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This Fight Ends NOW! One Piece Chapter 1,048 BREAKDOWN

You know; the Spoilers for this week’s chapter came out WICKED early- on like Monday/ Tuesday I think. So I had a whole opening already planned out. But between when I made that Opening and now, I realized something: This Is The Only Chapter That I’m Reviewing This Week. My Hero Academia is still on break, and Black Clover’s gonna be gone until like June/ July. And I shouldn’t have work today(Friday) or the next, so as long as I don’t f*ck around too much- I should able to get this out in the timeliest manner in a while!! Though I don’t know how much I’ll be able to hold to that since I just got Lego DC Super Villains and Dragon Ball FighterZ on my switch this week, and I am like……. OBSESSED with them. So don’t hold me to that one.

Now that you know the current situation; I can finally get to today’s topic: “One Piece!!Boys and girls- This Is Where It Ends. We’re certainly gonna have like 20 or 30 more chapters of Wano; there’s just too much between the World Government’s Arrival, the Big Mom Pirates making their way to the Main land, Big Mom herself getting back up, reforming Wano, and the Road Poneglyph- and I’m sure that I’m forgetting something somewhere. But as far as Luffy vs Kaido goes- This Is It. Or so I would believe. We’ll get to that in a minute. One Piece Chapter 1,048: “Twenty Years.” Let The END…….. Begin.

Germa 66’s “Aah…… A Cold Blooded Voyage” Vol 10

So it WAS them.

………. Have I been talking about this cover serial? I don’t think I have; I can’t remember the last time that I talked about it. Not that I think that there was really much to talk about. So far; Niji and Yonji have been captured by the Big Mom Pirates and are taken to be experimented on. And in the last volume of the serial; we saw 2 mysterious figures arrive in Chocolate Town. And at first; I though it was Reiju and Niji coming to save them- by Judge’s orders, of course. Reiju and Ichiji don’t really care about their brothers. But it was through watching a review and seeing the official here that I realize that it was only Brulee’s speculation that it was Germa. So the question now becomes: Who just came to Tottland?

A lot of you will IMMEDIATELY jump to Blackbeard and his crew coming to tear sh!t up. But I’m gonna be a little more “open” to other options. The review I watched mentioned Crocodile, but I’m not so sure. But I won’t count it out. One of them is in High Heels- though that doesn’t automatically mean “woman.” ESPECIALLY with this story. So I don’t know who they could be. Guess we’ll have to wait to find out!!


Picking up where the last chapter left off: Luffy is about to bring down the BIGGEST FIST HE’S EVER MADE on Kaido, with every intention of smashing him with it. And he wants Momonosuke to move Onigashima out of the way of the crossfire- or else everyone there will be crushed under the weight of the fist. And make no mistake, ladies and gentlemen: This thing is coming DOWN. Momo doesn’t think he’ll be able to move it in time, but he remembers his family, and what he must do when all is said an done- Rule over Wano as Shogun; Open Wano’s borders; and revive the Kozuki clan. So he pulls up his big boy pants, and RAMS Head first into Onigashima with all his might!!

Up above; Kaido resolves to meet the attack head on. As he tells Luffy about “Wano’s Hero” being burned alive 20 years ago; he creates a………… let’s just call it a “Flaming Susanoo” Dragon that is able to make Luffy let go of him. He plans to use this to incinerate Luffy’s fist before it can even reach him, but Luffy plans to put all that Ryuo training through its paces- using it to knock Kaido “to the bottom of H#ll!!”

The 2 clash- Luffy’s “Gum Gum Bajrang(Monkey God) Gun” vs Kaido’s “Flaming Drum Dragon: Blazing Bagua.” And we cut away to see some other stuff on Onigashima; from Kin and Kiku getting washed away by Raizo’s quick thinking, to the Samurai’s willingness to die if it means that Kaido is taken out, to even Kawamatsu having a flashback to the day of Oden’s death. We see Orochi alerting Kaido that Oden had a son- leading to Kaido’s assault on Oden Castle and his first confrontation with Momonosuke. From there; the burning of the castle, Kaido stamping out some Rebels, the battle against the Daimyo, and the slow, slow destruction and decaying of Wano.

