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Percival’s Big Idea!! Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 85 BREAKDOWN

…………. Kind of don’t want to do this post. Not because I didn’t enjoy the chapter, but simply because it just feels “too late” to get this out. And honestly; I’m already in “Break mode” from posts- Scarlet And Violet will be here tomorrow. Says the dumb@$$ who said he’d take the 8am-2pm shift on a F8cking Saturday with the Stupid Coupon People instead of taking that day to get far in the game- all on the same weekend that his Grandmother is supposed to go out of town so he has to watch her dogs and her house. That guy is such a f*ckin’ idiot, I don’t know why he said that. But yeah; I’m pretty much “checked out.” 

That said- I already put in the work to make the images. So I gotta. No big deal; this’ll just be the last before I take some personal time(said the dumb@$$). Let’s just get into it. Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 85: “Gloom.” Which the f*ckin’ moron will be feeling the moment someone comes up to that old @$$ register with 50 different Gain and Tide products. GOD ALMIGHTY, WHY AM I SO STUPID?!?!?!?!?!!! 


Picking up from the Last Chapter: Thetis shows them a Mountainous area, where pockets of the land are missing. Such as part of a Mountain with High Quality ore, or even whole villages and nature itself. They heard from a Reliable source that Arthur has to use pieces of this world whenever he makes something in Camelot. And this information came from Percival’s own Grandfather, Varghese!! Not long after the Holy War 16 years ago; a younger Varghese came to Liones carrying an Infant Percival. He admitted to betraying Camelot when he saw what the “Power Of Chaos” was doing to Arthur, and hoped to find a way to stop it all. 

As a token of good faith; Meliodas gave him the Ouroboros Medallion that he wears on his cape, and carved the 2 star markings into his helmet. He also offered to raise Percival for him, but he responded: “Percival is mine to protect. I’ll raise him up to be a healthy, kind-hearted boy.” The moment Meliodas met Percival, he could tell right away that Varghese kept that promise. Percival’s emotions overflow. 

Chion admits his distrust for a Camelo born Knight and a Blood relative of Arthur. Ignore. Percival demands that they go to Camelot and kick Arthur’s @$$. Thetis interjects with Former King Bartra’s Omen: “When the Moon, Distant Thunder, and Rain Bless The Kingdom- The Four Knights Of Prophecy Will Gather. But through an Assassin From Chaos and a Traitor’s Blade- Hope Will Be Stolen Away as well.” Just as he said: The Four Knights Of The Apocalypse assembled against Pellegarde, but the Traitor Jericho killed the prisoner they were holding. Thus- They’re Completely Locked Off From Camelot Now. 

Chaos Knights are given a specific mark by Arthur himself- one that allows them to come and go from Camelot as needed. But now that they’ve lost that prisoner; there’s no way for them to open a doorway. Not that they’d be able to get in, anyway. There’s a barrier that prevents all non-human races from getting in- Demons, Giants, Fairies, Goddesses- All Locked out. Thus Meliodas couldn’t get in even if they found a way in. And that’s where the Knights of The Apocalypse come in. Percy and Gawain are full on Human(as far as we know), and Lance and Tristan are Hybrids(Lance is a Fairy Human, and Tristan is a Demon Goddess). For Lance and Tristan; there was no precedents for Hybrids 16 years ago- they don’t have a defense for that. 

Before Thetis can add to that, Tristan asks what the point in all of this is if they don’t have a way into Camelot. Percival comes up with an IdeaGo On An Adventure And Look For Another Way In!! He wanted to see all the sights in Britannia, anyway. And this way, if Arthur starts taking more of Britannia, then they’ll be right there to see it. Silly and childish- but it’s all they got. Meliodas confirms Gowther’s report: “Percival- The Kid Varghese Risked His Life To Protect- Just Might Bring Hope To Our World.” Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 85 END!!! Wonder where they’re going next…………… 


Welp, we got some origin stories in this chapter. I don’t think there’s something “special” to it- at least, nothing that would be all that relevant. There might be some sort of magic protection on it courtesy of Thetis, but whatever it is clearly hasn’t been active since he gave it to Varghese. We also now know: Percival was born in Camelot. Is that at all going to be relevant? I mean, we know his dad and what his deal is, but we know nothing about his Mom. Or is his grandmother. ONE OF THEM is still alive over there. And, seeing as Arthur promised people their “dreamlife” for coming over to his side; I imagine that there’s some sort of “Ideal Percival” over there- one that they’ll likely have to deal with when they get over there.

