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Oh my God they’re leaving the Room of Authority now. And just to make sure that we know how BIG this is– Oda gave us a NAME. We…….. We really ARE in the “Endgame” of this story now, aren’t we? He just revealed the Gorosei’s name. We met these old men in like……… Chapter 221? We’re at 1,073 and we only have the name of 1 at THIS point? Dang, Oda; you really made us wait on this one!! In any case; writing this part Wednesday, January 25th, 2023, at 9:43pm- I’m making this one along with the recent Edens Zero and Four Knights posts. You know; the usual thing that I do. I’m kind of glad that leaks for this series come out so early in the week it lets me work on post enough to make them the best I can. 

Unfortunately, something is up with my headphones right now, so I’m doing this while listening to my brother’s complain about school and watching the first Iron Man movie on FX. “Highly Specific Circumstances” I’m telling you guys about right now, but I’m curious what’ll happen if I leave those details there. Will a time travel come to this moment to tell me something? Or will I use this to site evidence for a Big Theory that trends in the community? Who knows. But I want to make sure that whatever I come up with- I have evidence to show that I came up with it FIRST and BY MYSELF. It’s a “My Hero” thing with my brother that I’ll tell you about when we review the end of that series. 

In any case; I’m writing this part at 9:50pm- 10 minutes before I go to bed. So let’s see how far I get before I close up my computer. One Piece Chapter 1,073: “Miss Buckingham Stussy.” 


Germa 66’s “Aah… An Emotionless Excursion” Vol 29 

This is more like a “Vegapunk/MADs” backstory cover serial than it is the Germa’s. I feel like Oda probably should have just ended that cover serial and used that to set up what’s happening currently. In any case; we see one of MADs inventions- something Vegapunk personally came up with- was a “GP Flower” that blooms when there’s Gun Powder in the air. During wars, there are gonna be a million of these things in bloom. This creation would win him the Mobel Peace prize- though it disgusts his Evil Co-Workers. You see em grossed out in the background. Don’t know when we’ll be seeing these flowers in the story, but we’ll be seeing them in some capacity. 

Chapter 1,073 

Following the events of last chapter; Stussy- being revealed as a Clone of Miss Buckingham Stussy of the Rocks Pirates- betrays Lucci and Kaku, knocking out Kaku with her bite and turning her attention to Lucci. He tries to get her with “Finger Pistol,” but she dodges with “Paper Art: Afterimage.” She makes a crack about his first instinct in an unknown situation being “Violence.” She takes out her lipstick and breaks off the top, revealing a Sea Stone inner part. She touches Lucci with it and it paralyzes him, allowing her to bite his neck and knock him out, too. 

She gets in contact with Vegapunk to tell him that she’s completed her mission, but she can’t overrule Lucci’s orders because they’re at the same level on the Authority Hierarchy- one of the Vegapunk’s will have to come out here and stop them. So Brook and Zoro have to stall them until then. Lilith comes out, but S Hawk is still under the orders to “Destroy The Labopahse before Vegapunk comes out,” so he almost attacks Lilith. Zoro intercepts his attack, stating that this one “actually looks a little more human than him.” They break away, and Edison yells for all of them to stop. And they do- Sanji even saving Edison before a stray blast destroys him. 

Stusy binds Kaku and Lucci with Sea Stone, Vegapunk- seeing as she basically just threw away her life in CP Aigis 0- asks that she join the rest of them on the Straw hat’s ship. Now that’s 8 PEOPLE that are about to board the ship ’til the next island. Busy @$$ new Yonko crew……. Meanwhile, Luffy and Chopper continue to look around for Vegapunk’s “Stella” Body. But he seems to have disappeared. Then we cut over to Sphinx Island- hometown of Whitebeard!! Some things went on while Marco was away………

FLASHBACK: Marines- lead by Captain Ratel- invade, demanding to know where Whitebard stashed his treasure. This island is unaffiliated with the World Government, meaning they’re “disposable” should they not listen. And without Marco there to protect them, it looks like an Old lady is about to be killed. Thankfully, though; Edward Weevil and Miss Buckin have arrived!- to take the money for themselves for one, but to protect their beloved Whitebeard’s hometown! Seeing that the rumors of his overwhelming strength are real, they call for back up, leading to the present: Weevil encounter Admiral Ryokugyu and was taken in by the Marines. Leaving Miss Buckin on Sphinx with Marco. She pleads with Marco to rescue her and Whitebeard’s son, but Marco has his doubts about Weevil’s lineage. But he owes them for protecting Sphinx in his stead, so………

Seeing as Marco has his doubts, Miss Buckin tells him that the proof of his bloodline lies with Vegapunk. Cut away for the last part of the chapter: We see Kizaru and several Naval ships on their way to Egghead. Kizaru is bringing someone food- making sure it was tested for Poison. As  the plate is going to one of the Gorosei– Saint Jay Garcia Saturn. Having met Vegapunk once long ago; he’s still a little upset that it had to come to this…. One Piece Chapter 1,073 END!! Oh We Are In Some DEEP SH!T when the Marines arrive. 


Stussy, or an old man with dreadlocksStussy. I wanted to talk about her fruit- or perhaps; her own innate power. You can look at this Stussy in 2 ways:

  1. The original Buckingham Stussy- Miss Buckin- has some manner of Bat Bat fruit; either the Vampire(though that fruit was used by the main villain in the Game Unlimited World: Red) or the Succubus. And since we know that Zoan’s affect the user on the Genetic level; we could say that this clone of Miss Buckin is innately able to use that Devil fruit power. 
  2. Miss Buckin lacks a fruit, and Stussy ate this fruit at some point in her life. 

