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Asta And His Connection To Megicula- Black Clover THEORY

Hello, everyone out there in internet land!! It’s funny; this post originally started as a Follow up/ Addendum to my very first “Black Clover Theory” post about Asta’s future. Seeing how much was revealed in the story between that theory and now; I concluded that Asta and Liebe were created by the Gods of Fate to defeat Lucifero indefinitely, and Yuno was the original “Chosen One” made ages ago to defeat Lucifero, but died before he could kill Lucifero. Though looking at it closer; something like that would end up betraying the core point of the series: Asta is a product of Hard Work- rather than a “Prophesized Savior.” So him being created by “Fate” would undermine all of that. So I deleted that post.

That said; I still had a left over post to work with. And I came up with a brand new theory on the series that talks about Asta’s origins, and his potential connection to the Curse Devil Megicula. This theory is derived from Broku’s theory on Asta being a Devil-Human Hybrid, and how the resent revelation of Megicula’s powers tie into that idea. I have my own set of problems with the idea- and my brother has even moreso. But I can agree that Megicula’s spell may tell us a little bit more about Asta- as well as answering the question of who Asta’s father is. The answer may or may not shock you.

As you know; I like to present you with my line of thinking, and reveal the evidence around that. But since this is derived from someone else’s thoughts; it’s only proper that I should explain his thought process behind it. Such as why he thinks that Asta is a Devil-Human Hybrid. For one; he points out how Devil’s seem to have an immunity to Life Force- draining attacks- like Licita’s curse. Or when Zagreb brought out that goo from the Underworld; Asta did not have his life force stolen, whereas Yami admitted to having a portion of his taken when hit with it.

Licita’s curse stole mana and life force from all living things- even from a small snake that crept into her cottage. But when it came to a young Liebe- none of his life force was taken. And the fact that Devil’s are able to “die” means that they have “life” to steal. It could be that their concept of “life” might be a little bit different from Humans or Elves- but I would definitely believe that they’re immune to it considering they live in the Underworld. But going into the Megicula bits; we are reminded how Dorthy Unsworth told Charolette Roselei in a flashback in chapter 277 that “Megicula Is The Parent of All Curses” in this world. As such; the curse on Henry and Licita come from Megicula. We’ll bench the Henry bit for some post later in the future, but Licita’s is definitely very curious. Simply because of what Megicula told us in chapter 297: “By Cursing 3 Powerful Mages Of The Same Sex; Her Advent Can Begin.” Was Licita actually one of her original attempts?

Like; it’s entirely possible that Megicula Cursed Licita as one of her “original attempts-” or a a “spare” in case her original trio didn’t pan out. “The world is vast,” after all. We didn’t ever see her in combat; she could potentially be really powerful. Like a “Secret Bad @$$” that- much like Lolopechika- detests fighting and never developed offensive Magic. Or, going back to the “original attempt” thought; Licita could have been Megicula’s little “experiment-” seeing what kind of Curse would work, how long it would take, and how powerful her victims needed to be.

Something else that supports this idea is the fact that Megicula seems to be the type to “experiment,” as evidence in chapter 254 when she used “Decaying World” on Nero’s array. She said it “proved to be a good experiment.” She likes to test what she can do- partially to see what’s possible, but also to torture Humans. Even Megicula had to use “Trial And Error-” so the only question is: What was the “Error?” That’s The Simple Part: Liebe and Lucifero.

See, while Megicula was searching for women to curse; Lucifero was looking for a Devil to possess in the Human world. The unfortunate part of it is that Liebe was the closest Devil(and the weakest by far) that was in this world- and the only one that existed without being tied in a contract with a Human. As such; he was the literal PERFECT candidate to be Lucifero’s vessel. But……..well; YOU saw how that one went. So it was just an unfortunate circumstance that Liebe would end up being with Licita. Possibly something “fated” to happen to prevent Megicula from incarnating in this world at that point in time. Like; even Licita said that it was “like Fate that they found each other.” And because Liebe didn’t have Anti magic at the time; he was immune to the effects of Fate Magic just yet. More evidence to this even comes from Megicula herself: Lucifero didn’t know about the “Malevolent Femcarnation.” If he didn’t know about it; he wouldn’t have know that Megicula had planted a Curse on a few people to ensure her incarnation in the Human World.

