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The Anime Antagonists That Just Don’t Fall- Anime DISCUSSION(SPOILER WARNING: Proceed At Your Own Risk)

Hey there, guys! This post came about a few weeks ago(I’m assuming since this is the 3rd time I’m starting at the beginning)  when my brothers and I were talking about the Kaido. We’re a bit upset by the idea that Kaido isn’t Awakened. That would mean that- for all the Luffy and the Alliance had to do to take Kaido down- that wasn’t even the strongest Kaido could be. Then again, Oda’s kind of leaving Zoan Awakenings up in the air. And whereas I find that concept FASCINATING- my brother Ajay is not a fan. He doesn’t like Villains like Kaido who take like 8 different finishing moves to go down; he calls them “The Worst Kind Of Anti-Climax.” I feel differently- at least in some cases. In others, I can see what he meant; some parts of Dragon Ball Super went on a bit too long………. for “worse” more often than “better.” So I wanted to take some spare time to talk about the subject with all of you- get your thoughts on the matter. 

We’re only going to be talking about 3 Characters in post- the one’s that I think Embody more of what I’m talking about. They’re characters who never really went down at any point during the fight- they either fought right up to the end and lost after a minute or needed some alternative means to be defeated; people who were strong enough to force the main cast to the brink of defeat before………… honestly time demanded that they need to be defeated. Characters such as Tomura and Majin Buu- whom will be receiving “Honorable Mentions” on this list- don’t fit the criteria that I’m looking for. And looking at the characters and situations I’m describing will tell you why. Let’s begin………..

Kaido: The Strength Of An Emperor 

Kaido……… Was Tough. Honestly, the toughest character Luffy had ever fought and probably will ever Meet. I’m being genuine, guys; I want you to think about- in specific– everything that had to happen from chapters 986 when he the Akazaya 9 attacked him, ALL THE WAY to his defeat in chapter1,049. He gets attacked by a band of vengeful samurai while he’s making an important announcement(and 9.9 times out of 10 Drunk to high Heaven), but gets back up anyway and goes to the top of the Skull Dome. After his subordinates have a skirmish with the Samurai’s allies; he and the Samurai fight. And it looks like they’re winning. But then he goes back to a form better suited for combat and whoops some @$$. New Generation of Pirates Come To The Roof, and he starts their battle by getting SMACKED into the ground! 

In his Dragon form, he gets beat up a little more. But then he goes to his Hybrid form- him at his Strongest– and whoops some more @$$. But it’s not as if the Newbies don’t get their licks in; Zoro lands an attack on him despite his(Zoro’s) injuries that opens up an old wound. And he’s still fighting. Luffy- after having learned Ryuo, an ability that would let him f*ck Kaido up from the inside(PAUSE)- now learns the secret to his seeming invulnerability, and copies it. And using it PRETTY WELL for his first time. ALL OF THIS-and he’s still using his Magic clouds to move an island full of people. Keep that in mind during the whole fight- HE IS MOVING AND ISLAND THROUGH THE AIR. 

They’re fighting and fighting, and he ends up winning, knocking Luffy off the island. So to keep him from going down below and getting involved in ANY conflict down there; the child he had kept on Onigashima their whole life- the child that HE fought against every time they tried to escape; the one person in this WHOLE WIDE WORLD he has probably fought the most times in his life; the child who may have a Mythical Awakened Zoan fruit, thus having Incredibly quick recovery time- comes to fight against him again. And that fight is INTENSE. From 1,015 to 1,025 when Luffy and Momonosuke come back up. And Luffy shows off that he Really IS an Emperor Class opponent, repeating one of Roger and Whitebeard’s old feats from chapter 966They repeated the same feat as ROGER THE PIRATE KING and THE STRONGEST MAN IN THE WORLD. Albeit Roger was sick of illness when he did that. 

