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Momonosuke’s Battle! One Piece Chapter 1,055 BREAKDOWN

I’m going to tell you right now: I’m talking about all 3 Jump chapters this week. It’s been a LONG time since I was able to talk about all of the series I usually do- my schedule just doesn’t permit me to do that anymore. BUT GODD@MN IT; I miss it!! Edens Zero and Four Knights Of The Apocalypse were a few days late- and I predict this and My Hero are going to be out later than usual(I NEED to talk about “Black Clover” first- It’s been Too Long!!), but I don’t care!!

If this movie ends up not being good; all this promotion is gonna end up a waste.

Now that “One Piece” is back from hiatus; we’re getting banger after banger! Last week was BIG ONE, and this one’s no different. Momonosuke faces off against Aramaki in One Piece Chapter 1,055: “New Era.” Oh you KNOW what this is gonna be.


Film Red Promotion

I’m guessing this is part 1 of 3

In lieu of a cover page; we have promotional material for the new movie- “Film: Red.” It focuses on the central antagonist of the movie: Shanks’ daughter, Uta!! She lies on the ground of her stage, exhausted from thinking about the tone of the song she wants to write. All the while; a Transponder snail is transmitting a message to her: “Uta, listen- Pirates have stormed the town!!,” “Uta, They Got My Dad!!,” “Save us, Uta chan- The House Is Burning!!” Pirates are attacking the towns people.

But all Uta can think about is her song, and starts drawing on the stage. After a few dozen pens; she finally finishes writing her song: “New Age.” She wipes the sweat from her face, as her “Magnum Opus” rises from the ground she wrote it one………………

Chapter 1,055

We open on the Flower Capital to see Nami and Tama having fun, while the Kozuki face off against Ryokugyu. Raizo unleashes a Fire scroll on the Admiral, but he was able to overcome “such an obvious weakness” by becoming wood that doesn’t burn so easy. He then pierces Raizo, and drains him of his nutrients, as he did to Queen a few chapters ago. And evenutally; he manages to capture them all…………

We cut over ot Sukiyaki’s secret room in the Castle basement, where he leads the intoxicating Nico Robin and Law(who went looking for them when he saw they weren’t at the party) to the Road Poneglyph- and to Pluton. Sukiyaki says that he never told Kaido or Orochi about this passage, but Jack being a Fishman let them find the Road Poneglyph in no time. The reason being made clear to them soon enough.


They come to a passage way on their way down, and find something unbelievable: A Submerged Version Of Wano– the Wano of 800 Years Ago. Though he doesn’t know why it ended up this way. But he does know this: Wano was much larger 800 years ago, and located at Sea level like other islands. It was actually at the base of Mt Fuji back in that time. At some point in the past(around the end of the Void Century, obviously); the walls that make up the current Wano were erected, blocking out invaders and the World Government.

But it also ended up keeping in rainwater from all those centuries of enclosure. The old Wano was eventually submerged in that water, and Wano’s natural borders were formed. Moving along; they eventually come to the room containing the Road Poneglyph- a room Sukiyaki says is in a cavern at the foot of Mt Fuji. And if they were to continue down the path- They Would Find Pluton. Though he’s never seen it himself, so he can’t really show them. The reason: The Borders Need To Close To Reach It. “Removing The Borders” is a very LITERAL Phrase!!

Robin asks why Oden would want to unleash an Ancient Weapon, to which Sukiyaki says he doesn’t know- Oden must have learned something while he was at sea. And then we jump back over to the Kozuki vs Ryokugyu.

They’re getting beat up by a Tree……………

Yamato suggests that they call Luffy and the others to face this guy, but Momo refuses to let they or Yamato help him win; he wants them to leave knowing that Wano- that he and his Retainers- will be able to take care of themselves. He needs to defeat Greenbull himself. As such; he tries to shoot off a “Boro Breath” to no avail………… the First Time. Second Time: Puts a hole right through the b@stard. Momo keeps on going- crying all the while so his aims all f*cked up– but he’s managing to get Ryokugyu enough to burn his entire body.

Unfortunately for him; Oda seems to have been watching Guardians Of The Galaxy and given Greenbull the ability to “grow a new body” from a sprout he placed in the ground. So even when they manage to beat his first body- he has DOZENS more to come, each one being fully healed every time, making him effectively immortal in battle. No wonder they made this man an Admiral……


He’s about put an end to the fight, when he sense some unbelievable Haki hit him- The Conqueror’s of Red Hair Shanks. It’s so potent that even the new members of his own crew get knocked the f*ck out. But he don’t care right nowHe. IS. P!~~SSED. He tells Ryokugyu from a distance:

Now I’m not accusin’ you of fighting “dirty,” Navy Man- but when the “New Shoots” that just changed Pirate History are exhausted from their feat; don’t you think that what’s you’re doing is a bit much?

Are you that afraid of the New Era?!

