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Seraphim Jinbe vs Yonko Crew!! One Piece Chapter 1,065 BREAKDOWN

I have not been having the best few days, if I’m too be honest. Yeah, it’s one of THOSE openers. Look; I’ve been feeling like sh!t. I’ve been sick- I think with like the Flu or something; been having chills, hot flashes, nausea, dizziness, aches, etc. Diagnose that as you will; I call it “I was sick and I couldn’t do what I usually do in preparation for posts.” Because ANOTHER problem I had- this Risen on the back of my neck- would……… TMI. Just know: I haven’t slept for a full night in 3 days. Little more than miserable. So I’m gonna try to make myself feel better and review all 3 this time. It’s gonna be a minute, cause all 3 of them give us a lot to talk about this time. Not to mention the going-on’s in Edens Zero and Four Knights Of The Apocalypse right now. Looks like I’m in for H#LL WEEK. Please, O Lord Up In Heaven- Please Do Not Make My Boss Randomly Change The Schedule…….

Now the actual chapter of “One Piece.” Good God, Oda- Are You trying to kill us? You can’t follow up a story critical arc like Wano with an Exposition Arc like Egghead!! Especially when you do Void Century stuff like this! You’re about to dump some lore on me, and I’m just waiting for CP Aigis 0 to arrive with that d@mn Seraphim. Though you’re trading that and Law vs Blackbeard to show us this, so I guess I can forgive it. But I gotta say- these page layouts……… you, uh……. you might need to work on those a little bit more. Let’s get to it, already!! One Piece Chapter 1,065: “Six Vegapunks.” Buckle in, kids- This Is Gonna Be A Doozy…..


We open the chapter on the Sunny, where Zoro reveals why he choose to stay behind: If both groups were to get captured, then he’s still around to bail them out! Brook says he was thinking the same thing, but it’s probably something sillier than that. Caribou is out of his barrel, begging to continue to stay onboard until they escape this Government facility. Zoro remembers that he helped Luffy regain his strength after Kaido threw him off Onigashima, but that’s about all he did- the bargains done; time to go. Caribou vows vengeance. While at the entrance to the lab; Nami and Usopp are amazed by the Escalator taking them to the next room. Lillith explains that the entire island is powered by Fire because it can be converted into a lot of different types of energy. They’ve researched what could be burned, but they’re hoping to find an “Undying Flame” at some point……………

At the door; Lillith shows that the door is “selectively permeable-” you can walk through like nothing was there, and it’ll go right back to being a metal door when you get through! But it require you to “ignore your eyes.” She ends up getting a call from Edison, and goes to meet them while Sanji’s group confusedly stubbled through the door. But when they finally make it through, they only come across Seraphim-04- A Lunarian Clone Of Jinbe!!! 

They confuse him for their new crewmate, but they soon start spotting the differences- and then they get shot at. Now knowing that they’re dealing with a Pacifista, they don’t hold back in trying to break this thing(except Nami, just as the World Government intended). But it ends up displaying some unique traits, such as swimming through the floor and using that “water” as part of his Fishman Karate. But little do they know that they’re being monitored by Punk 03- Edison(who speaks like a Country Bumpkin). He’s shocked by Franky’s use of the “Radical Beam;” he’s worried that the Seraphim can’t take it- it’s still “just a kid!” Lillith sees the footage, and threatens to rip Franky’s head off if he breaks it! 

Though all of this seems to give Edison an idea, leaving the data collection to Punk 04- Pythagoras as he goes to make the blueprints while the ideas still fresh. They then have Punk 06- York eat for them while they work. Yeah, she’s the one responsible for that part of life for all of them. It comes to the point where the assistants actually have a name for the process: E.P.S.- East- Poop- Sleep. Because of her, the other 5 are able to focus on their work, noticing something with Seraphim Jinbe: It’s attack patterns are Evolving- it’s “awakening combat memories” within its Lineage Factor. It seems like this will help them with the issues brought on by the “Growth Acceleration…………”

With their “bodily functions” taken care of, all the Vegapunks can keep working. And we then end up cutting over to Shaka and the rest. He has the Seraphim stand down, much to the dismay of his fellow Satellites. He also had their shoes get magnetized to the floor because they’re still Pirates. He introduces himself as another Vegapunk, and asks if this island looks like “The Future.” They say that it must be- they’ve never seen any technology of this level before. But Shaka says that this island is “quite the contrary-” There was a Kingdom 900 Years ago with technology on the same level of Egghead. 

We then see Chopper, Bonney, Luffy, and Jinbe come across a Giant, rusted robot in the Junkyard- something that LOOKS like what Vegapunk would make, but it’s too old. One Piece Chapter 1,065 END!! I’m gonna try to talk about it ALL……. 