In any case; Luffy and Kaido continue their battle, and it only becomes apparent that Kaido’s starting to wear out when the clouds holding up the island start to vanish. Momonosuke will take care of that; Luffy’s gonna knock Kaido’s teeth in!! From 1,027 to 1,042, they battle- Luffy pushing himself to the LIMIT and still only barely managing to take Kaido’s health bar down further. The CP-0 Agent Garnica gets involved on Gorosei orders to make sure Luffy dies. So he gets involved and hold Luffy down so Kaido can land an attack. One that basically Kills him. Takes a minute, but Luffy gets back up with his Strongest form to date- his Awakening he dubs “Gear 5th.” And using the power of his imagination, he’s able to keep fighting! But Kaido STILL isn’t done yet; this form just made sure he wouldn’t go down anymore! KAIDO’S STILL HANGING IN, as he tells Luffy that a Powerful Devil fruit can only go so far- while Haki can keep going HIGHER. So Luffy takes his adviceGiant Fist of Haki. 

You wanna know how Kaido respondsSetting himself on fire, trying to melt Luffy altogether. They collide- both at their limit with NOTHING ELSE in their arsenal. Like- This is literally everything that they have to offer each other for this clash. Luffy triumphs, but I want you to keep something in mind- something CRUCIAL

Kaido May Not Have Been Awakened During That Fight.

In chapter 1,069; we learn a little more about Zoan Awakenings, from Shaka outright stating that Zoan awakenings usually overwhelm the user’s mind(the Jailer Beast in Impel Down), while those who’ve achieved a proper Zoan Awakening tend to gain that Flaming Sash around their shoulders in their Awakened form- something present with Luffy, Lucci, Kaku, and YamatoKaido doesn’t have that in his Man Beast Form. He and Momonosuke only have them in their full Dragon forms. Then again, Yamato had the cloud in her full beast form. Zoan awakenings need to be fleshed out a little bit better. But as it stands, it’s looking like ol’ Kaido didn’t have an Awakened form. Meaning……….. that Luffy didn’t even defeat Kaido at his strongest. He still had another level to tap into, and had this been My Hero, where the Villains get the same “Friendship/Memory” power up as the Heroes- he would have also gotten it in this fight. And Luffy might have lost to in a head-to-head fight for the 3rd time in a row. I’m not counting Garnica’s insertion as Luffy’s lost- neither of them would. 

And keep THIS in mind, too: I gave you the ABRIDGED version. I didn’t even TALK about Killer’s attack in 1,002, or any of the attacks Law did to his internal organs, or any of the Akazaya’s attacks that actually pierced his skin. If I named every hit Kaido took from start to finish, we’d be here about as long as “One Piece” has gone on. No, no- This is BARE BONES what happened. It took a GRAND TOTAL of 15 Strong Characters to take out the one guy- and STILL they only barely won!! That’s cool. And it makes me wonder what he’ll be like when he comes back. He’s not dead. I don’t know what state he’s in while he’s in that lava pool, but he’s not dead. 

It’s like…………. What else can I say about this? Kaido was an Emperor of The Sea- one of the Strongest Pirates In the Current Era. He was………. a MONSTER. I know it technically took him longer to defeat characters like Lucci and Katakuri, but……… Kaido……… was a different beast altogether. Definitely Luffy’s Toughest Enemy in my mind. 

Muzan Kibutsuji: How To Thoroughly BREAK Someone 

This section includes SPOILERS for the end of the “Demon Slayer” manga. If you’re an anime only and wish to remain Unspoiled- SKIP AHEAD. 

There’s this trope that happen sometimes- and I enjoy it every time it happens. At least I think I’ve enjoyed it every time. I know between this and the recent events of My Hero Academia(Writing this part of the post a few days after chapter 379 released officially) and HERE. ‘Specially Here. Because the destruction of “Demon Slayer’s” central Antagonist- The Progenitor of All Demons, Muzan Kibutsuji- is so absolutely THOROUGH that you wonder why you EVER considered him a threat. And it is exemplified the Best in this Single Panel from chapter 199You all should know this one. I’m not seeing it at the time of my writing this part(February 6th, 2023, 5:09 pm), but you’ll be seeing it when I post it. 

Muzan Kibutsuji- Progenitor of the Demons- One of the Most Feared Characters in the series and- at the time of Season 1 of the anime- peoples “Most Hyped Anime Villain” and contender for “One Of The Best Anime Villains Of All Time- 

Became A Giant Infant Upon The Threat Of His Death.

