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“Perfectly Balanced- As All Things Should Be.” Edens Zero Chapter 207 BREAKDOWN

When you here the bad guy say this line; it means you’re in for a very bad time. HAD to use that title; it’s appropriate for the chapter we’re discussing today. I had expected Cure to be some kind of “glory hound-” which he may well still be– but THIS…… This is Bad. In a “Good” way, thought. So long as he doesn’t go overboard and pull a Black Zetsu stuff and have it be “Cure All Along,” then this could be interesting for the lore of the story. Please don’t Aizen/All For One this guy….. Edens Zero Chapter 207: “To Shine.” 


Laguna’s starfighter breaks out of Crow’s Overdrive’d skin, and contacts the Edens Zero immediately. Hermit tells him that Kleene was knocked to the ground by Crow, and sends him her last know coordinates. He informs them that Kris and Holy should be close to Crow’s core by now. While on the inside; Kris’ augmentations begin to fail- they can’t function for very long without his body’s ether. Back with Holy; she believes that her ally is here to help her take out Crow. BUT…………….

Cure shoots a “Death beam” through her side. Like, LITERALLY a “Death Beam” straight out of Dragon Ball. Cure explains that HE is Crow’s main body- he’s responsible many things. Drakken and Nero’s rise to power; Elsie, Nox, and likely Shiki’s placements as Galactica; the creation of Deadend Crow and thus the “Bloody Atmos Day” incident- It Was A~~LL Him. And he did it because he believes in “Balance;” Good cannot exist without Evil to fight against- the Interstellar Union Army would be worthless without someone to fight against So he made Villains for the Oracion Seis Interstelar to fight- all except for Ziggy and Acnoella; those 2 are legit. 

Even on the “Bloody Atmos Day” incident; he was using that “Darkness” of his own creation to “give birth to a ‘light’ strong enough to extinguish it.” He’s trying to make it so that only Holy will defeat Deadend Crow, finishing the story that began on that day. But he has no intention of letting the story end today……………….. 

Meanwhile, in the skies above Lendard; the Interstellar Union army continues to combat Acnoella’s horde of Dragons. Feather gets in contact with Eraser to alert him of a problem with her “Eye Of Venus.” She can’t determine “someone’s” location, so Eraser tell her to go have Cure take a look at it- the only thing he’s good for is “erasing” sh!t. Feather then reveals that the “someone” in question is Cure himself; his Brain-class is completely unmanned, much to the shock of Eraser. 

Back inside Crow; Holy asks what the “Bloody Atmos Day” Incident was about. BACKSTORY: 13 Years Ago– “Atmos Day” is a holiday on the Planet Swan in the Yukino Cosmos. It was a day for the inhabitants to honor the savior of their planet- the hero “Atmos.” And then Crow came and destroyed EVERYTHING; lives were squashed; buildings burned; and whatever women survived the onslaught were stripped and hung up in the town square until they died of exhaustion. Holy was the only one who survived; even her sister Sara was killed in initial stage of the attack. All As Cure Had Wanted; the Soul Survivor of the attack became “The Light” that would extinguished “The Titan Of Eternal Darkness.

But what sets Holy off is that it wasn’t premeditated- it could have been ANY PLANET!! Holy tells him that “Good People” don’t create “Evil,” but he just repeats that he is “Good And Evil.” Holy SLUGS this guy dead in his jaw, telling him that’s he’s “only Evil.” Cure stands back up, reminding her that she won’t be able to fight without Ether Gear. And then she turns on her Ether gear, revealing that Kleene survived the attack, and is continuing to to absorb Crow’s Ether Cancelling Waves. With her powers back; she begins to fight against Cure in earnest. 

Hermit is able to get in contact with Holy, telling her and Kris to get out of there NOW- they’re going to fire the Main Cannon while Crow’s movements are stalled. Edens Zero Chapter 207 END!! Simple, but effective all the same. 


Let’s get into the main talking point here- the point of “controversy” that I saw some people going on about on Twitter: “Cure Being Responsible For Drakken And Nero.” I don’t think that he, like- LITTERALLY “built them from the ground up. Maybe Drakken, but certainly not Nero. I say Drakken because his backstory leaves a lot open for speculation. We don’t know how old Cure is- we don’t even fully know whether he’s Human or Machine, and neither case guarantees that he’s over 200 years old. But it also doesn’t “rule out the possibility.” There’s topics like “How Drakken Got Out Of The Lab?;” “Where’d He Get The Book That Taught Him About Alchemy?;” “How’d He Become A Crime Lord And keep His Identity Secret From Everyone For So Long?;” “Who Helped Him Build The Machine.” At least for Drakken-  it would make sense. 

