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The Embalance Of Desire And Greed. One Piece Chapter 1,078 BREAKDOWN

Okay, I’m gonna keep it REAL with you guysNot feeling 100% right not. So much so that I’m not even sure that you’ll be seeing this post. If not, then this part of the opening doesn’t matter to you. If so, then I can tell you that I survived and even managed to get out at least 1 post- for a rather important series. As for the title of this one, it bares a resemblance to the recent Edens Zero post- once again discussing balance. But whereas that post was meant to convey how “Good” and “Evil” coexist unfairly; this one is meant to convey how one’s “Desire” can turn into Obsession and Greed. The Egghead arc seems to be focusing on the “Desires Of Man,” and what can come of it- Good or Bad. Let’s see if my head will let me talk about that properly. One Piece Chapter 1,078: “Escape Limit.” Let’s begin………


Germa 66’s “Aah… An Emotionless Excursion” Volume 33 

Welp, they formed a New organization. And the world is going to suffer greatly. Between Judge’s ambition and Caesar’s sadism, I get the feeling they’re going to start making moves to take over. But there’s also that difference in their mindset; Caesar just seems to want to sow chaos and cause as much misery as he can in his lifetime- as well as prove how much smarter he is than everyone. Judge, on the other hand- is a man on a mission. Judge doesn’t want his “new subjects” to suffer(unless as punishment), while Caesar doesn’t really care. That might be the first” chink” in this collab. 

I also think that- in that same regard- Caesar will end up showing Judge what this path leads to; hold up a mirror to his face and show he what he’s becoming. Maybe it’ll tie into how he treated Sanji; maybe he’ll dispose of Caesar when he goes too far. Who’s to say? All I’m certain of is that this alliance won’t last………..

Chapter 1,078 

On the 2nd Floor of Building B; Stussy uses her personal Transponder Snail to get in touch with Sentomaru, informing him of Kizaru and the 100 Ship fleet on its way to Egghead. They actually consider the situation to be MORE Severe than what Ohara did; not only did he continue their research into the Void Century, but he actually has the Firepower to defend himself when Ohara didn’t. She and Jinbe hover through the Labopahse with their Hover Shoes looking for Stellapunk. She informs him to call her in case of any more developments, seeing as all the Transponder Snails in the Labopahse other than hers are out of commission. Though the Lab Assistants in the Fabriophase finally get the picture and start Evacuating. 

Building C, F3: Franky- still partially petrified from the “Perfume Femur-” tries to fight against S-Snake singlehanded. She ignores him, and turns her attention to the helpless Pythagoras- demanding an explanation. She crushes the head and causes an explosion, much to the shock of Franky. Building A, F2: Atlas, Chopper, and the Delightful Nico Robin hear the explosions. According to Robin, the Seraphim have started running amok in the Labophase. She’s not at all worried about Nami swan because she knows someone will be there when she screams, but everyone else is probably gonna have some trouble- and Stellapunk could be be in trouble as they speak. Thinking about it, Atlas says that the Stella might be somewhere that was once sealed off………

Building A, F3: Sanji faces off against S-Shark, displaying the power of Germa Science Undying Love by tanking a punch right to the face. Brook turns into a Soul to try and find Stellapunk, and sees Nami swan trying to wake up Edison. Control Room, Building A, F4: After finally realizing what they have to do to take down the Seraphim, Luffy and the others don’t see the flames on their backs going out at any point. But what’s WorseS-Hawk Has Escaped, trying to eliminate weaker foes to rattle the Strong Ones. So Zoro goes off to protect them, and Luffy asks “Usopp(Kaku)” to follow him since he gets lost easily. Annoyed, Luffy uses his Tried-And-True PUNCH HIM A LOT TIL THEY STOP MOVING Hawk Gatling On S-Bear. Though Lucci is doubtful that it’ll work. He also might be a little Traumatized after what happened the last time………..

The narrator comes on to tell us that the events of the Next day would go on to be know as the “Infamous Egghead Incident.” Thought the “Wheels Of This Story” starting turning 3 months ago. Before we jump to that, we see Bonney still in front of Kuma’s Memory Bubble, crying from what she’s seen. 3 MONTHS AGO: Someone on Egghead got in touch with the Gorosei, informing them that Vegapunk had been researching the Void Century. CP5 would end up being dispatched to collect evidence, but their investigation turned up nothing. And they never made it back to HQ. Neither did Cipher Pol’s 7 or 8. And after getting more information from the individual who contacted them, the Gorosei had decided it was time to Put. Vegapunk. DOWN. Thus the current state of affairs……….

Though they never expected to be dealing with an Emperor of all the things to be present on Egghead. Thus the 100 Naval Vessel Fleet. And the Resolution of this Following Incident on the Following Day Will Shock The World in a way that no one saw coming. But first, we have to finish today- cutting over to the Devil Fruit Research Lab. Stellapunk demands an explanation for what’s happening. He comes Face-To-Face with the Traitor In His Midst- The One Who Instigated The Events That Are About To Transpire: 

His Satellite, York The Greedy.