I love this panel. When I first read this panel, I………. I could not keep it to myself; I went to show my brothers- Fresh off of Season 1- to show them THIS PANEL from Viz’ website. This was PERFECT. I know “Demon Slayer” has a lot of problems- the ending being one of them- but I just can’t hate the way that Muzan went out. It was so fitting for an @$$hole like him; someone who so casually slaughtered the Lower Moons because he felt them “unnecessary,” only sparing one because he s*cked him 0ff properly. He deserved to die. And not a “Graceful Final Blaze Of Glory-” like the coward that he turned out to be. The fight against Muzan began in chapter 180, and physically ended in chapter 200 when his little turd body disintegrated in the sunlight, but only truly ended 203 after……… some tacked on bullcr@p that only let Tanjiro live so he could pass on his seed to Kanao. That wasn’t may favorite part of the ending. 

But maybe I’m skipping too far ahead. Let’s go back to when the Final Arc started- in chapter 137He has come to kill Kagaya Ubuyashiki, Head of the Demon Slayer Core. They have a chat- one about Muzan’s actions and the countless people he’s killed, be it through the Demons he makes or by his own hand. The ubuyashiki clan and Muzan are of the same kin, so they’ve been obligated to see that he is defeated. Thus the Demon Slayer Core. Muzan calls that stupid; he says that he’s killed THOUSANDS of people and not God nor Heaven nor Buddha has come to deliver “Divine Judgement.” So Kagaya asks: “For all these thousands of years- What have you been after?” Muzan doesn’t answer, but Kagaya guesses “True Immortality.” And to that end, he must devour the first Demon in all this time able to stand in the sun: Nezuko Kamado. 

But they aren’t liable to let him have his way, so Kagaya saw fit to set a trap for the Demon when he came here. BUILDING BLOWS UP. Muzan lives. Tamayo makes her move with a Blood Demon Art she took off someone he had turned some time ago, holding him in place with blood branches. She- using all the force she could summon and all the anger of the last Thousand years- punches Muzan in the gut. But it’s Muzan and that does little more the p!ss him off, so he starts to absorb her. Which she was hoping for, because she made a concoction that she thought would work: One that Turns A Demon back Into a Human. And as he takes in that serum; Gyomei Himejima smashes his f*cking head in. But as revealed later; he’s got 5 hearts and 5 brains all over his body. So to kill him, you’ll need to cut em all up in quick succession. Which is what the Breath of the Sun was made for.

But they also can’t bank on that, so they’re gonna need this guy to be in the sunlight. They have to restrain him in place until the sun comes up. Not simple. Especially since this guy can teleport into a castle where the structure moves around at the strum of a Biwa. All the Slayers come in time to begin this showdown, but they all get stuck in the Infinity Castle fighting the remaining Kizuki. Meanwhile, Muzan goes into a cocoon. From 139 to 180- No Muzan. But when he comes out; he kills……… probably A hundred unnamed Demon Slayers in seconds. He clutches Tamayo in his hands as she dies, thinking her serum has failed. But you see, she made it to do MORE than just what she said. The “Anti Kibutsuji Drug has 4 stages: 

  1. Human Conversion- This part is the start of it. Using Nezuko’s blood, Muzan’s, and other demons- with the help of Insect Pillar Shinobu Kocho- they developed a drug that would turn a Demon Back into a Human. Nezuko received it and became Human again by the end of the arc, but Muzan burned through it in his cocoon. But that only served to activate the parts made specifically to kill him. 
  2. Biological Aging- Kocho’s Personal Gift to dear Muzan. He notices during his fight against Tanjiro in chapter 193 that he was moving even slower than the exhausted, infected Tanjio. He summons Tamayo from………. wherever, and she tells him what he wants to know. Over the course of this fight- since absorbing Tamayo and that drug- he has aged 9,000 YEARS rapidly. And according to Kocho, Muzan would age 50 years per minute. He took off 2 hours because he hadn’t taken full effect. But it IS what caused his white in this form. Nice detail. 
  3. Splitting Prevention- Tamayo’s idea. She saw Yoriichi fight Muzan, you know? The coward only survived because Muzan was such a scared little f*cked up b!tch that he saw fit to divide himself into a bunch of little pieces. So she came up with a compund that prevents Muzan from escaping through that way ever again. 
  4. Cellular Destruction- Once his system has been weakened by the first 3 stages, this one takes effect. It causes his cells to slowly deteriorate and perish, damaging his regenerative abilities heavily- to the point where it takes several seconds to heal a minor wound and impossible to heal heavier ones. 

