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Shanks Does MORE Things!! Oh, And Some Stuff Is Happening On Egghead, Too. One Piece Chapter 1,079 BREAKDOWN

Hey, guys! As you can see- The Cover Series is over. Make sense; we got up to a point that’ll be relevant later on in the story. I just wish they would have Told Us last time- they usually say “Final Volume.” So unless the cover series is just on a break- it’s over. I kind of wanted a hint at at least 1 invention, but oh well; we’ll be seeing what they whipped up sooner rather than later. But it also works out for me because it means I don’t have to scramble to find a featured image to use for the post; I can just use the actual cover page. And it might even make the post a little bit easier to finish. And the fact that fan translations are coming out earlier and earlier every week helps out some, too. 

You’re seeing all of this Sunday when the official comes out, but I started the process of making this post Wednesday, March 22nd, 2023, 9:36 pm. Even if I get called in randomly for work- I’ll have had 3 or 4 Days to work on this. Hopefully that means that this one will be really good, but you never know. Let’s find out. One Piece Chapter 1,079: “The Emperor’s Crew, The Red-Haired Pirates.” Oh, this is gonna be Go~od…….


Flashback to a few hours ago in the Labophase: The treacherous York is making her plan with the Seraphim- and eating while she thinks. She’s realized that the World Government is after Stellapunk and his Satellite bodies. But she’s still Vegapunk, so she had a Contingency plan for the situation- and she’s going to use the Seraphim to execute it. First- the wipe out all the stragglers, aside from Stellapunk, herself, and the Cipher Pol Agency she’s keeping locked up in the basement. Their attack will then trigger a “Who Dunnit” type of situation, and her cover will be blown. So she’ll have S-Snake petrify her in front of the others and undo the spell when no one’s looking. But they are NOT to damage a certain area of the Lab. And we see S-Snake heading off somewhere in the present……..

Back in the Fabriophase, we see the Lab Assistants evacuating from the Island. But we ALSO see that a certain Yonko’s ship is on its way to Egghead as well- The Blackbeard Pirates are coming. But that’s all for the Egghead portion of the chapter. WARLAND ELBAF: Kid’s crew encounters several Pirate crews allied with Shanks- including names such as “Frog-Toes” Ribbitini of the Puddle Pirates, Bandleader “Adventurer” Fugar of the Social Club, and “Brr-Rave” Princess Pururu of the Bourgeois Pirates. Killer says they’re “Famous Names,” but………. Kid doesn’t think much of these guys. Still won’t pull any punches, though. 

Low and behold; the reason that Shanks has decided to deal with Kid himself this time is because his allied crews are “Famous For Being Weak-” they’re not tough enough to make it in the New World on their own, only surviving as long as they have because they sail under Shanks’ Flag of Protection. As such, he has Gerotini and the others get out of the line of fire. But Lucky Roux and his crew tell him that they’re able to handle Kid themselves. But Shanks turns out to be a bit cautious when it comes to this New Generation of Pirates- especially one of the 3 Billion Berry Boys. He even asks Yasopp if his wounds from fighting Kaido and Big Mom have healed at all. Yasopp says he looks ready for a fight. 

But he also asks for updates on Blackbeard. They tell him that the last thing they heard about Teech is that he left Hachinosu, but they managed to get loads of information on Kid. Speaking of, Kid- impatient as ever- initiates the battle, planning to take out a bunch of these ships with his “D@mned Punk” cannon. Shanks sees an unfortunate future where his allied ships are sunk one after another. So- He Acts, yelling for everyone to get out of the way and has Dorry and Broggy get into position. One attack, and the Kid Pirates are Sunk: “DIVINE DEPARTURE!!!!” With Kid and Killer defeated, the crew…….. they just hand over the Poneglyph Etchings they had. On the condition that Shanks let their Captain life. 

But the assault doesn’t stop there- Dorry and Broggy get involved in the mix, warning them that if they point a Gun at THEIR home, then they need to know: “What GOES Around- COMES AROUND.Hakoku- SOVEREIGNTY!!!!!!! 

At Elbaf In The New World; The 3 Billion Bounty Pirate Eustass “Captain” Kid And His Kid Pirates 

Were Utterly Destroyed.

The Victory Punk Is Sunk, and One Piece Chapter 1,079 comes to a Resounding END!!! So did they quit being Pirates, or are they gonna come back stronger like the Straw Hat’s? 


