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Katsuki Bakugou: The Evolution! My Hero Academia Chapter 360 BREAKDOWN

I know I’ve already used the “Evolution” theme to describe Bakugou just a few chapters ago(maybe not even that long), but I think I found another way that he’s “evolved.” Oh man the “End Of Series” post is gonna be HUGE. I’m actually going out of my way to PLAN OUT what I’m gonna say. Because I feel that it needs to be heard. Why am I brining it up? ‘Cause it has to do with said “Evolution.” All will be made clear in time. But right now; we’ve got a chapter to talk about!! My Hero Academia Chapter 360: “Despite It All…..


Is he gonna be okay?

All For Destruction is about to kill Bakugo just to get a rise out of Izuku when he gets here. The boy tries to fight back, but he’s kicked up in the air and caught in the fingers- being crushed half to death in the process. But as he’s being crushed; he notices something….. Just then; he’s saved by Nejire chan and her “Nejire Wave: Pike.” AFD uses him as a shield and she diverts the attack. But that leaves the beast open to an attack by Best Boy Sun Eater and his “Vast Hybrid: Octopus Mirage + Scorpion Toxin.”

The thing is, though: All For Destruction’s Body Is Continuously Adapting- it’s still “learning” what it’s going to need for when the BIG change comes. As such; he creates a mouth on his shoulder that spits out the poison, and summons another typhoon of fingers and hands that almost take everyone out. If not for Mirio’s intervention; Bakugo would be gone– crushed under a Finger Wave!!

All For Destruction remembers Mirio’s face from Jaku. He introduces himself as “Lemillion-” in charge of communications with the underground staff and making sure no Villains come to bring the place down. He asks AFD why he always destroys everything, to which he replies “Because the current framework has failed(indicating that Tomura’s leaking out ever so slightly).” Mirio takes this to mean that he’s never had any friends. He and Nejire chan make a combo move in which Mirio permeates his arm, and absorbs Nejire chan’s energy wave. He gets up close and personal with AFD- being the only person who can right now- and nails him right the get with the energy.

All the while; Jeanist takes Bakugo to help him stay in the fight. Bakugo remains silent– motionless with his broken body. Because they still need his raw firepower; Jeanist tries to talk him out of whatever mental crisis he’s going through. He thinks that what AFD said to him really got to the boy, and that he’s about to break. Oh My God That Couldn’t Be Further From The Truth; the boy just thought of something he saw that might help them kick @$$. “……..Right side…….Finger……..Feint………” It is here that Jeanist realizes: Katsuki Bakugou Is NOT DONE YET. My Hero Academia Chapter 360 END!! There’s a reason this is still my favorite New Gen Rivalrly- other than the fact that there’s only like 2 legit ones left………


This Is The Main Rivalry For This Era Of Shonen Battle Manga. Though it’s not much of a competition; most of the Battle manga we’re getting is “vs Monsters til the monsters get more sophisticated and reveal their tragic backstories.” But even amongst the “Big 3 Inspired” battle series; this Rivalry shines. Had All For Destruction said that after beating down Sasuke or Vegeta; they would have taken that sh!t to heart and let their emotions get the better of them, throw a tantrum, and get pummeled all over again. Not the boy, though.

If Black Clover is the “Redux,” “My Hero” would be the “Evolution” of the genre- the natural conclusion of those old tropes from series such as Naruto and the likes. That’s what this series has always been, and it looks like Horikoshi is going back to those roots a little. Which he should for the Final Arc Of the Story; a Final arc should always call back to those early series elements. The Buu saga did it; Naruto brought back the Sexy Jutsu against Kaguya…………….. maybe those weren’t so good examples. But You Know What I Mean!!!

And to focus on why the title of this review pertains to Bakugo; he’s the “Evolution” of the rival archetypes. Like I said; Vegeta and Sasuke were the types to take that sh!t and dwell on it. And had Horikoshi fallen into that trope more; it would have killed him, he gets a bit of a pep talk, and figures something out after having a character revelation. Bakugo skipped all of that, and figured something out that’ll help the Heroes hold out. They ain’t gonna win, though.

It’s also the fact that the Rivalry isn’t “Nice Guy In Orange vs Edgelord with inferiority complex;” it’s…………… less toxic without being “healthy.” The reason I like this rivalry more than Asta and Yuno’s is because………….. they’re not boring. For Black Clover; Yuno is “Limit Break Button-” especially when you look at the Elf Invasion and fight with Zagreb. It works for that series because of the way it’s set up, but………. I don’t feel like it works 100% of the time.

Whereas Deku and Bakugo’s interactions are funny, and the way they scale to each other makes sure they’re equal but not stronger than everyone else. You know what I mean? I see it as this generations Main Rivalry for all those reasons.

………….. I don’t know what he noticed. We’ll find out next time, but I really could tell you what he noticed. It was some kind of “Feint,” as in “a deceptive or pretended blow, thrust, or other movement, especially in boxing or fencing” or “make a deceptive or distracting movement, especially during a fight.” Either way; that means that he’s trying to distract from something– something significant with the number of hands he’s making to compensate for it.

Maybe Tenko and Tomura are getting through a little more than originally though; maybe they’re holding All For One back, which is why he’s still alive after getting crushed on the Finger Ocean. Or maybe there’s a hint in the previous chapters that’ll tell us something………….

Other than that; it was just a really good, really nice chapter. I’m always down to see more of Nejire chan- she’s just SUPER Adorable!! And I liked seeing Tamaki contribute to the fight with a new combination. Though I’m once again left with the question of what would happened if and when he eats a finger. It may be gross as sin, but…………… I don’t think that matters anymore. Plus, with Scorpion ven- OH MY GOD I JUST THOUGHT OF AN ABILITY HE COULD HAVE. All For Destruction says that he’s constantly “evolving.” Tamaki clearly has a few Animal powers stored in him right now. “Constant Evolution” + Scorpion Venom= Super Toxin that keeps this @$$hole weakened for a while.

And- just as a side piece of speculation: Would eating something like that- something that’s “constantly evolving-” help him evolve? Would he be able to tap into his own Singularity somehow? What that would be is irrelevant since I don’t think that will happen, but the idea of Tamaki accessing the “next level of evolution” would be cool. I do wonder what his personal Singularity would entail.

Either way; he’s still Best boy!!


Like I said; not really much to talk about with this chapter. Mostly because I haven’t picked up on the clues as to why AFD is using a Feint. But what I WILL say is that it seems like Horikoshi is getting back to normal. ‘Cause this was a Pretty Darn Good Chapter. And- as per usual for the last few weeks- art is on point. Seriously; it’s like every series stepped up in art in the last few weeks. I’m actually having to RESTRAIN myself to not use to many! So enjoy the ones I didn’t use earlier!

I mean; this was the only one, but still pretty cool!!

But yeah; that’s all I got for the lot of ya today, duckies. Let me know your own thoughts in the comments, and until the next post, boys and girls- Have A Magically Wonderful Day. By~~~e!!!!!

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