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The Official Formation Of Percival Platoon! Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 84 BREAKDOWN

This one might be a little late. Or, knowing me- CRAZY late. But I wanted to give every weekly series a post. Cause I’ll tell you right nowI’m going to be a Lot Less Active. My copies of Pokemon Scarlet And Violet are arriving November 18th, and my job being…… what it isI’m about to be BUSY. I’m letting you know right now that, unless there is a Gear 5th level chapter the week of the 18th, you probably won’t be seeing anything from me. I’ve been keeping up with the leaks, so……. yeah; I plan to “Catch Em All!!” YEAH, I SAID IT!! Let’s get on with it!! Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 84: “The Changing Of An Age.” Doesn’t seem to pertain to anything in the chapter, so let’s just role with it. 


Everyone is excited that they have been appointed as Holy Knights! Everyone but Anne; she feels inadequate to be a Holy Knight compared to Percival. She rejects the position, until Elizabeth tells her how “valiant” she was to help evacuate the civilians. She feels better about it, and “Percival Platoon” is Officially formed! They accompany Meliodas to the War room, where they meet with their fellow Holy Knights, and Knights of the Apocalypse. 

Gawain announces their presence by pooping up underneath Isolde’s boobs. Yeah, probably should have seen that coming. But they’re in their……. Smaller form. Resulting in them being looked at as a “kid.” He burns the back of Chion’s head for it, so I like them more now. But down to business: Meliodas introduces them properly to Thetis- Elizabeth’s Personal Sorceress and the Best In Liones. He then thanks the Four Knights Of The Apocalypse for coming, and officially give them the epithets: 

  • Gawain- “Knight Of Famine”
  • Lancelot- “Knight Of War(Called That One)”
  • Tristan- “Knight Of Pestilence”
  • Percival- “Knight Of Death(Told To Us In Chapter 5)

Percival and Gawain object to the notion of “Destroying the world.” But Meliodas says that this will happen- to the World Of Camelot created by Arthur. But Percival is still confused as to why he has to be the “Knight Of Death.” Meliodas explains that it’s simply “how the enemy sees him.” Hearing all of this, he wishes Lance would have said something sooner. Anne asks why they have to fight a Kingdom that fell 16 years ago. Thetis explains that the old Camelot fell, so Arthur made a NEW kingdom in another dimension with the “Power Of Chaos.” 

Due to the Dimensional barrier; they’ve never really been able to get in to infiltrate Camelot- there’s still a lot they don’t know. Not only that, but they aren’t even clear what Camelot is after; they’re the one’s starting this conflict- Liones is just responding to their attacks. Though Thetis speculates that there’s a “toll” to pay to build and maintain Camelot. As she shows them something…….. Freaky. She transports them to an area where Arthur has seemingly Stolen Chunks Of The Earth. It seems like he’s taking Physical World and using it to make Camelot! And THAT is why they must defeat Arthur Pendragon!! Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 84 END!! “Equivalent Exchange,” huh, Arthur? I don’t know how this is going to………. Just Thought Of It. 


So THAT’S how he’s making Camelot. I guess the “Almighty Chaos” can’t create “something from nothing;” it needs something as the “base.” As such, sense he plans to have his people in a Whole Other F*cking DIMENSION; he probably considers this world……. “Unused Land.” So he’s taking chunks out of it to make Camelot. If he keeps this up, then there won’t be anything left of this world for anyone to live on. He’s scr#wing over anyone who doesn’t ally with Camelot. They gotta stop this guy. Plain and simple. 

That’s the Important Thing; we got a lot of little things to talk about. Speaking of– Gawain. They’re even shorter than Percival. Seriously; why are these………. You know what, I’m not even gonna finish that sentence. Gawain is short! So short that they fit in a girl’s lap. Do they have a legit crush on Isolde? Or is this just a case of “H0rny Teenager?” Might be the second one. But the question of “Why” in this instance more refers to “Why At This Moment?” Has their magic not recharged yet? How does it recharge? It’s only speculation that she has the Grace “Sunshine” like Escanor did; I can’t say what their magic is concretely. It could just be “Sunshine-Like,” and- unlike Escanor, who’s power is directly tied to the sun to be viable- theirs only needs to recharge in the sun, and can fight even in the wee hours of the night. But they never got the chance to since they probably slept in and had to rush to this meeting. 

The Knights Epithets- very crucial moment. If this is “how they look to their enemy,” then what…….. What do they mean? Lance is certainly the “General” type character, so it makes since that they label him “War.” “Death” for Percival……….. I mean, with what he did to Chion in chapter 55; it’s clear that he can do a little more than “absorb hope.” Also a lot of their Knights have died going after him; Ardbeg, the Dark Talismans, I think Talisker4 or 5 of the 6 they’ve encountered. But then you have “Famine” and “Pestilence.” Famine- “Extreme Scarcity Of Food.” Pestilence- “A Fatal Epidemic Disease.” Gonna need some elaboration on that one. Maybe Gawain’s a bit of “glutton,” based on dialogue in chapter 74, but……… that’s about all I got. 

We’ve learned some more about Thetis!! How did she get her position? She’s only “The Best Sorceress” because Merlin isn’t there. But it’s clear that she has profound talent with magic at a young age……… or so she says. Honestly, she could have magic that keeps her from growing old and she’s perpetually 16. But the where the h#ll was she in the last series if that was the case? I guess she is just 16, and just acts older than she is- resulting in the “Old Hag/ Brat” dynamic she has with Lance in chapter 81She’s going to be important. I don’t know what the next arc entails, but I think she’ll be involved in the conflict! 


………….. That’s about all. Unfortunately, over the course of my writing; Black Clover has been announced for a break- Tabata’s sick now, so he’s going on break this week, in addition to his scheduled break next week. No Black Clover for 2 weeks. That plus the My Hero break this week means you’ve only got One Piece to look forward to(out of what I talk about; there’s still Jujutsu Kaisen, Mashle, and more). And like I saidProbably Nothing The Weekend Of The 18th. Those leaks, man, I swear. Let me know your own thoughts in the comments, and until the next post- Have A Wonderfully Magical Day. By~~~e!!!

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