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Return Of The Murder God!! My Hero Academia Chapter 405 BREAKDOWN

I’m surprised I have so much to say this time around. I swear, it feels like one week I already checked out of this series- just waiting for it to be over so I don’t have to do anymore posts around it. ‘Cause I………… don’t care for it anymore, ya know? At it’s height- I was looking forward to the series more and more every single week- more than any other I’ve been covering for any amount of time. But……….. the more and more we get into this Final War……….. the less and less I care about what’s going on. And it’s coming to my attention that I must have given this same rhetoric about 50 times between when this war start and now. I don’t think Horikoshi EVER intended to make it to 400 chapters with this series(maybe not even a High 300 range), but due to his health issues and Shonen Jump loving money more than the people giving them their merchandise- it just ended up like this. Which I ALSO must have said about 23,000 times. I’m just padding this so the posts can look “pretty.” 

But I mean what I said: I’m kinda just ready for this to be over already; I………. I’m ready to say “Goodbye” to My Hero Academia. For a WHILE now. Will it be this year in like…………. THE NEXT FEW WEEKS LEFT IN THIS YEAR? My gut tells me “No.” Do I think we’re going to make it out of January with this series? AbsolUTELY not. Do I care anymoreI’m still covering it, but in all honesty it’s more out of the fact that I feel like just “dropping it” is a bit………….. “over the line.” I’m likely never picking up this series again when it ends- re-reading it, re-watching the anime- never looking back at this story again. But I’ll talk about it for as long it goes. Out of respect for what it used to be. Because to say that this series was never really good- would be a LIE of colossal proportions. This chapter- and a few others in this finale- are the reminder of that. Based on how long this opening is, that’s CLEARLY the truth. Let me get into this before I run my battery out. My Hero Academia Chapter 405: “The Final Boss!!Ah cr@p, I’m already at 42%…………..


Bakugo just changed the Fates he saved Small Might from being UTTERLY MUTILATED by All For Nothing. And everyone involved in the One For All story can’t BELIEVE this Unrelated NOBODY just threw himself at All For Nobody Asked like that- even taking his HANDS off when he saved All Might. Speaking Of: Small Might ends up meeting with “Hallucination” Night Eye, who tells him that That Was Where His Story Was Supposed To End. And in part it still DID- at least, his “dream” of being the “Symbol Of Peace” by taking out All For One. But his promise to Inko and Izuku still remained, somewhat allowing him to survive even after the “Ending.” All Might asks why he didn’t fall into that “Mentor Dying After Passing The Torch” trope, but Nighteye tells him that only happens in old comics. Toshinori has no idea why a hallucination is saying all this, and Nighteye continues to say that “Heroes Are Human, too,” and thus won’t go down so easily…………..

Real WorldWHOLE VIEWING WORLD just saw Bakugo save All Might……….. and subsequently crash-lands on a roof, only to stand back up covered with Explosions. All Might asks if he’s alright, but he says that’s his(Bakugo’s) line. And then Bakugo spits up a whole lot of f*ckin’ blood- because that was actually EDGESHOT’S Line. Because he’s still ALIVE. As A F*ckin’ STRING. There was too much blood in places it wasn’t supposed to be, so he forced Bakugo to puke it all up. He cuts……….. himself off from the “string” now holding all of Bakugo’s wounds together. By using his own body as the string and that…………. stupid f*ckin’ technique from nowhere in particular, he stitched all of Bakugo’s wounds closed. PRO: His body is still in tact enough for him to live. CON: It’s going to hurt like a MOTHERF*CKIN’ B!TCH just lifting his finger. Not like it matters to a Hero- or someone who was getting ready to die. Bakugo thanks Edgeshot for bringing him back, but Edgeshot claims he only “put him back together-” Bakugo revived himself…………. kinda.

After the stitching process, Edgeshot was left without a way to get Bakugo’s heart beating again. And he was pretty much at his limit as it stood- it was a technique that took off his life span. It was looking BAD. But then he saw something coming down the bloodstreamA Bead Of Sweat. It exploded, and Bakugo’s heart got pumpin’ again. @FBgodhands made a post on twitter talking about how this works, and linked to a Youtube video on the subject as well. We’ll talk about it later. Point is: HE’S BACK. And it was “All Thanks To The Quirk He’s Honed Over The Years.” And he’s about go and Dog All For None’s SH!T. To help with that- as well as the……………. Sheer PAIN that twisted right arm is in– All Might gives up the last support item he had: The Great Explosion Murder God Dynamight. Bakugo puts in on and……… chuckles. Guess some screws got knocked back into place. 

