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The Sixth Paths Of Punk!! One Piece Chapter 1,062 BREAKDOWN

No, you have NO IDEA how hard it was to come up with a nice title for this chapter. I originally didn’t want to use that title, ’cause my brother had told me that people on Twitter was making this joke. And I don’t want to just “rip off” someone else’s joke. BUT THIS IS THE BEST TITLE I COULD COME UP WITH!! Other titles were things such as “Children Exploring Science Island,” “Science Island Adventure,” “Vegapunk’s Assassins,” and “The Coming Storm.” That one made the most sense. I don’t know if Oda means for it to be a reference to his Ninja contemporary, but that’s how people are taking it. I had heard there would be another “Naruto” reference, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. We’ll talk about that later. For now; “One Piece!!” One Piece Chapter 1,062: “Adventure In The Land Of Science.” 


Germa 66’s “Aah… An Emotionless Excursion” Vols 19 and 20 

Volume 19: Caesar and The Germa leave Whole Cake. Done. 

Volume 20: We cut over to Cacao Island- Chocolat Town. It’s Frozen Solid. Everyone’s Immediate ThoughtAokiji. And it more than likely is. Unless there’s some other character I’m not thinking of who would be capable of freezing a place like this. It’s not Monet. I’d be willing to accept that someone somehow got her Snow Snow fruit, but even I wouldn’t be such a “fanboy” that I’d try to defend Oda doing that. The only other option I see is a freeze ray, but the Revolutionary army has ENORMOUSLY larger problems for Linburgh to be here. Someone could have stolen his tech, but I doubt it. I’m overthinking this, aren’t I? It’s probably just Kuzan. But why…..? 


Chapter 1,061: Luffy and Chopper are blown away trying to help Bonney. And the ship is almost eaten by a Giant Mechanical Shark. They avoid that fate, but it sends a Torpedo and capsizes the ship. Jinbe grabs Chopper, Luffy and Bonney, and hightails it out of there. We see the Punk Hazard Kids getting smaller at the G14 base, where Helmeppo begs to use the Seraphim to save Koby. Back with Luffy’s group; Bonney thanks them for rescuing her, and asks what was the deal with his wanted poster. She also reveals they’re on the “Future Island- Egghead-” the laboratory of Dr Vegapunk. Speaking of; The Good Doctor defeats the Cyborg Shark and picks up the Sunny, demanding they hand over all their treasure. A girl walks out claiming to be Vegapunk. I’ll explain in a minute………..

Chapter 1,062: Franky is SU~PER~ excited to see Vegapunk; he tells her that he spent 2 years in his old laboratory on Baldimore, but didn’t get the chance to look at everything. Usopp is amazed by the mech suit, while Sanji is amazed by Vegapunk herself. But the Enamouring Nico Robin is skeptical about this girls identity; she’s too young to be the same scientist the Government’s been talking about for years, and she never heard anything about Vegapunk being female. “Vegapunk” responds that this is a Different body from the main- “Stella.” This one is “Punk-02: Lilith- The Evil.” And she plans to replenish their funding by stealing from these Pirates. 

She threatens to feed them to the Modified Sea Kings if they don’t hand over all of their treasure, but it only succeeds in amazing Franky and Usopp(who’s “Awe” is overwritten with Fear). Punk 01: “Shaka” gets in contact with Lilith, warning her that she’s dealing with the Straw Hats- a crew who has only recently reach Yonko status. She thinks that means they have LOADS of treasure lying around(which Nami does), but Shaka reminds her how dangerous Zoro and Robin chan are. Lilith takes note, and is about to submit. But Shaka suggests that she bring them over to Egghead- they have an interest in that crew. 

We then cut over to Luffy’s group, who are making their way through a tunnel until they come to a ladder. She reveals that she’s been here before when she was young- back when it was still “Run-Of-The-Mill.” But she’s back to get answers- and KILL Vegapunk depending on what those are. You seeVegapunk turned her dad into a Cyborg, and stripped him of his humanity. When they reach the hatch, they open it to find a Massive, Futuristic Lab, where small buildings exit in bubble and a Giant Robot mech is fighting a Space Monster. And Luffy just HAS to get involved and try to ride the Space Monster. Too bad it’s a hologram. As many things in this lab seem to be. 

