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A Fated Meeting And Family Drama! Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 90 BREAKDOWN

Which one is more important, I wonder? On the one hand; you have Guinevere meeting with Arthur at last, but on the other…….. Percival’s family drama just got worse. Ironside’s gonna do all he can to keep the 2 of them from ever meeting, but……. he can’t stop it, based on what Guin’s just said. Though all of this makes me excited for what’s to come in the future of the story; Suzuki’s doing a pretty good job to make this story “Grandeous” in scale and content- some much so that I feel like he’s putting all his ideas in this series and then stops being a mangaka for a minute. Maybe not fully quit, but take a long hiatus. And he wants to go out on the Highest Note That He Can Think Of. I’m so glad my brother’s introduced me to this series. I just wish it stayed at the level that even “Revival Of The Commandments” was at with the anime. What happened to the anime was awful. 

Let’s just get into it- I need a “pick-me-up” right now. Four Knights Of The Apocalyspe Chapter 90: “The Bride’s Welcoming.” And what a “Welcoming” she gets………


Meliodas and Elizabeth watch as the kids set off to search for another way into Camelot. When they can no longer see them, Meliodas expresses his concern about sending his only son on such a dangerous journey. He’s also a little upset that Tristan seems to hate him right now, but Elizabeth assures him that Tristan really admires him. And as the “Son of The Heroic Meliodas of The Seven Deadly Sins,” he’s tough enough to take care of himself. Though something is still nagging at the King’s back…….. the information that Lance gave him before they left: Cameliard’s Princess Has Been Taken By The Enemy. And her power of prediction surpasses even Barta’s. Something bad is about to happen…………..

Camelot: Guin and Ironside arrive in Arthur’s “Eternal Kingdom.” The landscape is……… Fantastical. But Guin isn’t the least bit interested; she just wants to get this part over with. She decides to go to Arthur’s Castle on her own, but Ironside refuses to let her go about by herself. So she gives him a prophecy that stops him dead in his tracks: “In Your Final Moments- You’ll Be In Your Dearest Son’s Arms, Weeping And Frothing Blood……..” She sets off to the Eternal Castle by herself. 

She comes to the Castle gate and says the Encantation to go to the top part of the castle- where she finds Arthur and Merlin in a……… Weird Lookin’ Position. They break way from each other, and Guin and Arthur lock eyes. Arthur realizes who this is, and begins to summon the “Power of Chaos.” Elsewhere; Ironside moves through a field of flowers towards a house- still jaded by Guin’s prophecy. He begins to chant the Chaos Knights oath as he enters: 

Wretched Knights Of Prophecy, Four Who Bring Calamity- Should The Bell Ever Toll….. For When You Stalk The Kingdom Of Phantasms And Secrets, Bearing Your Wicked Fangs And Souls; With Swords And Shields In Hands, We Face You Upon This Land- The Knights Of Chaos Who Serves King Arthur.

He removes his armor, cricks his neck, and yells “I’m home!” A boy comes running- despite the fact that it’s not good for his body. Being here in Camelot is doing much to heal him, but the Four Knights Of The Apocalypse stand to destroy the Kingdom. Ironside vows for his wifes sake to protect him- Diodra, His “Beloved Son.” Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 90 END!! Oh…….. So that’s how it is………


Now why’d she have to go and say that? And she phrased it so vaguely, too- she’s either telling him that he will be killed in front of Diodra, or that Diodra- his clearly Favorite child– will be the one who kills him. Oh, and– Percival Has A Brother. You know he’d probably be excited to here that? Meanwhile, I imagine that Ironside hadn’t mention Percival to Diodra even once. And if he has, then it was probably referring to him being a Knight of Prophecy. All of this to say that Diodra pro~bably Hates Percival. Which will suck. Though it has me thinking……….. If Percival’s power converts People’s hopes into power, then……… could his power also run off of Hatred. I’m LITERALLY just thinking of a way for this kid to fight on his own. ‘Cause as it stands, he’s really only good in large groups- physical strength not included. 

What I’m thinking is that- should they find an alternate route into Camelot- Percival and the other Knights of the Apocalypse will be surrounded by more Hate than “Hope.” In which case, maybe a power up for Percival will be learning to fuel himself with other emotions- converting Camelot’s hatred for Percival into his power, and using it to defeat Arthur. “Because they couldn’t suppress their hate, they lost everything.” Something “Poetic” like that. 

Anyway: Diodra. Since the spoilers came out on like Tuesday, there’s been something about his eyes that’s been stuck in my mind- something about the way that they were drawn. It struck me as a little familiar to me. They almost looked like Elizabeth’s when she’s not using her Goddess powers, as if he’s part of the Goddess clan but not using his powers right now. Especially seeing her eyes in this chapter- that extra “tail(?)” coming off of the pupil, something that we aren’t seeing in any other character in this chapter aside from Diodra. So perhaps Diodra is a member of the Goddess clan like Elizabeth- and it may indicate that Percival is of that blood, too. But there’s a few things that we need to consider. 

This is one of the posts that I’m writing over the course of multiple days; I’m seeing potential theories for where Suzuki goes with the story. And one theory poses the idea that “Diodra” is Ironside’s image of his son- an imaginary creation by Arthur and Camelot created after Varghese took Percy. And the reason that Ironside has no care for Percival is because that “Love For His Son” has been replaced; Percival is just a reminded of what he lost in the past- something that Arthur promised the people of Liones that he would bring back. As such, to prevent himself from facing that pain; he tries to kill Percival every time he sees him. No evidence to suggest that that’s NOT the case- it’s a sound theory, based on what we’ve seen. But for the sake of conversation, I’ll continue with another idea. 

The idea that they are Half brothers- same dad, but different mom’s. Perhaps Percival’s mom was a human and his Magic really is just THAT amazing, while Diodra’s mom is a Goddes, and Camelot is somewhat rejecting him, causing his sickness. That would raise a lot of questions about while a Chaos Knight from the racist Camelot would ever come across a Goddess, let along how he ended up falling for one so deeply as to have a son with them- but it’s just and idea. Or to combine the 2 ideas: Percival’s Mom is a Goddess, and Varghese took him when Arthur gave orders to have the boy executed. So Camelot created Diodra in Ironside’s image, giving him her mother’s eyes instead of his. Something like that. 

…………. Okay…….. I guess I HAVE to, huhGuin is 12(Based on her statement in chapter 59). Arthur is 32. And he’s calling this this 12 year old girl his Bride. When she’s 18- He Will Be 40. What happened, Suzuki? I saw a joke on my Twitter timeline: “If I Had A Nickel For Every Time That Suzuki Made A Character A Pedo- I’d Have 2 Nickels. Which is much; it’s just weird that it happened TWICE.” Or “When the Anime covers this content- It’s Over.” You know, because of Cancel Culture. I don’t want this series canceled- I do still enjoy it. But………… I agree that he needs to back the f*ck up with this sh!t. No, I mean that- he needs to calm down. That’s that kind of sh!t that made VIZ Media remove Ayakashi Triangle from their main site and refuse to translate a chapter. No more of this. 


With that being said, I think we’ll bring this post to a close, folks. Suzuki sensei- I love ya, but you need to do something about THAT. Let me know what you guys think in the comments, and until next time, all- Have A Magically Wonderful Day. Laters!! 

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