They made this drug SPECIFICALLY to hinder Muzan going into the fight. Something that I really like about “Edens Zero” in specific: How they utilize the “Power Of Friendship” concept. It’s not………… to say “never” would be a lie, but more often than not we’ll see Shiki and his friends working together to defeat enemies, rather than just Shiki fighting on is own. They use “Teamwork. And in that regard; “Demon Slayer-” especially in this fight- showed off Teamwork more than anything else. From this drug created by Tamayo and Shinobu made- a joint effort by a human and a demon that were both scr#wed over by Muzan(something that her sister, Kanae, would have been happy to see)- to all of the Slayers and Yushiro combining what they had at the moment to take full advantage of all that drug could do, to even Yoriichi’s contribution from his first fight with Muzan that scarred him so bad that Tanjiro knew where to hit him, and even how he taught the Breath of The Sun Style to Tanjiro’s ancestors and them passing it down to Tanjiro. Everybody got in on this fight. 

I feel like if more “Friendship” plots did stuff like this then they wouldn’t be so frowned upon by fans. I mean, YEAH, it’s a little cliche and childish- don’t get me wrong. But it’s not like it’s the thing that ruins stories altogether at the end. In my mind; EVERY story is a “Friendship” story- some are just better at using it and it becomes less of a problem. In “Demon Slayer,” it IS kind of “Friendship” that puts Muzan under for good, but people don’t complain about that part of the ending cause it’s not like “Tanjiro Can Do Anything If It’s To Protect His Friends So Here’s A Last Minute Transformation that Kills Muzan,” or “Here’s A Technique That Tanjiro Never Displayed in any fight up to this point But Learned it From Urokodaki during their training and he was told not to use it until he needed to aid his friends against Muzan and ONLY Muzan.” THAT’S Terrible. Honestly speaking; my sole complaint with the ending is Tanjiro becoming a Demon and “conquering the sun” in an instant. That………… that was honestly just something tacked on to explain why he survived. 

To say that he was the “Most F*cked Up” person coming out of that fight……. would be a lie. Because the others DIED. But he was just as f*cked up as those characters that died, but he needed to live to have children with Kanao and set up the INEVITABLE sequel. This series made WAY TOO MUCH money and set a New Standard in how to handle a manga’s production to not get a “Boruto.” You’re seeing more and more that series are ending right as they get popular enough to get an anime; Undead Unluck and Mashle: magic And Muscles are in their final arc(“Mashle” in specific has just begun the True Final Battle With The Big Bad) with anime on the way- Tokyo Revengers final arc was announced I think along with the announcement of the anime. And then of course you have the Revenue of Mugen Train. “Demon Slayer” will return soon. 

BACK TO THE MAIN POINT: The Slayers went through……….. A LOT to finally kill this guy. Everyone using their best attributes to hold this guy until either the Sun came up or Tanjiro used the Breath of The Sun to kill him. Which Tanjiro probably didn’t think he was gonna be able to do anyway. BUT THEY NEEDED SOMETHING. I mean- everything from Mitsuri Kanroji trying to hold him in place to seeing Shinazugawa and Tomioka overcoming their differences to turn their blades Crimson Red, to the other Slayers standing back up when Muzan is too aged up to even lift his f*cking arms, the prayers of the non-combatants elsewhere during the fight- Everybody put their all into this battle. And it showed.

And the way it brought out Muzan’s True nature- showing him to be the same coward he was when he was sick all those thousands of years ago; that same loser who got so shook by Yoiichi that he went into hiding. He was sick, so some doctor turned him into a Demon to save his life. Then he killed that doctor before learning that he could no longer go out into the sun. Like a dumb@$$. If he wasn’t such a d0uche bag, then I’m sure people would have helped him in his ambitions. But he was. So they put him down. And when he BEGGED the Kindest Person in this world- or really in any anime that I’ve ever heard about- to inherit his will and fulfill his ambitions; that person ignored him. I want you guys to think about how kind Tanjiro is. He forced someone to take money from him when he asked to take a basket to carry Nezuko in; his spirit is so kind and warm that his little Sprite things in his unconscious realm that Guided that kid to his Spiritual core; the way he feels after he slayers a Demon- that look of sadness he shows them; he’s……… Kind. So when I heard him utter the wordsMuzan….. We….. Cannot Allow you To Exist Anymore.” Hearing him say that, and seeing him ignore Muzan’s Final Request– That’s What True Hatred Is. THAT is true hatred for another living being. 

