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WHAT IF Goku Married Suno Redux PROLOGUE


Hey, guys. ‘Member these? I used to do these once a week back when I started my first site. Back then, I was committed to finishing 1 before I moved on to another one- 1 part to not overload myself with content and the other stemming from my love of MasakoX’ “What If’s” on his channel. Love em- especially some of the earlier ones– but I wished that he would finish them before he moved on to another one. Then I got tired of that- I wanted to do more “What If’s” and branch out beyond “Dragon Ball.” Specifically into “My Hero Academia.” Then that REVEAL happened, making any “Izuku With A Quirk” or “XYZ Anime Character The Protagonist” MUTE. My brother hated that reveal. 

At some point, I got tired and decided that these “What If’s” would be a “When I Can Get To It” type of thing. Back then, I wasn’t really doing much of anything with life; didn’t have a job and was taking online classes…….. that fell through. I had a lot of “Time” on my hands for “What If’s,” amongst other things like Seasonal Reviews for shows and Manga Recommendations. I don’t have all of that anymore- or not as much I as would want or need to properly convey everything that I think of a particular series. I don’t even have the time to get into other manga as much as I used to. It’s only recently that I was able to catch back up to Kaiju No 8, and I’m taking my time catching up with Gachiakuta. Between this, my erratic work schedule that could one week give me 5 full days off and the next give me only 2, and my current push to drive- I don’t get that much time for these “Other” posts like I used to anymore. So I just really haven’t been doing much of anything. 

As a result, I never got to talk about the end of series like Dr Stone and Fire Force- 2 series that I was able to make Season 1 Reviews for, but not for Season 2- and not the endings. I tried like h#ll to make em, though; tried to tie them together in one post and talk about the shortening length of manga these days. That fell through. Gave up on it. and just never ended up talking about those series again. Come to today: My brother’s and I don’t really watch all this stuff together anymore- we’re all doing our own things. I mostly end up working Weekends; Ajay’s got his webtoon to work on(and he’s about to Graduate High School); and Malik is just watching one series after another by himself. Meanwhile, I haven’t watched much of anything. 

Ajay’s getting into Bleach and Malik recently finished YuYu Hakushou. I’m behind on the One Piece anime. Watched enough clips of Blue Lock that would make you THINK I’ve seen the series, but I really don’t know ANYTHING beyond chapter……. 3? I tried to read it back when the anime was announced, but, uh……… didn’t pan out for one reason or another. Heck, it’s only recently that I’ve gotten to see the Edens Zero anime!!! You get the picture: I haven’t been as into anime as I used to. All of this, and I never talked about what happened with the “What Ifs.” That alone is telling. 

They just kinda…….. fell towards the way side. I had honestly forgotten most of what I was doing when- out of F*CKING NOWHERE- someone emailed me that they had enjoyed my “Goku X Suno” series. I did NOT think that anyone was reading these; I was doing these more for myself than anyone else!! That shocked me. So I figured “Might As Well- If One Person liked it, then maybe there are other people that are gonna like it, now that I have some sort of audience building.” So I’m going to bring this one back. And if it does well, then……… maybe I’ll do a few more. I kind of have some regrets with my very First series. But I’m sticking by what I said: This series will be very erratic with its releases- I promise no sort of schedule this time around! It could be a few days to a week apart- could be months. KNOW THAT GOING FORWARD. Now……… let’s try this again……..

Prologue: The Invasion of Muscle Tower And The Beginning Of Intrigue 

It’s been a while- I forgot where I was at, where I was going, or what I was doing. So let’s just start this all over again. The story goes around the same as it did when Goku arrived Jingle Village in chapter 56 of the this 519 Chapter story. Not really much of a change: Goku loses the Nimbus cloud against Colonel Silver and takes one of their planes to the nearest location of the Dragon Ball. Plane Crashes, and we see his frozen, lifeless body being dragged through the snow by a Red-Haired village girl named “Suno.” She takes him home and warms him up and everything, and he learns about what Muscle Tower is doing to this town in pursuit of the Dragon ball. So Goku decides to go whoop some @$$. Just to make sure this we know that this is the “Endgame Ship,” I’ll include a moment where Suno is looking at the unconscious Goku and call him “Cute” or whatever. 

