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Manga Chapter Review Dump Post #23 Alternative

I talked about it in the One Piece review about how my site was down and only recently came back up, and how I lost every post after July 28th. Kind of killed me inside, but in helping my dad make T-Shirts for his business(WhoHustle.com and a store on Amazon), I realized something I can do to fix the problem- even if it won’t be as good as before. Those will come later in the week, along with more of an explanation as to what’s going on. For right now, though; we have a regular ol’ “Dump Post” to do. There was an original 23rd Dump, but it’s one of the posts that got erased. Suckish- Especially since I can’t remember the content nor do I have the Featured image for it. But I DO have a number of them ready to go, as you’ll soon see. For now, though; let’s get this party started. 

Chainsaw Man Chapter 139: “A Chair’s Feelings

The self proclaimed “Sword Man” tries to remind Denji of his battle with Makima and the Weapon Devil’s, but Denji wasn’t the one fighting that fight and is off to school- where he finds Sword Man is his new classmate. “Miri Sugo” is Uber popular with girls in his class, p!ssing off Denji. Some time later: Denji is acting as Mifune’s chair while talking to Sugo, who does his utmost to convince Denji to Join The Chainsaw Man Church. 

He- along with the rest of the Weapons- have joined the Church as a show of gratitude towards Chainsaw Man for freeing them from Makima. Denji doesn’t really care, it would seemuntil he’s promised women. Then he’s on board. My brother thinks that Katana Man is still against Denji for killing his grandpa(the original Yakuza Boss)- in addition to the Nut Kicking Contest– and that he’s now put a hit out on Denji that the Weapon Devils are trying to cash in on. To which I say: “Entirely Possible.” I don’t think Reze has any reason to go after Denji like this, but who knows. 

My Hero Academia Chapter 397: “Trash Cleanup

7 pages. Horikoshi could only get out 7 pages this time. Let. This Man. REST. H-honestly speaking; I feel like HE would have benefited more from a Magazine switch. It may have taken the series into 2024, but……… probably into the Summer. No, no- it would be DONE in the Spring Issue. And I’m only saying this because he’d be skipping this year’s fall Issue, and the Winter issue comes out in December. And clearly, this is only going to be a long fight in terms of chapter count; if Horikoshi’s health was better, this fight would be over in no more than 4 chapters, with a 5th detailing the ending before we get to the MAIN event. 

Chapter Itself: All Might kind of feels bad beating up on a young man at his age, and then makes fun of All For One for trying to be a “Demon Lord.” All of this just taunting to make All For One lose control- which he excels at. All For Nothing is like “Oh, You Can’t Beat Me- My Victory’s Assured- I just wanted to kill you first” yadda yadda Cartoon Villain Speech. But getting him riled up like this is breaking up the armor. 

One Flashback to Nana Shimura later, Small Might dives back in to fight All For Nothing and calls him an embarrassment. ‘Cause he is. Ya know all that “passion” I was talking about seeing with Best Girl Himiko chan’s ending? I’m not feeling it here. You saw in the LEAD UP to Bakugo’s “Death” before he walked it back, but not in Spinner’s story or the Todoroki plot. Then he put all that love and care into Himiko chan. And NOW- I don’t think he cares. So I’m hoping Deku vs Tomura will have that same love I saw in those chapters. 

Chainsaw Man Chapter 140: “Scales

Yeah; 2 chapters of 1 series this time around! I have………. SEVERAL posts that I’m working on right now, and kind of busy in my personal life, so I didn’t think I could get out a regular chapter review for much of anythingSo I put the next chapter of “Chainsaw Man” here, too. What can I say? So we pick up with Denji and Sugo arrive at the Chainsaw Man Church, which Sugo explains belonged to a cult that Church took over. Denji doesn’t care; he just wants access to “All-You-Can-Sleep-With Girls.” They’re guided through the Church by Nobana Higashiyama, and we learn about the Church’s…………. “Beliefs.” So………. American Ultraviolet Mental Suppression ray over Japan that’s dimming Adult Mental faculties? So the church is founded by students who will then marry and raise their children. Even the Ultra-H0rny Denji’s over here like What the F*ck?” 

