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The Return Of Tomura Shigaraki. My Hero Academia Chapter 377 BREAKDOWN

Same As With “Black Clover-“ I didn’t do what I normal do this week. That said; I’ll tell you that I came up with the title when the leaks first came out. I didn’t want to make some sort of joke or gag or something; I just wanted to make sure that we all heard the Good News: The King Of Villains- Tomura Shigaraki- has finally made his way back into the story. Now I don’t think he alone can “save” the story- the damage is already done and we’re in like the 10th and a half hour of this story. Horikoshi can never fix what’s been broken. But this- Gives Me Hope. In an Ironic sort of way.

That being said- Not even the Biggest Part Of The Chapter. We don’t even really get to focus on it right now. We have like 86 other things going on, in addition to sh!t Horikoshi hasn’t even jumped back to. Calling this a “Final Arc” is a little generous with how long this sh!t is going. There’s no WAY we’ll get into 2024 before this series ends……… rightHe says knowing how long the 4th Great Shinobi War Lasted. Sorry; ruining a Joyous Occasion. My Hero Academia Chapter 377: “The Chain Thus Far.” Welcome Back, My King…….


We open this chapter on a narration over trees of Cherry Blossoms- the blossoms falling into someone’s hands:

As the Heroes Withered- The Villains Thrived. Due to the gap in power, achieving victory through standard tactics was as unlikely as grabbing hold of a thing, fleeting thread. Instead, the heroes strategized to divide their foes and claim the advantage. But a Raging Tempest…… Began To Blow.  

Getting in the chapter; we see a pack of Twices coming through a Warpgate with Present Mic. They end up on the platform with Monoma and the others. The Twice’s attack the 3 of them, getting Monoma to the ground and making. Him. Blink. And because of that interval; All For Destruction is able to Molt. An explosion occurs, shaking the UA Barrier so violently that it breaks. Mandalay gives warning that they’ve lost control of the flight system. Though that’s more due to Skeptic finally getting into their systems. Between that, the Twice’s invasion, and Monoma’s eyes being shut; they, uh……… They Are Up A CREEK. 

The “Deadliest Villain In History” emerges from the former Tomura Shigarki’s body, and asks Izuku “What If I told You it’s Me(Using The “Ore” pronoun) here now? What would you want to do? ‘Sit down for a chat at the mall?’ Ain’t Happening, hero. After all- AM Your Villain.” Tomura Shigaraki is back at the wheel, as the Second user appear to Deku to tell him that they can sense that All For One is having trouble keeping all 3 of them unified in there. If they’re to win this fight, then Izuku has to make himself move. But the nerd is starting to feel the effects of “Gear Shift:” If he doesn’t let his cells rest soon, then his body can’t get enough oxygen. Not to mention- being Izuku Midoriya– he’s thinking about everyone below the barrier keeping it afloat, making sure Kurogiri can’t help Tomura escape, and having to stop an Evolved Tomura Shigaraki that’s free to use his quirks. Oh Dear LORD that boy is F*cked……..

We cut back to Skeptic for the final part of the chapter, when he gets a message on his monitor. “Found ya!” says the voice. After all this time, Skeptic has finally revealed his location. And it’s all thanks to “Former Criminal Clip Uploader Villain:” La Brava. My Hero Academia Chapter 377 END!! Welcome back, My King…….. Oh, and you too, Gentle and La Brava. 


Tomura, Gentle, and La Brava have all returned to the series, people! I add Gentle because La Brava’s here, and her character is effectively an extension of Gentle’s. Wherever one is; the other is not far away. Gotta be careful how you word that line; take it all out of context and I’ll get cancelled. In any case; they’re back. We already know what Tomura’s about to do, so I’ll save that part for a little later. But what of Gentle? La Brava’s job is to hack Skeptic back and make sure the Villains can’t communicate. She also probably has to make sure their own systems are working. But as far as her main role; she’s about ruin Skeptic’s day.

No longer will the villains be able to locate each other, meaning All For One is going to have to reach Tomura the “Old Fashioned Way.” He’s gonna have to FLY there- Fast. He’s probably able to “sense” where Tomura and his Vestige self are, so locating isn’t really a problem; that would be Distance. He could always use “Mud Warp” to bring Tomura to him when he gets close enough, but 1)Will Tomura even want that to happen? and 2)Izuku. To focus on 2; he’s fast enough to hitch a ride with Tomura when it happens, meaning he’ll be there to “run interference” in whatever plan he has. On the one hand, that means that Izuku is alone and- thanks to “Gear Shifts” after effect- he’s so out of it that taking “One For All” should be easy. On the other: “Nothing Is Scarier Than A Cornered Hero.” He would be Pretty D@mn Cornered in that situation. Pushed to his limit, I imagine this would end much like the unseen battle with All Might- with All For One f*cked up. 

