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The Savior, The Final Villain, And A Magicless Nobody! Black Clover Chapter 336 BREAKDOWN


…………………… I think I’m coming back. I’m not entirely sure yet. Getting through these posts was easier than I thought- especially since I abandoned what I said I would do about halfway through. It toom me WAY LESS time to get used to this new format than I thought it would. And when I remembered how I did things before coming over to this website; it became easier for me to just work on the reviews for chapter’s I wanted to talk about. Though I didn’t discuss My Hero Academia chapter 364 like I wanted. Thank you for chapter 365. But before we get into………….. THAT; we’ve got some preparation for “Judgement Day!” Feels like these “Black Clover” reviews- lack a lot of “Black Clover” related discussion. But that’s what the REST is for! Black Clover Chapter 336: “The Final Enemy.” Fitting for the Final Arc. 


QUICK RECAP: Asta is slashed by Lucius, but refuses to give up(because “Asta”). Noelle and the others try to jump in, but Sister Lily shows off her new Spatial Magic- gifted to her by Lucius using his Soul magic. He explains that he took the souls of the other Supreme Devils left in the Underworld, including Beelzebub’s power. He deems Sister Lily the first of his “Paladins,” and has her execute Asta. With the “Flaw” gone; “Judgement Day” can begin 7 days from now. After which- Lucius will dub himself the “Wizard Emperor.” He and Lily manage to escape before the Captains show up. 

THIS WEEK’S CHAPTER: The Clover Kingdom is in a state of disarray after witnessing the “Wizard King’s” betrayal. As they are left to react to that; Yuno returns from the Border for the Captain’s meeting. Noelle, Mimosa, and Secre give a full report on what they saw, but no one can believe that Asta is potentially dead. Yami even asks Nacht to confirm it using his magic. He says that he’s able to travel through anyone’s shadow, but not the shadow of someone 1)Too far away- on another continent or another dimension, or 2Dead. 

They compare this situation to what happened with the Elves, and discuss Lucius power set- between the Sole Magic, the Contracts he’s made with various Supreme Devils, the power of Lucifero in conjunction with his own Soul Magic and Julius’ Time Magic; he’s looking pretty darn invincible. Yuno interjects, admitting to having fought(and it’s later revealed that he Singlehandedly DESTROYED) a horde of High Ranked Devils, lead by the Supreme Devil Adrammelech. It becomes clear to him that this was a distraction created by Lucius, as he says that Adrammelech fled the scene when things calmed down. 

Yuno thinks back the day he was bestowed the title of Grand magic Knight; Asta came up to him, admitting that he’s frustrated that he keeps getting “left behind.” But he promises that he’ll be the one to become the Wizard king. Yuno, however, felt differently. To him; Asta was always the one ahead of him. And now that he’s gone; all he has is the promise that he made with him. And another promise he makes on top of that……………………….

We then transition over to Lucius’ perspective, with Adrammelech returning from the battle with Yuno. He reveals to Lucius that Yuno wiped out the entire Devil horde in one fell swoop. Lucius reveals that- in ALL of his predictions of how this plan of his will go- there is only 1 scenario in which the Magic Knights and their allies have the advantage over him: “The Singularity With 2 Grimoires of Spade and Clover; The Reincarnation of the son of the Leader Of The Elf Tribe and Clover Kingdom Royalty- Prince Yuno Grinberryal Of The Spade Kingdom.” Yuno makes a vow to defeat Lucius at all cost, and Lucius to crush Yuno at all cost.

But we’re not done yet. We then cut over to Asta- bloodied and unconscious- washing up on a shore somewhere. A man in silhouette comes up to him, saying “Well, hey; there he is.” Black Clover Chapter 336 END!! Land Of The SunPossibly. What happened to AstaUncertain. But it’s clear that the last attack from Lily had something to do with it. That or……….


………………………………. Don’t really know how to start this one off. I wanted to give Tabata more praise for the consistent awesome sh!t that’s been happened since the series came back. But I didn’t know how to word it. I also wanted to talk about how close Best Girl Mimosa O-hime sama, Noelle, and Secre seem to be after all this time. Because as someone point out on twitter; they were training together for half a year in the Heart Kingdom, and then they were all present for Asta’s Final proposal. They’re……… close. I don’t know how Secre feels about Asta- if her feelings are romantic or not- but she’s definitely become an unofficial member of his Harem! Noelle’s gonna be the one who wins in the end, but it grew to add more member. 

