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Manga Chapter Review Dump Post #25: Only 2 This Time!

Huh. No Chainsaw Man or One Piece or even My Hero. It’s just “Four Knights” and “Edens Zero.” I was kind of expecting a new chapter of Chainsaw Man at least; One Piece and My Hero were on break I knew, but even so just the 2Works for me, I’m just sayin’. Uh…….. this is coming out because I’m working on the Dead Rock review, so, uh…… yeah. I don’t have all that much to say, I guess. Um……. I’m watching a lot of J’s Reviews videos on the Sonic games- even 06. So……. I might talk about my own experience with that franchise at some point. I have an idea of what I’d say in a post like that, but no clue when it would come out. Then again, I’m also working on a “One Piece” thing, and a review for “My Adventures With Superman,” so……… ya know. Uh……… Let’s get to it. 

Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 119: “Clash! Clash! Clash!

Mortlach challenges Percival to a 1-on-1 Match, to which Percival accepts despite Rosebank’s warnings. So she gives him the Dragon Relief sword back for him to fight with. But there’s no time for her to get chewed out; Percival and Mortlach are taken to a pocket dimension as part of Mortlach’s magic- “Duelist.” Here, they are both surrounded by monuments of “what they shoulder-” the people who are relying on them. And neither of them can leave ’til one of them is unconscious or dead. Rule 2: No Magic or enchanted items to rely on for EITHER of themThis is a Duel of Plain Ol’ Skill. And just to put a few more “stakes” on this, Mortlach taunts Percival with his personal knowledge on Percival’s origins, and Percival wants to win and beat it out of him. 

Back in the Demon Realm, Rosebank shows that she’s still not fully a Good guy by using her Chaos Staff to combine Schwarz and the other Demons into the “Mighty Testament Beast.” And over with Lance; the Chaos Knight Toumintoul is revealed to be Nanashi the Wondering Goddess Swordsman and Personal Sword Instructor of King Arthur. And he can tell that Lance isn’t giving his all right now. These are the fights we have going on. Lance can make energy constructs so he should manage to against Nanashi; Percival just went through a whole week of training how to fight with a sword regularly; and between Tristan and Gawain, not to mention all the others- they should be able to take that right now. Rosebank is where things are gonna get interesting…………..

Edens Zero: “Stage 2

Rebecca is stuck in an Escape Room created by Joker Helix, and she has to escape and save Shiki and the Professor before they drown. The door gives her a hint in the form of the 5 Elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water. By process of elimination, she finds the escape door– and finds herself in a hallway filled with door after door. And every door she gets wrong gives her a punishment in the form of one of her friends attacking her! It’s enough to reminder her of the First Game she played on the Joker Helix Engine– “Griff Smash.” Find the door with Griff behind it, and he’ll pop! She struggled with it greatly, but the then developing Joker Helix gave her a hint in the form of a glowing door. And that door is glowing even now. 

Rebecca manages to free Shiki and Pr Weisz, but Helix isn’t done playing with Rebecca. Shiki is about to help her out, but the Professor advises that they let Rebecca handle this. Which she does by point out that- even now working under Void- what Helix wants deep down is to help people have fun. Which is why she still gave Rebecca the hint earlier. And Rebecca would like to keep player Joker’s games. One of which she wants is an Open World game with a lot of Kitties where she can go on adventures. And low and beholdall of Joker’s Alter Ego’s vanish before Feather sama’s watchful eyes. Golden. It’s nice to see that Rebecca was able to defeat a Galactica on her own, even if it was Talk No Jutsu. What becomes of Helix now? I imagine destroyed by Void remotely. In whatever case, that’s 2 of the Galactica down. And something tells me the difficulty level is about to spike……. 


“Edens Zero” was pretty cool this week, and so was “Four Knights.” But “Edens Zero” was better. I’m excited to get to Law and Freya, but I’m guessing we’ll be seeing Cure and Acnoella before anything else. Then again, we could just be seeing these last 4 coming after them all at once. And as for “Four Knights;” I’m more interested in Percival vs Mortlach; curious how Rosebank is going to interact with Nasiens and Anne; and curious to see what Lance can do now that no one is around to see him. Both good chapters, with “Edens Zero” being a little more entertaining in my opinion. Now I’m off to work on the review for “Dead Rock.” ‘Til next time, all! 

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