But I asked if Tomura would even want to go to where All For One is. You’d think he wouldn’t have a choice with “Mud Warp,” but……… He’s EVOLVED now. He’s been f*cking up the Heroes on raw Singularity- just throwing his flesh at them. And now he’s shed his old flesh and he’s got a new, stronger, tougher body- quirks and all. Who’s to say he doesn’t have some kind of quirk in there that’s “evolved” to the point where he can just…….. Cancel the Warp? Or heck, maybe he’s able to resist it on Raw Physical strength alone! I really want to see what this guy can do now that he’s free. 

…………… This is harder than I thought. I’m kind of running out of things to say about Tomura’s return. It’s such a small part of the chapter but I’m so excited that he’s finally returned! The only other thing that I wanted to talk about is a bit of a Negative. That being what All For One plans to do to Tomura now. What CAN he do? 

It’s like; he says that there’s still something preventing the bodies “completion,” but……… WHAT THE H#LL IS IT? And didn’t All For Destruction- the merged Tomura/All For One- tell Bakugo some chapters ago that his body is now complete and was simply “feeling out what form it needs to take” with its Singularity? Or was he just talking out of his @$$? It’s the same problem the writing staff for Dragon Ball Super seems to be running into with Goku: They’ve made him so powerful that they’re running out of ways to……… “Up The Scale.” For Dragon Ball– as Geekdom101 points out in a livestream: “Goku is already perfect.” They introduced “True Ultra Instinct” because Goku’s Mastered Ultra Instinct wasn’t enough to help him when, and he needed to grow. And artificial problem was introduced in that even though Goku has Mastered it, he still has to do…….. something, I don’t know. And that’s what’s happening here. 

Horikoshi is trying to make Tomura stronger and stronger, but………. He’s already the strongest. What the h#ll else needs to be done to make him Stronger HE JUST F*CKING MOLTED!!! You can say that he’s gonna help his Vestige take the body back, but…….. How? I said a few posts ago that using Eri’s blood may have given him back his original quirk via “rewinding” his body to ages where he would have “All For One” the quirk, so MAYBE he can get into the Vestige World now, and just needs to be in closer proximity to do something, but……… That’s really just a guess. If he doesn’t have the original and still has the copy, then……… What? As Mammoth Base Opera Castle pointed out in the comments on my 376 post that the theory that All For One will give Tomura the copy “All For One” quirk is somewhat flawed at this point. 

Tomura was awakened at 75% during the initial war, thus not having the full power of “All For One-” he doesn’t have a lot of the quirks that were in there. That, or his body wasn’t ready, which is why he fell apart when he got his quirks back back then. Thus, the theory was that All For One would give him the copy to make up for the quirks that were lost. At least, that’s how I’ve been interpreting the theory. Maybe his body wasn’t properly finished back then and that’s why he couldn’t take it. So what the f*ck is left at this point?- We’re right back to where we started! I don’t know; something just seems off right now…….

Gentle and La Brava, though, have much cleared roles in the story right now. La Brava is to hack back at Skeptic, taking back teh satellite he stole and shutting off Villain Communications. Like the thing going on at the UA Shelter from 363 that we all forgot about? And as for Gentle………..  He’s about to catch UA, isn’t he? It’s falling out of the sky……. La Brava is here……. He wants to be a Hero…….he’s been shown to be able to turn air into rubber……….. La brava can give him a power up………. No questions are had for what these 2 are doing here? And the why is probably more just to 1)”Atone What They’ve Done” and 2)Part of their Probation. Vocal has this theory that the “1 time Skeptic failed Re-Destro” that he mentioned back in the Villian aca arc had to do with La Brava hacking the Former Liberation army’s systems and beating Skeptic in a “Hacking Battle,” getting information on them. Eh, maybe. But I’m not as interesting in that part. 


Okay, I’m done. That’s all I got for this post, everyone. Kind a short, but I think I’ve given you enough to think about. I’m so glad to have Tomura back. Heck, maybe he’ll turn against All For One and kill him, taking back his place is Central Antagonist and get everything back to normal! In your DREAMS, Jalen. But………. maybe. Let me know what you guys think in the comments. And until next we meet- Remember to Stay Weird, everyone. 

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Comments (2) on “The Return Of Tomura Shigaraki. My Hero Academia Chapter 377 BREAKDOWN”

  1. Not sure if Gentle is strong enough to save U.A. but someone has to do and I don’t think it’ll be Deku. He really doesn’t have time. Maybe Monoma can warp everyone away in time.

    1. He ran out of time on “Wargate,” right? An Evolution that allows him to access copied quirks? That’d be super useful fighting Tomura, considering how many he would have access to. Though……. that would make him a pretty big target. Especially since one of his copied quirks was One For All(no power). He could use “All For One” to swipe the Copy quirk and all of it’s abilities, giving him access to a bunch of quirks- made stronger by the other quirks in “All For One.” Imagine what he’ll be able to do with “Erasure” in his clutches at this point? Monoma would be too useful to Deku and Tomura at this point, but he needs to do SOMETHING.
      Gentle catching UA IS a bit of a stretch(no pun intended, I promise), but between “Character Progression” + La Brava Love Boost + “Hero Pushed To The Limit;” I think he could at least stop it from crashing.

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