Though I honestly want to talk about 2 very important things from this chapter: The End, and Yuno vs Lucius. The latter actually validating something that I’ve always thought- that I think a lot of us were thinking for a while. Yuno- all things considered– is the “Chosen One.” Everything about him is special, while Asta is just the “friend” character of HIS story. But we aren’t following Yuno’s story; this is about Asta. Every time Yuno moves up; Asta is right there to get motivated to “push past his limits,” allowing him to get the final kill on the enemy. Their relationship is what’s going to save the world. 

How do I put this? Yuno……………. is Asta’s “Motivation.” Yuno is the “Chosen One Destined To Stop Lucius,” and Asta is just the side character. That is “Fate.” But Asta has Anti Magic- something that is able to cut through fate itself. And using that; he’s pushed himself to the “fore” of the story and make himself more relevant than Yuno. And Lucius might be afraid of that. Yuno’s fate is set in stone; he can see what will happen if Yuno continues to live. So he’s able to plan his counter accordingly. But in that 1 scenario that gives the Magic Knights an advantage- Yuno is still around to push Asta. I think what I’m trying to say is: Yuno being special makes his story predictable, but Asta pushed himself into Yuno’s story and become the protagonist. By getting Asta out of the way; the story is back on track, giving Lucius the advantage. But if he doesn’t take out Yuno soon, then Asta will have the motivation to come back stronger, leading to his defeat- a defeat that he can’t see coming. That make any sense

Asta and Yuno’s relationship has brought out the Best in each other, so Lucius had to make sure that they couldn’t team up on him. Kind of what I thought a long time ago. I always felt that Asta wasn’t meant to be important to the world as a whole- that he forced his way into prominence, while Yuno- the one who’s always supposed to be important- gets left behind by the “Anomaly.” That or Asta was supposed to be the Enemy that Yuno was supposed to vanquish– something akin to that. Either way you slice it; Lucius knows something more than what he’s told us. I’m still shocked that Yuno was able to tak out all those Devils. 

I’m still of the mindset that Adrammelech will be taking Yuno’s 4 Leaf Grimoire for himself. As Patri displayed during the Spade Invasion; not having a grimoire makes you pretty darn useless. He couldn’t use his spells at full power, and Yuno’s wind magic won’t be so strong, either. Don’t know what’ll happen to Sylph; I just know that that’s gonna do some serious damage to his ability to fight. He’s been using Wind magic all his life; fighting without it is gonna be pretty crippling. It was that magic- in conjunction with Bell- that allowed him to unlock Saint Stage. That and “Spirit Dive” as a whole will be Gone if he loses that grimoire. That might be part of his plan……………..

And then you have the end of the chapter. Where did Asta wash up? Well, guys…………… It’s Probably The Land Of The Sun. I’m not gonna lie to you; I think so, too. It’s just kind of obvious that that’s where he washed up; I don’t think Tabata’s gonna introduce another whole continent out of NOWHERE in the final arc to be integral to Asta defeating Lucius. That would be tragically awful. No, no; I think this is Yami’s homeland. But what he’ll be learning here from this new guy is anyone’s guess. Maybe a new way to use his Anti Magic? Because they may use magic itself completely different from the way those on the Clover Kingdom continent use it? Not saying they use “Ninjutsu;” just saying that it would be good for World Building, and it would be completely in character for how the story handles itself. 

AlsoWho IS this guy? A relative of Yami, or just someone who knew him years ago? Yeah, that’s probably the case. That’s quite literally all that we know until we get it revealed. The series isn’t going on break next week, so we’ll get an answer then(I would think). We’ll also probably see some of the other Black Bull’s reactions. Here’s to hoping Yami doesn’t die to Lung Cancer before the 7 Days are up……………………..


…………………….. I think that’s all, folks. I don’t know what’s going on with Yuno’s arm, but I think that’s better saved for later. I should talk about the Kodansha series this week. And I should probably get around to putting out that review for Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. Lot of things to do. And with my Assistant Manager gone; the manager’s trying to compensate by giving the other 4 of us more hours. So if you see me less- Know That. 

But anyway, guys; That’s All I Got For The Lot of Ya Today, Boys and Girls. Let me know your own thoughts in the comments, and until the next post boys and girls- Have A Magical Day. By~~~~e!!!! 

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