All of this is ‘Well and Good’” I hear you all saying; “But what does this have to do with Asta and his being or not being a Half Devil?” And To YOU my dear reader: I’m getting to it. But the last thing that I want to talk about is something that everyone’s been wondering since Licita was introduced: Who Is Asta’s Father? Simply Put: Nobody. He is more than likely- much like Licita- a Commoner. I know I said that Licita is a “Secret Bad @$$(either just being a super strong commoner from the sticks like Yuno, or being an excommunicated Noble who became one because of her curse, which leads into……),” but what I’m trying to spin here is that Asta’s dad is just……..Normal. Not a Devil or and Elf, Dwarf, Giant, “Mana Itself” or anything like that. Asta is a full on Human………..with a little bit of a “catch” to him.

Now………..I need everyone in the audience to bare with me for a little bit. I’m going to explain what all of this has to do with Asta in a minute, but I’d like to propose a likely scenario: Licita was a normal woman- in love with and potentially married to a completely normal guy. Commoner; Ex-Noble because of the curse- Doesn’t Matter. They were in love, and she would up pregnant. Megicula- being a Devil- saw this as 2 things: 1)potential candidate for her “Malevolent Femcarnation” and 2)If that doesn’t pan out; she just got to torture a Human woman and her unborn child. Either way; she took it as an “absolute win.” In any case; she was cursed in the middle of the night. She woke up the next morning, and………Her lover’s dead. Everyone she asked to help- DEAD. Dead, Dead, Dead, Dead, DEAD AS A DOOR NAIL. So she eventually secludes herself in the forest- WAY OUT beyond even Hage. At some point; she gave birth to Asta, and left him at the church. The rest you know.

MY PREVAILING QUESTION(And more than likey yours): What In The H#ll Does All Of This Have To Do With Asta? Well; I bring you to one of Broku’s points in his theory videos: The idea that Devils are immune to having their life force stolen. Such as the point of the official release for chapter 268 tells us that Liebe is immune to having his life force stolen by Licita. Or how the goo Zagreb brought from the Underworld in chapter 202 seemed to be the “norm” there, but when it comes into the Human world- it drains peoples magic and life force. Something like that just casually exists in the Underworld without them succumbing to it’s effects, but it takes away life force here. Kind of suspicious, huh? And as a point towards the “Asta is a Devil” idea; there are 2 points:

  1. Asta- despite being inside of Licita for all 9 months, plus being around her for however long it took her to take him to Hage- he only had his mana stolen, preventing him from using Magic at all. But her curse steals LIFE, too. How did he survive a life draining curse like that as an magicless infant?
  2. One of the most recent chapters- chapter 298– Megicula revealed her ability to Turn Humans Into Devils.

That last piece of evidence alone should be enough for people to think that Asta might be part Devil. But I don’t think he is. However; I can’t deny that this point is rather critical to the story and this battle against the Devils. MY Thought is that Asta was unintentionally born with the Weg Magic Curse.

Now; my evidence for this is in line with what Julius said in chapter 216 with what he said about Weg: “Black Horns are proof that humans have ventured into the realm of the Forbidden magic and had dealings with the world beyond this one.” When he says this; we see the image of of one of Black Asta’s horns- it’s a Bull type horn. The very same one we see from Liebe. HOWEVER; Liebe only has those 2 Bull horns. But whenever Asta uses “Black Asta” post chapter 197; he has 2 different horns- the bull one and one on the top of hiss head next to his hair antenna. And when he goes into Devil Union; he has 4 horns- 2 bull from Liebe, and 2 on the top of his head. Why? Where did these extra horns come from? I used to just think it was part of Asta using Liebe’s Anti Magic and the “Weg” curse just turned you into a Monstrous Demon rather than a regular Devil. But the more that I think about it; the more I start to think that those horns do in fact mean something.

