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What Can I Say About Universe 0 Right Now? Edens Zero Chapter 232 BREAKDOWN

……………… I don’t have a title for this one. Then again, I didn’t think I was gonna be able to talk about this chapter this week. But seeing how quickly I’m able to get through these “Jump” chapters, I decided “Eh, let’s see what we can do.” But really, I can’t name anything in specific that matters to this chapter that I can’t say in later chapters. Honestly, this chapter was just kind of “there-” something that’ll read better on binge reading. Nevertheless, it continues the trend of “Possibilities” in Universe 0- Good AND Bad. Like Rachel told us before we got here: “What Happens In Universe 0 is the truth for the Multiverse.” Whatever you do here becomes a Multiverse Constant. So they need to watch their steps. As for their backstories……. some of them come out better. Others come out WORSE. And those “Worse” outcomes are the “truth” for the Multiverse. Meaning……. well, you’ve already read the chapter. 

Yeah, sorry bout that; like I said, I didn’t think I’ve be able to get to this chapter. But I had a lot more time this week than I had expected, so I decided to see what I could add to the conversation. Not that I have anything, really; I kind of just wanted to talk about this series some. Let’s see what I can cr@p out. Edens Zero Chapter 232: “Sun Jewel(U0).” Here goes Everything………


We begin by seeing that they’ve already picked up Hermit from Iron Hill. Her Happy Reunion with Witch is interrupted by the thought that Valkyrie- even here in Universe 0- is dead. But they change the topic to what Hermit was doing in the last 15 years. She explains that she was researching Ether Accelerators in this reality- without the help of Muller. He apparently wasn’t present in her past in this reality, so her days were more or less peaceful. And after she finished her research and saved Planet Hook, she just decided to go and play in Digitalis. Similar story with the Rutherfords: Muller never came after them in this Universe; Kris’ O-tech enhancements are something apart of daily life on their planet. Kris decided to upgrade himself by choice, while Kleene was too scared to go through with it. 

As for how they ended up working for Drakken: Their family’s customs had them study abroad for awhile. But they ended up getting the Wrong Directions and wound up on Guilst- working under Drakken just to get by. Huh. It’s good that at least they weren’t tortured by Muller! But that just leaves the situation with Homura; a quick look at her from Sister reveals no physical or mental abnormalities, which just leaves a damage to her “Heart” just as with Hermit when they found her on Iron hill. They hope that something will resolve the situation……….

Dress Factory: The girl’s think that putting her in her original clothes will trigger something, but it doesn’t do anything. Weisz suggests the Super Sheer Bunny girl outfit but they ignore that. Homura works up the nerve to ask if Valkyrie was alive in the previous world. They tell her the truth. And she tells them her Universe 0 Backstory: Just as with the originalshe grows up on Oedo- her mother going to earn money and just never returned. From there, Valkyrie would find her and make her her pupil(and surrogate daughter). 5 years after that, she would end up in a sparring match with Shogun’s Sun, Seiji(Creed). He got hurt in front of his father. The act of harming a member of the Shogunate Family is an action Punishable by Beheading. 

And while Young Seiji was fine afterwards- even defending Homura; his father dismissed him as “Unfit to be Shogun” and ordered her beheading anyway. But the day of the judgement, Valkyrie spoke up in her place- taking Homura’s punishment because “A Student’s disrespect is a Teacher’s responsibility.” She is decapitated in front of Homura and Seiji. From then on, she could no longer summon her Ether Sword. And now that she’s all alone and her debt to Drakken almost certainly over with, she’s decided to go and Find her mother. But seeing as Homura’s situation is so much worse than everyone else’s, they think that finding Kureani this time around might turn out even worse than last time…….. 

Sun Jewel: While walking through the eerily empty streets of Sun Jewel, Shiki decides it’s best to tell her about what happened the last time they found her Mother. She guesses that she was a “Worthless Human Being-“ and she’s prepared for that. After all, this IS the same woman who left her daughter to pay off her debts in this Universe. But the more they walk, the more that they realize…….. that there aren’t a lot of people walking the streets. ANY people, really. But they end up finding someone- the would-be Elected official from the end of that original arc– who tells them that the Stones are about to go on another rampage, and they need to get to the Blockade Zone((this Universe’s use of the original Labor District). Shiki agrees to go without question. 

The official says everything is fine so long as they have the “Punishers” on this planet. In this Universe, they are the Guardians of this world- The former Minors working under Kureani, as well as the Zaiten 3- and Kureani herself as the Leader. In this Universe, they are the Protectors of this world that defeat the Stones!! Edens Zero Chapter 232 END!! We’re gonna need a Really D@mn Good Explanation for all of this, Mashima.


