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An Audience With The World King! One Piece Chapter 1,084 BREAKDOWN

So I’m looking at the date and the week, and I’m realizing what week it is: The week wouldn’t be posting. My Grandfather died recently, and his Viewing is this week Thursday, with his funeral being the following day. And I said I wouldn’t be posting AT ALL this week because of it. But then I looked at the dates, and…….. I had already started working on Edens Zero and Four Knights by the time I realized. And then started this and Black Clover not long after. But I meant what I said: I won’t be posting around that time- from the 25 until the next week; I’m just gonna take that time to grieve. Really, I should be processing the whole fact right now. It hit me the other day at work when I talked to my Assistant Manager about getting those 2 days off that……… this is happening. And it’s been hitting me little by little ever since that he’s gone. But………. I feel calmer whenever I get to make posts. So……… let’s see what happens. 

That, uh…….. that’s ONE way to start off a post. Sorry if I bummed you guys out, but I feel you guys are my friends- I feel comfortable talking with all of you like this. So thank you for reading. NOW: “One Piece” This Week. Little by little Oda keeps reminding us that this is the Final Stretch of the Story; we haven’t even seen the Straw hat’s in months real world time. Shanks is doing THINGS; Teech out here making moves; and now- Imu is Speaking. We are THERE, folks“One Piece” is almost Home. And Oda’s making sure he delivers on the Epicness that a series of THIS Magnitude DESERVES. One Piece Chapter 1,084: “The Attempted Murder Of A Celestial Dragon.” Let’s get this party stared……….


Continuing The Flashback From The Last ChapterSabo takes out some Celstial Guards with the help of Jewelry Bonney, who reveals that she is Kuma’s daughter as they work together to free him. Sabo summons one of Karasu’s crows to take the keys, while he himself has to Go and smash their symbol and Declare war. He asks what Bonney’s plan is, to which she says that she’s off to Egghead to look for a way to reverse this process. They hide from more Guards, who talk about the reason there are so few Guards at the moment, blaming it on “You Know Who.” But another Guard says that “no one else can see the Lost Chamber,” and they’re cut off from speaking of it any further.  And that intrigues Sabo. So he gives Bonney directions to Egghead and goes back into Pangea Castle. 

MeanwhileKobra Meets With The Gorosei in Front of the Empty Throne. He takes it from the top: The Organization known as the “World Government” was founded 800 years ago by 20 Monarchs- one of which being the Nefeltari Family. The families of those Rulers would relocate to Mary Geoise to and became known as the “Celestial Dragons,” who now preside in Mary Geoise as Rulers of the World Government. Internally, those 20 viewed each other as Equals, and installed the Empty Throne- placing 20 swords in front of it to symbolize the vow to never sit upon it. But in leaving their homelands, the Ruler’s had designated new families to take over their original homelands, whom still rule over the Countries to this day. And to ensure there were no problems- the previous Dynasty’s history was eradicated from the history books. All except for the Nefeltari Family, who decided Not to stay in Mary Geoise; the then-Ruler of Alabasta, Nefeltari Lili was immortalized along with the original Monarchs who founded the World Government, but opted to stay in Alabasta instead of moving to Mary Geoise. 

This however means that there were only 19 weapons placed around the Empty Throne. If you’re wondering what the history lesson is about, just know that the Gorosei are just as confused. Though their confusion comes more from “Worry” than wondering why they’re hearing the same story for the untenth time. But there’s a point. Because he brings up that- in looking through the Alabasta Kingdom’s Ancient Text- he found a common trend in all of it: Not A Single Text mentions Nefeltari Lili. She never came back to Alabasta, and the ruling of Alabasta fell to her brother. And that, my friends, is what Cobra wants to know right now: What the h#ll happened to Lili. St Saturn(thank ENERU he picked the one that just got his name dropped; coming up with descritpive nicknames for 4 people is a little easier than 5) tries to play it off like they don’t know either; as if they were also under the impression that Lili returned to the Alabasta Kingdom. He was probably expecting them to dodge the question, so he asks ANOTHER question: 

“What Is The Meaning Of ‘D.’?”

There is a letter in Alabasta- penned by Lili Herself– that talks about it a little bit. Mingling Courtyard Of Pangea Castle: Charlos uses Kuma’s body to capture Shirahoshi, who begs and pleads for anyone to help her. But the General public runs away since she’d probably reject their marriage proposals anyway. Fukaboshi comes charging with their brothers, fully prepared to take their sister and never come back to the Holy Land. But Charlos has Kuma attack them. Sai and the other arrive, having gotten permission from Mjosgard to kick Charlos’ @$$, while Mjosgard himself tries to keep Fukoboshi and the others from making the single greatest Mistake Royalty can make. While Sai and Leo are both Pirates who have experience escaping the Navy. But they might not be able to escape this one. ‘Cause they MA~Y have- through NO fault of their own, Accidentally…….. Killed Charlos.