The Giant Woman kneels down, telling her creator that she’s gonna become a Celestial Dragon. He brings up what they saw the last time they were in Mary Geiose, and asks York why she would EVER want to be as Vile as those Rich Freaks. York giggles at how much he sounds like Shaka right now, even though she just killed him. It’s a little confusing according to her, so she thinks the world would better if there was just One Vegapunk. One Piece Chapter 1,078 END!!! “Greed.” That was the key. I won’t say “Shoulda Seen That Coming,” ’cause NO ONE saw that one coming. But this now paints a picture of what’s going on……..


…………… How do I say all of this? Throughout Egghead, we have learned that Devil Fruits are potentially created from the desires of man- things that people wish that they could do. And somehow, those desires manifest in the form of a disgusting fruit. And then we have the Embodiment of the Absolute most Negative End of “Desire:” York The Greedy. I think what this arc is meant to convey is how Man’s Desire for Progress- or really anything– can create Fantastical Things…….. of both Good and Bad in Nature. Vegapunk’s desire to have more “more hands” to do more work gave rise to the Satellite Bodies- and gave birth to one rotten egg in the bunch. And because of York’s desire………. this Arc. Fun to watch- not so much to be in. It’s important to not let our desires get the better of us, because they can end up taking on a life of their own beyond our control. At least that’s how I’m interpreting this. 

It’s like……… if you have “Desire” at the middle point on a line, going to far in one direction begets “Obsession-” an unhealthy fixation on something. And from there, I guess we end up with Greed- the intense and selfish desire for something. And York let her “Desire” become Greed. On the other hand, though; we have “Ambition-” a strong desire to do or to achieve something. And at the end of that line would be Determination………….. Right? I’m thinking about the analogy and how it pertains more to Luffy and York; Luffy doesn’t let his ambition cloud his judgement and get his crew killed, while York is letting her Greed drive her to kill off the other Vegapunk’s. There. Why was THAT so difficult to say? 

Though, when you think about what’s happening right now; you should think about Stellapunk’s role in all of this. The Satellites are all aspects of HIM- his wrath, his wisdom, the “Good” aspects, the “Bad,” the ideas he has for new inventions, and…….. his own Greed. York wouldn’t want to be a Celestial F*ckface if Vegapunk didn’t- somewhere deep in his mind– want to be a Celestial Dragon Himself. Having all that Money for Research, not to mention their “Freedom.” Come on; in all his time working for the World Government, you know that he’s made a MORE than a few inventions that would improve the quality of life in the world- inventions that the World Government probably had him hide. One’s he didn’t want to hide from the world, but had no choice but to hide on threat of death or something worse. If he were a Celstial Dragon, though; he would have funding for Research, AND no one could stop him from sharing his genius with the world. But he only works for the World Government, meaning……… No Choice. 

So even though he recognizes how awful those World Nobles are; he still desires their position. Other than becoming the embodiment of everything that’s wrong with Humanity- I can’t say that I would blame him for coveting that postion. Who WOULDN’T, honestly? But when he “took out” his Greed and gave it physical form, it saw an opportunity to seize that position, and all it would cost is killing the other people who were just as smart as she was- the ones with the morals to stop her. “No Problem.” It’s just kind of a surprise that Shaka the “Good” wasn’t her very first target. 

As for the timeframe in which York set these events in motion: I’m not good with timeframes in this story. I know that the pre-time skip events happened in less than a year, and I know it’s only been a few months since the Straw hat’s began tearing up the New World, but……. not the exact timeline. Not like “How Long Since X Y Z” would have happened. Dressrosa was a day and some change- Whole Cake was like 2 or so- they were in Wano for ACTUAL weeks to maybe a full month- so if I were to just take a stab; I think that she would have started leaking information to the Gorosei around the time between the Adventure on Punk Hazard and Liberation of Dressrosa. Either way, they let Vegapunk continue to work until they got the Seraphim out of him. Now that they have the “Ultimate Weapons,” they don’t really need Vegapunk anymore. ESPECIALLY not one as Greedy as York, who will likely betray them when they see the chance. Probably why they’re ALL scheduled for Execution. 

Can’t really speak on what Bonney is seeing in that bubble, but it’s clearly some of the worst sh!t any one person could ever go through. But I can say with absolutely certainty that Atlas, Chopper, and Robin chan will be in the basement in the next chapter- probably either having caught ALL of the speech and were waiting for her to reveal how she did all this, or they’re only gonna catch the back half and realize that she’s just Evil. In which case they need to whoop this b!tch’s @$$. Between the 3 of them, they should be able to……………. S-Hawk. THAT’S where he went; he probably received a specific command that’s been activated- maybe something like “Kill Stellapunk” or something- and he’s coming down to fulfill his mission!! Not entirely sure how she pulled all of this off, but…….. she’s smart, so it’s all gonna be explained. 