Brief Tangent

I’d like to take this moment to say that Wano has thus far had some……… some Darker Imagery. For those who are unaware; I haven’t been reading “One Piece” as long as some of you; I didn’t really pick up reading the manga until the hype around Luffy vs Katakuri- chapter 883 to be specific. From there; I’ve been reading along. Point is: I haven’t seen ALL of the manga– I used the Anime and Filler guides to skip around and “catch up.” So any “darker” moments I’ve seen have been Heavily censored. And then we get to Wano– the arc I’ve been reviewing……..SINCE THE START OF MY CAREER AS A REVIEWER WOW. I started reviews in 2018 on my Facebook page, and got my blog a few week’s later. I started with 910, and got to like…….914 before I started this blog………..wow…………..

In any case; I’ve been seeing a lot of………. Darker scenes I’ve noticed. I don’t know if scenes like the one in chapter 918 or the ones depicted here are a “norm” for everyone else, but it just seems like Oda’s able to get away with……… a little more than he was able to before. I’m not gonna say that Chainsaw Man opened the door for something like that, but……… I haven’t seen anything like it in the volumes I’ve been collecting. And I’m up to like 30 or 33(Omnibus Editions).

Tangent Over

From there; we see Orochi’s disgusting face in glee at the state of Wano- the land that condemned him just for being born. And we then cut back to the present where Orochi- lit on FIRE– attacks Hiyori as a Yamato No Orochi- with just one head. His last life? Probably not. One thing for sure, though: He actually Does look kind of terrifying. But before he can “drag Hiyori to H#ll with him;” Denjiro returns- lopping off the last(?) of Orochi’s heads, seemingly ending the Despots reign of tyranny.

We see many of the lanterns from the end of the Fire Festival- where we see the lines “Make Orochi Disappear” and “Free Us From This H#ll” written across them. And true enough; Luffy and Kaido enter their Final Clash- bringing One Piece Chapter 1,048 to a Powerful END!! Here goes EVERYTHING…………..

The Final Clash


…………………I probably could have left the “tangent” part for THIS area, huh? Meh; whatever- I’ve got ample time and a lot that I want to say………. he says like there are 10 things from this chapter to dissect when there’s only 1. But I have a SECOND thing that I want to talk about. The first thing is probably the easiest thing to talk about: Orochi’s Ultimate Fate. Is this “The End” of his story? I certainly don’t think so. And it comes down to the way that Oda handles Character Death in his story. When he decides to kill off a character Main Story- You FEEL That Sh!t. When we first saw Kaido lop off Orochi’s head in chapter 985– that to MEfelt” like a “Death.” At least for a character like Orochi. This does NOT feel that important.

I certainly won’t compared the 985 “Death” to a death like Ace and Whitebeard’s, but I feel like it serves the same purpose of “Ending The Characters Story.” Am I making sense to anyone? Like; Whitebeard’s death served as “The End Of An Era-” the segway point for the world at large. Orochi’s death would serve the same purpose of “changing of the times;” the people of Wano would be free of their 20 year nightmare…………… Wait A Minute.

When Whitebeard died; it signified the changing era. And the same thing is being set up with the defeat of Big Mom and Kaido. I know I said that Orochi’s death would serve that same purpose for Wano, and I still stand by that logic. But I think it would also serve something similar to Ace’s death: “An Important Lesson……….” I think. According to the Sub Reddit; it seemed to teach Luffy that he needs to get stronger- he wasn’t going to be able to protect his friends and reach his goal if he had stayed at the level he was- he had to grow. Perhaps Orochi’s death will teach Wano a lesson: The lesson “Not repeating the cycle of vengeance.”

All of what’s happening is the result of Wano’s grudge against Orochi’s Grandfather, and perpetuating that grudge to the rest of his family YEARS after he was made to commit Seppuku. They persecuted the entire clan just because they were vaguely related to him- which is what brought about Orochi, who planned to let Wano rot under Kaido’s iron grip. Which just made the legacy of the Kurozumi clan even worse. But I think that- if there are any Kurozumi clan survivors out there- that Wano should learn from their mistakes and treat them better. Maybe not “suck up” to them, but……… treat them like Human Beings? Maybe something like that…………

Burned By His Own GrudgeAnd He STILL Won’t Die.

The other thing that I wanted to talk about is just something that’s been on my mind for a minute- a Question, really: Is Luffy Ready To Be King Of The Pirates? All you have to do to become Pirate King is reach Laugh Tale and find the One Piece. But 1)You gotta go through the NEW WORLD to get there. And you have got to be STRONG to do that. With the Yonko basically running the show here; you either have to work for them, or against them. And even THOSE don’t guarantee your success. So Luffy was already strong if he’s made it this far. And with all these power ups- from Future Sight Observations, to Ryou, “Conqueror’s Coating,” and Awakening the Zoan fruit with the powers of a FRE@KING SUN GODhe’s probably the strongest that he has ever been.