Speaking of “Loose Screws:” HOLY MOTHER OF GOD This guy looks like he’s about to explode All For One is so mad right now. He is GLARING at Bakugo right now like he’s about to go over and bash in their SKULLS with his own 2 hands, but he composes himself, and tries to think of a way to suppress Tomura again- hopefully by handing over the copy “All For One” quirk to get control back(the last “25%” I’m guessing). But he’s just so………….. INFURIATED right now; from All For Destruction’s battle at UA to his personal battle at Gunga Villa- to even a few minutes ago against All Might In spite of all his planning, it’s all gone wrong. And it doesn’t look like it’s going to stop. BOSS BATTLE: 


Once again- The 2nd User Of One For All Flashes To His Mind. As Bakugo stands firm in finishing what One For All Started and Put All For One 6 FEET UNDER!! My Hero Academia Chapter 405 END!!! Muzan took his true form at his end. And it looks like All For Nothing is about to do the same…………..


All Might’s Not Dead. That was a given when All For One stopped All Might’s sacrifice. Honestly, we probably should have seen that coming when it got to this point. I don’t know why Horikoshi is so afraid to “pull the trigger,” but clearly it’s not all his choice. The Bakugo Chapter Again. This one might be, though. Because I think he’s saving All Might for a Bigger moment. In a Direct Parallel To Chapter 1 of the story: All Might will rush in to save someone. I thought at one point that it’ll be Izuku- something that shows that………….. Not all “Hail Maries” work out– he’d die rushing in like that. And…………. I still feel that way; I think All Might’s death will come by trying to save someone from being possessed by a monster. But now I don’t think it’ll be Izuku he’s trying to save– I think it’ll be Tenko from Tomura. I’ve said this theory before, I know: That the “Decay” quirk has taken on a life of its own as “Tomura Shigaraki,” and Izuku managing to reach “Tenko Shimura” would force Tomura to spit out Tenko, getting rid of that last bit of humanity. 

NEW ADDENDUM: Tomura will not stop at just “spitting out” Tenko through their Singularity, but will actively try to kill him so that he never has to look at that boy again. And All Might will rush in to Save Tenko. And UNLIKE chapter 1; Izuku can’t leap in to save them…………. at least not in time. All Might will definitely end up saving Tenko, but……….. Tomura’s gonna dust his @$$. He’ll have died saving just 1 More Person- going out as the undisputed “Symbol Of Peace.” And then every single person left alive is gonna jump in and help Izuku and Bakugo put an end to Tomura, and the now Quirkless Tenko will receive One For All and the chance to be a Hero that he was never given. That is how I see the ending. How many more chapters? Ah…………. Bakugo vs All For One might be a chapter and a half; Reachign out to Tenko like 2; Tomura/Tenko division unto itself and All Might running in to save him; All Might’s death; The Final Battle; Deku handing over One For All and possibly dying(though after this, I don’t even feel confident in saying THAT)Epilogue. If I were to guess, I would say this series ends either just short or right at 425It’s a pretty number to end a series- any number that ends with “5” just looks like the right point to stop. 

But yeah; i see All Might going out like that. Because it ties back to what Aizawa taught Izuku in chapter 6There are consequences to reckless behavior. “Were you expecting someone to save your broken body?” All Might should be OUT OF THIS BATTLE right now- ALL OF THEM should, in all honesty. But if they don’t stand here, then Tomura’s gonna destroy the world. And without All For One or the League around anymore- No One Will Be Left To Pick Up The Pieces. But All Might doesn’t even have his Armor anymore. So he should just……………. leave. But the MOMENT he sees Tenko in trouble- sees ANYONE in trouble- he’ll leap into action before he really even thinks about it. And unlike back then, where he was able to push past his limit and do what needed to be done- Izuku won’t be able to move. Because of the previous usage of “Gear Shift.” Izuku didn’t think about the consequences of his action and used a power that wrecked his body, and now he’s going to have to live with the consequences of that: All Might’s Death. A perfect “Full Circle” moment for the audience, and a show that Horikoshi hasn’t completely “sold out.” 

