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Different Universe- Same Outcome. Edens Zero Chapter 222 BREAKDOWN

Hey, guys. I don’t really know how to open this post, if I’m to be honest. It was kind of difficult coming up with a title for this post, honestly. Firstly, I had a few drafts in the bank that I needed to get rid of. So this is taking over a One Piece post that……… I could never figure out how to make. As a result, I just deleted that stuff and now I’m making a new post over it. Then you have the actual Chapter. 1)Thank You, Mashima and 2)The changes are already starting to show. And as Rachel told us before we came to Universe 0: “Those Changes Become The ‘Reality’ Of The Multiverse.” And without Rebecca’s “Cat leaper,” they only get one chance to get everything right. This won’t easy. But if anyone can do it- Shiki can. The Crew Of Edens can! Edens Zero Chapter 222: “A Happy World.” For the most part, anyway………


Following up from the last chapter: Shiki and Rebecca(and Happy)- having regained their memories from the other Universes- sit down at Mithra’s tavern. They admit that it feels a little weird for them right now; the memories they have from this world and the others are starting to “jumble up” in their minds. For example, Happy- remembering what happened in the previous Universes- is a bit confused. Because this Happy- is an Organic; a regular old Excede Cat! But that doesn’t matter now; it’s time to start the quest to save Mother. 

Shiki goes to meet with Castellan, who told Shiki not to go to the Castle. But Shiki tells him he can drop the act– he already knows how the story’s supposed to go. But when confronted with the truth that Shiki’s aware of, Castellan sits confused. In this World; Ziggy created a device that recycles the Ether used by Granbell’s machines, allowing them to continue to function for another Thousand years or so. And as for the Promise that was made; because of what Ziggy did for the Machines, there was no need to send Shiki to space before they ceased function. Rather, he just left them with something- for the day that Shiki decides to set off into Space: The Demon Kings Warship- Edens Zero.

The ship emerges from beneath the plaza in all its glory. With it, Shiki is able to leave for Outer Space. He thanks everyone for raising him- saying goodbye to them all and giving Michael a hug before they take off. Michael asks if he can go to, but Shiki tells him it’ll be dangerous. But he’ll be back. In space; the Nostalgia of being on the ship begins to set in- even though these versions haven’t been on the ship before. Even so, the plan is to get the crew back together- starting with Weisz. 

Though that brings to mind Rebecca’s standing with Professor Weisz Steiner; if Happy never got in an accident, then he never became a machine. But Rebecca says that the circumstances of their meeting was different, but the relationship ultimately ended up the same- as if History is “repairing” itself so that it hits the same general beats. Shiki doesn’t get it, but it sounds like a Good thing. He sits down in a chair, activating the Ships “Protocol: A7,” shifting Command of it over to Shiki. And thus awakening The Shield Of Edens- Witch Regret of The Demon King’s Four Shining Stars. All the memories flood back again- with Witch at the center. Overwhelmed with joyoy; the trio rush in and hug her, much to her confusion. Even so; Shiki gives her the command “Never Die Again.” Edens Zero Chapter 222 END!! Welcome back, O Mother Of Edens………….


Do you recall some of what Rachel told us before we came to Universe 0? “Whatever Happens In That World Will Overwrite The Other Universes.” Whatever happens in Universe 0- becomes the Reality of The Multiverse. Universe 0 Happy is an Organic again, and thus All Happy’s are now Organic. Or I guess, since the Universes are “Becoming One;” we only have the one Organic Happy. You get the point. Which kind of brings to the first thing I want to talk about: Rebecca And Happy Going Forward. ‘Cause Becky done lost “Cat Leaper” AND her main weapons. What can they do NOW

On the one hand; I’m not sure if Rebecca has lost “Cat Leaper” altogether, or just the ability to move through time. Because if she just lost the power to move through time, then she probably still has the insane speed she displayed in her fight with Nino. But if she has just lost “Cat Leaper” altogether, then there’s always what she said to Homura in chapter 29(had to go lookin’ for that one!) about getting Ether gear that helps her “Auto Aim.” Or, you know- do something with that blast she did in chapter 15Fina-FRE@KIN-lly. Eh; Mashima probably forgot he did that when he realized what he was doing with Rebecca’s powers. And as for Happy; it would be SO like Mashima do give Happy Wings. Ether Wings, of course- but wings all the same to help Rebecca maneuver around the battlefield and stuff. 

The Other Changes: Ziggy never left the ship with Elsie- he left it on Granbell. There’s a lot to unpack there. The first of which being the reason for him doing that. Which is pretty clear, thinking about it. In this world, when he and the Shining Star’s found Shiki; Ziggy’s ether reacted to Shiki and his memories came flooding back- such as who he was, who Shiki is and why he’s so important to the Universe, and probably everything leading up to that moment across the Multiverse. He knows what’s supposed to happen- having lived through it all as Shiki and causing some of it as Ziggy. Meaning he likely knew to leave it on Granbell because it was safer than leaving it with a Wanted Criminal like Elsie. I…… I imagine he may have tried to steer her in a different direction. Actually, that might not have even been a joke. 

