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Manga Chapter Review Dump Post #28: Prepared- But WORKING

I actually knew it was time for a “Dump Post;” I knew since last week. What I WASN’T expecting last weekMy Busy Work Week. I’m writing this on Wednesday, October 18th, 2023, at 11:08 am- a few hours before I have to go into work. Again. And then leave to be right back in that f*gly @$$ store AGAIN at 9 in the f*ckin’ morning after working all f*cking night. I f*ckin’ hate my f*ckin’ manager, I swear I do. But I was prepared for this this time, so it’s not like it’s a big deal. That, and the “Boruto” chapter this month doesn’t, uh……… have a lot for me to talk about like that. I’d SAY it’s gonna be an “Easy Week” of post making, but 1)That invites all kind of problems from this cruel, cruel Universe and 2)I gotta work from 1:15 to close on f*ckin’ Saturday. ‘Cause my life just REVOLVES around my f*ckin’ job. *Sigh*…………. Let’s begin.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 146: “Chainsaw Man War

Yoshida’s about to F*ckin’ MUTILATE the War Duo- apologizing to them for this next part after they followed his adviceAnd then we cut over to Flamethrower talking about the Church’s “Justice Devil” lie. They explained to the followers that the “Justice Devil” would give them “the power to transform into the form they desire.” Which was the only truth they told about it. The one that they were actually contracted with was another “pawn” of Fami’s: The Fire Devil- a Devil who’s power becomes stronger the more that are contracted to it. Though the Contractor’s more or less lose their f*ckin’ minds. Though currently– for WHATEVER reason- a whole bunch of Church Followers just spawn Chainsaw’s from their bodies. Oh, wait, I think I get it now; Fire let’s them take “the form they most desire,” and they all desired to be Chainsaw Man. But Fire’s too strong now and it’s making them go crazy. Got it. 

And the reason the forms are becoming more “refined” like this is because- at about 5:00 that day- Large Scale Mass Weddings were held at the Chinese and Canadian chapters of the Chainsaw Man Church. And those “weddings” doubled as a contract being made with Fire- around 350,000 of em. For all intents and purposesThese People Are Devils now. Explosions here and there, and Flamethrower explains that the “Great King Of Terror” will descend upon the world in half a year. The aim of the Church is to kill it and save Humanity. Denji doesn’t buy it, but Nayuta knows better; she and Fami know all too well that this “Great Fear King” is going to cause them problems. Because it’s their older sister- DEATH- the Devil with the Name That is Feared Most of All. And Fami’s plan- as Nayuta understands it: Make Chainsaw Man and War Devil The Most Feared Of All. 

I don’t WHY Fire has the ability to make people transform; maybe something about “Fire Taking Whatever Shape it Wants,” but I now get where all the human bodies are going. Those bodies have become “Fuel” for Fire, making it strong enough to give the new contractors forms that closer match what they desire- as opposed to the amorphous tentacle monsters we’ve been seeing thus far. Okay, I understand it more now than when I first read it. And now I can finally refer to what’s coming as something more than “Fear King.” Death it is!! Because EVERYONE- even the Primal Fears– fear Death itself. Why else was Darkness trying so hard to kill Chainsaw Man- the only Devil that could actually get rid of him altogether? Me thinks even the Primal Fears need to set their pride aside to stop this thing- less they want to LOSE their favorite meals………….

Four Knights of The Apocalypse Chapter 125: “Knights Of War

Yeah, plural. I guess because Lance is the Knight of War and Nanashi is trying to see what the point is. Something like that. In whatever case; Lance demonstrates his power– as Gawain puts it, it’s “Laughably HUGE.” Tristan knows that it can only BE Lance. Nanashi is impressed, and says that he heard about Lance’s battle with Arthur, and offers him high praise courtesy of Arthur. But he ALSO heard that Lance was right handed– but fought with his left that whole time. The reason behind thatHe thinks being ambidextrous is cool, so he was practicing with his left hand. But he doesn’t have time for that right now- he’s worried about his friends. Nanashi decides to “gague” the power of the boy himself, firing off a high level attack spell- one that even managed to injure Arthur once before. But not LANCE; he instead absorbed it into his magic force!

