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1001 Ways To Say That Luffy’s An Emperor Now! One Piece Chapter 1,053 BREAKDOWN

Yeah; another one of those titles, again. But ya GOTTA see where I’m comin’ from, guys– the last few chapters have been so packed with content that it’s hard to pick just one thing to hone in on to make me consider it for the title! So; I just think of a whole bunch of titles, and say “1001 Ways To Say” whatever the BIGGEST thing is. Luffy is now an Emperor Of The Sea– 1 step closer to becoming the Pirate King- and so; we’ll focus on that. Alternate titles for that include “New Emperor’s, An Admiral, And A Banquet,” or “The 3 Billion Berry Kid,” “Yonkou Shuffle(okay; THAT ONE I came up with on the spot),” and more- as you will soon see.

For now; let’s take this a 1 step at a time. Let’s enjoy the last chapter before a 1 Month break! One Piece Chapter 1,053: “New Emperors.” Kyeh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh……………


In exchange for the colored cover promoting “One Piece: Odyssey(New Video Game);” we don’t have another volume of the cover story. As such; we dive right on into the chapter to reveal the Gorosei in. A. PANIC. They are telling the Marines to DO SOMETHING about that new wanted poster for a certain Rubber boy- they printers didn’t remove the initial “D” from his name, and they used a picture of his Gear Fifth to tell you who it is. But the CP-0 agent, “Guernica,” only gave them that picture. And Morgan’s- of all thingsis no liar. He ain’t fudgin’ D!CK- the poster and News Papers are going out as is. And the World Government can lick his Cloaca(look it up; it’s pretty funny!).

It is here in which we see the World reacting to the news- and the new bounties. “Straw Hat” Monkey D Luffy, Trafalgar Law “The Surgeon Of Death,” and Eustass “Captain” Kid: 3 Billion Berries eachWanted Dead Or Alive. Ba-BAM.

The 3 Billion Berry Boys

We then cut back to Tokage Port in the Udon region; Kid has stormed off to the Flower Capital, so the rest of his crew- as well as Law and his crew- start to move as well. You can gather where this one is going. In any case; we jump over to the Flower Capital to see the chef’s in the Shogun’s Castle preparing a “Traditional Honzen-Ryori Meal For A Shogun-” only to find out that no one was willing to wait. Jinbe stayed, but everyone else is down in the Flower Capital having the time of their lives. Everyone-save for the Immaculate Nico Robin. She’s down in the tombs looking for something…….

Tenguyama comes down, and asks if she likes his little “Kokeshi Doll” collection. She doesn’t. But she is curious as to why his collection would be in the basement of the Shogun’s castle. We get the reveal that he is not just the Tengu, but is in fact a former SHOGUN- KOZUKI SUKIYAKI, The Father Of Oden and Grandfather of Momonosuke. Although he suspects that Kin and the others have seen through his ruse, he has no plans of telling Momo; he doesn’t think he should.

This room was once a room for his little bobbies- like collecting Kokeshi’s and Swordsmithing. But Orochi happened, and he got locked down here for a number of years. By the time he escaped, Wano was already half-demolished by Orochi and Kaido- it was enough for him to think of committing Seppuku the moment he looked upon the rotted land and factories. But before he can explain why he chose to live; Robin cuts him off, and asks him about what she’s ACTUALLY looking for: The Ancient Weapon Pluton. According to Alabasta’s Poneglyph, it’s hidden somewhere in Wano. Suiyaki confirms as much.

We then leap over to the Prisoner Mines, where he Beast Pirates still loyal to Kaido are licking their wounds. But their recovery is interrupted by the arrival of a Navy PowerhouseAdmiral Ryokugyu. Using his unknown Devil Fruit; he is able to create plant tendrils that drain the collective Beast Pirates- King, Queen, Babanuki, and all- of their nutrients. He even used it to steal their booze. He calls for a Warship to be brought to Wano, and to not tell Akainu what he’s doing. He wants his approval– and he plans to get it by bringing in Luffy.

Feel free to tell me the actor he’s based on!!

And we now jump over to the Flower Capital to see the Banquet REALLY hitting its stride- music; fireworks; booze; food- Jolly Good Time. Luffy is congratulating the entire alliance while omitting his role in in the story- ’cause he doesn’t want to be treated as some kind of “Hero.” As Luffy’s beginning the whole toast; Kid walks up to the tower- with every intention of killing Luffy. But the boy’s too oblivious to that and just grabs him close as the fireworks go off. Kid breaks free, and reveals WHY he wants Luffy dead(more so no than before).

Apparently; the recent happenings of the world- inside and outside of Wano- have called for some New Emperors. The Yonko Of The Current Era:

  • “Straw Hat” Monkey D Luffy
  • “Blackbeard” Marshal D Teech
  • “Red Haired” Shanks
  • “The Bombastic Clown” BUGGY??!!!?!

Hearing the music; Ryokugyu decides to go to the Flower Capital. He plans to crash this party, and take in Luffy. Thus bringing One Piece Chapter 1,053 to a World Altering END!!! These adjectives are getting harder and harder to come up with. One Piece Will Be On A 1 Month Break. But we will have these “Road To Laugh Tale” pamphlets that show us some unused concepts Oda ended up scrapping. So~…………….. That’ll be fun.