Seeing how Elsie and Justice’s story ended up, he probably tried to steer her life in a different direction- starting with making sure she knows what she’s doing when it comes to stellar navigation and actually steering a ship. “Cause if you recall from chapter 104; the only reason she ended up as a Pirate was because she didn’t know what she was doing- she couldn’t steer the ship and ended up stealing from every port she came to. But in this world; he- having knowledge of what would happen if he just left her like that- 1)Took the Zero so it wouldn’t end up a Pirate Ship and 2)Made sure she had enough “smarts” to……… NOT have to resort to Piracy. 

Though that brings to mind what Universe 0 Elsie is doing now that she doesn’t have to safeguard the ship. Because of what Rebecca said, we know that somethings remain as “Constants-” even though happy never became a Machine, she still ended up meeting Professor Weisz, and even has the same sort of Grandpa/Granddaughter relationship with him. “Shiki Receives The Edens Zero And Sets Off To Find Mother-” Different Route, Same Result. All of This to sayThe War For The Mobius Probably Still Happened. The only thing that might have changed was how it got started; she may not have accidentally leaked it to an allied Kingdom- or she may have not even known what it was about this time. Maybe Justice started the war and took the Mobius for himself. Who’s to say

Though……… ALL OF THAT brings to mind something that I’m really excited to see in this Final Arc- The Final VillainEdens One. How does it come into play in Universe 0? On the one hand, you have what I said happened to Ziggy- regaining all of his memories when he finds Shiki. But if he regains his memory, then he knows “Do Not Make The Edens One.” Probably also part of the reason that he left the Zero on Granbell; he knew they wouldn’t get visitors any time before Shiki would set off into space, and probably had the Granbell Robots do regular maintenance checks to make sure everything went right- which is part of why he made the Ether Recycling Machine. He was prepared this time. But that seems like even MORE of a reason not to build One, a ship that he made as a “back up” in case something happened to Zero. There just seems like no point. But we know that One has to be here as the Final Villain of The Final Universe in the Final Act of the Story!! Where will One Come from? 

“History Has A Way Of Repairing Itself.” Meaning that some way, somehow- The Edens One Will be Here. It Is here. I don’t know if it has to be Ziggy in specific that has to build One, but the constant of “Edens One Will Try To Wipe Out Humanity” seems to be the thing. At best; I’m thinking that One ends up coming from Hook, the Planet the Muller destroyed in chapter 40. “Muller Will Destroy The Planet Hook,” but one of the Machines survives and ends up holding a grudge against Humanity because of it. Let’s say that Ziggy build One– this machine could have uploaded it’s consciousness to the ship and become the Enemy we’re supposed to be fighting now………….. or something? Mashima said he wants to use Muller one more time; maybe he’ll get a chance to in Universe 0- should he be involved in One’s creation. 

LasltyWitch is Back. I had heard that some fans are upset that her death was just “undone” like that. I see that, and I’m like: “……………. You know this is a different version of Witch, right?” Her death wasn’t “undone;” we’ve gone backwards to a point when she was alive! This isn’t the Witch that sacrificed herself in chapter 166– this is the Witch of Universe 0, who hasn’t gotten to that point. We may get up to that point again, but now knowing what’s awaiting them; Shiki knows better than to take forever deciding whether to stay and die, or leave and live. He knows better now; he can change that event so that no one has to die. “Shiki Will Need To Make A Choice At The End Of The Aoi War,” but Witch’s death might not be the constant here. That can be changed. Especially if Shiki “pulls out her memories” like he did for Becky and Happy. Or maybe that was just a “Them” thing. 

When he pulled in the Dark Star’s memories; it’s not like they saw them- at least the way that Mashima portrayed it. He may well be able to make her remember based on what he did to Drakken in chapter 98. But it didn’t seem as though the Dark Star’s saw what memories that Shiki had managed to pull up; Wizard had no recollection of every meeting the Machine version of Witch, and he didn’t seem like he saw the memory of Human Witch, either. Who knows……… maybe I’m looking into it too much. 


WOW– That was a lot to unpack there. I don’t have much else to say about this chapter, but I feel like there’s more that I’m not looking at. Let me know what you guys think. Did I miss something that you wanted me to talk about? I’d love to know! Looks like we’re getting back on track after the mediocre Kaede War. Okay, not necessarily “Mediocre,” but subpar compared to what Mashima can do. I can only hope that this is closer to Belial Goer and the build up to it than Kaede War. But there’s always that chance. Until i can say for certain; that’s all I got for you all today. ‘Til the next post all- Stay Weird. 

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