The Yonko- Red Hair Shanks

He may be eager to please Akainu, but……………… He Knows Better. He leaves as soon as he can move!! Off in the distance; we see that Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, and Jinbe were watching the whole fight- allowing Momo to do what he had to. But they don’t know who that Haki belonged to. However; it reminded Luffy of a “Familiar Face.” One Piece Chapter 1,055 END!! Less than the last timeOh So VERY Much More To Talk about.

Greenbull Wouldn’t Stand A Chance!!


Should I do this the same way as last week? There’s less to talk about, but the main thing that got dropped this week leaves us to talk about a few things. I think I will, but this might be the last time- mostly because I don’t expect too much to go on next week- he said and then will proceed to do the exact same thing next week.

Momonosuke vs Ryokugyu

This part is a little more straight forward than the other part: Momonosuke needs this fight to prove that he and his retainers can take care of things; he doesn’t want Luffy and the others to feel that they have to stay and protect them. They have their own lives and ambitions to seek; they can’t stay in Wano forever. I guess in a way: He sort of thinking like his dad.

“Everyone Is Finally Free now!! So you can leave whenever you wish!!’

Oden didn’t want to be locked up in Wano- he wanted to have fun adventures at sea, despite the borders around the country. Momonosuke isn’t opening the borders yet, but he still wants for Luffy and co to leave as they wish- the way that his father couldn’t. He’s certainly heard the stories of how Oden escaped from Wano, so………. he may not “close” them, but I think everyone will now be able to come and go as they please……..

Not enemies, though; them b!tches can drown for all he cares. I think this mostly because of the next segment of the chapter; if Momo hears what’s waiting when they close the borders altogether, then he may chose to keep them up until………….. the moment that it HAS to come down. Something like that……..

The Void Century, Wano, And Pluton

And now we come to THAT. Okay, how do I want to do this? You may have noticed, but I intentionally avoid talking about those “Big Mysteries” like “What’s The One Piece?,” “The Will Of D?,” and the Void Century. Like; what can I add to those conversations that hasn’t been said in the last 25 Years of serialization? I also want to try to keep things “unique,” but also reference theories I’ve heard. And right now; I believe the idea that Joy Boy- or really whoever was opposing the World Government at that time- erected these borders to keep Pluton away from their enemies. But I definitely don’t think that that’s all they were doing.

Omni-Directional Tsunami Incoming

Pluton is described as a “Battleship that can destroy an entire island in a single shot.” It has a “Main Canon.” I’ve always believed in the idea that Pluton would be used to bring down Marie Geois and the Red Line, freeing the World from the Celestial Dragons(Im) and the World Government. But I don’t think that it’s point in that direction yet. And even if it is; I don’t think it’s close enough for a shot of that magnitude to- you know– keep its intended impact. I’m basically saying that those “Walls” around Wano are going to do more than just “free Wano to the world.”

Me thinks that those walls are part of how Pluton moves– fins like that of a Sea King or some other fish. I wouldn’t even begin to know where you get enough power to make that thing move; making a weapon that requires people to power it is kind of……….. kinda the “antithesis” of what they want. Using people to power a DEATH RAY(let’s say) would kind of defeat the point of using it against the most Oppressive force in the world, wouldn’t it?

What they’re trying to prevent with a Giant @$$ battleship

Knowing Oda, it’ll probably run on cola or something. But I definitely think the walls will be the fins of the ship. Not to mention the SUPER TSUNAMI that will come from taking down the border- both from those fins “flopping” on the water, and all that rainwater that’s gonna be unleashed. Like; the releasing of Pluton is going to cause SO MUCH damage from more than just its main canon. Especially with the idea that I just came up with.

Here Me Out: What if the country of Wano itself was converted into Pluton, with Mt Fuji as the main canon? If Wano is supposed to be this “Big, Important” nation to the world, then it would make sense if it were to- let’s saydestroy every island in its path, but offer bastion to those on those islands. Wait, does that make sense? It sounded a lot better in my head!! WHAT I MEAN IS: Wano in its prime is this Self Sufficient nation; it doesn’t need the World Government’s help. As such; it would make sense if it were to help the innocent hurt in its path to Marie Geois. And when the whole thing is over; it can help the world repair itself- while also taking care of itself. There, that’s better.

I……….. I just lost all credibility, haven’t I?


……………………. Think that’s all, folks. Like I said: Not much that I can add to the conversation for bigger topics like that. But we now know more about Wano and how it was 800 years ago. I don’t know what they would find if they were to go into the underwater castle(not that Robin and Law could), but I think there’s something in there- something that may tell us a little more about what happened during the Void Century. We’re on the “Road To Laugh Tale,” ladies and gents- any theories you got; Now’s the time to make them known!

That’s 3…………….

That’s all I got for the lot of ya today, boys and girls. Let me know your own thoughts, and until the next post, boys and girls- Have A Magical Day. By~~~~~~e!!!

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