While they try to find food amongst the mass of holograms in this place; Jinbe questions why it’s so much warmer in here compared to the sea around the island. This GIANT TODDLER ROBOT Thing comes out and explains that this is in fact a Winter island, by the climate in the lab is set to “Tropical.” And she says that you could do the same thing on a Larger scale with the “Island Aircon,” to the point where it even affects the very soil of the island. Luffy sees it, thinks it’s tough because it’s about the same size as Kaido was, and punches it. He gets punched back, and knocked into a machine that can make any food you want- even possessing a mode that can turn leftover ingredients into some kind of food. You can gather what happens next. 

“Vegapunk” laments in the lack of “competent engineers;” without help or funding, this machine can’t be mass produced. She gets so mad that she actually punches the Hologram!- with Photonic gloves that make it possible to interact with light. Interesting. And she tells them: 

Whether it’s real or not- is something for You to decide! If you ask Me- Those words are relics of a Bygone Era!

She introduces herself as “Vegapunk- Your Humble Scientific Genius For Hire,” but Bonney thinks that the girl is lying. This one is “Punk 05- Punk Atlas.” Elsewhere in the New World; CP Aigis 0 is coming to Egghead Island- Stussy, Kaku, and Lucci. Kaku is trying to explain to Lucci that Vegapunk is still technically only 1 person, but he split his personality and genius into 6 parts to work on multiple projects: 

  • Punk 01- Logic(Shaka)
  • Punk 02- Evil(Lilith)
  • Punk 03- Flair(Edison)
  • Punk 04- Wisdom(Pythagoras)
  • Punk 05- Wrath(Atlas)
  • Punk 06- Desire(York)

Lucci think that’s impossible, but just accepts it, and summarizes the Mission: They are to Return the Seraphim Kuma- the “Problem Child” to Egghead Island-” and then Kill All 6 Vegapunks– as well as the Main body- without damaging anything in the lab. Lucci thinks that it’s because he knows something about the recent incident with Lulusia, but Kaku and Stussy tell him to be careful with what he says…. One Piece Chapter 1.062 END! Are we all on the same page? Egg-cellent. I wasn’t NOT gonna make that joke!


Off the bat; I want to mention that Kaku’s chart lists Atlas as “05,” but we see on her dress-thing there that she’s “06.” Error On Oda’s partYeah. I don’t see any reason as to why Vegapunk would just switch up Atlas and York like that; as far as they know right now, the World Government are still………. “Allies.” We know from everything with Kuma that they has some sort of connection to the Revolutionary Army, so maybe they just needed “the most funding.” Which the World Government has, thanks to the Celestial Dragons. But yeah; it’s probably just an error from Oda that’ll be fixed when the Volume releases. Nothing really of note. 

Though going back to what I said; Vegapunk’s relationship with the Revolutionary army, as well as some of the dialogue in this chapter- paint a decent picture of the type of person Vegapunk is. And yeah, I’m gonna say “They” for a minute. The name “Stella” makes me think we’ve been misled. And the fact that we’ve so far gotten 2 female copies of Vegapunk- startin’ to think that Oda’s been playin’ us with his choice of wording. That or Vegapunk’s an Okama and decided to have it both way, since I doubt Pythagoras is gonna end up being a woman. Could be wrong, but these reveals are throwing me for a loop. So I’m just gonna say “They” til we see Stella.

In any case; the events are starting to paint a picture: Whereas the Government just wants weapons to continue to subjugate the world(secretly preserving Im’s rule)- Vegapunk wants to invent things that will Help the World. Inventions such as the Island A.C. that Atlas says can control the temperature of any island “right down to the soil.” Think of all the crops that would be grown. Or how many more visitors islands would get if they weren’t so cold, or just a little colder, or if the weather was better! And all the ingredients that wouldn’t go to waste with the Automated Cooking Machine. Sanji wouldn’t have had to get stranded on a rock formation to learn “not to waste food.” Something to that effect. And the Revolutionary Army- despite being criminals- want all of that for the world. 

The World Government provides Vegapunk with funding, which facilitates these inventions. But they’re not going to let them out into the world because then some islands might be able to function without them. Thus loosening their grip on the world. Yeah, something to that effect. Maybe I worded it wrong, but they definitely won’t let these inventions get out into the world. ‘Cause they have the funding for Mass production- the Celestial Dragon’s fund the Government, and they get “Heavenly Tribute” from the islands allied with the Government to continue that funding. They can do this, but they won’t. At best; they’ll put it in the most secure Naval bases. Which Luffy broke in and out of 2 years ago. 

