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It’s A Trap! Or Did You Know That Already? Edens Zero Chapter 242 BREAKDOWN

Man, it feels like it’s been a while since I’ve made a proper “Edens Zero” post, yeah? It might especially be for you guys, but it was around this time last week that I was trying to complete this, Four Knights, and Chainsaw Man in time to begin the One Piece post. Though obviouslyYou didn’t get to see my rushing. Had to stop and turn it into a Dump Post with the other 2 and My Hero‘Cause I’m seen as “Reliable” at my job. So they give me a lot of hours. More Money- Less Freedom. Even if it’s the only thing, I PROMISE YOU that I’m gonna talk about this week’s chapter of One Piece. ‘Nother Fire Chapter From Oda- and the last for the next 4 weeks. Oda’s going on a month long hiatus for eye surgery. Get better, Sensei………. 

Then there’s this. As someone on twitter pointed out; Hiro Mashima is currently working on an Original Video game, and Original Anime, wrapping up “Edens Zero,” helping out the process of Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest(which has apparently reached it’s “halfway mark”), and will begin the serialization of a Monthly series on July 6th(which just so happens to be when “My Adventures With Superman” premieres on Adult Swim). All This Man Does is Work. It’s……….. Inspiring. But Worrying. I hope he can jungle all these projects well; it would suck if Mashima were to get sick from how much work he’s put on himself. Being a Mangaka sis already stressful on its own, but he’s putting more on his plate. Please; Just let Mashima be okay. 

It whatever case; let me stop f*ckin’ around before I run out of time again. I just wish there was more to the chapter. Meh; I got a few chapters of “build up” ideas. And I’m about to blow. Yeah, I said it. Edens Zero Chapter 242: “Muller’s Trap.” Let’s go. 


Chapter 240: The Real Xenolith explains that Imperial Scientist Dr Muller came to Foresta in search of a strong Machine- one with enough Ether to resist the virus that caused a Machine uprising. He found Xenolith and stole his body, with the main guy needing to jump ship into Miimii’s body. Meanwhile; Muller uses Xenolith’s body to empower his own, becoming “Muller” of the Oracion Seis Galactica. 

Chapter 241: The Edens Zero and Shura’s group make their way towards the Temple, but find themselves surrounded by the Imperial Fleet- hundreds of thousands of Unmanned Crafts under Muller’s control. Everyone is getting ready for battle, but Valkyrie is quickest on the draw, jumping out of the ship and taking care of the first wave of Fighters all by herself. “She’s Goated As F*ck” is what this chapter is meant to convey. But Muller has a plan in store for them: By combining the Gravity powers he stole from Xenolith with the 20,000 Imperial Anti-Matter Bombs, he plans to send the whole lot of them through time!! 

Chapter 242: We cut over the Imperial Headquaters “Deep Snow(reference to one of the Oracion Seis in “Rave Master”)” to find a bunch of Imperial officer’s trying to figure out just what the f*ck is going on, while also trying to make sure no harm has come to the citizens of The Temple. Up in the skies of the Temple; the Edens Zero Crew have all gathered in Starfighters, showing off what they’ve got in front of Valkyrie. And she’s impressed with their abilities(though doesn’t understand how Rebecca got so good at piloting a Starfighter). But watching them fight makes Shura jump into action as well………..

Using the Main cannon “Star Bringer,” the Shining Star’s manage to cut a direct path to the Temple. At Pino’s advice, Shiki decides to head to the Temple alone- less they leave the ship defenseless. But Shura says he’s going with him- if for nothing more than to show him the way to the facility. Weisz makes a crack about Shiki using “Wormhole” to warp over there, but Shiki confirms that he cannot warp anywhere he’s never been before. 

Deep Snow Underground Laboratory: Muller is upset that these kids are making it further than he had ever predicted. But he’s not all that worriedhe’s been monitoring their conversations this whole time. Then he flips out over a d@mn coffee cup, and that makes him thing that there was a distortion in Space Time. So he prepares a formula when he realizes that the cup is in his hands. Though that reminds him; something he heard in one of their conversations: “Thanks To The Training You Gave Them In The Last World-” in reference to Hermit’s conversation with Muller earlier in the chapter. He realizes that they must have “migrated through the Temporal Axis/” travelled through time. But he believes that to be impossible for just a Gravity user alone; they would need a potent power source. So he looks at the rest of the crew, and finds something interesting. 

He finds that Rebecca possesses the same Time Ether as Saintfire Nox. By combining his Gravity Powers with Rebecca’s Time Ether and the Anti Matter bombs; Muller believes that he’ll be able to Rule over Time Itself- moving to which ever Universe he wants whenever. So- using a Voice disguiser to replicate Shiki’s voice- he gets in contact with Rebecca, and tells her to follower a set of coordinates. And Rebecca complies. Edens Zero Chapter 242 END!!! Something tells me our girl isn’t dumb enough to fall for this………….


Our girl is Not Stupid; that “My Dear” probably tipped her off that this wasn’t Shiki- even if she doesn’t know exactly who is awaiting her at this destination. But she’s ready for an attack. Honestly, she’ll probably have gotten in contact with one of the others to follow her, and they end up jumping Muller instead. Or perhaps one of them is following her on their own. I was gonna say that Rebecca probably now knows that Muller was listening to their conversations, but that just seemed like me being a Rebecca stand. Which I sort of am. But yeah; I do think she knows what’s going on, and is prepared for a fight. Can she win? Well…………. Maybe. I can’t be the only one thinking that Muller’s joints are the weakest part of his new body, right? What, with the backwards knees and all. She’s a Markswoman; she’ll hit her mark every time! 