Looking at them closer; the horns atop his head in those forms do bare a resemblance to Megicula’s front horns- in the very same position, I might add. It could be possible that- by using Devil power- Asta has unknowingly brought out the “Weg Magic” left over from the curse Megicula put on his mother. Perhaps his unborn body absorbed some of the effects of Megicula’s curse, becoming a little “Devil-ish” to counter Licita stealing his life force. This being even more evident when you consider the fact that Asta says using the Devil power in chapter 216 “hurt him like crazy.” If he could handle that kind of power and still claim to be “fine,” then he more than likely has a little bit of resistance to it. There’s also his incredible physical strength- Devils being somewhat more resilient and durable as shown with those Mid Ranks in chapter 284. I think Asta’s physical strength is in part because of this Weg magic- making him physically stronger than most.

As for why Asta hasn’t undone the Weg curse on himself- it’s either because Anti magic can’t undo this particular curse because of the nature of how it was placed(an unintended consequence in the womb), or it could simply be because he doesn’t know about it. More than likely the second one. And interacting with Devil power brings out those horns for him.

I would also like to address a point that Broku also pointed out that we may need to discuss: Asta’s original magic type. He points out that Asta should hypothetically be able to use a version of the magic type he WOULD have had if he hadn’t had his mana stolen. He may still have Magic, but no mana to use it at all. And whenever Asta uses Devil Union; he gets the mysterious black orbs floating around him. He postulates that this is Asta’s original “Star” magic, siting points:

  • Asta’s name in the original one shot was “Asta Staria.”
  • His name in Greek and Old Norse dialect(I had thought he said “Arabic,” but I guess I was just watching TV at the same time and “Arab” came up at some point) means “Star”
  • His head band has a star-like shape on it

Now…………This is entirely possible. Asta having Star Magic depends on his parents, I would venture to guess. Licita’s magic allowed her to store away objects. We don’t know what his father’s was, but if we go by this logic- I’d say that he would have the ability of “Nuclear Fusion:” Taking in mana and converting it into a star power. He also tied this into a potential “Fate” because of Lucifero’s Gravity magic(Stars succumbing to Gravity to form Black Holes and all), but we’ll table that. Potentially; Asta is using a version of Star Magic with Devil Union- making it “Anti Star Magic.” That said; we also see in chapter 298 that changing someone into a Devil changes their magic- Lolopechika’s Water magic became Devil Water Magic. Maybe the reason why he’s able to access this magic is because of the Weg curse.

When Secre used Forbidden magic to seal away Zagreb in chapter 205– she grew out those horns. So using Devil power from Liebe brought out 1 horn at first and both in chapter 242– maybe using Devil Union brought out his original type, that being “Demon Star Magic.” And to further my point; I’d also like to point out in chapter 298 that Megicula said that she “Turned Lolopechika Into A Devil.Probably should have lead with that fact, huh? Well; “better late than never!”

But the thing is that she had to “alter” the curse she had already had Vanica place on her 6 months ago. I do not thing that she did this to Licita or by proxy Asta. But it does support the idea of Asta have some Devil extremities. It would mean that her potential curse had a bit of “Devil” in there already- tying into what I had layed out earlier with Asta “absorbing” some of that curse and getting the Weg curse.

To Simplify It All: Licita was cursed after getting pregnant to be steal the mana and life force of those around her. She was cursed to be one of Megicula’s “back up candidates” to help with her “Malevolent Femcarnation.” But she did not succumb to her curse and die at any point, and was not useful in that regard. However; the unborn Asta was infected with the Weg curse, making whatever magic he would have had “Demonized” and trained his mana continuously for 9 months- but he never had his life force stolen because he had Devil extremities like that. And his interaction with Liebe and Anti magic are bringing these extremities to the fore. Hopefully all of that makes sense.

I realize that somewhere down the line I may have “lost track of what I was saying.” But I can’t tell you where or why. Like; I’ve been working on this post for a few days- editing at every chance I got and coming up with new ideas and evidence as I wrote. But hey; I’m not perfect. I don’t think that Asta is half Devil- I feel like something like that would take away from his character being “A Nobody Trying To Become Someone Important.” Like; a hybrid of one of the Most Powerful Races In The Series would make him pretty special and important, now wouldn’t it? I highly doubt that Tabata plans on Asta being part Devil or anything- but you never know……..

But that’s all I got for all today!! I know this theory probably isn’t for everyone, but I think it makes sense. And I would like to hear all of your own thoughts and theories in the comments. Until the next post, my beloved readers- Stay safe; stay healthy; and have and Magically Wonderous Rest Of You Day!

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