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Katsuki Bakugo: The End Of The Line. My Hero Academia Chapter 362 BREAKDOWN

………………… There were a Fair Many titles I came up with– many that would have told you EXACTLY what the big thing was for this chapter. But I chose this one because it conveys what we’re supposed to be focused on this week, and is kind of a…….. “nice way” for me to send off a cool character. Also a reference to a few reviews ago. It’s still a surprise to me, so I don’t know how to react or properly convey what I want to. I might be able to towards the end, but…… don’t……. don’t expect something “overly emotional.” Especially since I don’t think he’s all the way “gone.” My Hero Academia Chapter 362: “Light Fades To Rain.” Maybe……….


Picking up from the last chapter: Best Boy Tamaki combined various aspects of what he’s eaten to create a cannon to blast All For Destruction(Trademarked by my brother Ajay(check out his webtoon, SCP999)) with Nejire chan’s energy. He thinks back to everyone who’s ever told him he was good enough- to Fat Gum, Kirishima and Tetsutetsu, and Mirio- and how much those words of encouragement meant to him. And with their full support- he fires on all cylinders!! Vast Hybrid: PLASMA CANNON!!!!

The blast even pierces the barrier they set up, and extends for miles beyond that. But it does absolutely nothing to AFD; they didn’t even manage to put a new scratch on his body. When the dust reveals how little their attack did, he asks them why they thought that an attack like that would have worked against someone equal to or greater than Prime All Might. And out of the corner of his eye; he sees his target- Bakugo- coming towards him. The boy- battered, broken, and bloodied- is still determined to win this fight- for himself, and for Izuku. He blitz’ ahead, avoiding AFD’S “Right Finger Feint” and moving behind him at blinding speed.

This is due to Cluster’s “hidden” effect- an effect even Bakugo himself doesn’t know about. To make a long story short: his quirk allows him to detonate Nitroglycerin-like sweat from the palms of his hands. But using Cluster but such stress on the sweat glands in his hands that they couldn’t hold it all. As such; the sweat began looking for other outlets to come out of. The Result: Full Body Explosions. He’s make explosions from all around his body, allowing him to blitz and move around at High Speeds while avoiding AFD’s attacks. But he hasn’t noticed; his “will to win” is helping him “move on instinct” right now.

You already have, My Dear Murder God…….. You already have…………

However; he is feeling the backlash of the Full Body Explosions- it’s giving him incredible speed, but it’s also tearing his body apart from the inside. And it’s through feeling his body coming apart like this- in the midst of a Life-And-Death battle- he can’t help but realize: This Is Izuku In Any Fight That’s Ever Been In. So he wonders this is enough to finally put them on the same level- to help him “catch up” to his rival.

Meanwhile; All For Destruction is beginning to lose it fighting Bakugo- flashes of the 2nd One For All user flash in and out of his mind during the battle, and it’s making him “uneasy.” So he goes all in on trying to kill Bakugo. There’s a flash, and Bakugo meets with All Might’s Vestige in a blank space. He realizes what’s happening, and tells All Might something he never got to say: “I Always Wanted You To Sign This All Might Card For Me.” And he pulls out the card that he and Izuku got from one of them Hero Trading Card packs.

The the real world; his heart ends up getting punctured. That’s not good. The Big 3 and Mirko come to his rescue, but……………. the damage is done. The rain falls as the lights go out, and My Hero Academia Chapter 362 came to a Tragic END. Do. Not. Back Out On This, Horikoshi. I mean that sh!t, too. And again: Weekly Shonen Jump And Weekly Shonen Magazine Will Be On Break Next Week.

He’s GOTTA be gone……. right?


………….. I was kind of disappointed in this chapter. Because it didn’t showcase Tamaki in the best way, which is disappointing to me because he’s one of my favorite characters in the whole story. So for all of that preparation to go to waste just to further show us how strong All For Destruction is- it just felt so……. wasted. Like I invested all that time and speculation into how he went about crafting this cannon, and then it just went to Hype Up the Bad guy. Did we really need more of that? Because I’m starting to wonder what Izuku can really do when he gets here.

I know that the 2nd’s quirk is probably Super Duper Charged from being in One For All for all that time, but that’s a 1 Time Deal, dude- he can’t control it enough to use it again, and it’ll probably take the most strain on his body that any of these quirks- even One For All itself– has ever taken on him. I imagine that he’ll be next to done after that. What is the difference between that and what Tamaki just did? “It’s One For All powered, so it’ll work better?” Seriously?