More than anything, though; he doesn’t want to get married or anything, and he says that he never found some satellite in the sky like the Church claims. Sugo tries to rationalize this lie by saying they’ve saved a lot of people, and Flamethrower Man comes to try and convince Denji to be Chainsaw Man. But what Yoshida told him rings in his head, and he says the world “Will be Safe without Chainsaw Man.” So they threaten Asa Mitaka’s life. And Denji’s given a choice: The path of a normal, everyday life full of friends and family- or the starter for his engine. Denji gets creeped out and leaves. My reaction reading the chapter and hearing the Lies Fami and the Blasphemous Chainsaw Copy: Qu’est Que F*CK? Who…….. Where……….


Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 117: “Vaz Zigra

Percy has informed Percival that they are “Life Spirits,” tasked using the Hope of all life to raise it properly- and use its despair to take it. As the pair float in a void- watching the Behemoth and all the Life that its absorbed freak out in the presence of the Door to Camelot- the Demon Realm SHAKES. Zel and Gelda choose to continues to believe in Percival, whose physical body isn’t reacting to ANYTHING going on- even while the Behemoth begins to rage!! While internalPercival refuses to believe what he just heard. VIAMENTLY. As Percy thought; he figured Percival would refuse to believe it until he heard the truth from Ironside. So he’ll just let that keep going. Right now- They gotta tame the Behemoth. 

Percy tells Percival to just “do what comes naturally,” and he puts out his hand, touching the mass before him. He tells it to remain calm; he and his friends will take care of the door. And 1 2 3– The Behemoth is back to sleep. But Percival still doesn’t believe what he’s heard. So Percy just let’s it befor now, anyway. He awakens, and tells everyone that the Behemoth is back to sleep. And now they must battle the Chaos Knights. What I’m getting from this chapter: The Behemoth is kind of a Life Spirit- one specifically made to cause death. But because of it’s nature, it has to sleep until it’s time for it to do it’s job. And that time is when there’s some irregularity in the Demon Realm– something that SHOULDN’T be happening. Like this door, or Arthur taking from other realms to make Camelot. 

It also gives us more lore behind Percival’s power, and may even explain what happened with Chion in chapter 55; he uses “Hope” to give “Life-” and Despair to bring Death. HIS despair let him bring Death to Chion, but he didn’t finish the job. Man, there’s, uh……. a lot to think about from this one.

Edens Zero Chapter 252: “Game Start

Feather sama informs the crew that Joker Helix has made their way onto the ship, and has slowed down time for the Shining Stars. Shiki and Rebecca plan to warp into the ship with “Wormhole,” with the Professor tagging along to clean up the mess he’s made. But when they get in- time slows for all but Rebecca. Helix makes contact with Rebecca, and informs her that their here on Void’s orders to get the Mother Ether. They then bring Rebecca into a Video Game Matrix, where Rebecca is forced to play one game after another for her survival. But Shiki and the Professor break in and help her with Helix. The Professor had set up Time Reactor Canceler that allowed them to move in dilated time. And he then uses his Ether Gear to modify the gaming matrix to give he, Rebecca, and Shiki a boost- as “Heroes Who Will Defeat The Demon King.” Rebecca gets bikini armor, while Shiki thinks the “Demon King” in question is himself. 

Charming chapter; a lot of references to old games, yeah? Wonder how the anime will handle the 8-bit section there. And Rebecca- despite how little armor she has on- is probably the most protected of the 3 of them. ‘Cause the Bikini armor often has the highest stats of any armor you equipped on a female character. Wonder if Shiki is gonna show off another Overdrive route


I chose the featured image that I did 1)Because I have a surplus of images that I haven’t used, so I try to where I can. But this particular one pertains to  2)The mode I was in when I got my site back up. I wasn’t too happy when this started. Now, I’m………. betterJust p!ssed with my schedule. And I got it as I was writing this, too. And like the night before, too; that b!tch has been on vacation a week and then comes back not knowing how to make a schedule? Let me stop on that note before this stops being funny. Glad none of my co-workers read these things. Um………. catch ya later, folks. 

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