Goku wakes up and learns of the situation in Jingle Village, just as in the original. But this time- when Goku says he’s going to go save the Mayor and defeat the forces of Muscle Tower- she looks at him with a “shine;” his offer to save the Village gives her hope. Hope that she immediately squashes to avoid disappointment, but hope all the same. Red Ribbon Soldier come looking for him because of the Dragon Ball, and naturally Goku swoops into action. In THIS version of events: Suno is taken hostage by one of them- threatening her life he doesn’t hand over the Dragon Balls. But this is Goku we’re talking about so he saves her before he can even properly pull the trigger. She falls, but Goku offers to help her back up, and she starts to becomes more “interested” in the boy. From there, the arc plays out very much the same, except that Suno is more concerned with Goku’s Wellbeing more than anything else. I mean, she is concerned for her town and her people, but Goku is the first thing that comes to her mind. 

Goku succeeds and comes home with Either and the Mayor. Goku stays the night before going out again to look for his Grandpa’s 4 Star ball, and Eighter stays in Suno’s house for the night as well. She finds herself looking at Goku as he’s getting changed into PJ’sIn their talking, Goku learns that the Radar broke while he was in Muscle Tower, so he’ll have to get it repaired. But as soon as Suno hears that he’s going to see the woman who made the radar, she starts to get a little jealous- though she’s not entirely sure why.

Later that night, after Goku falls asleep; she calls out to Eighter, asking him what he thinks these feelings are. He’s a machine, so he doesn’t entirely understand, but she says that she kind of wants to stay by Goku’s side. Eigher tells her to follow her heart if that’s what she wants, and she decides to Follow Goku In His Quest For The Dragon Balls. Eighter is floored, but understands. Though he admits it might be a bit lonely without his first real friends here with him. Suno offers to bring him with them, but he doesn’t want to have anymore interactions with the Red Ribbon Army. And she hasn’t even asked Goku if she can go yet- let alone her parents. I didn’t forget about them in all of this. 

Come to the next day; it’s time for Goku to say Goodbye. Suno arrives late, bringing a bunch of supplies for the long trip. When asked why, everyone is shocked to hear that she wants to go with Goku. Goku doesn’t mind; “it’ll be less lonely with a friend tagging along!” Meanwhile, her parents are resistant to the idea of her, thinking the Red Ribbon Army will be after Goku and thus putting Suno in danger- thinking back to what happened yesterday. But seeing her determination, they finally start to get what’s going on. Her dad “Dad Talks” Goku, but he doesn’t get it fully and just says “Uh…. Alright.” But that still leaves the question of HOW ARE THEY GONNA GET TO WEST CITY?! Goku thinks the Nimbus cloud was destroyed in his confrontation with Colonel Silver, but one of the Townspeople tell him that it’s probably regenerated by now. So he calls out for it and- low and behold- it arrives. 

Goku asks Suno if she can ride on a Nimbus cloud, considering the conditions to ride it(a pure heart). She hops on, and she doesn’t fall through. They’re good to go. But Suno ends up leaving all the supplies she packed. But they’re off to West City either way- Suno clinging tightly to Goku as they fly at rapid speeds. And blushing all the while. A Roller Coaster Of Emotions Begin!!


…………….. Not bad. Maybe a little scattered and unfocused, but not the worst thing that I’ve ever churred out. You should have seen some of my WHAT IF’s leading up to when I stopped doing them; it was barely content! Had I kept going the way I was, then this series would have like 50 PARTS before we even got to Z content!! Ugh……… I’ll work on it; the next part won’t be out soon, but I’ll be working on it as much as I can. Don’t…….. Don’t Expect a lot of images for this one; you’re lucky I’m even gonna try with the Featured Images. I don’t have art skills, let alone something to draw on. And I don’t have an artist to help me with this. 

Do I have any more closing thoughts…….? I don’t think so. I hope you all enjoy my second attempt at this scenario! I do have an Idea of where this all is going- at least where Gohan and Goten are concerned. And where those changes lead from there is probably gonna be cool. Sh!t, I HOPE so. Let me know what you guys think in the comments. Til next time!! 

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