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The Unfair Balance Of Darkness And Light. Edens Zero Chapter 231 BREAKDOWN

Boy, this series is actually starting to blow up. We got 2 consecutive colored covers to celebrate the popularity of the Final Saga, and it’s looking like the anime will no longer be a Netflix Original! We’re getting a Simulcasting! That’s good- that’s REALLY good. Though it made me deciding to get Netflix……… somewhat unworth it. That was like HALF the reason. But if it’s gonna be Simulcasted then what the f*ck was the point. Oh, right; “Sword Of The Wizard King.” That was delayed. I guess Sonic Prime is something to look forward to, based on what I’ve heard. Now if only I could get to it……….

I titled this review this way because this chapter seems to highlight how different Universe 0’s timeline is from the others. From Weisz’ mother being alive to the time and date of a certain event in this chapter; we seeing that for all the Positive changes in this story of Universe 0- there’s bound to be some very unfortunate NEGATIVES that are gonna crop up. Some phrase about how Good and Bad will always exist simultaneously. The only phrase that I know and have actually heard(and really the only one that applies to this situation) comes from the 3rd season of LEGO Ninjago- Masters Of Spinjitzu; the Main Villain of that point in the story told them “For All The Light- There Will Always Be Darkness.” Like Here. Edens Zero Chapter 231: “Requirements of A Hero.” Let’s Begin………


Picking up from the last chapter: Shiki- having overcome Former Aoi Emperor Nero- comes face to face with his old enemy, The Dark Alchemist Drakken Joe. But seeing Universe 0’s “Infinite Potential,” he decides that he will Become Friends With Drakken And Shura. Drakken doesn’t have the faintest idea what this kid is talking about, so Shiki tells him about their first encounter in World 29- ending and all. And then about the 2nd time they fought, which puts them at 1 Win/1 Loss each. Seeing as how they’re even, Shiki decides that they should try to be friends now. Drakken tells him he’s got a few screws loose. 

Nero speaks up, asking if he had met with Shura at any point. He tells him that he shot down Shura’s request for Friendship last time, but he plans to befriend Shura correctly this time. Nero can’t help but laugh at Shiki’s thought process. But Drakken’s had enough of the games and pulls a Gun on Shiki. But before he can pull the trigger, Shiki tells him that he knows a little bit about his Pasthe knows the parts about Drakken growing up on a planet where people had short lifespans, and about how he wound up so obsessed with life that he ended up stealing it from people. 

But he also admits to knowing the True reason he wanted a longer life: So that he could have Friends. Drakken pauses, having probably forgotten what his original goal was when he set out to get a longer life. Though he may have somewhat kept that idea at his core, seeing as- at least in THIS Universe’s history: He only steals the life force of Animals- not people. Though he admits that he doesn’t think of it as “bad.” This explains why Weisz’ mom is alive in the context of Universe 0’s history; he didn’t steal people’s lives on Norma 50 years ago, so she never died. But Drakken stills says he doesn’t need friends- though Nero insists they’re “Pals.” 

But Shiki points out that Maria, Seth, and Diego- the 3 hiding in that corner behind him– are here because they’re worried about him and waiting for an opening to attack. Drakken is further annoyed, reacting more and more like a little kid and less like the Loan Shark he’s been while conducting business. Exacerbated, Drakken simply tells Shiki to leave. But Shiki vows to come back and befriend Drakken one day. Until Drakken reminds him about why he wanted Cat Leaper In the first place; the machine he’s using to keep him alive is reaching it’s limit, and won’t be able to keep him going for very much longer. So Shiki recommends that he quit being a Loan Shark and try to help people in the time he has left. But Drakken educates him on how the Universe works for real

This Kind Of Work- Running An Illegal Business; It Brings A Lot Of Misfortune, Sure. But….. There’s Lives That Can Be Saved By It. There’s A Balance Between “Light” And “Darkness” That Keeps The World Turning. 

Here’s My Advice, As A Senior By 200 Years: There’s A Thing Called “Necessary Evil.” Remember That………

– The Dark Alchemist- Drakken Joe Of The Oracion Seis Galactica 

But even considering that; Shiki still believes that there’s a chance for Drakken to end his long life as a “Hero.” And it starts on Guilst. While they have no way of confirming that this event is one of the Multiverse’s “Constants,” they warn Drakken that a Chronophage is coming to devour the planet Guilst. And it will be here in roughly 73 Hours and 26 Minutes- according to Pino’s estimations. Even if it doesn’t come, it will still probably be better to evacuate the planet while they have this chance; they can make sure that there are no stragglers that way. Which is when Drakken realizes what Shiki is all about……….