Muzan………. is not the “End All Be All” Anime Villain we thought he’d be at the end of Season 1. Honestly, I like a few Demons more than him as Antagonists. But it was really fun watching that Final Battle Unfold. It felt like every chapter of that fight was me screaming “Dear God, why won’t you just keel over and Die already?!” ‘Cause…….. No One left in this story wants him to be alive. So I was just chanting the same thing that all of them were probably chanting during the fight: “Die Muzan! DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE YOU DON’T DESERVE TO BE ALIVE NO ONE WANTS YOU YOUR AN UGLY MONSTER AND NO ONE LIKES YOU YOUR THE ONLY ONE WHO’S WORTHLESS DO US ALL A FAVOR AND SIMPLY STOPPING BREATHING CEASE TO SPEAK DON’T EVER STAND BACK UP DIE.” It was a nice time. I hope the anime doesn’t change it too much when we get to it. 

Jiren The Grey: An Insurmountable Wall or An Actual Character- Depends On The Version You Take In 

And then we have Jiren The Grey. Depending on the media you choose to consume “Dragon Ball Super-” be it the TV Anime or Monthly Manga by Toyotaro- you end up getting 2 different interpretations of Jiren……….. built on the same foundation. The anime portrays his “Quest For Strength” as something that started as a result of a betrayal from those he trusted in the past. After years and years of training and working himself to the bone- making friends and allies along the way to help him avenge his family against Evil. It was a “Main Character” type of backstory for him; he probably tried not to get too close to those who trained with him- tried not to let people into his “heart” because he knew how quickly those connections could be taken. But through time he “lets them in” and learns how to trust. Then they betray him in a Life-Or-Death situation. And that taught him one of 2 things.

I think when it comes to Anime Jiren; that experience taught him that he either needed to become strong enough to where he doesn’t have to rely on others- that if he can never truly trust anyone with his life, then he’ll become strong enough to not need anyone to protect him. OR- Anime Jiren learned that “Life-And-Death” situations can make people betray what they believe in; that the people he trusted- the people he knew in his heart of hearts were “Seekers Of Justice” like he was- were forced to betray their beliefs in order to survive. And to avoid doing something that he would regret in a life or death situation, he became stronger so that he would never be pushed to that point in any battle. And to his credit- It worked. 

It’s something that my brother’s and I said as we started to talk a little more critically about “Dragon Ball Super.” It’s not a secret that “Super” is written from Arc to Arc; there aren’t really any plans beyond how the arc will end. And “Dragon Ball” is essentially the Progenator “Escalation,” so……… any Antagonist after Jiren has to be stronger, rightI Feel Differently. With how much they ended up having to do to convey Jiren’s immense strength, and the fact that he’s probably gonna be stronger the next time we see him- not to mention his tenacity and level of control over his strength and movements in both the manga and the anime- I don’t want Jiren to ever go down in a fight. I mean that genuinely; if he ends up having to stall for Goku or Vegeta to come and fight the Big Bad, then I hope he doesn’t end up being a “Plaything” or “Warm up” or anything that small. I want him to FIGHT. And I want it to be a GOOD fight where the guy takes damage. Hopefully by then Goku will learn to not give out those Senzu beans like Candy. MAN I’m still mad about that. 

But no; I don’t want Jiren to be relegated to the same level of status as Gohan or Piccolo or even Vegeta– I don’t want him to get beaten just to prove that the guy is a threat. Jiren having to BE THERE should be the indicator of the Threat Level- not something to stall the story. 