…………… I should have more to say right now. I haven’t talked about a chapter of this series fully in WEEKS; you’d think I’d have a lot more to say, yeah? But I can’t really think of anything. I mean; I wanted to talk a little bit last week about how overpowered Valkyrie seems to be, right? And it now makes sense why Mashima had to write her out of the story: She would have made the Drakken Battle Too Easy. Like, if she was there to fight the Element 4 instead of Homura- She would have KILLED Kleene. Which could also leave the door open for Homura to help Shiki in his fight with Drakken. And then you have Weisz getting involved in the battle, full of rage over what Drakken did to his Motherand that’s already a 3 v 1, with Shiki closer to Overdrive then than ever before. If Valkyrie had chosen to get involved with that battle, then………. Wash. If not, then I still say the 3 of them have a really good chance. Someone had to saved Rebecca when Drakken became a Monster

Another thing that I’ve been thinking about for a while is just a post praising Rebecca. Because she’s a Really Good Character. Not in just the sense that she’s attractive(’cause she is), but she’s also very well written- someone who can both pull Shiki out of a bad place, but can also get caught up on a detail that was beyond her control. She’s hardworking, training with Witch in the Spa Of Edens everyday to catch up with the rest of her crew in addition to the training with Xenolith. She’s kind, even forgiving Labilia after everything that happened between them. She’s Strong, Confident, and she’s just as important to the story as Shiki. If not for her power- We Would Have Ended The Series At Belial Goer. That shows she’s adaptive and cunning. And it’s clear that Mashima put in a lot of work when he made her character. 

Mashima has spoken many of times about his hybrid writing style for this work; he came up with a plan like he did for Rave Master, but gives himself a lot of freedom to do some other things like with Fairy Tail. And as such; I think that Rebecca is meant to have all the character and story of Elie, but takes on a lot of traits from Lucy. That being saidI still like Elie more. She was just interesting to watch- both in how involved she was in Haru’s battles(the battle against King rings to mind the most), and her backstory has thus far been the most interesting out of the 3 of them. And in terms of “Attaraction:” Lucy Heartfilia. She’s the best of both, but not to the same extent. But that’s what diversifies her from them. The fact that she’s not as interesting as Elie or as pretty as Lucy means she’s her own person– not a “Carbon Copy” like- Admittedly– Elsie. I like Justice more of the 2 of them, which- if you’re like RJ Writing Ink- says something. I liked Erza, but Elsie………… not much to her. 

Um……….. Shiki and Shura teaming up. “Gravity Attracts Gravity” and all that; they’ve been brought together by Muller to defeat Muller. Oh the Irony. But to focus on that for a second: Muller Has Gravity Ether Gear Now. But I don’t think he knows how to use it properly. Gravity Is The Weight Of Your Heart;” it’s the inner strength and will power you have turned into power. And controlling it requires “calming tranquility-“ a gentle spirit that won’t get crushed under the weight of its own power. Muller has none of that. Mashima created this character with the Sole Intention for us to hate him. So even in Universe 0, where “anything can happen-” he’s probably still the same torturous piece of sh!t we met all the way back in the 40s. He already seems to be just as detached from the lives of Machines as he ever was. His personality is a Multiverse Constant. And the Muller will all know would be- as Shura described it- A “Lightweight.” He was pleading for his life with Hermit- demeaning Human lives just to save his own; he faked kindness towards hermit just to get her to make the Ether Accelerator; he……… He has no “Inner Strength,” you know what I mean. 

As such; I’m thinking that Muller’s actually powers are rather weak compared to Shiki and Shura(ESPECIALLY Shiki). So he probably isn’t going to get very far with whatever he’s planning. Void probably knows that, and just needed him to do……… something. Likely, he got the blueprints and data on Xenolith he needed, and is now prepared to use the Mobius to create another Xenolith- one totally under his control. Or maybe even an Army of Xenoliths to send out into the Universe. But because they would have no “Heart” to them, their Gravity would be really weak. But still cool to see. I’d say that he plans to use the data to update his body, but we haven’t seen his current body in action yet; why make this character design just to throw it away before Shiki gets the chance to punch it? It makes no sense. I fully believe that One will end up having a finally state with the same thematic importance of as LuciaAn Android Version of Shiki, just like the parallelism between Haru and Lucia. Is One another alternate version of ShikiWho knows. It might end up retreading the same ground as Ziggy, but I think Mashima has an interesting story on how Shiki could have potentially lost his body. Perhaps something to do with Rebecca……….

It was said that Rebecca’s consciousness travels through the Universes; maybe her consciousness wasn’t the one blasted through time when One was created. Though that’s a theory for another time……… D@mn; NOW I have stuff to say and we’re at the end of the post. Ain’t that ’bout a B!tch……….


I ended up having a lot to say, but not a lot of time to say it. All the same, the Rebecca praise probably could have been done a little bit better. But it’s whatever; she kicks @$$ as a character and I stand by it. All the discussion around “Dead Rock” has revealed that that series won’t have a Main Heroine like his other 3 main works; there will be some Female characters, but not nearly as much. Mashima talked about how he has trouble writing female characters- that he takes a “while” to really show them off. To which I say: For someone who admits to being bad at writing women- people’s reactions to them is staggering. All I see on Twitter every day is high praise for Erza, or Lucy, or Juvia, Cana, Mirajane, Homura, Hermit, Wendy, etc. The amount of praise he gets for his female characters is crazy. It makes me wonder what will happen if he makes a manga with a Girl as the main character. Just you wait……….

That’s another one down. Sure hope this trend can continue. Let me know your own thoughts on the subject. And until the next post, everyone- Catch Ya Later!!

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