However, Mashima just introduced an idea that………. tends to get a little “messy” every now and then. Like I said at the start: The Black Zetsu Thing Didn’t Work Out All That Well. The Aizen thing is pretty controversial depending on who you ask, and….. All For One. It doesn’t always work; it undermines what the cast had to do to win, and makes the Villain seem like he needed someone “holding his hand” the whole time to be a threat. And while I’ll say that works for someone like Drakken; Nero is a Different Beast Entirely. Though we don’t know how he got the Empire Dice he used to build his Empire. But even THAT might be a little too much involvement on Cure’s part for my liking; acceptable, but it better pretty a PRETTY D@MN GOOD explanation. 

…………………. I came into this wanting to debunk that notion, and I ended up DEFENDING it. Look; He was not their “Secret Benefactor” helping them the whole time. He didn’t teach them their Ether Gear. He may have helped get them “started,” but then left before anyone could catch on. I don’t hate this, but I’m worried about how Mashima will handle this. On the other hand; it reveals as to why Shiki and Elsie are labeled as Galactica, despite………. okay, they’re TECHNICALLY criminal, but they’re not “Malicious Mass Murders” like Crow or Nero and Drakken. Okay, Elsie was said to have robbed and pillaged more than a few planets, and touch her family and see how much longer you breathe, but like Feather told Justice: “She’s Not A ‘Major’ Threat.” Neither is Shiki. Until Cure made them threats. 

It also means that Nox- as expected- is not a bad guy. But much like Shiki and Elsie- mess with her friends, and you will not walk away. This is good because then we can have Rebecca talk to her mom and it not “turn left………….” hopefully. She might be some kind of “Zealot” for the Saintfire religion, and Rebecca is clearly some sort of “Messiah” for them. So it can still get pretty rocky. Let her find out that Shiki and Weisz have been perving on her daughter and see what happens, but she may be an ally- a Valuable one, considering her position. 

For other elements of chapter; you have the events of the Bloody Atmos Day Incident being revealed to us, yeah? You AUTOMATICALLY have to ask the questionIs Sara Really Dead? Not sure, but we didn’t see a dead body, did we? Until you see the corpse dematerialize and fade away(and maybe not even that), they are not dead. She could be out there, trying to fulfill her dream in some way. Holy said that she wanted to be a “Champion Of Justice,” so……… some sort of Vigilante? Going around helping people and then leaving as soon as her job is done? No reason Holy wouldn’t have heard about it, but it’s not like it’s something worth reporting to Interstelar. 

I would like to see her, and I would very much like for Holy to make it out of this arc alive. ‘Nother spot opening up in Interstelar- I’m just sayin’; Shiki’s actions could make him a contender for Interstelar. And Holy can always vouge for him to at least get him out of Galactica. Elsie, too, when she tells them the truth. Though Justice throws a wrench in the problem. Speaking of which; What’s Going On With Acnoella and Justice?! We’ve been so wrapped up in these reveals and the MAIN point of the arc that we’re not really seeing what’s going on with Justice and Elsie! Heck, Feather and Eraser aren’t doing much of anything; Feather’s encounter with Shiki just the “What We Can Do” portion of any good post time skip arc, and Eraser just sits up in space blastin’ sh!t!! 

This arc HAS the characters to utilize; what I think it’s lacking is “Knowing what to do with them.” Eraser’s in the same spot he was in in the LAST war arc; Feather’s just kind of here so we can say “ALL OF THE GALACTICA AND INTERSTELAR ARE HERE OMG~~~~!!!;” Justice is starting to feel a little “one note,” and Elsie got rocked by Ziggy and then tied up half-naked. Issues with the arc aside; I think it’s serving better as “set up” for the rest of the story- all these reveals leaving more questions to be answered; character interactions being set up; and level ups for characters like Pino. 

I like the Cure reveal; it makes it seem less like it’s Justice being an Elsie Hating Pr!ck, and makes Crow a little more understandable. He was made to be “Evil-“ there is nothing more to his personality than that. Now we know why……


………………… Yeah, that’s pretty much the take-away. I hope Mashima doesn’t mess this up; it could hurt the previous arcs of the story, which were 2 of the BEST arcs, and some of Mashima’s best writing in his time as an Mangaka. So long as he gives it a good explanation; everything should be okay. That’s all I got for the lot of ya today, boys and girls. Until the next post, duckies; Have A Wonderful Day. By~~~~e!!!! 

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