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The Definition Of “Backfire.” My Hero Academia Chapter 359 BREAKDOWN

I know this is a a post about “My Hero,” but OH THANK THE LORD, ONE PIECE AND BLACK CLOVER ARE COMING BACK NEXT WEEK!!! Thank you Thank you THANK YOU so much, Jump!! No offense to you other guys(especially you, Mash and Yuji) but it’s been rough following this magazine and not having those 2 Kings around. It just ain’t been “hittin'” like it used to. So I’m glad to say that NEXT WEEK- we get back to GREATNESS.

As for this week; this chapter is…………… okay. Didn’t “blow me away,” but also didn’t put me to sleep. You’ll see what I mean in a minute. Let’s just get into it; My Hero Academia Chapter 359: “Place Of Learning.” Oh, and we finally find out where Mirio is.


Chapter opens in the under part of the Floating UA High; everyone one from the support course to the Hero course are doing their best to keep this thing airborne despite All For Destructions sudden shift in body mass. All the while the Business course is filming a documentary for after the battle. When they’re called out on their stupidity; they respond that they’re job is to “promote Heroes-” to film the BIG sh!t to show the Heroes triumphant victories to “form the bridge” between Heroes and the rest of society. So that just like with All Might at Kamino Ward; they can use it to put society at ease. Top Side: Bakugo Unleashes His New Attack.

But did it work?

The resulting explosion ends up shaking the whole platform, and everyone one it; Manual and Aizawa actually have to FORCE Monoma’s eyes to stay open. While down below; Haya(Nejire chan’s friend) asks if he just tried to blow up the whole STAGE. But Kaminari tells her that Bakugo has very goos “Spatial Awareness,” to the point of scolding Kaminari whenever if left hand wasn’t on the table at lunch. Powerloader just hopes he didn’t blow up the whole power line.

Back up top; the results of Bakugo’s attack………………. aren’t exactly what he wanted. In fact; not only is All For Destruction unfazed by it, but the attacks even blown up in his face– cheek all burnt and bloody, and being all up close and personal with AFD gave the monster a chance to grab his arm. A lot of arm related injuries, I’m noticing.

Oh~ So Close.

AFD commends Bakugo for his Spatial Awareness; he condensed the blast to up the damage output and mitigate the actual damage so as to not destroy the arena. But seeing the boy come up with such a Well Thought-out Planhe felt the uncontrollable urge to BREAK IT. He tells Bakugo that he is still uninterested in him, and is about to launch another attack with his Singularity. Mirko and Jeanist try to interject, but AFD reminds them of their place:

Now who’s the genius that thought the Best Course of Action against me was to “get up close and personal?”

The only thing that’s gonna get ya is a First Hand Taste of what it’s like- To be Smashed By A Power That Rivals All Might!!

All For Destruction/ Tomura Shigaraki/ Tenko Shimura/ All For One- Whichever Comes First

He swings his malformed arm with such force that it knocks Mirko and Jeanist away. And thus; Dear Widdle Kacchan is left at the “Mercy” of All For Destruction. As he watches the beast march towards him; the boy can only think of the “gap” between them- even at his BEST he was still unable to measure up to the ones he holds responsible for all that’s happened. In the end; All For One’s sole interest in Bakugo was his relationship with Izuku. That’s why he will die here and now.

No I mean itWho’s the one in the driver’s seat right now?

Aizawa yells for Mandalay to give him an update on Izuku’s position. But the Electromagnetic waves present that’s keeping AFD confined are also keeping comms from working; they can only communicate through Mandalay’s telepathy and she can’t even reach him that way. So he just starts SCREAMING for someoneANYONE– to get back up and save Bakugo; “HE STILL NEEDS TO GRADUATE FROM UA AND AIM TO BE THE NO 1 HERO!!!” Cut away the builings behind them….

We see Best Boy Sun Eater and Nejire chan rising out of the rubble. Tamaki says that he wants to have a “Proper Graduation” when all is said and done. A certain voice says that “We’ll get Principal Nezu to throw us one after this is over!” Mirio is BACK, and he and the other members of the Big 3 are going to protect everyone until Izuku arrives. The Big 3 vs The Ultimate Evil- NEXT TIME!!! My Hero Academia Chapter 359 END! This chapter has some really good images; I don’t even think I’ll be able to use them all!

vs Destruction!- NEXT WEEK!!


No. I want to start by telling those Management Course Weenies “No;” they can kiss my @$$ with that sh!t. Because the last time a Video came out in regards to Heroes; Dabi outed the Todoroki’s dirty laundry and the whole world fell down around them. A video filmed by Heroes at this point- with the intention of making them not look like sh!tty people- is probably going to backfire. How are they to know that this is authentic? This Honestly might do more harm than good. And above all else; if you’re not going to help them keep this sh!t airborne- Why Are You Here? You’re just taking up space; LEAVE.