His attendant comes to tell him about Sylph and Jinn’s defection to Sister, but Drakken’s preoccupied with his interaction with Gravity Boy. He tells them to go get Fie and Daichi; They’ve got some work to do……… 

As the Edens Zero leaves the Planet Guilst; Sister and Kleene have their own reunion with Witch. Hermit already has her memories back, so they just need to get her body from Iron Hill, and they need to stop over to the Aoi Cosmos to get Laguna. But they still have a pressing matter sitting in front of themHomura has not gotten her memories back. And they can’t seem to bring them back. So they figure that, if Weisz’ mom is alive, then perhaps Valkyrie is too! Though Universe 0 Homura fills them in on an unfortunate factValkyrie had died 5 Years Ago. Oh boy. Edens Zero Chapter 231 END!! Is THAT why she’s like this now…….


Drakken isn’t as bad as he was in World 29 or 30- Valkyrie Still Dies. “The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same.” Homura’s flashback in chapter 57 tells us that she left around 5 years ago………. from when the Sun Jewel arc was happening. And she died 2 years after finding Kureani. Meaning that she actually may have died earlier in Universe 0 . Although……… the Context of her death seems to be a little different. Simply put: I’m thinking that Homura……. was there when Valkyrie died. And whatever it was that ended her life, Homura blames herself for. And that “cloud” hanging over her head is what’s making retrieving her memories impossible. 

Something that was brought up when Creed died; she seems to feel that everyone who gets close to her ends up dead. I don’t think it’s “Survivor’s Guilt,” but it’s clear that she’s had a lot of loss in her life(though we only know of 3 so far). That was the case in the previous world. In THIS World; I think it’s definitely “Survivor’s Guilt-” she was there with Valkyrie when she died, and Valkyrie most likely sacrificed herself. Maybe it had something to do with her Pivot FootAnd because of her- whether that’s just a feeling or if she genuinely messed up somewhere and Valkyrie had to cover her- Valkyrie died. Tearful words; goodbyes; and Homura ended up like this. Without her Teacher, she felt that she wasn’t strong enough- that she couldn’t be strong enough- that she’d never Move Forward. And she didn’t have friends there to pick up the pieces. Had they not been there the first time– this is likely what would have become of her. 

As such; the key to getting her memories back is helping her move on from this pain- helping her get back up by facing the source of the trauma. The next chapter implies that something is either going to go down on Sun Jewel- went down on Sun Jewel- or both. Probably both. Sun Jewel IS where Kureani was previously, so………… maybe something like This Happened: Valkyrie- like in the previous world- went to find Kureani. But Homura went with her this time, be it to find her Mother or because something in her memory told her that she has to go with her this time. Something Bad happens at some point, and she ends up like this. Possibly something to do with Kureani. Watching Homura’s flashback in the anime, I’m reminded that she was in the Labor District because she owed money to the Casinos on Sun Jewel, but…… Drakken implies that she loaned her money at some point, and not just the Oculus Kureani. My thinking everything in that flashback still happened with Homura there this time, and that Valkyrie’s death drove Homura to kill her mother, thus inheriting Kureani’s debt. 

That may well be the case still, but I’m not sure the order of events. We’ll see everything in regards to what happened next week. Maybe she borrowed the money, wound up in debt to both Drakken and the Casinos, the flashback happened, and we end up with the Homura we have. That’s what I’m thinking. 

And then we have U0 DrakkenNot all the way bad; honestly, that’s probably how the whole thing started- him draining the lives of Animals, and then at some point draining Human lives when the animals stopped working that well. Shiki got here in the nick of time. And as far as what he says about “Necessary Evil,” I think that’s an allusion to Cure’s role in his rise to power; something that he may have said when he gave Drakken the Life Support Device. But I think he took it a Different way. With Cure, he was making “Evil” so that “Good” would rise up against it- some twisted sense of “Balance.” But for Drakken; we’ve seen what he means when he said “This Job can Save people” in the form of the Rutherfords. If they hadn’t come to collect on Muller’s debt, then who knows what would have happened to them beyond what happened to Kris……

It might also be the case with Homura; she may have been saved when Drakken came to collect on Kureani’s debt. Don’t know what from, but we know that she’s probably only alive because she needs to pay it off. If they die, then Drakken what get his money; he’ll save them as often as needed til their debts are paid off. It ain’t “perfect” by any means, but it prevents a lot of death from happening! 


Okay, to be honest; I caught an annoying head ache about a 1/3 of the way through. Not to mention I got wrapped up in the Jump Chapters. I enjoyed the chapter, really, but my sleep schedule is also some what f*cked up right now. So I mostly wake up in the middle of the day at this point. You know what, you guys have heard it all. I’m still a little irritated by this headache- something I get after not getting enough sunlight for a few days. And the weather where I am doesn’t seem like it’s gonna let me get much more. Sorry guys. Thanks for your support; it makes these kinds of post feel less pointless. Let me know what you all think, and until next time- Have A Magical Day. 

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