With the Tournament of Power in the anime(and somewhat in the manga); Goku and Vegeta had to get 3 Separate Transformations just to come to Jiren’s level. I still remember that; Blue Kaioken x20 Goku, Blue Evolution Vegeta, Rage Empowered Golden Frieza, and Android 17 had to team up to fight this guys- 3 of them exhausted and 1 just plain not strong enough to be there- and he was still coming out on top. They were “Exhausted,” but still in their max forms, meaning they were still close to fighting at full power as they were. O’course then Vegeta in the very next episode couldn’t even become Super Saiyan despite fighting at a “Beyond God” level a minute ago in the context of the story. Weird Continuity Aside; Jiren was a Major Powerhouse throughout the Tournmanet- even being able to fight Goku in Ultra Instinct-Sign- equally. Even a New Form Didn’t Make This Guy Get Serious. So Goku got another one- one that we actually saw Jiren take seriously. 

But even THEN Jiren was still hanging in there with Goku, eventually running down his time in that form and proving that- even after getting beaten into the dirt and exhausted- he was still able to push Goku, Frieza, and 17 to the brink. He was just………. this Wall of a character that they’ve never really been able to overcome. Even Moro took more of a beating from MUI Goku than Jiren EVER did- and that was a Stronger, more “Stable” Goku!! I feel like if that were Jiren, he probably wouldn’t have gotten beaten down NEARLY as badly as that. 

The manga was a bit Different in how it conveyed Jiren’s strength, though. If Anime Jiren was “All Show No Tell” to the point where they had to chuck in a random flashback through a 3rd Party, then Manga Jiren was “All Tell And Quickly Show;” you don’t get as many feats of strength from Jiren here. In fact, we spend more time focused on how strong Kale was in comparison- yet we see a somewhat weaker Kefla come out of it. I’m not sure what was going through Toyotaro’s mind when he was making that arc, but he didn’t really spend a lot of time showing us the scale of the Tournament of Power. While the Anime shows us EVERYTHING, but don’t tell us anything about the 2nd Most important character in the arc. Manga gives us a better idea of who Jiren is, though. 

As for my own feelings on Jiren; I think………… there’s still potential in him. That whole Character Thesis earlier might not have been for nothing; Anime Jiren may have learned something through his interactions with Universe 7. Perhaps…….. he saw that they never ONCE bent to the situation at hand; even if the threat was the Fate of their Universe and everyone in it, they still remained the same throughout the Tournament- not even giving into desperation like Toppo. Meaning that he learned that you don’t have to Compromise what you believe in just to save people/ to avenge loved ones/ to seek justice. And that some people are like, too, so learn to trust people. Manga Jiren? Similar. Different paths- similar narrative beats. 

Honorable Mention: Tomura Shigaraki- The King Of Villains

The reason that I didn’t include Tomura on this list is because- in the course of writing up his section for 2 paragraphs- I kind of started to realize that there were some differences between him and what I was looking for. Strickling speaking, he’s more similar to Kaido than anyone else on this list: Both are incredibly strong, durable characters that needed a lot of attacks before they actually went down. But he’s different in that Tomura showed signs of “Wear-and-Tear,” while Kaido never seemed to show any signs of being at a limit. And then, looking at the other 3- they also didn’t seem to show any sort of struggle until it was time for them to lose. Tomura, however- ended up getting charred and cracked towards the end of that initial War arc. While he was definitely portrayed as strong, his “Never Say Die” is more about his “Will” and not his abilities and experiences. 

However, I also recognize that he’s got what it takes to make it on my list. Tomura may not be “Leagues And Bounds” beyond the characters he’s fighting right now, but he definitely shares the same will that they do: The Will To Make Their Goals A Reality. Which is what I think I like about Tomura the most; that he has the same “Never Give Up” mindset that you would see on a protagonist is present in him. If he weren’t trying to kill everyone, then we’d be chanting for him to achieve his dreams just as we have for Luffy, Naruto, Tanjiro, Izuku, Asta, or Denji. All The Traits Of A Protagonist, but on an Antagonist. While the other 3 were simply stronger than whomever they were up against. Make of that what you will. 