Seeing as they’re going on an adventure anyway, I imagine this will also tie into the quest to find the Giant Craftsman Dubs that Lance was looking for. And considering how many Chaos Knights Percival and the others encountered along the way; I imagine they’ll meet a Knight or 2 along the way. Maybe even having another encounter with Pellegarde; try to get him over to their side. It’s clear that he- for several personal reasons- cares about Percy. So I don’t think it’s out of the realm of possibility that Percival would try to talk him into betraying Camelot. Though it’ll be a testament to his character if he chooses to follow Arthur even after he learns what’s being done to preserve this “Dream Kingdom.” Or maybe he already knows and has his own plans. He’s choosing to not kill one of the Knights destined to bring the Kingdom down, so maybe he’s not wholly loyal to Arthur…………. 

Lance and Tristan are the FIRST Half-Breeds in all of Britannia. That feels like it should be a bigger deal than it is. Their power ups are kind of obvious- Lance needs his Wings and Tristan needs to learn to control his Demon Power. But them Hybrids means that they get into Camelot. Which I find a little bit weird; I can see Lance because there’s Human in his blood, but I would have thought that Tristan wouldn’t be able to get in either way you splice it. You mean it won’t just like……… “stop him completely” or something? Being a blood relative of Arthur, you would think that Gawain would have as much access to Camelot as any Chaos Knight. Maybe they lost it when they decided to join with Liones? Or………. How does his family feel about Camelot

It might be a situation where his family wants no part of Camelot’s “Grand Design” if it means sacrificing an entire other world. They probably chose to not get involved and are living in some distant part of Britannia- or maybe even another part of the World entirely. All of THIS happening around 16 years ago. But all of this brings to mind a question that I have about PercivalIs He Completely Human? As far as we know, the answer is “Yes.” I feel like Ironside- being something of Racists- probably wouldn’t fall for a non-human. It feels like he’s too devoted to Arthur for something like that. Although………. I’ll say that some of Percival’s abilities are peculiar when you consider his magic. “Hope” is Hero type magic that converts people’s hope and belief into his own power, allowing him to make anything that he requires in that situation and even fly. 

But then you have what he did to Gil’s pr!ck son in chapter 55– absorbing his life force or whatever from his hand. Something that even Tristan couldn’t undo. Or his ability to speak in Demon tongue after only hearing it once. Some things with Percival don’t add up. I’m not gonna say he’s a full on Demon-Human- but I won’t discount the idea, either. Who knows; Suzuki sensei could take this chance to introduce a new clan altogether! Or he’s got some, you know- Vampire in him. Gelda might not have been the only on of her kind to survive; between the Sins and Zeldris- I imagine there may have been 1 other survivor. And she may have been hiding that from Ironside until it was revealed to him and he was forced to kill her, and thus Percival. Maybe. Though I can’t find information that would support the idea, looking through those “Vampire Of Edinburgh………” chapters………. The MOVIE. 

Maybe the new CG movie coming in December will reveal that there were still some…….. Wait a minute. The movie features an older Tristan. Being the same age as Percival, that means that Percival is already living life atop God’s Finger when the movie is taking place. Then again; I said “Reveal-” there still might have been Vampires out there prior to the movie. Though all of this is just me throwing sh!t at a wall and seeing what sticks. Honestly, Percival is probably just a Human with some weird magic. Something as simple as that. 


That’s about all. *Sigh*……………… Life is Stressful. Over the course of this post, I got some news about the games. They won’t be here until Tuesday. So now I don’t even have THAT to make this sh!t worth it. I’m still taking my break– if for nothing more than 1)Hoping for a F*ckin’ MIRACLE and 2)I just don’t “feel it” this weekend. In which case guys, I’ll be seeing ya. Later…… 

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