Where oh where oh WHERE do I even START with this one? So many things have happened in this chapter alone- and we haven’t even gotten to the News Paper yet!! Oh when those News Papers DROP………… But me oh my I was NOT expecting that Line up. Of course we knew that Shanks and Blackbeard would still be Yonkou; Luffy was a given at this point; but that 3rd slot was a bit up in the air- though I figured it either be Kid or Law. So seeing BUGGY of all people up there came as a shock. I wonder what happened?

The Emperors Of The Sea(New Age)

My brother Malik told me about this theory that Mihawk and Buggy’s ships crossed each other, and Mihawk cut this Navy vessel in half, and they thought that Buggy did it. That pobably happened, but I don’t think destroying a Marine vessel in a single attack would qualify you as an “Emperor Of The Sea.” It had to have been something WORLD SHAKING– something on the same level as knocking Kaido and Big Mom into a pool of magma. Knowing Buggy; he probably lucked himself into a situation that made him look good. Like, sayDefeating An Admiral? Or Garp? Sengoku? Or some other Big Name that wasn’t in Wano?

Or it could even have something to do with the Giants, considering that Hajrudin of the New Giant Warrior Pirates- now under the Straw Hat Grand Fleet- is under his employ. Or, well- was. As of chapter 895(The Snake Man Chapter); they are no longer employed at “Buggy’s Delivery Service.” But you know Buggy– he’s not just gonna let an asset like that get away without a fight; he’d TRY, but the Impel Down prisoners that follow him around would probably gas him up and he’d HAVE to look good in front of them. Thus; lucking into defeating the Giant Warrior Pirates. It may have been something akin to that.

And then you have the Full Reveal Of Admiral Ryokugyu. Don’t know what actor he’s based off of, but I’m sure you’ve all probably looked into it a bit and will tell me later. That’s not what I want to focus on. What I really want to talk about is that Devil Fruit of his. It has been a theory that the current roster of Admiral’s each have a different Devil fruit type- Kizaru and his Logia; Fujitora and his Paramecia; which would mean that Ryokugyu would have a Zoan. Given that reveal; it could still be the case. But then I could make that argument for ANY Devil Fruit. So for now; I’ll throw my hat into the ring of him having a Paramecia type. And boy is it COOL.

The fact that he’s able to drain the nutrients explains why he’s been able to go 3 years without food; he can just drain the nutrients from the land around him! Or from his enemies. All the same. But other than that, I’ve just always liked characters with plant based abilities cool; something interesting like “being made of plants” or the plants coming out of the body- don’t know why. Can he regenerate, ’cause that’s something plant users are usually capable of? Maybe. Are we going to get the type and name of the fruit revealed when the series comes back? Probably not. But there’s always that chance. If we’re going into the Final Saga; Oda doesn’t have time to be coy about this sh!t anymore. Full Throttle, Senseidon’t hold out on us.

Speaking of; We’re Still Not Out Of Act 3. A lot of people have abandoned this “5 Act” bit. I’m about ready to myself. But us not leaving Wano here means that the post arc is going to continue. We are SO NOT done in Wano yet. Especially with the whole PLUTON BEING HERE bit. No wonder the World Government want to get in here so bad; there are only 2 places in the world that they can’t get to regularly: Laugh Tale, and Wano. And they’ve been looking for that one since the Void Century. If this thing would be anywhere, it would be on one of these 2 islands. So, so, SO much to talk about now.

But yeah; we’re not leaving Wano just yet. I still think that we’re gonna leave this year, and before all that news- I would have said something like Early November would start the Final Stage. But with this break, and ALL that has been revealed in just the last 2 chapters ALONE- I’m thinking more like late November to Early or even Mid December. Oda’s gotta have his break week every month! The man works too hard for his own good sometimes. I hope he rests well.

Another thing to talk about would be the reveal that Sukiyaki is alive. Never CONFIRMED that he was dead; we didn’t see a body or anything; we just know that he and Higarashi were switched out at some point. And this is “One Piece” we’re talking about. We probably should have seen this coming, huh? But he said that the one who crafted the Kitetsu blades- the Swordsmith Kotetsu- was his ancestor. Was this a ruse created for the “Tenguyama” character, or……….. did the Kozuki have a hand in the Kitetsu series? Curious………………


Now……………….. I CAN GO ON WITH THIS CHAPTER FOR HOURS. This could honestly make like 5 or 6 theory posts to itself. But I’ll stop here before I overdo it. Instead; I’ll let you guys tell me your speculation on the chapter. He picked a H#LLUVA CHAPTER to leave us with for the next month. But he made sure we had enough content that we can still talk about “One Piece” until it returns!! And when it comes back- We’re Gonna Go ALL. IN. Things are about to escalate to a scale we’ve never scene- as The Best Selling Manga In History Heads Towards the CLIMAX! Get Ready; Get Hyped; Stay Safe; And Prosper. Have a Magical Day, Folks………..

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