The first one is the more interesting idea, because I feel like it brings up the question as to how her fruits “Reincarnation” would work. Would there be 2 of this same kind of Devil fruit? Or would only Miss Buckin’s fruit be reincarnated upon her death? And of course that would also bring up whether or not this Stussy can swim, ya know? If fruits are “born from human desires” and are rejected by the sea for being “perversions to nature,” then……… would the clone……… SMILEs. Right. Never mind. And the only other part that I would really want to mention is that I think she has the Succubus fruit. “Queen of the Pleasure District” ‘n all. 

The Gorosei- Jay Garcia Saturn. The chapter notes(thanks as always, TCBScans) talk about the possible inspirations for his name, one being a Mr Jerry (J.) Garcia, who he seems to bear some resemblance to. It may also refer to a Mr Russel Garcia who wrote the song “The Lost Souls of Saturn.” And then of course there’s the inspiration behind the NAME Saturn. In Roman mythology, Saturn is described as the “God Of Time, Generation, Dissolution, Abundance, Wealth, Agriculture, Periodic renewal, and Liberation.” Of all the words in that sentence, I’m willing to bet that the one that stuck out the MOST to you would be the Last One: Liberation. Is Oda trying to say that this will be the Gorosei that chooses the side of “Liberation,” or is he referring to something else with the name “Saturn.” ‘Cause you could also take the “Periodic Renewal” part to refer to the “Great Cleansing” that they’re planning to get under way. No matter HOW many times I say that it will ALWAYS sound BAD. 

Wealth could refer to him being a Celestial Dragon; “Dissolution……..” Now What Pray-tell is THIS? Of the 2 definitions that come up when I google “dissolution,” I found something interesting

  • The closing down or dismissal of an assembly, partnership, or official body
  • Debauched(indulging in or characterized by sensual pleasures to a degree perceived to be morally harmful) living

I had to include the definition of a whole other word to explain that to you, but it’s worth it. Look at the first definition. And “Assembly” or “Official Body.” I wonder what he could be referring to with this one? Will this be the Gorosei that betrays the rest? Or is Oda referring to some other part? Or I could just be looking into it too much and he’s trying to tell us that he has some other Time fruit. Or heck; maybe he has the Human Human Fruit Mythical Beast Model- Saturn/Kronos. I don’t know if the Gorosei are capable of hand-to-hand combat, but they were trained from birth to be the Governing bodies(figureheads for Im) of the world, so I imagine some basic self-defense training and maybe the HEAVIEST HITTING Devil fruits were afforded to them. Maybe Im was holding onto those fruits and gift them to every iteration of the Gorosei. Though this all requires some “Guessing.” For all of this to work out, then some other ideas would have to happen to. And if a theory requires other theories to be right then it isn’t all that sound(he says when his recent “Black Clover” theory doesn’t require Asta to be some sort of Devil Hybrid). 

Zoro vs S Hawk; Stussy coming with the Straw Hats and the Vegapunks; The Stella Body’s disappearance; Miss Buckin’s involvement in MADs………….. A lot here to talk about. Oda putting this many people on the ship- even Bonney coming along ’cause she needs to escape, too, for a total of 9 people they’re letting on board this time- we are GETTING another Straw Hat out of this. And it WILL be another female with just how many of them there are this time(Sanji jokin’ about Zoro “Dying So close to the One Piece-” he ’bout to Die From BLOODLOSS). Lilith, Stussy, or maybe Edison because he could help to make Franky a stronger Cyborg- but probably not Bonney. She’s competing with the others for the One Piece for a reason, but I still can’t figure out what. 

Miss Buckin was the lady in the group shot of MADs 3 chapters agoRocks Pirates were last active 38 years ago- MADs activity was 24; Miss Buckin is currently 76, putting her at 52 when MADs was active. Oda does this thing in SBS’, I’m sure you know; he draws the characters at ages 40 and 60- twice. One in which things continue to go right in which they’re happy and healthy- and the bad one where things “Don’t.” From the looks of it, things were going right for Miss Buckin from 40 onwards- and it seems like something happened between 52 and 60 that didn’t “Go Right.” ‘Cause keep in mind: Dr Kureha is 141 Years Old. And from the way he draws, it seems like when things go right for them women; they don’t really change from the typical “One Piece” design. What the H#LL happened between 52 and 76? 

Stella body……… probably trying to keep Bonney from Kuma’s memories, but………. failing. Bonney probably “absorbed” Kuma’s memories by now, and is seeing exactly what they didn’t want her to see. And he’s getting the reaction he was afraid of. Weevil proves to be a loyal son of Whitebeard protecting his homeland but gets taken by Ryokugyu……… Self Explanatory. Um……… Zoro got to face off with S Hawks. And from what he says, it seems like S Hawk has a little more “Humanity” to him than rest. Why is that? Is that intentional on Vegapunk’s part, implying that the Seraphim may one day be able to “Break Programming?” Or was it necessary for him to learn how to use a sword properly- some “Swordsman” thing? Can’t say at this juncture. But I CAN tell you that they’re not done fighting just yet- especially with the HIGEST Authority in the Hierarchy on there way to issue orders. 

……………….. think that’s it. Not much else for me to say about the chapter. In which case…………


Yeah; that’s about all from me right now. Wow, I managed to finish this before the “My Hero” and “Black Clover” chapters came out. Hooray!! AND I don’t have work Friday? Oh, I’m about to make up for last week and THEN some!! Though this part doesn’t pertain to you all; you’ll be reading this at some point on Sunday, while I finished this post around 9:07 pm on Thursday, January 26th, 2023. Not that that matters. Until it will. Let me know what you guys think in the comments. Til next time, America- By~~e!!!

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