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The Next Arc- SUBVERSION! Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 91 BREAKDOWN

………………….. This chapter is interesting. Because on the ONE hand; Guin just told us how the next few chapters would have gone- had she not told Arthur anything. But on the other; the events of this arc are going to be very important to the story- based on the warning she gave about “defying fate.” Don’t know why she thought he’d listen when she told him the consequences, but it should matter in the grand scheme of things. ‘Cause we haven’t seen her this “shook” since she thought about her and Lance’s Ultimate Fate in chapter 87Maybe because her predictions are about to miss their marks. And without that knowledge, she doesn’t even know if the “Happy Days” with Lance will come to pass anymore. Which is probably gonna make the ending of their story that much worse. Her abilities make me wonder how long this series is gonna go. 

In any case, the One Piece chapter leaked early, so I want to get to that soon. So let’s begin. Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 91: “Confrontation.” Let’s begin…….


The chapter starts with Ironside drinking in the backyard of his house, watching his other son Diodra playing with a Winged Tiger and Giant Snake. Seeing Diodra so happy here, he recalls how he ended up in Camelot: Diodra and his wife were dying. He was carrying them around from place to place, trying to find a way to the “Eternal Kingdom” Camelot to save those he loves. He arrives, and Diodra’s begins crying- signifying that he was alive and healthy. His wife, however, did not survive. So he resolves to love Diodra enough for the both of them. Diodra pulls him out of the memory, reminding thim that he’ll catch a cold if he falls asleep out here. 

Diodra asks if he’ll be leaving for Britannia soon, to which Ironside replies that he has a mission. He warns Diodra that Britannia is a dangerous place and to never leave Camelot. Diodra understands, but reminds his father that he shoudl rest after drinking. Ironside thinks to himself that he would like for his wife to see how kind that Diodra has become………

Arthur’s Castle: Arthur, Guin, and Merlin are beginning to make their way to the throne room. Arthur apologizes for the “Kidnapping,” but Guin tell him “Spare me your bullsh!t.” She also admits that she doesn’t see him as any sort of “king;” she doesn’t want to seem “friendly” with him. Ever the Gentlemen, Arthur begins asking questions like “Favorite Food” and such; she’ll be in Camelot for a while, so he needs to know how to properly accommodate her. Guin takes this to mean “bride” and calls him out on being a Lolicon, but he admits that he’s not interested in anything so awful; the term “Bride” is more for appearance than anything else. He simply wants her “Kaleidoscope.” 

She figured as much; seeing that he has an Illusion of the person he wants by his side the most with him at all times. Yeah, that Merlin is a fake- an imitation of Merlin he made to be with him. But now Guin’s gone and “broken the immersion.” He kills it, warning her that there are things that should never be spoken here in Camelot. He had captured a Fairy and made her transform into Merlin(You can’t touch an illusion). But now that Guin’s said something about it, he doesn’t want to use it anymore. What. A. Beta Male. In anger, Guin warns him: He won’t be able to use Kaleidoscope to take Britannia- it’s not as “convenient” as that. As such, she demonstrates with a Prophecy: 

“Defying Fate Comes At A Greater Price” she says. But he doesn’t listen. He contacts Orlondi and wants all nearby personnel to Converge on Wallnack. Guin is thrown for a loop, but Arthur says that he won’t know what the “price” will be until he checks it out for himself. Now she doesn’t know what’s coming next, and that makes her worried for Lance. Speaking of: The Four knights and co are off to find another way into Camelot. Tristan apologizes for his father’s meddling in Lance’s personal life, but Lance admits he probably wouldn’t have unless he was ordered to. Chion did a thing. And they come to Wallnack! Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 91 END!!! She told us how it was SUPPOSED to go, so how will events change this time around…….


I didn’t feel like copying or paraphrasing her prediction, so I just put the image in there. Hopefully it’s one of the ones that ends up staying up- ’cause not all of them do, looking back at some of my other posts. Honestly, I didn’t know whether or not I wanted to talk about this chapter. But I was about halfway through when I realized that, so I just kept going. Though I DID want to take a moment to talk about the upcoming Anime for Netflix. Yeah, ever since the “Revival Of The Commandments” season; the “Seven Deadly Sins” anime has been…………. why am I trying to sugar coat this? THEY’VE BEEN AWFUL. It’s probably not the talent behind it; I’m sure they can do it if they had the time and money- this is all the fault of Netflix and their stupidity when it comes to animation as a whole! As a result, the franchise just keeps taking one hit after another. 