Honorable Mention: Majin Buu- Evil Never Dies

I had to do a lot of thinking about this one; rewrite this post a few times. Because the more that I was looking at the list, the more and more I realized how close to Muzan Buu ended up being: This Undying Monster with Crazy Regenerative abilities that force the characters to think of 8o billion ways to kill them dead for GOOD. Then I looked at it again, and saw the differences and remembered what the theme I was going for was: Kaido, Muzan, and Jiren were RADICALLY stronger than who they were fighting; Kaido and Jiren’s opponents had to “level up” mid-battle just to stand up to them properly and it STILL took them a minute to take them out, while Muzan needed a whole bunch of tricks and the help of a Dead Guy just to let the Sun finish the conflict. 

Tomura I felt was more like a continuous game of “Leap Frog” between the Villains and Heroes- ever part of the first and Final wars show us that neither is able to keep the lead for very long before one of them reveals something they’ve had up their sleeves the whole time that only helps them in that moment. But that said nothing about Tomura as an Individual, who was strong enough to take on a number of Heroes despite being incomplete. But even then, he felt closer to Buu than what I was looking for. And what Buu and Tomura have in common is that they have these Ridiculous abilities that make it hard to take them out- they go down at some point. 

Heck, even looking at them, the theme of Regeneration comes to mind; all the damage that they DO take is usually gone in the next panel. The other 3 took one hit after another without getting a whole bunch of scratches. Tomura being incomplete made his his Regenerative abilities have a limit, and Buu was shown in the anime to have to start exerting effort to regrow each time Vegito blew him to bits. Muzan may have had to regenerate, too, but he was also simply tougher than the Demon Slayers, but he never really took a Full on beating. The First 3 just wouldn’t go down- these 2 go down and get back up over and over until their body starts cr@pping out. 

For a long time- ever since I got the Dragon Ball Z Seasons 7 and 8 Combo Pack for my 14th birthday- I have noticed something across my numerous rewatches. I’ve been learning a lot more about the series; getting to know the truth behind the numerous rumors about where the series was supposed to end, the true reason Toriyama brought Goku back as the main character, and a whole bunch of other stuff. So while none of these seems to be the case, I have noticed that the Majin Buu saga- the final arc of the Original 42 Volume Manga- has like 6 or 7 different ways it could have ended. I remember I counted the number of Endings like the summer before High School, but I can never remember the exact Number going back to the list. Let’s count here

  1. Vegeta’s Final Explosion
  2. Super Saiyan 3 Goku vs Fat Buu
  3. Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks vs Super Buu
  4. Gohan vs Super Buu(Pre-Absorption)
  5. Vegito vs Super Buu
  6. Super Saiyan 3 Goku Full Power 
  7. The Actual Ending- The Super Spirit Bomb

At NO POINT during the other 3 did it seem like the end of the Battle. Which is why Buu is only getting an Honorable Mention on this list. 


It took a minute- and a lot of editing work and thinking about what I was actually trying to accomplish with this post- But I Did It. At least, I HOPE I did. I think I outlined the differences in the characters well enough for you to see what I mean. Obviously, I liked Kaido the most- if for nothing more than the idea that he’s still got one more power up his sleeve that’ll make him Nigh Unbeatable come his next appearance. But I also just got a lot more enjoyment out of his fight than the others. I enjoyed Muzan’s fight more than most, and I can even still find enjoyment in Jiren’s fight in the last few episodes of Super. But Kaido was just a Different Beast than everyone else. I seriously enjoyed that battle. 

I’m sure that you all have you’re own thoughts on the post- be they Unbeatable characters you like, how the characters that I put in “Honorable Mentions” should have been on the list more than others, or how my criteria didn’t make sense. Going into this post, I had honestly only ever planned to do 2 characters: Kaido and Muzan. But then I saw that this would only end up in the One Piece category out of all the series we talk about. So I included Jiren, Tomura, and Buu in here so that it would be a lot more accessible in other categories. I didn’t wan’t to make a whole new category just for Demon Slayer– I don’t plan on talking about it consistently(if I ever do again). 

And the more I looked at the extra 3, the more I saw some “chinks” in what I was doing with this list. Ultimately, I had to write everything after Muzan a few different times before I got to this Final Product. Took me about a month or 2 to make this post, but I managed to follow through on it. I hope you’ve enjoyed this post, everyone. Let me know your own thoughts in the comments. Until next time, my friends; Catch Ya Later!! 

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