Other things in the chapter of note: Vegapunk’s 6 copies and CP Aigis 0. Let’s start with Vegapunk’s thing. Specifically why they would make a copy that’s LITERALLY Evil! If these are “aspects of Vegapunk,” then does that mean there’s a part of them that’s Evil?! That would make you think that they just want all of these inventions for themselves, but………. then why would Atlas be so upset about the lack of Mass Production? True, I’m just assuming that Vegapunk wants to do help, but what else would you want to mass produce this sh!t for?! Ah, well- she is supposed to represent “Violence.” Meh. Maybe “Evil” is just a name, and it more represents………… “Lack Of Inhibition?” Like; they want more funding, and they are stealing from Pirate ships to get it, but maybe they’re the type that “doesn’t want to hurt people?” Something like that

It makes sense that a Genius would come to the conclusion “Make More Hands.” I figure 6 is all that could be squeezed out, less they end up spreading themselves “too thin” and loose either “function,” “control(in more mechanical cases like Atlas and Shaka),” or “self.” Because as we see with Lilith and Shaka; aspects present in 1 are not all that present in the others. 6 was the compromise. Though I don’t know what “Thinker” is supposed to do. Just sit there and “think?” And how is York different from Lilith? Lilith might be able to act on the “bad thoughts,” but does that mean that Greed just “wants stuff” and still gives sh!t away because of the inhibitions that make him………. “not a bad person?” 

The situation regarding the “6 Paths Of Punk” is kind of odd. It’ll probably make more sense once it gets summarized when both the Straw Hats and the Punks come together, but right now- I’m left scratching my head. But what’s pretty darn clear is that we’re in for a Rare “Round 2.”

Lucci’s coming to Egghead. Luffy and Robin are on Egghead. You see where this is going, right? Man’s about to become the Main Villain of like 2 different arcs. Though that’s assuming that Vegapunk can’t fight Lucci on their own. Which would make them a Pretty Stupid Genius to not give at least 1 aspect fighting abilities. Atlas might have lasers like Kuma, and I can’t say anything about Haki. But it would be a misstep on Oda’s part to not give us a Round 2 for Luffy and Lucci considering all that’s happened between Enies Lobby and now. Luffy might be a Yonko now- and he’s just about reached his peak, but it’s not like Lucci’s been sitting on hands, either………

There’s also the existence of the “Problem Child” of the Seraphim. Why the Kuma SeraphimSomething to do with the original Kuma. If Vegapunk can split their consciousness between 6 different people, then transferring the whole thing to another, singular body shouldn’t be much of a problem, now would it? Yes, folks; I’m thinking that this Seraphim isn’t just a clone- but the ORIGINAL Kuma!! The old body is now simply “PX-0-” an “Invincible Slave” for the Celestial Dragons to ride on, while Kuma’s actual consciousness and “humanity” have been put in a new, stronger, younger, tougher body that controls fire and can fly. Which is Super Useful when the world is mostly water. 

That would actually help with the Bonney plotline, and give the Revolutionary army a new weapon to use against the World Government. Like; Linburgh would be able to find out all of the Seraphim’s weaknesses so they can take them out quick. ‘Cause those things are dangerous. And again- Seraphim Kaido. IS. BR~OKEN. Even if this one doesn’t have the Paw Paw fruit; a Kaido’s fruit has been copied BEFORE. And that was just a Prototype that apparently had problems. Artificial Devil fruits- even if they’re just Zoan– are PERFECT now. You could not break that thing. But enough of me fanboying about that concept. What I’m getting at is that they would have a way of deciphering the Seraphim’s secret to stop them. And Kuma and Bonney could finally be reunited. 


………………. Yeah, that’s about it. I think that the hair on the Kuma Seraphim might be an indicator of this one being “defective,” so that’s most likely not a mistake. But Atlas’ number probably is. This Egghead arc probably won’t be that long(especially coming off the back of Wano), but it’s only just started. If I were a betting man, I would put money on this arc being around 20 or 30 chapters. Maybe even less since this arc is going to be a little more expositional that anything else. And I’m gonna be right here for all of it. 

Anyway, guys; that’s all I got for the lot of ya today. Until the next post, duckies- Have A Good one. By~~~~e!!!!! 

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