Speaking of the Ending Of This BattleBakugo just kept All Might Alive a little bit longer for all of that to happen- in front of The Entire Viewing World. 1)It’s another showing of how everything happening in this story leads into the next point- it never used to feel like we were “wasting time” or “padding” for something; this series used to feel like everything mattered to what was going on later on, be it 2 chapters after the fact, the very next page, or 20 chapters down the line. But like I saidThat’s what it used to feel like. And 2)He just lamented himself as one the Leaders of this New Era of Heroes. Maybe even THE Leader, if Izuku does in fact die here. In the same way that Endeavor has been leading the Heroes since All Might retired- leader on Big Missions; the one who does all the Press Conferences; the most “Efficient” Hero when it comes to stopping Villains; things of that nature. The No 1? After the hoops Horikoshi had to jump through just to save Bakugo, he BETTER f*ckin’ be- whether Izuku is active or not. I still do not care for that Edgeshot save- and I never will. I don’t care what Bakugo is being saved for; I just……….. If he was gonna do all this, then you just shouldn’t have killed him. That’s how I feel and I stand by it. 

The way that I’m interpreting the smile of Bakugo’s after getting that “Dynamight” bracerHe realized how “cringe” that name sounds. He was……….. dead- not “at Death’s Door;” he was gone. And it was after coming back from that that he made him realize how “childish” he is. I think that “Great Explosion Murder God” part is going to get dropped after this. I also find that Bakugo’s survival somewhat parallels Tomura’s at that start of Paranormal Liberation War: Revived “By Their Own Will” or something. Tomura’s desire to destroy everything- explained by a a jolt of electricityBakugo’s desire to win- explained by a bead of sweat. Which apparently has an explanation. In Short: The body turns Nitroglycerin into Nitric Oxide that causes the smooth muscle within the blood vessels to relax. Which opens up the arteries and veins to allow for blood to flow. That’s how that works. Yeah. 

All For One’s planning keeps coming back to bite him- and he’s starting to realize it. I think it connects back to Nighteye’s theory of “Wish Energy:” If enough people want it to happen- then it shall. But what All For One tried to do was set up the pieces to be like “Gears In A Clock-“ all of them moving one another to make his plan work. All For One schemed his way into getting his wish instead of gathering people who wanted the same thing. He tried to play the Universe- and f*cked right back. Maybe it’s a kind of “Negative Wish Energy-” what comes back from trying to rig the Universe to match what you alone desire. And BOY is it f*cking with him; the the hate he’s spewed for 100+ years has culminated in everyone he’s messed with ruining his plan. And for whatever reason; he’s citing The 2nd Holder as the origin point for everything going wrong in his life. Now what oh what could Holder #2 have done that ruined everything? Stealing One For All? Or killing Yoichi outright? On his wishes, of course. And Leader(Holder No 2)- doesn’t seem like the type to hesitate on a plan. That and those ruins they were standing in when All For One was crying……….

SPECULATION: Way back when– the resistance– lead by Leader- found Yoichi locked up in All For One’s hideout. They saved him. And then a battle ensued between the resistance and All For One- one that destroyed the building and killed Yoichi in the process. He was already being starved by All For One, so……….. very low chance of survival. But in his final moment, he wished with all his heart to “pass on” the power his brother gave him- the “Stockpile” power. And realized he had a quirk to “Pass On Quirks.” And he passed that power on to Leader. Who then realized that his own ability was boosted by the “Stockpile” power, and fought All For One with it. But at that point……………. probably not that much of a “boost.” But he also knew that the power would likely become stronger after getting passed along. So- he passed it to User #3. And sent him off while he stayed and kept All For One distracted. And by the time All For One realized what happened and came to get the quirk- it was already Long Gone, growing in power everyday for the purpose of defeating him and ending his rule. That’s likely the “Gist” of what Horikoshi’s going to tell us. 

The reason I said the series would end around 425 was because we also need to see how this whole thing got started– how All For One developed this mindset; the story he and Yoichi used to read; his real name; how Yoichi learned he could pass his quirk; Highlight Reels of his battle with the other users; and likely other stuff that I’m forgetting. But what I just laid out for you all is the “Bare Bones” of what happened. At least; that’s what I think happened. And that’s gotta take up Chapters- not just pages, guys. Even if it’s just 3 or 4; just give it enough time to BREATHE. After all the Needless Extensions we’ve seen between SPINNER and AOYAMA’S Field and Touya’s Detonation- this is the only thing that warrants that much time; all of that other stuff was just……….. needless. At least the Todoroki Plot Extension- that was just kinda dumb looking back at it. At least what they did with it; I wasn’t the biggest fan of “Dabi becomes Giant Nuke” or the “Ice Preservation” bits. I really think that Horikoshi meant for Touya to die and Best Girl Himiko chan to live, but changed his mind for some reason at the last minute. 