Now I will admit that filming battles like All Might vs All For One, or Endeavor vs Hood, helped to bring up people’s spirits. But those were Live Battles about trusted Heroes. All Might kept people’s hope alive; Endeavor gets the most results of anyone. Then Dabi happened. So now anything that isn’t LIVE FOOTAGE- Scrutinized. F*ck off, you wastes of space. Try again in 3 more years!!

All jokes aside; I honestly did not think this was funny. Out of place, if I’m to be honest.

Other than that……….. lack luster character thing; the chapter was……………… meh. I was at least invested- if only minorly. I really liked how AFD told Bakugo that his only investment is him is because he’s Deku’s friend; it’s the kind of thing that would get under Bakugo’s skin the MOST- which might just have been the worst mistake he could have made. He’ll MAKE you notice him, and you’re not gonna like what he does to make that happen! That said; he IS down an arm. A Right arm to be specific. That’s 2 this arc. And on a side note: It’s 2 characters that parallel each other!

Bakugo and Endeavor have now both lost their right arms. And in the case of Bakugo; he needs his hands to activate his quirk. He also lost his dominant hand– the hand Izuku said he opens every fight with. That’s gonna take some getting used to for him, but to focus on why it’s messed up- Is Horikoshi going to pay off what he us about Izuku. The doctor’s told him after his fight with Muscular that he would lose his arms if he broke them 2 or 3 more times. Characters have been losing arms to characters who use their arms primarily. Will Izuku lose his arm in this arc as well? Loose evidence, but Horikoshi seems to be taking limbs left and right. And Izuku was already foreshadowed to lose his. It could happen!!

And then, of course: Mirio Togata. Last time he showed up; the series went on a downward spiral that it’s trying to recover from. Because of what came from that; Mirio has left a………… “bad taste” in many people’s mouths to say the least. And after he appeared; he completely disappeared until right now. We didn’t even know what battle field he was sent to! You would think they wouldn’t send him to a Floating Fortress where one misstep on his part means plummeting to his death, but I guess being permeable means AFD can’t decay him or smash him with his fingers. So…….. eh, makes sense. But where the actual F*CK was he this whole time?

I honestly can’t think of a reason for him to be hiding like this; he could help everyone keeping this thing floating move sh!t, but considering how he’s probably the person with the BEST CHANCE of fighting All For Destruction other than the d@mn nerd- I cannot for the LIFE OF ME think of any reason for him to be hidden like this. It feels kind of like the last time we saw him; a “Hype Cliffhanger” with the next chapter explaining in a 3 page flashback. Oh well…………. we’ve been doing that for a while now, I guess. No point in fighting it anymore……

I’m always happy to see Nejire Chan, though!!

That said; I AM excited to see him fight AFD. Like I said: He’s got the Best Chance aside from Deku. He could permeate through the Hand Wave and hit AFD head on, then permeate before he can touch him. Rinse and repeat until he either figures out the pattern, or Deku arrives at last. And Nejire chan can back him up with long range attacks like she’s been doing. And Tamaki can continue to be Best Boy. Although I’m not sure why he’s here, also…………………. He’s gonna eat a finger, isn’t he? Gross– but it might just be what they need.

Like we saw in the Overhaul arc; eating a crystal from Yu Hojo let him grow out crystal’s himself, which helped him win his fight. And at this point; they’re in the “Whatever It Takes” mindset- he is not above eating a finger if at all necessary. And thus; he’ll have access to the same Singularity power as AFD! Probably not the quirks- either because their shut off or that’s not how his particular quirk works- but he WILL gain access to that Singularity. He’ll be able to face AFD on an even ground, just like his “Sun.”

However; this could also be a double edge sword. They already weren’t expecting AFD to have this kind of power- to be this heavy. What’s gonna happen with 2 Sized Based Singularities crop up? I don’t think that this thing is going to be able to withstand that kind of mass. Everyone down below is gonna need to bring their A Game to keep this thing in the sky……………

A Prediction Coming To Pass……………………


…………………. That’s pretty much it, guys. I could talk about how AFD’s words are going to affect Bakugo a little more, or speculate if he can use his quirk on his stump just like Endeavor, or even about Aizawa’s plea. But I don’t think I need to; I’ve said everything that I really wanted to say. As such; I’m not gonna stretch this out any further. But what I will do is post all the images I wasn’t able to fit into the post. Enjoy them!!

Oh……… I thought there was more………. Oh well; still good for you to see them! That’s all I got for the lot of ya today, boys and girls. Until the next post, party people; stay safe, stay healthy, and Have a Beautiful Rest Of Your Day. By~~~e!!

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  1. I don’t see Deku losing the use of his limbs. Horikoshi seems to be setting up his body getting accustomed to OFA. Heck, if nothing came from the fight Deku had with Super Shiggy during the first war (Deku was punching the living crap out of Shiggy.) I don’t it gonna happen now.

    And no Twice in the 8th anniversary picture? Boo!

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