And before Nanashi could even realize the full, terrifying extent of Lance’s power- Lance lands a THUNDEROUS kick to his gut. He got his so hard he got knocked into a flashback sequence, where we learn some of his backstory. During the initial Holy War, he had fled from the clan he had promised to serve- his wings rent from his body. He wandered around without a purpose for WHO KNOWS how long, but then he found a New Master to wager his life on: King Arthur. “His eyes shone like bright stars- clear as a cloudless sky- looking towards a far-off future where everyone is happy.” And he resolved to protect those eyes. But over time- those eyes darkened with prejudice towards other races. His most loyal aids abandoned him one after another, seeing what the power of Chaos was doing to him. Something like what he did with the Goddess clan. So he stayed– he wanted to believe that the Benevolent King that he had served was still in there somewhere, beneath that the all-consuming power of Chaos……………

Which is why he wanted to test LanceTo know if he had the power to open Arthur’s eyes. And it looks like he DOES. But just to be safeHe gives Lance his katana- a dull blade made by The Giant Craftsman Dubs, dubbed “Shirojika” or “White Deer.” That should hold him over ’til he gets a weapon himself. And it’ll help him train Percival better! Speaking of; I wonder how Percival is doing right now. He certainly caught a thrashing from Mortlach, but I doubt he’s done fighting…………

Edens Zero Chapter 260: “Cosmo

We cut around to see some of the battles; from Shiki vs Lighting Law to Homura and Acnoella and everything like that, ending up in the Infirmary, where Happy– still a regular Excede in this Universe- is left to stand against Clown alone. Running ensues, and Mosco- left with no other choice- tells Happy to push THE BUTTON. Sister fights it RELENTLESSLY, resorting to all sorts of lies to try and get Happy to not press the button. But “Desperate Times” and all. So- Happy Presses The Buttons. The resulting light ends up blowing away the poison gasLadies And Gentlemen; Boys And Girls; I present to You: 

The Space Butler, Cosmo.

He’s…………. The Total Opposite of Mosco in every aspect; the way he speaks, the way he looks, and his relationship with Sister. Mosco was the bottom- Cosmo is on top. Right down to the bondage. And she. Is. INTO IT. Which is the EXPLICIT reason she never wanted to press this buttonshe gets turned on by it. And as for CLOWN– he had damaged Cosmo’s “property” Sister. Only he’s allowed to do that. So HE’S about to get the worst torture he’s ever experienced. 20,000 Years Ago: Ivry’s Alive, but the surgery itself failed. So the doctor suggests the new “Ether Therapy” treatment. And it is THAT LINE that makes me think that whatever planet this is tapped into Ether a little too soon- that they tried and succeeded in becoming a type 1 society, but weren’t ready and now the planet’s running out of Ether, and thus their way of life is now threatened. So now they have to take that last little bit of Ether they have to its “Critical Point” and stretch that until they find another solution. That’ll be my head-canon ’til proven otherwise………..

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 98: “Gamma #2’s Resolve

I PHYSCIALLY do not have enough care in me to even attempt to Short Review this one. That’s the sad truth of the matter. It’s a movie retelling and “Daima” was just revealed, so……… I just DO NOT care. But I WILL still talk about it. If for nothing more than what this franchise means to me. Not “Super” itself, but “Dragon Ball. In shortThis chapter is Gamma 2’s sacrifice- everything from him coming up with the plan to Giant Piccolo vs Cell Max and coming up with another plan. Next month will be the inaction of that plan, Gohan Beast, and PLAUSIBLY the end, depending on how much longer Toytaro is going to make that section. In all honesty, I figured next month’s chapter would end on Gohan Beast, but we may just get it in the middle, followed by the Prep for that Special Beam Cannon. 