Side Note: I feel like Lucci- seeing Luffy using a Gatling variant- got a little bit of PTSD from what happened last time! Probably not, but it’s a little weird to see him doubt what a flurry of bunches can do, considering…….

This chapter also implies that they were already sending a Buster Call fleet to sink Egghead. But Lucci implies that they weren’t supposed to damage any of the equipment. Perhaps…….. the Buster Call was a cover. Send Aigis 0 on an Assassination mission to kill the Vegapunk’s, then in comes a “Buster Call” to get all the valuable technology off the island before the bomb the place, erasing any trace of their dirty deed and painting Vegapunk as a “Secret Ally” to Ohara. Then they got word of an Emperor showing up, and the Faux-Buster Call became a REAL One x10. Convenient excuse; the world already thinks of Luffy as a troublemaker- why not use his “erratic” behavior to explain away why they had to nuke Egghead, and make Vegapunk’s assassination a “Tragic Casualty.” The only problem is now they can’t get all the tech before they swamp the place; they’re going to have to start attacking SERIOUSLY the moment they get to that island. Nothing less of an Emperor Of The Sea………

And then we get a Marineford Level Hype Builder. Dag it, Oda. Why you gotta dangle this in front of us again? The last time you did something like this was at the end of Act 2 of Wano, when you told us that “A Battle That Will Affect The Very Fate Of The World Is About To Begin!!” Low and BeholdThe 2nd Coming Of Joyboy and the Awakening Of The Nika Fruit. BOTH of which tying into the “Grand Fate” of the World.I will tell you this here and now: Nothing Short Of Im Himself Coming Off One Of Those Ships and Washing The Island Away with a Tsunami will be as big as Chapter 1,044Say what the h#ll you will about Gear 5th’s reveal- love it or hate; the fact of the matter is that it was one of the Biggest Reveals in Anime/Manga HISTORY- something d@mn near if not completely EQUAL to Super Saiyan in terms of scale. That moment will not be topped for a WHILE- by Oda or anyone else, if I’m to be honest. 

I’m saying this because I don’t know what Oda is planning to happen for the next day; I just know that it won’t be as “Huge” as that. But it will be MASSIVE. Something no one would ever expect. And the only thing that I think would be Huge enough to “Shock The World” the way that Marineford did– the only thing that would rival Whitebeard’s Final Proclamation- Is Vegapunk Saying The Name Of The Ancient Kingdom Loud Enough For Everyone To Hear. We know from chapter 1,066 that Vegapunk had read all of Ohara’s research- or at least what they could save. And his Brain Brain fruit let’s him keep all that information in his head. That, plus his continued Research into the Poneglyph’s; it stands to reason that he Knows. And you saw what happened to Clover when he tried to say that name out loud…….


I’m gonna quit while I’m ahead. I have to be honest with you guys: I improvised that last bit. The main thing I wanted to talk about was the differences between Luffy’s Ambition and York’s Greed, but then I forgot most of what I wanted to say. Then I had the rest of the chapter to talk about. This is what I came up with. And it’s not to shabby if I do say so myself. Pythagoras probably isn’t dead, and Shaka- I will say with 90% certainty– is also not dead. You never know. You THINK you do ’cause this is “One Piece,” but then Oda’s gonna reveal they ARE in fact gonzo like Ashura Doji and IzoStill can’t believe after ALL THE SH!T people have made it out of in this series that THOSE 2 died like that. Crazy, man……

Let me know what you guys think in the comments. Do you think we’re about to get the name of the Ancient Kingdom? Or is something like that still a way’s off? Until next time, all; Catch ya later!! 

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  1. That Oda Box hyping up what’s gonna happen at Egghead has me excited. This is gonna be more than the Straw Hats escape. We may see the defeat of an Admiral or some science project York’s been working on, or even the possible death of St. Satulrn.

    I wonder if Neo Mads will pickup Queen? There’s no reason for Queen to stay part of the Beast Pirates unless is 100% loyal to Kaido and I doubt that’s true.

    1. Those are certainly events worthy of this level of hype. After everything we’ve had in this story, it would have to be some that LITERALLY changes the game. The defeat of an Admiral by a Newbie Yonko or death of a Gorosei would shake the whole course of the story going forward.
      Queen joining Neo MADs……… Yeah, something to that effect. They’re probably not gonna go after him directly; he’ll probably just hear about it and go join them. And they can all make twisted inventions without Vegapunk there to tell them they can’t.
      He might even bring some of the Beast Pirates- the one’s who aren’t 100% loyal to Kaido- over as…… well “Test Subjects” for one, but also maybe protection. Not that HE needs it. Or Judge, honestly. Mostly for Caesar.

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