And then his whole thing about being “As Strong As Prime All Might” or whatever. No, AFD- You’re thousands of times stronger than that Great big Oaf ever was. I’m honestly surprised that you’re holding him in such High regard; it’s like when Star said that her laser lance wasn’t enough because Endeavor’s flames weren’t. Like; What? You’re overselling these characters, and it’s not coming off well……….

But then…….. you have the Main part of the chapter: The Death of Of Katsuki Bakugo. I am definitely surprised and shook up by this. But I’m also a little skeptical of it. Not in that he’s “not really dead;” that would be awful. I promise you, if he pull’s something like “he hasn’t fully bled out” or “his sweat is healing him” or something just as stupid- That Will Be All For This Story. It will be cancelled- be it from Twitter, Insta., or the magazine out of fear for Horikoshi’s safety- the series will end with that chapter, leaving a story that’s never finished and ends on a Bad note. He cannot walk this back. But he can bring something to prominence.

You recall the events of the last “My Hero” movie, Heroes Rising. Yeah; that was the last “My Hero” movie. That was the last movie and you can’t tell me otherwise. Back to the point; Bakugo got One For All. It was only for a moment, and they introduced some……….. questionable mechanics to have it sink back up with the main story, but it happened. And as we know; one’s Vestige- their quirk’s dormant conscience and the quirk itself- is stored within One For All to build up power. What’s more; you retain their memories and they can even give you advice from the Vestige World. Are ya seein’ what I’m gettin’ at?

Force Ghost

I think that Bakugo’s Vestige will manifest within One For All, and he’ll help Izuku take advantage of all the weaknesses accumulated through this battle! Which capitalizes on one of the best aspects of the First War: The Build Up!! Every chapter saw every Hero and every Villain’s counter play a larger role later on, which all compounded on the end of that arc. Like everything that went on with Tomura in that arc. This battle allowed Bakugo’s vestige to learn about the “Right Finger Feint,” which is going to let Izuku take advantage of it, as well as whatever other vulnerable spots they’ve made in him!!

And then it also pays off Izuku’s little “notetaking” from the beginning of the story- it finally matters!! He probably knows how to use Bakugo’s quirk just as well as the man himself, and with One For All supercharging it- he’d be able to casually do what Bakugo did in the movie, not to mention probably use it just as creatively. And I would be so glad if Horikoshi tied all that back together. I’ve made it no secret that I’m a fan of Vocal Pineapple Academia’s theory that One For All had the “All For One” quirk within it. Because I felt like that could be the pay off to Izuku’s almost compulsive note taking; he’s found other applications for EVERYONE’S qurik, and now has the ability to take and give said quirks as needed!!

This Serves No Purpose Now.

It also fits into the idea of Izuku being quirkless: “The Boy Born Without A Quirk Can Now Freely Take And Give Quirks.” But if that’s not what Horikoshi is going for– it was just a fan theory- then what the h#ll was the point in that? To show us that he’d “a nerd just like you and me, looking for other facets of these character’s abilities?” POINT MADE– what else ya got?!…………….. I’m……. being overly defensive of a Fan Theory, aren’t I? Sorry about that…………………….


On that note; I think I’ll end this one here, boys and girls. Sorry about that, but I’m genuinely curious if that point is ever gonna have any sort of meaning beyond characterization. You hear people defending Izuku’s lack of training before hand being “he trained his mind,” but in all honesty- No. He didn’t train at all; that “Quirk Application” thing serves no purpose to him unless he can somehow gain access to those very quirks; it just……….. it sucks, man.

………………….. Ranting about Izuku in a Bakugo chapter? Fitting. Farewell, Katsuki Bakugo- you hot headed Sonuva B!tch*Pours Water All Over His Grandmother’s hard Wood floor*. You fought hard right to the end, and never broke character. Where most rivals would have folded- You Rose to the challenge. Rest well, ya sweaty b@stard………

That card had better be signed and on his f*cking tombstone, Small Might……..

That’s all I got for the lot of ya today, my duckies. Until next we meet, Party People- Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, and Have A Fantastically Wonderful Rest Of Your Day. By~~~~~e!!!!

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  1. It’s a bold move if Horikoshi actually killed Bakugo, but I’m still not 100% convinced. Story wise, I think it’s a good decision if he died.

  2. It’s a bold move if Horikoshi actually killed Bakugo, but I’m still not 100% convinced. Story wise, I think it’s a good decision if he died.

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