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The True Enemy Appears!! Edens Zero Chapter 215 BREAKDOWN

AH KNOW IT’S GENERIC, D@MMIT!! But of the 2 BIG things that are happening in this chapter; that one take precedents. I tried “The Evil One,” but I felt that one was a little too short. So……. here you go. Didn’t see that one coming. Then again, as people pointed out on twitter; Mashima sort of foreshadowed this in chapter 210 with that double page. We didn’t think about it at ALL at the time, but looking back- we really should have taken a little more note of it. Something to think about for Time Travelers, right? Why stop bad things in the past from happening and cause irreparable damage to the time stream when you can use your future knowledge to spoil a manga in the form of a “Theory?” Sh!t, that’s what I would do. 

Oh, and a Chronophage is coming to Lendard. I wonder who’s gonna get erased? Edens Zero Chapter 215: “From The Depths Of The Earth.” Man, we’re already at 215 chapters with this series. I don’t think we’re gonna be done any time soon, but  we’re getting up there in terms of count. 


Shiki- having finally put an end to his Grandfather’s suffering– stands silently. Pino breaks the silence, asking if he knew the whole time. He responds that he only found out throughout the course of the fight- Ziggy calling Pino “Little Girl” being the first hint. “That’s something you would call a Human Girl” he responds. He’s glad his grandpa was so kind, and learns that Ziggy’s power has “fallen into him.” Which he uses to…….. Back on the Edens Zero; Sister and Hermit mourn Ziggy all over again. But that gets interrupted by the alert that a Chronophage is on the way to Lendard- WITHOUT having been summoned by Rebecca!! 

At the core of the planet; a Union Army ship arrives- Eraser of the Oracion Seis Interstelar arrives, bring with him a fallen Homura. Don’t worry, she’s alive. And Eraser’s not here to fight or anything; he came to drop off their comrade- as thanks for her helping Justice fight Acnoella- and to warn them about the arrival of the Chronophage. They also end up getting a call from Hermit about it. But by far the strangest thing that they’ve seen all day: Shiki and Pino arriving through a Wormhole. That’s right; Shiki has gained Nero’s “Wormhole” by defeating Ziggy, allowing him to warp from place to place!! This is gonna be useful going forward. 

Shiki and Eraser spot each other, and Shiki tells him that they need to leave as well. Eraser tells him that Elsie wants to speak with Justice alone. Feather adds that they’ve already been alerted of the coming danger, so they’re fine. With that information; Shiki grabs his friends and warps them back to the Edens Zero. Before he leaves, however; Eraser asks him what they’re goal is. His ResponseTo Find Mother. He leaves, and Eraser asks if Shiki defeated Ziggy. Feather confirms that Ziggy is no more………

Back on the ship; the crew prepares for take off- with half their engines busted. Hermit checks up with Shiki, who imagines it was as hard for Hermit as it was for him. And that’s sad. But she has some startling information. 18 Years Ago: Ziggy left the Edens Zero to Elsie until Shiki set off on his adventure. He said that he couldn’t keep the ship on Granbell because it was a Theme park. But then…… he built a second ship. She figures that it was already under construction when Ziggy and the Shining Stars were already on their adventure, so he probably made it as a “back up” in case something happened to the Zero. But for whatever reason; it seems to have developed a will of it’s own- one that goes against Everything that Ziggy believed in. 

As she’s saying all this; the ship’s sensors pick up a High Heat Signature. A rumble starts, and something starts to come out of the ground. Something that Hermit speculates has AI more advanced than any Human or Machine in the Universe. An Enemy with Unmatched Intellect And Power- A Ship With A Will All Its Own. The True EnemyThe Edens One!! Edens Zero Chapter 215 END!! THAT was unexpected. A Ship as the Central Antagonist for the rest of the run of this story? I can get behind it; it’s just taking me off-guard. 


The Edens One Is The Big Antagonist Of This Story. At least, it will be going forward. This story seems like it’s going to have a little more of a “Focus” than Fairy Tail, meaning an enemy that has to be tied to a lot of the events going forward. I don’t think that One will be like Lucia and be the “Evil Opposite” of the Main character, and I don’t think it’ll be like Zeref and have a hand in all the backstories of the main cast. If anything; it’ll be the “Theme Based Enemy-” the character that makes us question the themes of the story. That theme seemingly being “Man And Machine.” 

All of this being said: What Does The Edens One Want. Goal: “Find Mother And Make A Wish.” For what, though? It’s intellegence is said to be more than that of any Human or Machine in the story thus far. Is it just Skynet and wants to “Destroy All Humans” because they’re “Obsolete?” Or……. do you think that One was a Human at one point and abandoned its humanity, placing its consciousness within the Edens One through some means. Perhaps as the one who helped Ziggy make the ship? Because the Edens Zero was made in the Future with the help of Machines who had years to develop that kind of technology. The Edens One was built 18 years in the past, and has been lying dormant on Granbell ever since. 