……………. Let’s start with Kid. Do you guys think this is going to make him quit being a pirate, or is this is “Sabaody” defeat that’ll force him to leave and come back stronger? We are not getting another time skip- 2 years or otherwise- for Kid to leave and come back stronger after. If he stops being a Pirate here- that is the end of it. At least until the whole world gets caught up in the Throne Wars; that event is something that I think will genuinely bring every named character we’ve seen into it. And Kid- being one of the more important names in the story- is going to be involved it it. But I guess my wording makes it sound like this War doesn’t necessarily have to just involve the Pirates, Revolutionary Army, and World Government. So it’s entirely likely that he just stops here. I don’t know, it’s something about the way that the Narrator phrased it………

I brought up Sabaody because I think this is supposed to be the equivalent to the Straw Hat’s first Major loss; the crew ended up spread apart, while the Kid Pirates just ended up picking a fight with a Superior opponent and got their @$$e$ handed to them and the ONLY keys they have to getting to the One Piece taken from them. This was a Defeat Like No Other. Luffy didn’t almost quit on being a Pirate after that, though; it took getting his @$$ kicked from Amazon Lily to Impel Down to ultimately losing Ace in Marineford to make him think about giving up. KEY DIFFERENCELuffy didn’t have his crew at that point- he had Jinbe. Who gave him the right kick in the pants to get him back up. Kid, however, still has his crew- especially Killer. And while I want to say that Killer will be giving him a similar Kick- I’m not sure how he’s feeling after this, either. 

It’s like………….. I want to say…….. that Kid…….. isn’t done being a Pirate. But he’s going to need to try something else if he’s going to keep going after Shanks. ‘Cause based on what’s been said and what he’s saying; nothing he’s done has been working. It might be something to do with their differing levels of Haki- maybe Kid needs to strengthen his Haki so he can stand up to Shanks. And because I’m THAT kind of guy, I want to find a way to turn that into a “Character Developing” arc. Kid not wanting to trust others after what happened to Killer is something. So overcoming that might strengthen his “Will” or something. He was only able to defeat Big Mom with Law’s help, but without more allies- got sunk by Shanks and his. Other than that, going up against Shanks at this point just seems……… Downright Stupid. 

And then you have Blackbeard’s crew coming to Egghead. I don’t think it’s Blackbeard himself; and based on chapters 1,063 and 1,064, we can also rule out Doc Q, Burgess, Van Augur, and Stronger. That cover series took place weeks to a Month ago, so that scene with Pudding, Augur, and Kuzan doesn’t matter beyond telling us where Pudding is. So we can speculate that he’s one of the people on that ship. It also leaves characters like Laffite, Shiryu, Catarina Devon, Sanjuan Wolf, Vasco Shot, and maybe a few other named character like Kikipatsu(look it up). 2 Yonko crews in one place- even without a Captain present- is already Event Worthy. But that Naval Fleet there is ALSO on the way. All these big names in one place certainly makes for “An Outcome No One Saw Coming” on a Future Island. What that outcome will be depends on the roster of Blackbeard Pirates coming this way……..

And lastlyYork’s Contingency Plan. Let’s be clearKizaru can and likely will try to kill York on SIGHT. It’s an order from WAY up there, with one of them Higher ups by his side the entire time. If they get here, then she’s done for. And she knows it. So she’s trying to get something from that one area the Seraphim aren’t supposed to destroy- be it the Vega Force 01 that she’ll use to defend herself and try to talk it out with the Marines, or something else just to try and talk to them. Because she still wants to be a Celestial Dragon, even after realizing that they’re out to kill her dead. But what does she have that they could wantThey’re trying to kill the Greatest Mind in the world, and that includes those who seem to share his mind. They’re not liable to bargain with her just to guarantee she won’t betray them. 

They’ll have no way to control her or ensure she’ll obey them, so they’ll likely kill her on the spot no matter what. I said in the last review that Vegapunk could know their darkest secret, and that he could possibly reveal some of it for everyone to hear. And if York is planning to leverage that information somehow, then that’s all the more reason for her to die in their eyes. What on Earth could her plan beA Back up body she’s been making? And if she doesn’t get what she wants, she’ll transfer her consciousness over to that body and use it to escape- and reveal the secret after she escapes. ‘Cause imagine all the Satellites know, based on what’s been saidSo yeah- they might know something. All the more reason they gotta nuke this island- inventions and all. 


I finished that part of the post THURSDAY, March 23rd, 2022, at 2:20 pm. I finished this before FRIDAY, man. I’m lovin’ these Early release weeks; I like these new titles; and I’m lovin’ talkin’ about “One Piece.” Things are lookin’ good, folks. I don’t really have any closing thoughts right now; I could talk about how Shanks used one of Roger’s techniques and extend that into him “Being The Person Closest To Being Pirate King,” but……… That’s just kind of obvious, man. Looking at what he’s done, the allies he has, the island that seems to be under his protection, and now the fact that he’s got an etching of Big Mom AND Kaido’s poneglyph- not to mention the ease with which he COULD and get the Zou Poneglyph- He’s Close. And it the 4th one is in Elbaf as people speculated- Well that’s what we would call a “Wrap.” 

Let me know what you guys think in the comments. Til next time, all- Have a Magically Wonderful Day. Laters!!! 

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