Sh!t, I HOPE he’s dead, anyway. He’s squished down like in old Rubber Hose Cartoons, but…….. that’s no guarantee of his death. But it does guarantee the arrival of an Admiral. So THAT’S something they gotta deal with. But right now; they have contend with the “Invincible Slave” Kuma. Oh, wait; Morley comes to take out of there. Never mind that. So now the Revolutionaries are out of here, while Sai and Leo have brought down the wrath of the only Admiral we haven’t seen yet: Kizaru. And over in the Empty Throne RoomImu comes out and sits down, revealing himself to Cobra and SAYING Lili……So this is how he dies. One Piece Chapter 1,084 END!! One Piece Will Be On Break Next Week. Good. 


There are several things that I want to talk about with this chapter. But it all somehow pertains to Imu. First off: I think this chapter- Imu’s reaction to Cobra here and his decision where Vivi is concerned- this whole interaction is enough to confirm to me that Imu IS in fact 800+. He has been the Ruler of the World for 800 Years. HowYour guess is as good as mine. But all this means is that he’s seen a number of Revolutions- and squashed all of them without ever being seen. It’s like: “How is this Revolutionary Army any different from the one from 600, or 300, or 100 years ago?” He’s seen it all. So if not for Dragon being a member of the D clan and his connection to Luffy- the holder of the Nika Devil fruit and current “Warrior Of Liberation-” he probably wouldn’t register them as a threat. Even them destroying the Food reserves in Mary Geoise does not matter to him. HE’LL be fed with food from his Personal stash- and I can PROMISE you the World King’s food is better than anything you can ever have imagined. That expensive, Grade A food the Celestial Dragon’s had in the Food Reserves- tastes like fermented Dog sh!t covered in year old expired milk in comparison to the worst dish Imu has ever tasted. Genuinely. 

But like I said: He wouldn’t see Dragon and the Revolutionary Army as a threat if not for the D and Luffy. Of all the people to wind up with this fruit; it HAD to be a D- someone who was already defiant of Imu’s will. I think that there have been a few people who’ve eaten the Nika fruit in the past 800 years- but probably not as many as you would think. Over the course of 800 years, there will have HAD to have been at least 1Probably not even a double digit number. But a few. And in going with the idea that Zoan fruits have something of a “will of their own,” and the Gorosei admit that this fruit has been managing to evade the World Government’s grasp for 800 years; I think that- for ALL the Revolutions throughout the generations- the holder of the Nika fruit was at the helm, leading the charge and trying to free the world of Imu’s control. At least for some of them. And that made it easier on Imu and each Era’s Gorosei because they could squash Rebellions and kill the holder of the Sun God’s power all at once. But that’s not the case this time around, but both the leader of the Revolution and the Holder of the Nika Fruit are D’s, who “bring storms” every generation anyway. Which might be why both are succeeding better than ever before. 

My thinking is that everything is starting to line up inf the favor of the Ancient Kingdom who opposed the World Government; the D clan, Poseidon, Joyboy and Nika- all of them present, and all them actively working against Imu. But something that’s also present in this generation- something with a connection to, with the Reverie; all 3– is keeping Imu’s attention, preventing him from seeing all 3 for the problem they are. I can’t imagine a lot of Revolutions ever made it this far to have declared war like this. And that is the presence of Lili’s Descendants. For whatever reason- be it it a “Spurned Lover’ plot or a betrayal or something else Oda has planned- Imu is focused on the Nefertari’s. The Gorosei may have to deploy the God’s Knights to deal with the Revolutionary Army, but………… Vivi takes priority, I guess. But not doing anything about the other 3 are what’s going to be the end of him. 

Then again, as I saidhe’s been dealing with this same roster of sh!t for the past 800 years. He’s seen everything that all these factors can do, so…….. he probably isn’t even gonna stress about it. “What would be the point?” So he’s focused on the Nefertari right now- especially with Cobra looking into the Ancient History right now. No one will care what a Pirate like Teech would find, or someone who looks like the Bad guy like Dragon has to say about the world; all the Government has to do is say they’re lying. But a Known, Benevolent King like Cobra- people might be inclined to listen. Which is probably why Imu wasn’t too concerned with being seen by him: He’s marked for death, anyway. Might as well let him know the World’s Biggest secret. 

