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Manga Chapter Review Dump Post #19: While I Was Away

My OCD is killer. I want to talk about these chapters- but I also want to…….. take a break, you knowBut I also don’t really know what else to do. So……. let’s just make something short. It’s only 3 chapters; I can do that in under an hour with ALL of them. Maybe I should just take a week off every month. But then things pile up. And I tend to have a pretty rotten luck picking my vacation weeks. That and I’m really tired right now. Tired of a lot of things. Sounds bad, but it probably isn’t as bad as we’re thinking. Um………. I don’t really know what to say right now. I’m writing this the day before my Grandfather’s funeral- if for nothing more than the comfort it brings me to make a post. And I need something to keep my spirits up right now. Let’s see if this works………..

Edens Zero Chapter 240: “The Doctor’s Deviant Disposition” 

Xenolith explains what happened on ForestaBot’s were going berserk, as they had in the previous world. The Imperial Scientist Muller had done it as part of an “experiment.” Xenolith went to confront him, but, uh………… he’s, like- somehow more f*cked in the head? When Xenolith demands that he turn the Androids back to normal, he’s met with……. Equations n’ sh!t? So Xenolith asks if this was Shura’s idea. Muller reveals that he’s working for One Void, who enlisted his services to create the “Ultimate Android” to join the Oracion Seis Galactica. And he came to Foresta to find the materials. PrimarilyAn Android Who Could Resist The Virus. Found em.

Muller took his body via EMP, forcing “Xenolith” out and “The Gravity King” Persona replaced it. Xenolith- left with little choice- took shelter in Miimii’s body, and has lied dormant until now. Oasis evacuates the planet, and……. you know the rest. P!ssed beyond all belief, Shura decides to go back to the Temple and annihilate Muller for this. While back on the TempleMuller has made himself a brand new body- one utilizing Xenolith’s power. And he’s about to get his first mission from Void himself. Why do I get the feeling he plans to Sink the Edens Zero? Or perhaps he’ll crushify the Temple into Gravity as well. Only time will tell…………..

Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 106: “The Savior

Donny and Anne meet up with the others, informing them of the current situation and Percival’s connection to the Demon realm(or at least what they know of it). But they don’t see Gawain around anywhere……. Meanwhile; Percy and Nasiens looks for the Dragon Relief, worrying the Demons that they’ll be sealed away again. But they don’t want to worry Percival. But just then; the Mini-Percival’s exclaim they found it. But they DIDN’T– they found a Chaos Knight. They got blown out with the Knights of the Apocalypse; this one getting the worst of it with broken bones. Percival plans to heal them, but Nasiens is apprehensive about it after what happened with Jade. Silence washes over them………..

Over with the Chaos Knights- they’re watching, waiting for their chance to strike. One of them has the same power as Tristan to protect them from the Demon Realm’s Miasma. The Knight that was missing- “Rose Bank-” is with them, and is asked why it is that the Knights of Prophecy have come here. They say they have a soar throat and can’t speak, but…….. They see through that, and strike to reveal that it’s none other than Gawain!!! Mortlach doesn’t want to deal with this Wild Child, but right now he doesn’t have much of a choice. Wonder how Gawain became this “Wild Stallion” of a child. Very curious about……… them.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 130: “Kill Building

Pun? REALLY, Fujimoto Sensei? Alright. Denji and Asa are on the run from Falling’s customer on the Super Chainsaw Man Motorcycle. Denji doesn’t trust that other guy, but Asa is willing to trust anyone if it means she gets to keep living. But THAT THING is RELENTLESS with all them tendrils. It eventually comes out of H#ll to attack them directly, revealing itself to be something of a shapeshifter. And Falling is throwing Buildings at them now, so, uh……… Problems. And then they’re about to be eaten. This is gonna be a Long Night, isn’t it? I don’t know what that other Chainsaw Freak wants, but he seems to need them to live right now. So maybe they’ll get a freebeeAre they lucky enough for that? Based on past experiences with these 2- No. But maybe they’ll have a chance!! 


SeeQuick and Easy. It’s kind of disconcerting how good I’m getting at these. Is it a good thing because I’m finishing them faster? Or bad because of how many of them I do. Meh; not gonna dwell on it. I kind of just needed something to clear my mind, I guess. What do I even say at this juncture? Um……… I guess we’re gonna be having a lot more Dump Posts with my schedule getting all……….. wacky. And of course, the day that you see this will have been some days after the Funeral Service. I’d post it as soon as possible, but I don’t know what I’ll feel like doing once it sets it. So……. see ya around, everyone. Later. 

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