But no; I definitely think that this thing is an AI who may have decided that they Humanity is no longer requires, thus the year X20492. The “Why” of the matter will be answered in time, but the “How” is going to be the most interesting part. Because according the Council of Planet Eden said in chapter 204 that- in all of the Universes that they’ve been observing for the past 10,000 years, in nearly all of them– Humans die out, and Mother disappears. The 2 events are connected. I came up with……… some ideas. One of which being the idea that the being called “Mother” is something like a Cursed Spirit in Jujutsu Kaisen- something that comes about when Negative emotions from Humans converge on a single point. To put it simply: Mother is born from the collective Ether of every Human in the Universe. And she, in turn, shares that Ether with the Universe. Some kind of “Infinite cycle” like that. 

But the problem is that Mother is the Originator of the Universe- she’s the one who made Humans. So how did she make them if they require her to exist? She may be responsible for life now, but before All Of Existence, how……? Wait, was it ever actually said that she made the Universe? I’m genuinely asking; I was looking through the chapters to find if someone actually said that she “created everything.” All I could find was chapter 48, where Xiaomei said that she was the “Parent Of The Universe.” I’m very unclear. Either way, I’m just starting to doubt my own theory. Which was kind of my only idea. The only other thought I had was that One wishes Mother and Humans away all at once. 

But then you have the fact that getting rid of her also gets rid of the Machine’s Ether, too. So unless One just wants “All Forms Of Sentient Life-” Organic or Artificial- to be eradicated, then I don’t see what getting rid of Ether accomplishes. Though I’m sure there’s some “Big Brain Idea” to combat that problem. Maybe it’ll have something to do with the Ether Accelerator  that Hermit invented with Muller in chapter 40. Hermit made it with the intention of supplying the Machines on Planet Hook with the Ether they needed to continue to function; Muller just took and twisted it to where it destroyed the Planet. Maybe One plans to take those original blueprints and do something similar………….. 

The last thing that I really want to say about One is that I’m curious what it’s “Battle Form” will look like. As cool as it is that their enemy is a Living Ship, it has the same problem that you would run into if Crow were to be the central antagonist of his own arc: The Size Gap. You can’t have Shiki in a 1v1 with someone THAT MUCH larger than him! Mashima’s going to need to give One a smaller, Humanoid form for it to battle Shiki and do the “day-to-day” things required for its plan- things such as finding Relics, Hand-To-Hand Combat, and intimidation. And since it’s a machine with “unmatched intelligence;” it can make a form that can do all of this- including the Shining Star’s Ether Optimizers, the Dark star’s “Overclock,” and maybe even learn to use Ether Gear. Like I said; probably not gonna go down the “Dark Reflection” angle, but it might come out an Android version of Shiki. As a “throwback” to Lucia. 

Elsie And Justice. Okay, WOW. We already have a pretty good idea of what the h#ll they’re going to say to each other; they’re gonna talk about what happened when Elsie brought down Lendard. The things that they said to each other that day; what actually happened; what they lost; how it happened; they might even talk about their potential relationship had things gone differently. But then…….. you have the Chronophage coming. That early fan theory that they would be “reset” to that day- that Shiki and co would raise them differently this time- that moment is coming. 

Shiki’s Got A Brand New Power!! But HOW, though? Ziggy got “Wormhole” from using “Gravity Drain” to absorb Nero. But Shiki doesn’t even KNOW that technique- not that he would use it. Is it possible for Ziggy to just…….. give him that power? To be answered at a later date, I guess. What I’M curious about is how often we’ll see him use this power. Think about how much “running around” the crew does in every arc. From Norma onward; it always feels like Shiki is trying to get somewhere to save someone. Nowhe can just “warp” to them. All he’d have to do is sense their Ether and- BAM. It’s something that could “trim the fat” of every arc. Which probably means that we’re not gonna see him use it as much as I think we probably should. I hope that’s not the case, I really do. I think it’d be cool seeing him use multiple powers like this! 

As much as I don’t understand it; I always found Fairy Tail cool when Natsu and Gajeel would use another Dragon Slayers element. Especially “Shadow Iron Dragon Slayer Magic-” that sh!t just sounds so metal(No Pun Intended). And now; Shiki has ability that’ll allow him to move around easier. It’ll also probably help him keep the Big Bad away from his friends.


………… That’s all. I greatly enjoyed this chapter; there’s a lot that it sets up that I’m very much looking forward to. He whole life made a Ship the Central Antagonist. I don’t know if it’ll be for the rest of the manga, but I think we’re going to be dealing with the Edens One for a good long while. How it’ll build its ranks is anyone’s guess. It’s a living ship, so it probably has something in its bowels that would let it make it’s own army. This’ll be fun. Let me know your own thoughts, guys, and until the next post- Have A Magically Wonderful Day. By~~~e!!! 

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