But I want to propose an Idea to you guys: One of the core themes of “One Piece” is the concept of “Inherited Will-” taking upon yourself the ideals, dreams, and/or mission of those that came before you, whether you actually knew them or not. Whitebeard’s mission right up to his death was “Guarding Roger’s Throne” as Doffy said; he was waiting and watching the New Generation of Pirates to see if any of them were the “Inheritors Of Roger’s will.” Shanks knew and respected Whitebeard. He was effectively raised by Roger. And he’s also the calmest, most level headed and kind Yonko of the ones we have at present. He inherited Whitebeard’s Will- Roger’s will- and is now the one “Gate Keeping” the Roger’s proverbial throne.

So for Luffy to become King Of The Pirates- To Find The Last Road Poneglyph, reach Laugh Tale and “Attain Everything The World Had To Offer-” He has to get by Shanks. So I feel that I should remind you: The Day that the Marineford War kicked off; he had to stop to prevent KAIDO– the very same Yonko pushing back the STRONGEST iteration of Luffy we’ve ever seen after having fought 9 Samurai, 5 of the Supernova’s, his own child who’s got a Mythical Zoan and ALL of his techniques, and a Luffy who’s kept coming back and “growing” in the midst of battle in rapid succession- from coming to Marineford and messing things up even further. He showed up, stopped an attack from a man made of MAGMA, and told everyone there to either stop the fight, or Fight HIM. War Stopped. He stopped Kaido, and stopped a War just by SHOWING UP- And He Only Had 1 Arm To Work With. All the while Luffy- after ALL his power ups- is still struggling to put Kaido down for the count. Is Luffy Ready For That ?


Did all that come through how I meant it to? I hope so; I wasn’t sure if the wording with “Inherited Will” came out like I wanted. But I do believe- and I think other members of the fandom- that Shanks has taken up Whitebeards spot of making sure the world doesn’t……….f*ckin’ go to sh!t and back. He’s “guarding Roger’s Throne” now, and Luffy is going to have to come up against him if he wants to make it to One Piece. I always go back an forth over the next Yonko he fights against- Shanks or Blackbeard. If Shanks is the “Last Hurdle” for Luffy to overcome, then it’ll be Blackbeard. But Blackbeard is one of- some times debated as THE– Main Antagonist of the Entire Story. So someone like that should be the Final Fight Of The Story. So who’s gonna be next?

But in any case, boys and girls; that’s All I got for the lot of ya today. Now I’m off to play Lego DC Super Villains and Dragon Ball FighterZ more! By~~~~~~~~~~e!!!!

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Comments (3) on “This Fight Ends NOW! One Piece Chapter 1,048 BREAKDOWN”

  1. I’m still waiting for Zoro to show up and take names but this was definitely a really solid chapter. I feel like even this attack is not going to be enough to bring Kaido down though. One theory I’ve had ever since Luffy lost the second time around to Kaido is there’s going to come a time where he realizes that he just can’t win.

    It’ll be the first time for Luffy that he just surrenders. (Kind of like Goku vs Cell in the Cell Games). That’s when Kaido will start to mock him and question his will to be the pirate king but Luffy will mention that i’s not a dream he needs to achieve by himself. That’s when his full crew appears. Nami, Usopp, Zoro, Sanji, I’m talking the whole gang here. Then he says they’ll fight Kaido as a team and we get the first time the Strawhats have fought as a full crew since Gecko Moria.

    I see Kaido finally losing at that point and it would really be a spectacular way to end things off. Then that could kick off Kaido’s flashback-origin story and we finally end the Wano arc. We’ll see though but either way this arc’s been real epic!

    1. Friendship and Comradery RE core themes of “One Piece.” And I’ve always seen the final fight as Luffy and 8 others vs Kaido. It was set up all those chapters ago: “If it’s 1-on-1- KaIdo WINS.” So I agree that Luffy will have to accept that this is one fight that he can’t win on his own.
      I half think that next chapter will see Luffy get through the Flame Dragon, and we’ll start the flashback when Kaido realizes what’s about to come down on him(Luffy’s Fist). But that flashback will revitalize him and, well……… Shonen Power Up For the Antagonist!!

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