And it’s not even like I “Hate” Rei’s quirk being how Touya survived- that could have explained how he’s managed to make it this far: This quirk flares up when he gets too hot, preserving what’s leftBut if you were gonna turn him into a Living BOMB then I don’t think there’s any amount of “Chill” that’s going to stop it- nor would there be anything left to save. YOU saw him in those final momentsHis brain was LITERALLY fried. What……….. What’s LEFT? Should have been NOTHING if his flames were that hot, but in all honesty I feel like his should have fried himself and become the Ultimate “Blight” on Endeavor’s Legacy: “The Person He Couldn’t Save.” But that’s how I feel about the Todoroki Story. I don’t think I’d change Himiko chan’s story, except for maybe how it ended. Would have preferred she lived- in a Jail Cell for her crimes, but lived all the same. 

VERY LAST THING TO TALK ABOUT: The story is building this narrative in which “One Man Should Not Shoulder The Burden Of The World.” Because when that one man finally BREAKS- The Whole World Falls To Ruin. So if the goal is to have Multiple “Symbols” that carry the world together, then I see Izuku and Bakugo as the Progenitors Of That World- something Aizawa already told us about. A Hero who “Saves Everyone” and a Hero who “Always Wins-” The Symbol of “Hope” and Symbol Of “Victory.” Side Note: Uraraka might be the Symbol Of “Safety” or maybe “Joy” because she likes seeing people happyBut I think that these 2- should they come out of this(Bakugo DEFINITELY- Izuku’s uncertain but……….. Likely)- will be the one’s leading this new generation. Who will follow in their example and teach the gen after them to rely on each other and “connect” the world, creating a Safety net so that Tomura Shigaraki– the New “Boogey Man-” never comes about. It’s All Connected…………..


That was A Lot. Sorry for the wait, but I had a lot to say about this chapter. Couldn’t tell you WHY, though. All I can say is that Volume 39 has released in Japan. And in it is a Short Story from Horikoshi regarding the state of the series. It’s very interesting- I recommend you read it for yourself. But I honestly have to agree with @ThunderTheDevil who showed me this threadI think Horikoshi missed the point he’s been trying to make all this time. Horikoshi Sensei, if you are out there reading this: Please- Take Care Of Yourself. You’ll get more mileage out of a car that’s received proper maintenance than one in need of maintenance. You’re Life Matters More Than This or Any Other Story. If this current Editor cared about your health, then he would not have asked you to do that. I Want You To Live. So please- Stop While You Still Can. Talk to the Higher Ups about moving over to Jump Giga like Tabata did- or Jump+. Or just go on a 3 month Hiatus. We’re still here, aren’t we? If you need a few months rest- I’m willing to wait a little long to see the ending. That’s how I’m feeling about this. Let me know what you guy’s think in the comments. Until Next Time, Everyone– Stay Safe- Stay Healthy– And Have A Magical Day. Later…………

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  1. Thank you so much for posting that link!
    I had a feeling bad something was going on, but to have his editor push him on top of that sucks. I won’t be surprised if this is the last manga he creates.

    1. You said it!! I feel like this “Dream” of his has become his NIGHTMARE- one he’s not liable to return to for a very long time IF AT ALL. And if he does, then he’ll likely get the same deal Togashi got when he was hospitalized during the serialization of Yuyu Hakusho: Whatever series he comes back to make- he can put out chapters whenever he feels like he can, so long as he doesn’t press charges against them!!
      I honestly feel bad for Horikoshi; I feel like he hasn’t had his heart in this series for a while now- ever since the lukewarm reception and poor sales of the Villain Aca volumes- and arc he actually FORCED his way into making! His editors told him not to, but he was adamant in making it- so much so that I think he even threatened to quit the series if they didn’t let him. But then those chapters were poorly received in Japan, and……….. I guess he just became………. kind of “gave up” and did whatever the editors told him to- even pushing himself to the limit like this.
      It’s sad; the man just wanted to make a successful manga- not KILL HIMSELF for it! I feel like more mangaka need to be wary when they choose to go into this field; take stories like this, Black Clover, Hunter X Hunter, and Berserk into perspective when they decide that this is what they want to do…………..

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