Art’s fine, though as I pointed out in the “Daima” post- Toyotaro’s pages are so “full” of just……… panels that is comes off Clunky- like he isn’t giving each panel it’s own time to “breath” before cutting to the next one. Even the action pages. But then he’s really good when it comes to stand alone pages- they’re all sharp and detailed. The Giant Orange Piccolo vs Cell Max panel was pretty creative, too. But he also stretched for time adding in that scene with the last senzu bean– having Cell Max preventing Gohan from eating it. The manga’s been adding that Cell Max’s mental capacities are “growing” the long this fight goes on. And as much as I would love to see what that looks like- I doubt that it’s going to happen; we’re too close to the end for Cell Max to start saying anything of relevance. Ah, but then Toyotaro could always change and extend this content. I would HOPE NOT, but you never really know. 

He could be planning to completely subvert all expectations, and just have “Perfect Cell Max vs Gohan Beast” beam struggle to match SSJ2 Gohan vs Super Perfect Cell. Eh; that would just be extending it just to extend it. But then I don’t know what comes next for “Super;” I just know that it’s probably going to be another “Toyotaro Original” arc- in the same vein as Moro and Granolah. Follow up on Black FriezaBroly stuff? ‘Cause Toyotaro still has to go to Toriyama to ask what points he can follow up on- it’s why Broly wasn’t in the Moro arc; Toriyama told him to specifically keep him out of it. So they’re not totally abandoning “Super.” So maybe “Daima’s” gonna be on the shorter end of things. Something I want to bring up in another post………..

My Hero Academia Chapter 404: “We Love You, All Might!!

It’s about to happen; All For One’s about to tear this guys SPINE out for all the world to see. Some give up; some hope; some have other priorities; some just don’t care. But it’s happening; the One For All Vestiges don’t become the person until the real one’s dead. And that Vestige is starting to take form. Tomura knows it; Deku knows it; All Might knows it; And All For None’s LOVING it. So Bakugo blitz’ over to Deku and grabs his hand. The Second user is initially AGAINST Izuku using “Gear Shift” again, but…………… he sees it, so he shuts his mouth. With Tomura latched with “Black Whipe,” he uses “Gear Shift” again to launch Bakugo at top speed to save him. Several ideas come together in this moment: The “Butterfly Effect” mentioned in relation to the Todoroki’s storm cloud; Nighteye’s theory of “Wish Energy;” that Sakura field we keep seeing All might depicted in- all converge on this moment to have Bakugo SAVE All Might. 

Eh. Not here, I guess; don’t let All For Nothing have it his way. But I think All Might needs to DIE. If for nothing more than to see Horikoshi follow through on all these Death Flags. I was initially not happy that he wimped out here, but after calming down, I realized that him dying like this would be………… well, it would suck; All For One gets to at least have his “cake,” even if he won’t get to “eat it(win in the end).” Plus he wouldn’t have accomplished a thing- what with All For One demonstrating a brain amongst all things. Logically, what he did last chapter made total sense- even though I feel like this is getting padded more and more with each cut away from the Final Battle. Waiting for Aoyama’s “Au Revoir” to come in when it’s……………….. not at all relevant to what’s going on in the context of Deku vs Tomura. How much longer is this gonna be………..?


Yeah. Busy week it’s been. I, uh……… haven’t even BEGUN the “Boruto” post. I just know that this month’s gonna be a Short Review instead of a long form one. Then I have to get work on few projects I’ve had on backburn. If only my schedule would allow me that time to do it. Let me know which chapter was your favorite. If I had to pick, I might say Chainsaw Man– if for nothing more than it does the most for its plot out of the ones listed. Edens Zero was pretty good, but after the initial “Oh, yeah, we finally know what the button does!,” it just becomes a “Moving along” chapter. Four Knights was top notch; Dragon Ball Super was…… there, as was My Hero. Like- yeah. Until next time, everyone; stay safe, stay healthy, and stay away from strangers. ‘Til next time…………..

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