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Disastrous Date #2. Chainsaw Man Chapter 119 BREAKDOWN

My brother showed me this song some months ago- “Mixed Messages.” Catchy song; all about a guy sending a girl different signals- from sending the first text and then not replying to her for several days, to calling her pretty- and proceeding to punch her dad in the d!ck. How he learns that these are things, I will never know. But I know that it applies to this week’s chapter of “Chainsaw Man.” ‘Cause Asa’s f*ckin’ with our boys head. Heck, she’s kind of messing with my head right now. She couldn’t have fallen THIS hard for Denji so soon, right? I know you felt like you were about to die and all, and it was like a miracle that you got out of there, but……….. seriouslyYou’re already THIS MUCH of a Tsundere? Oh well, that behavior is about to be cease. Chainsaw Man Chapter 119: “Thief.” That’ll make more sense next chapter……………


LAST TIME: Asa- believing Denji doesn’t like her in the same way- decides to try a little bit harder to make him fall for her. As such. she demands that their NEXT date be conducted at Denji’s House. He freaks out, and warns her that she has to follow ALL of their Houses rules- or she will Die. Cut to the present; Denji is about to open the door, when he remembers the first Rule: “Don’t Open Any other Door On This Building.” Asa tells him that that’s just common sense, but he’s still wary. They enter, she looks around a bit, and they start watching movies. 

She looks around a bit more, seeing a chart for meals and……… Farts for the month of MarchRule #2: “Don’t Open The Fridge.” That’s ALSO common sense. But Rule 3 is The BIG one. Right now, Nayuta is out walking the dogs. But she’ll be home soon. And she- as described by Denji- as a “Problem Child With An Extreme Personality.” So no matter what– under ANY circumstance- to make out in front of her. And that just makes Asa flustered. She’s all like “That is NOT why I came over here!!’ And Denji’s all “One thing might lead to another and……….” And she just cuts that sh!t off REAL QUICK by saying “I don’t like you at all!! In fact- I HATE You!!” And she plays off this whole date as a “distraction” for her personal stuff. She warns Denji that she has her own sets of rules to follow, so Denji probably shouldn’t get closer to her. 

And now Denji’s whole life is thrown for a loop. He assumed that she at least 90% liked him, but……… he guesses that’s not the case. He begins to think back to a time when someone told him he smells like Wet Dog. He had taken it as a compliment, but it’s begun to take on a new meaning. “Maybe I shouldn’t sleep with the dogs” he thinks, but he doesn’t think dogs smell. So he turns to ask Asa- who ended up switching with yoru and now their making out. While doing so, Yoru tries the Denji Spinal Cord Sword again- to no avail. But she manages to incur Nayuta’s Wrath. The girl walks through the door with the Dogs chained to her hips, and catches them sweating. Yoru has been labeled a “Thief,” and Nayuta starts summoning more chains. Chainsaw Man Chapter 119 END!! Well THAT Escalated Quickly. 


You know what I like about this series the MOSTIt easy to make into a post- especially when it’s just 1 chapter. Seriously, this series doesn’t have a lot of content to talk about. The only real things I can talk about is Asa and Nayuta’s Mindsets. Asa’s is very clear, but Nayuta…………. actually, that’s not as difficult to figure out. We learned at the end of Part 1 that the Control Devil always wanted something like a “Family-” someone that loved her without being commanded to. Makima wanted that to be Chainsaw Man-  Kishibe made Denji that family. And as established by Makima herself in chapter 84, the Control Devil has enough power to remember some of the Devils eaten by the Chainsaw. Not all of them, but some. She remembers that feeling. 

And now that she HAS that family- even if it’s just Denji, the Huskies, and herself- she’s not libel let that go. And then comes a girl like Asa; someone who she sees as a threat- someone who could EASILY take her Big Brother away from her and push her out of his life altogether. Or just take some of his attention away from her. She’s Going To KILL Asa when she gets the opportunity. Especially when she figures out Asa’s dirty little secret. That’ll be the PERFECT excuse she needs to off them! All of this and she only accused her of being a “Thief.” But I mean……….. How ELSE Am I Supposed To Take It? The first 2 rules problem exits to make sure no thieves make it past the front door

As for Asa…………….. She Likes Denji. That much is clear. But she also knows that having Friends- let alone a Boyfriend– at this point will just be putting more people in danger. And she- for the most part– is a good person. We’ll see where she ends up by the end of part 2. But as it stands, she doesn’t want to hurt anyone. But as long as Yoru is with her, she’ll always be this “magnet for trouble.” That’s how she’s currently thinking. But Denji has been marked by them to turn into a Weapon. So- deep down in her subconscious; so deep that even Yoru doesn’t even realize it- she’s pushing Denji away so that he won’t have to become a Weapon. That’s what I’m making of the situation, anyway. But I think this part of the story is going to be the moment where Denji and Asa figure everything out. And Denji being Denji; he’ll think it the perfect chance to score “Brownie Points.” 

Tell me? What in Denji’s mind would be “Cooler” in the eyes of a girl than “Saving Her From The Devil In her Mind?” He’s going to want to save Asa from Yoru. But because this is “Chainsaw Man,” it’s not going to end up how he thinks- it’ll probably make everything worse. I want to say that Denji would use more of his Chainsaw Man powers and try to eat that last bit of Yoru, but that would make Asa forget all about her. And I feel like that can’t happen because the Memory of Yoru is needed for Asa’s development. What I picture happening going forward: Asa……….. doesn’t want Yoru to Die; just not be in her body anymore. But Denji going out of his way to Kill Yoru in front of Asa would………… show her the Bad side of the “Hero of H#ll.” Maybe not a legit “Revenge” story, but more like “Chainsaw Man is Just A murderer and I’m gonna stop him.” Something to that effect. 

Honestly, everything past what I said with Nayuta was ad libbed. I just didn’t want this section to be 2 paragraphs. I just hope they learn each other’s secrets soon, ’cause you can only get in like 1 more date before people start to get tired of it. But other than that; the stuff with Nayuta took up most of my mental power. Things to considering going into the Battle Portion of this Date: Yoshida and Haruka Iseumi are probably lurking about, along with Fami. All these characters on 1 place. I wonder if the Second Chainsaw Man is gonna make his move? 


Yeah, that’s about all I got. Let me know in the comments if you guys think I nailed it. Wow, I don’t even really have any closing thoughts. I LIKED the chapter, I know that much; Yoru putting the “moves” on Denji like that sure floored me. I also like the little detail of Yoru trying to make him into a Spinal Cord sword again. Other than that, though, I really have nothing. And my computer needs to charge and I still have to add in the images. Busy Busy BUSY. Later. 

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