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Sword And Armor! Edens Zero Chapter 197 BREAKDOWN

Is anyone else having a weird time finding the official translations for new chapters? I figured I asked ’cause the site I’ve been using didn’t have 196 up last week, and thus no review. It’s there now, but it’s the unofficial that I read on another site. And at this point I’m past giving you guys the Fan Translation and scans. But I will if the need arises(especially if it comes out 3 days before I usually post it). Thus; we have this week’s chapter review!

Last time; the Dark Star’s continued to systematically take out the Shining Stars, with Killer managing to infect Hermit, and Clown sicking a BEAST on Sister! He then begins to move towards their true objective…………… And now; The Chapter! Edens Zero Chapter 197: “Confidence.” This title is subject to change.

Remember when I would actually break down the text? Man was that a LONG time ago……….


Having sent his Beast to devour Sister; Clown is not free to make a move on their True Goal aboard the Edens Zero: Code 3173ETHERION, a power said to be able to “change the laws of the cosmos.” He begins trying to open the door– and then we cut back to the Coliseum where it seems as though Brigadine has won.

15 MINUTES EARLIER: Brigadine and Homura are facing off. He regales to her that- after he was defeated by Jaguar of Oracion Seis Interstelar- he was upgraded to be STRONGER than him. So now; he dubs himself the “Peerless Armor.” “Unfortunately,” he continues, “I will never face Valkyrie and her ‘Peerless Sword’ in battle.” And Homura takes offense to that, and activates her Overdrive.

This Is Pretty Darn Cool

The fight begins, but Brigadine makes it clear to her that Overdrive won’t be enough to win this fight. He knocks Homura around a little bit before trying to bum-rush her. She tries countering the attack with “Warrior Maiden Single Sword Attack: Dragon Flash,” but Brigadine uses his “Protect Fortify” to make himself shiny and seeming indestructible– Homura will not be able to pierce his armor.

The collision breaks her sword and knocks her into the sky, but she lands and makes a new one. She proclaims “My sword need not be peerless- All it needs is the power to protect my friends.” Brigadine tells her that she doesn’t have that, and she replies that it “comes from her friends.” She manages to get out of the way of the next attack, and prepares something else. All the while; Brigadine doubts that she’ll ever be able to get through his defenses. Furious with the lack of a fight; he condemns Homura as “A Disgrace To The Name Of Valkyrie,” but Homura tells him shove it. And the 2 clash.

Pretty Darn Cool

The collision ends up blowing back the lighter Homura into the pillar we see her up against in the present. Brigadine, left standing, ponders how she was able to do what she just did: Slice Up His Armor. She explains that his defenses were at their lowest level when he attacks- as with anyone else– at the cost of lowering her own.

BACK IN THE PRESENT: Brigadine commends Homura as he falls apart. With weak breath; she asks Shiki if she “fulfilled her duties as the Sword Of Edens.” Shiki, of course: “That doesn’t really matters to me- That Fact That We’re Friends Is More Important.Thus giving her the confidence that she needs. And bring Edens Zero Chapter 197 comes to a Hopeful END!! Simple but apt. 3 more to go………….


This fight kind of reminded me of Erza’s main battle during the Tenrou Island Arc- chapters 231 through 237. She fought the Dark Mage “Azuma” from Grimoire Heart. The resolution of that fight saw her realize that she wasn’t “protecting her friends,” but that they were protecting herso she would be able to win this fight. Or something along those lines. ‘Twas a good fight in a REALLY good arc. At the end; Azuma showed her- and all of Fairy Tail- respect as he was defeated. Brigadine did the same thing. And the fact that Erza and Homura essentially serve the same purpose(Strong, Beautiful Female Character); it makes sense that some of their fights would have similar beats.

Other than that; not really much to say on the chapter. I mean; beyond Etherion, which we’ll get to in a minute. But it was just a really good, straight forward Battle Chapter. Homura’s bonds with the crew gave her the strength to overcome her Biggest Challenge yet, and earned the respect of someone who’s toted as “Valkyrie’s Superior.” Although- THAT LINE: “My body was once destroyed by Jaguar- The Strongest Member Of The Oracion Seis Interstelar. But after countless repairs and remodels- I exceed his power back then.Jaguar- at the time of his death- was STRONGER than Justice, Eraser, Feather, and Holy. Haven’t seen what Cure can do yet. But I want you to think about EVERYTHING that we saw at least Justice and Eraser do 3 years ago. And he TRUMPED them. And Brigadine is saying that he is now stronger than Jaguar? That would make Homura “Oracion Seis Interstelar Level,” wouldn’t it? Or I guess above the Justice and Eraser of 3 years ago. Gonna be RE~~AL interesting to see her against Justice when all is said and done.

………………. Okay, there may have been more than I thought. ON TO ETHERION!! “The Power To Change The Laws Of The Universe…………” NOT a Cannon. At least; not strictly. Witch thought that the Edens One had Etherion in chapter 105 because of the damaged it caused going through Dragon Falls, so it’s some sort of weapon. And the Edens One either doesn’t have one at all or an inferior version of it- like Elie and Belnika in Rave Master. But that still doesn’t answer the question of WHAT DOES IT DO?!

I definitely agree with a lot of people I see on Twitter and on Discord; we’ll get some kind of HUGE revelations about either Rebecca, Ziggy, or Etherion in chapter 200. But I also just thought of a theory as I was writing that last sentence. “Rebecca has the makings of an Etherion Master” said Hermit in chapter 76. Witch deemed it necessary to tell Homura- the one now responsible for the ships offenses– about Etherion. Clown is saying it can “change the laws of the Universe.” Ziggy is upgrading the Edens One to find Mother- and he seems to need Etherion to do it.

WHAT IF Etherion is some sort of Engine- a power source drawing on……… “the ambient Ether of the Universe around it” or whatever- to make whatever it’s hooked up to fast enough to let’s just say warp space and time? So he can hypothetically “warp” to Mother? He is doing calculations to find her location. Even if he’s off, he might be able to end up in proximity, meaning it would be “smooth sailing” right to her. If I just predicted the end of the Kaede War Arc- I Want EVERY LAST ONE OF YOU to recommend this blog to someone. Link to this post; tell someone you know is into this kind of stuff about me; link to me on Social media- WHATEVER YOU HAVE TO. I mean that sh!t!!!

Gonna Need A Power Source To Get There, Right?


……………. That’s all I got, folks! I’ve said everything that I wanted to say, and I managed to do so in a timely manor. And a few DAYS ahead of schedule!! Depending on my mood; you may be reading this on Monday- maybe it’ll make the day a little better for you all. Or maybe you hate my f*cking guts and now want the day to be over sooner. In which case; I’m sorry to have made your day worse! But for the rest of you guys; Have A Magically Wonderful Day. By~~~~e!!!!

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