Then they decided to go with another studio for “Four Knights-“ Telecom Animation Film Studio; the ones responsible for series such as Lupin III Part II, the Inspector Gadget animated series, The Wuzzles, the original Ducktales cartoon, Lupin III: The Fuma ConspiracyBatman: The Animated Series, Adventures of Sonic The Hedgehog, the FOX Kids Spider Man series, Sonic XJustice League: Doom, and so on and so forth. POINT IS: It’s getting a new animation studio. That doesn’t guarantee it’ll be great– Netflix could scr#w this one over, too. But based on the projects, I’m willing to say this series in good hands. Please let this anime be good. If “Seven Deadly Sins” hadn’t dipped in animation quality(not that the art was always on point in the anime, either); I think it would be WAY more popular than it is now………..

CHAPTER ITSELF: The first thing I want to talk about is Ironside’s origins, ’cause some things aren’t adding up here. From what we’re being told in this chapter; his wife and child were dying, and that’s why he came to Camelot. But the way it’s portrayed, it seems like his wife- Diodra’s mother- is dead. So Percival would have to be Diodra’s Half-brother. And we also know from dialogue in chapter 1 and 85 that Varghese was a traitor to Camelot- and his betrayal involved taking Percival. Mayhaps Percival was already suspected as a Knight of the Apocalypse, and was ordered to be executed. But that all raises the questionWho Is Percival’s Mother? 

Diodra’s eyes make me think he’s a member of the Goddess clan by birth. If we’re under the assumption that Percival is only Diodra’s Half-Brother, and even going further to say that Diodra is the older of the 2(Percival looks 12, but he’s 16- maybe it’s a trait from Ironside’s bloodline), then that means that Percival would have to be a full Human- ’cause Camelot only allows Humans in the Kingdom. Then again; Arthur’s Simpish, Beta-male behavior. There might be a few here………….. I’m trying to think of what is exactly wrong with Percival’s family history, ’cause something just seems……….. “Off” about it, ya know? Percival only acts 16 in the aspect that he’s a perv, while Diodra- supposedly being the older brother- acts more like Percival in every other aspect, if not even a little younger. Something………. somethin’s not right. 

There’s also Arthur and Guin in this chapter. What……… What happened? How did we go from the “Eager To Learn, Would Be Leader” Merlin raised that admired Meliodas and the Seven Deadly Sins to…………. A Simpish Beta Male who’d kidnap someone of another race and force them to look like the Teacher they wanted to b@ng? WHY IS THAT A SENTENCE THAT DESCRIBES A CHARACTER IN ANY FORM OF MEDIA? He’s a racists, but so long as she looks like his hot teacher, he doesn’t care? Man, what a loser. No wonder NOT EVEN GONNA MAKE THAT JOKE That’s how you get cancelled. Speaking ofGuin’s Warning. 

What do you think she means? Is she being literal when she says this? Like; whatever happened in this arc- should it proceed how she laid it out- would have been critical to the overall story, and rewriting it would rewrite the story for the worse? Or is the whole “Fate’s An Entity And Doesn’t Like When you Subvert it” thing? Chaos was the first thing that came into existence when everything was created; it even birthed the Demon King, the Supreme Deity, and the Sacred Tree. And while they created the Demon clan, Goddess clan, and Fairies respectively; Chaos created the Giants………. A~nd found them to be a little “Crude.” Then the humans were made. Then the First Holy War. At NO point was there a creation of “Fate.” So……… something in this arc was gonna be important to the narrative. What it is, I have no idea. 

Maybe messing with the flow of events messes with her “Kaleidoscope” and throws off her prediction, preventing her from being “100% accurate” anymore. I’m not really sure what the “consequences” are, but she’s too “Shook” for me to say that she’s just lying………… It was gonna be something in the favor of the Knights of the Apocalypse, wasn’t it? Either Arthur would lose something crucial, or the Knights would gain something. But now that Arthur’s changing things as he sees fit, that advantage for the Knights is gone. Which means Arthur is that much closer to winning the War, and taking Britannia. And something- maybe how the last series ended– tells me……… that it won’t be that “simple.” 


That’s about all I got for you guys this week. Good chapter, and I’m super excited to see what’s about to happen for the Prophesied Knights. The Arthur Invasion stuff was cool, but it may have dragged its feet in places. Maybe I’ll feel differently when I binge it. Be it the era of streaming, or my own hype for the series, but I find that more and more manga are becoming more enjoyable when you binge read. I kind of liked how that arc actually showed us what the Four can do at the moment- where they need to improve and all. It really put them to the test. Wonder how the next arc will test them. Til then, folks- See Ya!! 

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