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So that’s what we’re doing, eh, Mashima Sensei? “If It Has Ether- It Can Overdrive.Now THAT is telling. I think we’re going to be getting a lot more of these titles in the future. That much was probably obvious, though. But I didn’t expect for it to come from someone without Ether Gear……………… This bit workin’ for ya? Yeah; I’m getting a little annoyed with it myself. So I’ll say it: Hermit Activates Her Own Overdrive- something that I didn’t expect to see from her. Welcomed Surprise, Though. VERY Welcomed. Let’s get into this; Edens Zero Chapter 194: “The Ether Of All Things.” 6 More Chapters………

A Sister Cover On A Hermit Chapter? Works For Me.


Picking up where the last chapter left off: Labilia tries to take a Starfighter to go and help Rebecca- against the wishes of everyone on board. UnfortunatelyKiller and Clown have snuck into the Edens Zero. And before she can even scream for help; the Dark Star’s silence her- with every intention of killing her………. but in different manors. Before they can, however; Mosco arrives to save her. He sends she and Couchpo back to the safe room so he can deal with the Dark Stars. MORE TEASING WITH THE F*CKING BUTTON, and Sister and Hermit show up- the ones that they came to eliminate in the first place. The girls activate their Battle Dresses, and prepare to stand against the their counterparts!

Shining Stars vs Dark Stars!!- In A Minute.

But we cut away from that to see the other battle fields- starting with the Sky’s Above Lendard. Hyoga and Gowen are very uneasy about Justice being here, considering his grudge against Elsie. Shiro and Ibuki of Holy’s fleet inform them that they didn’t tell the other Interstelar about the battle- saying that they’ve already informed Victory, Eraser, Feather, and Cure that Elsie’s Pirates are allies at the moment.

While down below; Elsie teases Justice about leaving her restrained Half Naked. The joviality is interrupted with they both sense a powerful Ether coming towards them- God Acnoella. Justice leaves the make sure she hasn’t found them, while Elsie is worried that she won’t be able to fight restrained like this. Elsewhere; Shiki makes his way through Killer’s sub-dimension program, trying to make contact with the others.

He manages to get through to Pino, who informs him of her and Happy’s location, as well as the locations of Weisz and Rebecca. Because Happy and Pino are closer; he goes to save them first. But as he makes his way to them- a memory falls into his mind- one of Killer’s. It’s he and Human Hermit sitting by a river. He starts talking about the “Ether Of All Things:”

Ether: A Power That Flows Through All Things. When it reaches its “Critical Point-” we call that “Overdrive.” If the Ether Of this Rock reached its “critical point;” do you think it could Overdrive?

Human Killer Mark II

Human Hermit is a little perplexed by Human Killer’s musing, but says it’s “theoretically possible.” Which leads back to the Edens Zero for the Final Part of the chapter. Killer tries to activate his Sub-Dimension program aboard the ship, but Hermit cancels that sh!t out right then and there. Hermit berates him for thinking he’s going to win without his Battle Dress, but Killer doesn’t believe that Hermit’s “costume change” can match up to Overdrive.

But then…………. Hermit has it, too. She engages her own Overdrive, bringing Edens Zero Chapter 194 to a Riveting END!!! HAD THAT ONE ON THE SPOT, Be-0tch!!!


No, but seriously; she KIND OF looks like Dynamo from “The Powerpuff Girls,” doesn’t she? The Headband; the pigtails(I always preferred her with Pigtails like this); and the regular machine stuff. But what she has over Dynamo- I don’t need to say. Just look her. I hear anime has the weird censorship thing with showing under-boob- like; they can show RIDICULOUS amounts of cleavage, but they won’t let the under-boob fly. So when the anime gets to this scene; expect it to be different in that regard. Why do I know this? You know what I’m about.

My Point Exactly

But to get serious; What? It’s not something only an Ether Gear User has? But take your eyes away from her chest for a minute and look at her arms– the same patterns present on Ether Gear users are there. So did she learn Ether gear in the last 3 years? Or is it just what Killer said? I’m trying to just throw a bunch of questions at you guys. I’m thinking that she either gained a whole new ability, or her overall abilities have become stronger. If she has a new ability; it might be something akin to Killer’s “Sub-Dimension Program-” she can make alternate spaces to give herself the advantage. Although it works more for Killer because he’s an actual Assassin; he needs to be a tricky b@stard to win.

Hermit, on the other hand, is a Programmer– her ability let’s her hack into sh!t. That ability- to me– has always felt very situational. I am of course referring to the fact that her first ever fight in the story saw her hacking into Guns because they were……………… connected to the internet? That make any sense to you guys? That fight was cool, but I felt the way she won didn’t make much sense. So if I were to say what her Overdrive would allow her to do would be something along the lines of “reprogramming her opponents Ether.” Hold up; let me explain: “Guns Are Connected To The Network.” “Everything Has Ether.” I’m using the logic of the story to say that Hermit might be able to “reprogram” someone’s Ether flow to disable their Ether Gear, or even do something akin to what “Empire Ether” does.

But this also serves a purpose of telling us that characters without Ether Gear- such as Pino, Happy, and even Mosco– are able to get a new level of power later down the line! I think we’re all especially eager to see what Pino would be able to do with this power; she’d certainly look closer to the Human design we keep seeing, but I don’t know what her “level up” would end up being. Happy Overdrive? I know even less. But…………. something that Human Killer and Hermit said in this chapter……………… is kind of telling. They said that it’s “theoretically possible” for anything to Overdrive- Mountains, Oceans- even Planets. We’re seeing Droids that can, but what about other technology? Say……… A Ship?

You guys can probably gather where I’m going with this: The Edens Zero And Edens One In Overdrive. But I want to focus on the Zero for a moment- because we have it 100% CONFIRMED that it has Etherion. I think that in this story; Etherion is a mechanism that either allows the ship to Overdrive, or it may well only be usable after it Overdrives. I’ve been under the assumption that it’s a giant canon that has some weird time-space effect to it, like the Etherion in Fairy Tail. But what if it’s too powerful for the current version of the ship? And the Edens One- being the “Next Stage” model- is able to use it easier?

I’ve always been under the mindset that a Droids Overdrive(back when we thought it was limited to Ether Gear Users) isn’t as………… “limited” in its usage like Humans. You know what I mean? A Droids power source- no matter the model- always runs on Ether(in this story). They would have a bigger supply of it than Humans- Humans exhaust. Androids can keep going………. from what we’ve seen. So MY thought is that A Machine would be able to sustain Overdrive for much longer than a Human- possibly indefinitely. Like Ziggy, maybe.

Ziggy In Overdrive? Probably!!

That said; it’s not as if Droids and machines have INFINITE Ether- just more than Humans. Maybe Hermit will be able to maintain her Overdrive for weeks at a time, whereas Shiki probably can’t hold it for a whole day; hours maybe, but not a WHOLE day. Maybe if and when Pino gets her Overdrive(she’s getting an Overdrive- END. OF. DISCUSSION.); we’ll be seeing her in that state for a handful of chapters. This reveal just changes everything we know about what has been my Favorite Power Up of the Current Era Of Shonen Battle Manga.


There you have- What the f*ck am I doing? I don’t have to use some generic @$$ outro!! Although I will ask you guys what you thought of the chapter; what do you guys make of the new lore behind Overdrive? I like it! And now I kind of can’t wait to see what Hermit is capable of. Watch out, Killer; she’s coming for you!! Have a Magical Day Everyone!!

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