………….. Zah? What happened there? She left just like the in the original events- making “Kureani Leaves Homura” a constant- but she ended up becoming a planet’s Protector? And whatever change in her character that seemingly made her a better person; she’s still not a good enough person to go and get her daughter from Oedo? Or did she, here only the first part about her harming the Shogun’s son, and figure she was already dead? I mean, I can forgive her for that, then. But any other scenario where just left left Homura in Drakken’s hands means she’s still not as good a person as people may be thinking…………….!!! I just got an idea as to how to get Homura’s memories back. 

Seeing her like this- after having expected to see some……… she was probably expecting some “Gutter Trash” or something I imagine– and hearing that she was the Malevolent Dictator in another universe; she hasn’t really been getting a “Good Impression” of her mother. And regardless oh how much of a Good person she may have become; it won’t change the fact that she abandoned Homura by herself during a War in the South part of OedoThat will always hurt, no matter what the reason. But Homura is a better person than I am so she’ll likely forgive her upon getting her memory back. What I’m building up is that Kureani- at least from this cliffhanger- is seemingly a Good Person. So she will apologize. And Homura- still being shook up from everything that she’s experienced- probably doesn’t know how to feel about her right now. On the one hand is the woman who abandoned her daughter and left her to pay off her debts to the Biggest Bad in the Sakura Cosmos; on the other is the woman protecting complete strangers. 

I think that a scene will come when she tries to protect Homura from the Stones when they attack, and she- being who she is at her core– will summon her Ether Gear to save her. And then her memories will come flooding back in. From there, we can pick up with the Quest to reach Mother. Meaning we get to see Nadia again. I still think that Andrew is dead; no matter what “possibilities” exist here, the fact of the matter is that Andrew was born 200 Years ago. So unless these “possibilities” include him becoming a machine like Xenolith or him being born WAY later so he can live with Nadia– that man is still dead. Okay, the first scenario is entirely likely. But Mashima went out of his way to keep Valkyrie dead in the Nexus point of the multiverse, meaning that she’s dead in all of them. She is GONE and she is NOT coming back. At least that’s what I think Mashima is trying to convey; doing this when he’s been setting up “Happy Lives” for the rest of the crew would be just plain lying if he brought her back some how. 

Speaking ofWhat The H#ll? Weisz gets to keep his mom, Pino her memories and Leg, Shiki doesn’t need to get chased off of Granbell, and Happy his organic body- But Homura Still Loses Valkyrie? And some how in a worse wayWHY?!! Man, she must have something to do with the “Grander Story” for her to have the Worst experience in Universe 0. Maybe it’ll be the catalyst for them to go to Oedo? I mean, inspirations aside; this is not Wano. This is not The Land Of The Sun. Those 2 places had chapters and chapters of hints and build up, being areas that serve a story critical purpose. Oedo does not seem to be that; Mashima has not gone out of his way to tease some kind of “Great Importance” to it beyond it being Homura’s homeworld. So unless a Really Important Relic- “The One With The Most Mother Ether In The Universe” or something- is a Katana that the Shogun used to seize control or something, then……….. we’re probably not going to go there right now; it’s a little too late in the story for it to matter that much. 

The last really BIG thing that I want to discussThe Absence Of Muller In Their Lives. Mashima said in a recent collab with another Youtube channel that he would like to bring Muller back at least once more. This was just him talking about something he wanted to do in the story; not something he was Going to do definitively. Obviously I hope we never have to see or even think about that piece-a-sh!t again. But that’s the point; Mashima wanted to make a Truly Irredeemable Garbage character that we couldn’t sympathize with. So if and when he comes back into this story; Don’t Trust Him. Not for a single second. But the question still remains where that weasel will pop up. After Hermit’s flashback, I never gave Muller another thought. Then he cropped up on Foresta. If he wasn’t present when Hermit was working on Ether Accelerators, then he wasn’t sent to jail…….. for that. 

It might be possible that the Edens One takes over Ziggy again and has him do all the same sh!t, but…….. would that work? Like Hermit told us in chapter 215, that thing has a “Matchless Intellect-” one that would allow it to use Ziggy’s powers to “pull” Ziggy’s memories from the previous world here, seeing its plans fail, and doing something else. One is out there planning just as much as the crew. It could bring Muller into the equation if it wants, but since it’s liable to learn from its mistakes; it likely won’t bring Muller into its plans unless it needs some kind of distraction. Ugh, talking about Muller this much is making me want to puke. 


Sorry this came out so late, guys. But even in the midst of working on the My Hero Academia review, I was still able to make a……. actually Pretty Decent Post; better than the last one, THAT’S for d@mn sure. If I can redeem myself with the Four Knights Of The Apocalypse, then I think I’ll be okay. Um…….. Still no real closing thoughts. There’s the Rutherford’s backstory, but……… unless it proves story critical, I don’t really see any reason to mention that beyond “At Least Muller Wasn’t There.” I guess it makes sense that misdirection to a criminal planet would leave them trapped, so…… eh. Let me know what you guys think in the comments, and until the Next Post, all- Have A Magically Wonderful Rest Of Your Day. Bye~~~!!! 

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