “Close Friends,” you know? Shiki helped pick Homura back up from Valkyrie’s death; Homura’s often got the same line of thinking as Shiki. They’re friends through-and-through. So I don’t know why I was dreaming about them getting married during the course of the series. And Drakken being on the ship……… I mean; they’re trying to befriend him in Universe 0- it’s not like it’s impossible. Jinbe’s 46 years old following a 19 year old; I don’t see how a 200 year old following a 15 year old(with the maturity of a 10 year old and mind of someone whose lived for 18 years). Like……. sure. But why were they married? What did that have to do with anything?!

That part had nothing to do with anything; I just never thought that I’d get the chance to talk about it anywhere else! By the time I would get to the next review, I’d have probably forgot even more of it. It was just a funny dream of something that was probably an anime filler bit. It WAS animated and voice acted, by the way. Peculiar. In any case; let me know what you guys think. Which was your favorite chapter? You know mine, based on the Featured Image. I just have a whole bunch of pictures that I haven’t gotten the chance to use. “Dump Post” provide those openings. But still- I have a lot. Hopefully I get to use them all before my computer gets overly cluttered. THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE THE END OF THE POST! Um……. See you guys later! Saved It. 

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