I KNOW what you guys want me to start with– trust and believe that I do. But I would honestly more like to talk about that Seraphim. Or just in general the Seraphim, considering what was said. Did you notice its tank? Above the “Seraphim 04” was a sign that read “98%.” This thing wasn’t complete. And considering what we’re seeing it do, I might have an idea why. It was said by CP-0 in Wano that at least Zoan fruits can mess with someone’s Lineage Factor; it’s how Vegapunk made Momo’s Artificial Devil fruit. We don’t know what Logia and Paramecia does to your blood, but seeing what Seraphim 04 was able to do, it’s clear that he has Senior Pink’s powers. How? I have a few ideas, but they all spawn from the same point: The Doflamingo Family was captured, and Vegapunk took interest in Senior Pink’s devil fruit and what it did to matter. From there: 

  1. He was killed and Vegapunk conducted experiments on the fruit. 
  2. His lineage factor was extracted and this Seraphim, being the one that would benefit from this ability the most, was given this ability. 
  3. In much the same way that he came up with the Pacifista’s lasers(based on Kizaru’s devil fruit), he made tech that would replicate the ability, which is also why the door is Selectively Permeable- you can pass through like it’s water and become solid like before. 

There’s also that thing in his wrist. If he’s incomplete, then……… is…….. is that his skeleton. We know that the Seraphim are Cybernetically Enhanced Clones, so……. are they like the T-500 in that they’re just “nuts and bolts” so-to-speak under a skin suit? I was stalling there to figure out how to word that, to be totally honest. Then again, we haven’t really “seen” the Seraphim’s like that; the other 3 didn’t have that much screentime, and they weren’t on full display like this one. It’s just something that I’m curious about…….. 

There’s also all of what I noticed reading the official. So the “S-Shark(meaning they all have Codenames)” is as tall as Jinbe due to the Growth Acceleration. I think that problem Pythagoras was referring to is that- while Seraphim like Jinbe’s are growing at the proper rate- Hancock and Mihawk’s aren’t “catching up,” and are thus lacking some of that same “punch,” making up for it with their own Lunarian traits, cybernetic enhancements, and- as we’re seeing- Devil fruit Like abilities. But with it being revealed that the Lineage factor holds one’s experiences; they might be able to finally overcome that limit……… if that makes sense. I’m just lovin’ the Seraphim, honestly; I just added this part after the official to 1)Tell you some of the things that were in the chapter that you may have overlooked(as I did) and 2)I really wanted to talk about S-Shark more. 

Void. Century. ROBOT. To whomever first proposed the Theory that the Ancient Kingdom had technology far beyond what the One Piece World is currently- Congratulations, from one stranger on the internet to another. So we’re in a Post Apocalyptic world, are weNeat. I wonder what secrets this machine holds? This arc can’t end before we learn at least a little more about it, right? Then again, in the course of writing this post, I realized something……….. Crucial. So, in chapter 977; Luffy said that they would have a grand old party to invite Jinbe to the crew. Did we get that? Was the Banquet that they had in Wano that party, or did Oda actually choose to forego that? ‘Cause that don’t seem right to me. I feel like he would have shown that, and then set the tone for what would be happening next somewhere else. 

Like, when Franky came on- Ace lost to Blackbeard. I was expecting something akin to that, especially since this is the Final arc of the Biggest Manga in the World. In my minds eye; I was expecting to see that party, and then see what the SSG was going to be(which ended up being the Seraphim). I know it probably wasn’t all that important, but that’s what would have made it such a good moment! Oda going out of his way to show a happy moment with the Straw hat’s is one of the things that make “One Piece” so good. I’m probably overthinking this, but……… I hope Oda’s not “sacrificing” those kinds of moments in favor of “moving things along.” 

…………….. ROBOT, D@MMIT!! What Lilith said about the island being fueled by Fire- That idea had to come from somewhere, am I right? Do you guys think that this robot is where Vegapunk got the idea to use Fire as a fuel? If so, then I’d say the chances of this thing moving around in this arc jumps from a 50% to a 75, due to the number of characters present that could use fire related attacks! I’m thinking that Luffy’s gonna wanna check this thing out a little more, so maybe he’ll find the “Power Core” and realize it runs on fire. They just found A Laser Sword. This thing holds some secrets; reviving it might make it start talking like it was 900 years ago and we’ll get an idea of what went on back then- at least when it pertains to this robot. 

Pythagoras and Edison seem to be a duo among the Satellite bodies, yeah? They kind of similar, I guess- Edison’s the one who comes up with ideas, and Pythagoras seems to the be one that inputs the data…….. from what I’m seeing. But I’d be lying if I said I didn’t immediately fall for York. I’m sure most people are saying that, and for the same reasons. Eat- Poop- Sleep: The Dream Of Many. And she gets to live it. All jokes aside, I do think that she’s my Spirit Animal now. No, but seriously; she’s alright. I think I might still like Atlas more, but York is probably gonna be my favorite by the end of the arc. 

LASTLY: How did Vegapunk come across this information? The moment that ANYONE starts looking into that part of History- there’s usually a bullet in their head before they get to the “Good Parts.” Like; the MOMENT that Vegapunk started looking into the past- before he EVER got far enough to where he would figure THAT out they would have had him and……… his…….. satellites……… Ah- That’s why CP-0 is on the way. Got it. 


Okay, that HAS to be everything. Shorter than I thought. And less than detailed. But I think I managed to address everything I wanted to. Except for the part about my personal theory that there’s an Ace Seraphim. And maybe a Whitebeard one. God, Oda; you had to open the Final arc with those f*ckers, didn’t youOr the thing about Lunarian Devils fruits and how that gimmick would get played out soon if he went overboard. Ugh!!! I now see why Vegapunk made copies of himself; not enough time to address everything that I’m thinking!! 

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