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An Unwilling Betrayal! Edens Zero Chapter 206 BREAKDOWN

It’s BEEN a minute since I talked about this one. The last one had some…………… weird problems while I was trying to make it, and…….. Frankly, I just haven’t really been enjoying this arc as of late. And because I’m trying to get back to how I did these posts on my old site; I didn’t “force” myself to talk about something I wasn’t enjoying. Resulting in a lengthy recap of the last 2 chapters to come. I’ll try to make that part quick; I don’t know why but “Edens Zero” reviews don’t take me as long to write as the others. Which works out well for my schedule. Edens Zero Chapter 206: “Traitor.” Oh, and that’s a thing. 


Chapter 204: Full On Origin Chapter for Ziggy. He’s the Shiki who chose to stay and stop the Anti matter bombs on Nero 66. He tried using his Gravity to compress the bombs into nothing, but pushing his powers that far caused them to resonate with Rebecca’s Cat Leaper, and the pair are flung 20,000 years in the future. You know the full story from 203, so skipping ahead a few decades- Ziggy is summoned by a council of bots. BACKSTORY: Mother disappeared when the Humans went extinct- taking all the Ether of the Universe with her. Using Rebecca’s time travelling ether(that her body is still generating somehow); they want to send Ziggy back 20,000 years to stop it- in the Prime Universe: Universe Zero. “From Planet Edens To Universe Zero-“ Edens Zero. 

Chapter 205: Ziggy informs Shiki that the Edens Zero is able to travel through time by extracting the ether from Rebecca’s corpse. Shiki asks why he wants to destroy the Human race if he came back to save it. Ziggy refuses to answer, and takes on his Overdrive to continue the fight. Meanwhile; the Edens Zero continues to fight against Crow. As they fight through a wave of Crow’s Anti body-like droids; they notice that they can’t use Ether Gear again. This means that clean has been caught by Crow. We cut outside to see Crow knock Kleene’s fighter to the ground. 

Chapter 206: Cpt. Connor asks if Kleene is okay. But they don’t have time to completely check because Crow is still on the rampage. While inside Crow; Holy tells Kris to go check on his sister. He recalls a conversation he had with Kleene prior to Holy coming on board the ship; she and Hermit looking into the Atmos Day incident, and found out about Holy and her sister. Because of that, Kleene wants for Kris to treat her as he would everyone else on the ship- as Family. So he decides to stay behind and use his cybernetics to help Holy make her way through Crow, and let’s Laguna go and save Kleene. 

Meanwhile, in the core of Lendard; Homura grabs as Mom capsules as she can, and begins to take them back to the ship(not knowing what awaits her when she arrives). As the others stand around waiting for Hermit’s instructions; Rebecca notices that Pino has been awfully quiet. She was thinking about how Ziggy knew about Operation Planet Eater, and puts that together with what Weisz said about their being a traitor. She RealizesShe Was Ziggy’s Mole- Ziggy had hacked into her memory files and found out about the plan- much to everyone’s shock and Pino’s despair. 

They try to comfort her, but she asks that they not stop her from Going To Confront Ziggy. They try to talk her out of it, but she’s determined to go. In looking into her files; she found something important– something that she thinks will be crucial to defeating Ziggy. Speaking of– He’s whoopin’ Shiki’s @$$, even getting him dead in the face with a “Gravity Fist” and then right in his gut with “Ultimachina Impact!!” The resulting attack consumes Shiki in a ball of Gravity, as the boy tries to protect himself from the blast. 

Back inside Crow; Kris finds an opening that may lead to Crow’s power core. He sends Holy ahead. She maneuvers through the opening, leading to a strange room. In there; she finds someone that she wasn’t expecting to findCure Of The Oracion Seis Interstelar. And he’s sitting as if he was waiting for her to get there. Edens Zero Chapter 206 END!! Okay, I think we know what’s going on now- at least as it pertains to Crow. And maybe Pino and Ziggy, too……………… 


Fairly Easy To See What’s Going On With Crow: Cure is in control of a giant robot that he’s using to terrorize the Universe, while also acting as a member of Interstelar. WhyNo idea. And honestly, I probably shouldn’t just “assume” that’s the case; Mashima could through us some kind of curveball with Crow being Cure’s twin brother. And that’s still assuming that they’re Humans; they could honestly be Bots…….. that are twin brothers. And THAT’S assuming that it’s a Guy sitting there!! Okay, that last one might not just be speculation. You, uh……… you know how Mashima draws his women. Though that’s not to say that there haven’t been any exceptions to the rule. 

All of this is to say that it could either be Cure himself, with the one with the other Interstelar right now being the fake, or this is their twin. Or– secret option Number 3: Crow is a creation of Cure, controlled by a copy of him to be this “Terrifying Goliath” of a bot that terrorizes the Universe. And when he’s built up enough of a bad reputation that he becomes the most wanted and feared Galactica; he’ll take down Crow and become “The Hero Who Saved The Universe.” But those are really the only 3 options for this storyline. At least; the only 3 that I SEE that makes sense. 

As for the story with Pino………………… Alright. I have to say; I was expecting something related more to Hermit than anything- she’s been spacing out a little too much and acting different than usual, ever since her battle against Killer. This chapter does not debunk that idea, but it’s not what I expected. But it still makes sense. He is the one who built Pino; he would know all the security codes to access her files and other things. He could have been spying on them to whole time and planned a counter for everything; that might be why they were unable to find him for 3 years. 

But then there’s what Pino said about accessing something that would be “key” in defeating Ziggy. I THINK that it’s some kind of “Factory Reset” code- something that Ziggy implemented into Pino when he built her. Like Shiki said: Ziggy must have known that he would go crazy- be it the evil part that’s the “Real Ziggy,” or the Good side. So he would have likely input some kind of “reset” function in himself- be it a button that only Pino is aware of, or a code that only she has- to counter the Crazy one. But why Pino in specific? 

I think something like that goes back to why Pino was created, and possibly her EMP. Perhaps the EMP was implemented so that Ziggy would be stalled long enough for her to input the Reset code or whatever. He could have made Pino specifically to stop him something like this were to ever happen, and gave her the specific means to stop him. A very simple idea, but an effective one when you think about it. 

Other than those 2; it was a pretty decent chapter. I’ve made it clear that I’m not all too into this arc, but it has its moments. Plus I just wanted to talk about this series, because I enjoy it. I like what Kris is doing for Kleene(and Shiki); it shows his love for his sister and his character development since joining the crew. I also like seeing him use his cybernetics a little more often. he may not like how he got them, but he’s d@mn sure not gonna let it go to waste! With them, he can fight without using his Ether gear, and maybe he can send his hands to do sh!t behind the enemy’s back? Like a Wind attack? He’s just a pretty cool character; I hope he gets more shine in the future. 


……………… Like I said; this series is just easier and somehow quicker for me to review than the rest. I guess because it’s not quite so long, or maybe because I’ve been reviewing it since chapter 4 on FacebookI guess I just know what I’m doing with this one than any other series. That, and Mashima makes his series fairly easy to talk about. I might actually be able to give a full summary of his Hero’s spin off manga and not mess anything up. 

Whatever the case may be; that’s all that I got for the lot of ya today, boys and girls. Let me know your own thoughts in the comments. Until the next post, duckies; Have A Magically Wonderful Day. By~~~~e!!! 

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