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Warning The Tsundere! Chainsaw Man Chapter 118 BREAKDOWN

So……….. She’s a Tsundere, huh? She even says the line “It’s not like I like him anyway!” or some variation of it, at least. Okay then. Considering what she’s suggesting, I just hope that she doesn’t mind the Tsun type. Or loves her brother enough not to kill Asa when she tries some sh!t. Telling you all this and we’re not even at the chapter yet. Sorry, my minds just movin’ a mile a minute. It’s just that I’m gonna have a lot of posts to do in the next few days; you got the usuals(working on Edens Zero in conjunction with this Wednesday, January 18th, 2023, 12:43 pm), but you also have the Monthly’s coming in a few days. And I REALLY want to talk about this months chapter of Boruto. So I’m gonna be getting through all of this as fast as possible. Good thing these chapters don’t typically have a lot of content. Can’t say the same for the others, though. Especially that One Piece chapter- chapter 1,072. Now let me get to this before my computer dies on me! Chainsaw Man Chapter 118: “Saying Goodbye.” It sounds more “Grandeous” than it is. Let’s begin……….


The chapter opens where the previous left off: Yoru has taken command of Asa’s body again, and is attempting to make Denji into a Spinal Cord Sword. But it Fails. Multiple times. Denji just looks at her in confusion, and chalks it up as her way of saying “Bye.” So he puts his hand on her head, too, and shouts “Asa Spinal Cord Sword” and leaves. And Yoru’s just looking at him like “The F*ck just happened?And Asa chews her out for pulling that sh!t. Yoru ponders why it didn’t work, and Asa speculates that Denji still doesn’t like her in that way. Which she doesn’t mind since she doesn’t like him, either. But……..

In any case, the situation was a total loss; she now knows that she and Asa share emotions like “affection,” so all they’ll have to do now is win Denji’s heart. They can look for Chainsaw Man in the meantime. Before Yoru goes to sleep, Asa asks what the deal with Fami was. Yoru simply says that she didn’t recognize her after so long, and warns Asa to stay AWAY from her. Then crashes on the bed. Asa remains awake, though, thinking about the fact that Denji doesn’t seem to be in to her. And it’s p!ssing her off.

The next day comes around, and Denji’s come up with the “Super Best Date Ever Plan #1:” The local movie theater is running an All-Night movie marathon for just 2,000 yen($155.77 in US terms). So they can watch movies until about 2 am. But she doesn’t want to go on a pricey date; she wants something cheaper like renting them at someone’s house. She doesn’t have a VCR of her own, so it’ll have to be at Denji’s House.That or no date” Asa lays down. Denji panics for a minute, but decides that that would be okay- IF she follows the house rules. For if she breaks them…….. there’s a Pretty Good chance…… that she will DIE. No, he’s DEAD @$$ telling her she will die if she breaks the house rules. Chainsaw Man Chapter 118 END. Is this a comedy bit? Or is he referring to……..


…………………. What do I say? I mean; I know what I want to say, but I can’t find the right words to say it. I’ve got like 5 other posts that I need to get started before long. So let’s see……….. I think that MAIN thing I want to talk about is the thing that we all suspect Denji is talking: Dear Little Nayuta. He’s been keeping a lid on it, but now that cat’s about to come out of the bag- claws bared and all. What I mean is that Asa is about to find out that Nayuta is the Control Devil. And by what Denji says; it seems like she’s the one who’s making the rules. Though………… there’s something else that I’ve been thinking about. 

The Control Devil‘s ability let’s her control everyone and everything she see’s as beneath her. And in chapter 97, Nayuta clearly recognized him as a “Dog.” We are told by Angle that Devil’s who die in H#ll reincarnate in this world, with the last sound that they hear being the rev of a Chainsaw’s engine. But Nayuta- following the Death of Makima- was reborn somewhere in China, according to Kishibe. Does Nayuta remember who Chainsaw Man is? You’d think that she would considering some memories carry over, and the last thing that Makima heard was the rev of a Chainsaw. And Denji probably doesn’t hide the fact that he’s Chainsaw Man from Nayuta. So, looking at all the evidence; I don’t think that Denji is subject to her control. That and he’s the one providing for her and the Huskies, so………. Yeah. But then you have Asa and Yoru. 

According to Denji; Makima would register people based on “Smell-” like a Dog. She’s gonna smell the “Devil Scent” on Asa. And, depending on her current personality, she will do 1 of 2 things: 

  1. When Denji leaves the room, Nayuta will give the War Duo a warning to mess with her brother- or they will die. Because she loves Denji and clearly would have some of the same respect for Chainsaw Man that Makima had; she won’t do anything that would upset EITHER of them. And Chainsaw Man/ Pochita wants to see Denji fulfill his dream of having a Girlfriend. Simple Warning, and keeps that knowledge in her back pocket should she ever need to act. 
  2. Tells Denji out right. But it’s Denji so he won’t care; he just wants a girlfriend. And he doesn’t have to worry about Yoru BECAU~SE- He’s Chainsaw Man. Which he more than likely wants to flex to Asa to “seal the deal.” From there it’s a toss up of whether Yoshida is monitoring to make sure that can’t happen, or if Nayuta wants that to happen. It would be 3-on-1 if Yoru acted in that moment. 

Other things in the chapter would of course be the fact that they can’t turn Denji into a weapon. I feel that that’s more of a “Chainsaw” thing than a “Hybrid/Fiend” thing. Though I guess you could see it as “He’s already a Weapon Devil- you can’t make him another Weapon.” But no; it’s probably because of the unique nature of the Chainsaw Devil. Iseumi overheard the conversation, and would of course be worried about a fellow Devil Hunter, so he’ll be stalking them for a while. Which is how he will die- being “rational” and caring enough to stay close to protect Asa. Didn’t care for ya, so not gonna be all that sad. Yoshida’s probably gonna survive being an ally that wants to preserve their life, so he’ll make it passed Nope Nope not even gonna guarantee that one; no is safe. 

And Yoru warning Asa against trusting Fami is obvious, though who’s lying to whom is anyone’s guess. Who knows; Fami might be trying to stop Yoru from getting Nuclear Weapon’s back because even Devil’s know that those are better off forgotten. Or Yoru knows that Fami is trying to make herself stronger. Either way; Asa’s caught in the middle of these 2. Which might just spell out disaster that she won’t be able to come back from. 


Okay, that one came out better than I had hoped. Huh, maybe I should talk about the main thing in the next posts, too; maybe then they won’t take so long to get out. “It’s always a mess when the Monthly Chapters come out” I’ve always felt. Let’s see if I can make this work. Til then, guys- Stay Weird. 

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