And then you have Cobra looking into the Ancient History. I guess the Alluring Nico Robin left an impression on him(as she tends to do)- made him curious about the truth of the world. Something tells me that Imu will let him hear the whole thing before the end of it. But then- Sabo is somewhere around here– somewhere close enough see what’s atop that throne. Either he’s in hiding right now, watching to see how this plays out, or he’s on the way and comes when Cobra is shot down- just long enough to catch a glimpse of the ultimate secret. Which is what’s about to get him OFFED. This is a flashback, after all; Sabo doesn’t seem to know much more beyond the fact the Imu exists in present day. But I also think Imu is the type to answer whatever question you have of him before- you know- you’re erased. Kind of like Yoshikage Kira in Part 4 of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures. Been watching it on Netflix, and- I have to say: It may have been people telling me it wasn’t good making me go in with very low expectations, but……… I f*ckin’ love it MORE than Part 3. But all that’s a story for another day. 

I think that Cobra noticed a few inconsistencies in ancient text from other lands, and comparing them to Alabasta’s account of events- he knows they’re hiding something. And for whatever reason, it pertains particularly to the D clan. I don’t think he would ask a question of THIS Magnitude just out of curiosity; something is mentioned in the text. My Personal Theory: the D stands for the Ancient Kingdom that fell to the World Government; the name of that Kingdom started with “D.” Find out what that stands for- you’ve found out the name of the Ancient Kingdom, and thus most of what the World Government was trying to hide. Maybe “What” they did, but not How or why or how Imu ended up as the guy on the Throne. 

This chapter seems to imply that Charlos finally died from Sai and Leo’s attacks. Sh!t, I HOPE he’s done for. But what this means for Sai and Leo is Big Trouble. Man, I kind of hope Sai had the foresight to bring Baby 5 with him. But yeah, if Kizaru isn’t dealing with the other Revolutionaries, then he’s coming for their heads. Which is more than likely how they figure…….. out…….. about……… This is the Event, isn’t? The event the narrator mentions at the end of Dressrosa- the “Great incident of Historic Proportions.” They Killed A Celestial Dragon- AND THEY’RE ABOUT TO GET AWAY WITH IT!!!!! Between the Revolutionaries and Sabo learning the Big Secret; top priority goes to catching the Revolutionary Army and not on the Pirates. Not to mention Mjosgard covering for them!! The Ryugu Kingdom might also play a role in this. As thanks for saving Shirahoshi, they might just offer them asylum on Fishman Island until the World Government comes after them. Because Kidd and Law took down Big Mom and Luffy never gave them his flag!!! Oh my God it’s all coming together. 

Let me see if I’m getting this Oda: So you’re telling me that Luffy never gave them the flag- never making it his official territory after he became a Yonko. Thus leaving it defenseless for This Moment- the moment when you planned to have the Straw Hat Grand Fleet do something HUGE that helps the Ryugu Kingdom and they take refuge on Fishman Island- leading the World Government down here with the Mission of finding the ones responsible for killing a Celestial Dragon. Is THAT what you’re trying to tell me? ‘Cause only a Genius would think of connecting all of these Big events like that. And it takes a Special Kind of Genius to pull it off. 

The Ryugu Kingdom, by the way. I think they’re done with the World Government- they were honsestly safer with the Sea Hag than they are with this sham of a Government. So……… they’re gonna live under Luffy’s flag. But that’s a given. Didn’t Orlumbus like……. take the whole Military force of a country to act as his crew in the Straw Hat Grand Fleet? Am I remembering that right? Yeah, I’m remembering that right. It was only 56 ships, though. What I’m getting at- is the idea- that the Ryugu Kingdom’s Military- could join the Grand Fleet. Or something to that effect. Maybe not full on join, but ally themselves with Sai and Leo here. Either way they get a pretty tough ally under them. And Luffy has no idea that any of this is going on………. Yet. Boy, it’s been a while since we’ve cut over to Egghead, hasn’t it? Wonder who all is gonna be there beyond who we know aboutLuffy’s a Lucky ‘Sum B!tch, after all……………


You know what? In all the excitement, I forgot to mention something CRUCIAL that happened in this chapter: Imu Spoke. This man appeared in chapter 908- did not speak until 176 chapters later. That’s crazy. But yeah; this was a really cool chapter- for all the reasons that you think. Someone even pointed out how Luffy taking the Cover of the Magazine this week mirror’s the final panel of the chapter: Luffy sitting on a throne- Imu sitting on his own. Then again; people also think that Oda’s being “Transphobic” this week for showing Yamato on a Ladies cover. To Which I SAYShut the F*ck up and go touch some grass. Wonder if saying that is gonna get me in trouble. Eh, whatever. Catch you guys later!! 

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